Department of Education Division of Bataan District of Morong MORONG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

October 3, 2013

In accordance to the Synchronized Programs, Projects and Activities of DepEd Memorandum No. 155, s 2013, all Supreme Pupil Governments (SPGs) and othe school-based co curricular clubs shall actively participated in the 2013 National Teachers’ Month and World Teachers’ Day (WTD) Celebrations from September 4 to October 5, 2013 with the theme My Teacher, My Hero. Last October 3, 2013, Morong Elementary School successfully implemented this memorable celebration. All of the settings were prepared by the SPG Officers, Yes O Club, Girl Scout & with the guidance of Mr.Rhodell Mendoza - SPG adviser. The different officers of the said club and organizations planned it very well. There were different assignments for the celebration such as in charge in program, contests, parlor games, presentations, documentations and other related tasks for the said event. These pupils were only just guided by the SPG adviser and the rest are their responsibilities. The programme started at exactly 8:00 am. It began with “A Prayer for Teachers” which was lead by the SPG Peace Officer – Jica Mae Aquino followed by singing of National Anthem, Region III Hymn and Bataan March also lead by the SPG Officers.

The programme warmed and graced by the message of Morong ES Principal – Mrs.Lani C. Their messages encouraged and inspired everyone especially the teachers to continue their journey being in their noblest profession. Pagsolingan and followed by the support of the PTA President – Mr. .Jeriel C.Then SPG Vice President & PIO – Sophia Capistrano & Katarina Alexi Vidad did the roll call for the attendance of all who participated the celebration. Pasion.

VioletaChinte&Mrs. Ofelia N. Mrs. Mrs. A certificates of recognition and tokenswere given to them. The presence of Mrs. Lydia Velasco. Mrs. Luisa Sulangi. Florendo a retired teacher was also was also invited and she was the Guest Speaker of the said event. Consuelo Del Rosario – RetidePricincipals. . – Retired Teacher s were highly appreciated.The effort of the pupils-in-charge were very interesting because they invited all the retirees of MorongElementary School.

. Poster Making Contest by Allen Vicedo . games and activities. Different contests were also executed like Making of Thank You Card administered by AleishaZitahMargallo-SPG PIO and her team.This very special day was flavoured by different surprises.SPG Grade V Councilor. Different Parlor Games were played by teachers such as Fastest Lansones Eater. Calamansi Relay and MCES Henyo conducted by David Guttierez-SPG Auditor and his team. Essay Writing by Anna Sophia Capistrano – SPG Vice President and Rap Contest judged by Sir Rhodell Mendoza.


. A surprise giving of various awards for “DIFFERENT TEACHERS OF THE YEAR” also highlighted the event. Some certificates such as “Prettiest Teacher of the Year”. were prepared by the SPG officers. “Most Beautiful Hair of the Year”. “Sexiest Teacher of the Year” and etc.Sharing ones thank you of different students were emphasized in the programme by dedicating a song. poems and dance presentations.


.After all the contests. Bhan Allyson G. Cipat – SPG President and the programme was ended by her thank you speech and closing remarks. the awarding of winners was done in the afternoon by Ma.

MENDOZA SPG Adviser Noted: LANI C. PAGSOLINGAN Principal II . Bhan Allyson Cipat – SPG President Sir Rhodell. SPG & Yes-O Officers Prepared by: RHODELL M.Ma.

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