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Kidney Model

The renal capsule is the outer connective tissue covering of the kidney. A piece of it can be seen here.

Renal cortex

The medulla is where the pyramids and renal columns are found.

Renal pyramid

Renal column

Two renal papillae are visible here. A whole one (6) and a section through one (19).

Minor calyx

Major calyx

Renal pelvis


Renal artery and vein

Segmental artery

Interlobar artery

Arcuate artery

Interlobular artery


A part of the renal sinus filled with adipose tissue.

Section of Kidney Model

Renal Capsule

Renal Cortex

Renal Medulla

Renal Corpuscle: Contains the glomerulus and glomerular capsule

Here the afferent arteriole is coming off the interlobular artery on the right. The efferent arteriole is on the left coming out of the renal corpuscle.

Interlobular Artery

Arcuate Artery: Red Arcuate Vein: Blue

Peritubular Capillaries

Proximal Convoluted Tubules

Distal convoluted tubules

Connecting tubule

Collecting duct

Collecting duct

Loop of Henle

Vasa recta

Interlobar artery and vein

Renal corpuscle model with removable glomerulus



Glomerular capsule The visceral layer (podocytes) is on the right and the parietal layer is on the left.

Macula densa

Juxtaglomerular cells

Afferent arteriole

Efferent arteriole

Vascular pole

Tubular pole

Proximal convoluted tubule

Distal convoluted tubule

foot processes

Glomerular epithelium