FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Stay In Your Lane”, by Katherine Dawkins, is a graphic novel style nonfiction booklet on cyber safety

tips for use inside or out of the classroom. For Immediate Release – (Chicago, Illinois. – October 30th, 2013) “Stay In Your Lane”, by Katherine Dawkins, is a short comprehensive nonfiction booklet on safety tips for young people who use the internet and telecommunications devices. Stay In Your Lane provides safety tips on such topics as cyber bullying, cyberstalking and harassment. This booklet also points out the dangers of texting while driving and sexting (the sending or receiving of lewd and nude messages or images). Blogging, gaming, chat rooms, social networking sites, and privacy issues are all addressed. This booklet is the perfect way to open up dialogue with a teenager or group of teens about the dangers of the modern internet and telecommunications. This booklet lets the adult connect whether you are in a classroom, workshop or even at home. Get this booklet now and have this conversation with your teen today! Katherine Dawkins is a teacher in Chicago. She has led Internet Safety Workshops for teachers in the State of Illinois. Katherine holds a Master’s of Science Degree in IT and Privacy Law from John Marshall Law School. Media Contact First Edition Design Publishing Sarasota, Florida The ebook version of “Stay In Your Lane”, ISBN 9781622873920, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold.