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Session 19


Reviewed and discussed the findings of the report: Bosma, Stam, Wennekers (Jan 2010) 'Intrapreneurship - An International Study.

An Intrapreneur is an employee who develops new business activities for their employer. It is also know as corporate entrepreneurship or corporate venturing Their role would be parallel to that of the entrepreneur generating new ideas, creating vision, identifying new opportunities and ways to exploit them. The role has been described as a change master (Kanter, 1985)

Intrapreneurs may
Manage specific projects Set up new business units Reinvigorate the whole organisation Reinvent the industry through a radical vision or change in technology (product or process) Act as a disruptive force to shake existing managers from their comfort zone Challenge existing orthodoxy Question policy thrive on chaos (Peters, 1989). Reap the rewards.

Recent research found

Intrapreneurs have more interest in starting a new independent business than other employees. They have more entrepreneurial attitudes and perceptions. They personally know an entrepreneur who recently started a business and feel that they have the skills. They see opportunities in their environment and do not have a fear of failure that would prevent them from starting a business.

Bosma, Stam, Wennekers (Jan 2010) 'Intrapreneurship - An International Study.'