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CVNG 2006 STRUCTURAL DESIGN 12012/13 MASONRY DESIGN IN-COURSE EXAM (17 April 2013) This exam is of 2 hours

45 minutes duration and is open-book.

1. Data for a vertically spanning reinforced clay brick masonry wall of 150mm thickness, that is supporting a floor, is shown below. The clay brick unit is compliant with ASTM C652 . . Calculate the serviceability mid-span deflection of the wall, via the Slender Wall Procedure, The wall is partially-grouted, and can be considered and comment on whether it is suitable. pinned at the top and bottom. Height = 4.0m Unfactored wall self-weight = 8 kN/m Floor load eccentricity 100mm Unfactored floor dead load = 8 kN/m

Unfactored floor live load = 4 kN/m Unfactored wind load 1.5 kN/m2

f m = 8 MPa
Reinforcement [35 marks]

= 16mm

diameter at 600mm center-to-center


The regions between the external frames of 150mm unreinforced

a building

are to be filled using ungrouted

masonry (URM) block walls of concrete units compliant with ASTM

C90. The typical wall is vertically spanning and is to be 3.6m high and 6.6m long. Show by calculations that this URM wall is inadequate for an unfactored wind load of2.1 kN/m2 on its face. Assume that there are no other external loads on the wall, the f m value is 7.0 MPa, = 0.65, and the wall is built in running-bond with Type M mortar. Also, show by calculation that it is impossible to make the wall adequate without reinforcement. [65 marks] adding

R. Clarke 15 April 2013