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Welcome to Room Ones Term 4, 2013 newsletter.



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Term Four
What an amazing term of learning we had last term, culminating with our spectacular Reading Fair. A huge congratulation and thanks to all the children for their hard work and stunning presentation of their learning. Term Four is upon us and promises to be action packed and full of new challenges. This term I will be teaching four full days each week and Mrs Hastings will be teaching on the fifth day, generally this will be Fridays. To provide opportunities for our children to be confident and safe users of technology I have created a new blog called Today in Room One. Each day at least one child will post about some aspect of their day. Once children have had this role they can bring home the login details and post from home with a little support. The aim is to encourage and support a more interactive classroom and teach, then practice, new skills.

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Save the Date!

Thank-you Dinner Triathlon
Wed 4 Dec
Pot luck dinner for everyone who has helped and been involved during the year.

Thur 12 Dec
End of year prizegiving to be held at Tapapa Hall. Start time TBA.

Thur 12 Dec
Team and individual triathlon. Start time TBA.


TERM 4, 2013

Topic Back to the Future

Due to the depth with which we undertook our school Reading Fair the topic outlined in Term Three will continue on during Term Four. Thank you for your ongoing support and helping your children become the very bet that they can be.

Monday to Thursday home readers will come home with your child. Please take the time to listen to your child read, discuss the text and sign your childs Read It book each night. Poem books will come home on Fridays, these need to be returned on Monday. Remember that having the same book more than once helps build fluency and encourages greater discussion and exploration of texts. To work towards the 100% club children need to read a minimum of five nights per week and get all their spelling words correct each week. Congratulations to the seven students that achieved this in Term Three.

Between two and ten words will come home on Friday afternoons in an Own-Work book, please help your child practise reading and writing these. Suggestions on ways to do this can be found at the front of their own-work book. These books should return to school every day with testing being on Fridays.

The start of Term Four sees us finishing off our persuasive writing focus and then presenting these orally to our class. For more junior children the focus is on developing sound/letter knowledge and independence to write simple sentences. The more confident writers will continue working on imagery and proof-reading to help flow, accuracy and add further detail. Each child will be working on a special surprise writing piece, you will have to wait and see what this will be J

Ongoing work on recalling and applying basic facts knowledge will occur. Our goal is for 100% of children to improve on their Term Three speed test results. During week two I will individually Gloss test each child. The results from this will determine our areas of focus for the remainder of the year. Our alternate strand sees continuing work on geometry and position/orientation. If we have time we may also explore a small statistical inquiry.