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Introduction to SAS

Windows Display System

What is SAS?
SAS is a comprehensive statistical software system which integrates utilities for storing, modifying, analyzing, and graphing data. SAS runs on both Windows and UNIX platforms SAS is used in a wide range of industries such as healthcare, education, financial services, life sciences, Check out the webpage to learn more

SAS User Interface

Log Window

Run button click on this button to run SAS code Tool bar similar to Windows applications

Click here for SAS help

New Window button

Explorer Window Editor Window Results Window (not shown)

Save button

Output Window (not shown)

Editor Window

The Editor Window contains inputted data sets and SAS programs

Explorer Window

Libraries Folder - Contains data sets created in SAS

Explorer Window

Libraries Folder
Contents of the Work Folder These are the data sets that have been created in SAS through inputting data and by creating data sets in SAS programs

Contents of the Libraries Folder

The Work Folder contains data sets created in SAS

Log Window
The Log Window contains a record of all commands submitted to SAS and shows errors in the commands.

Output Window

The Output Window contains output based on SAS programs submitted in the Editor Window.

Results Window
The Results Window shows a listing of SAS programs that have been submitted in the order that they were submitted. Click on any procedure to view all output parts of the procedure and click on any individual part to view the actual output.

SAS Help