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The significance of PDHPE in Primary schools

Studies have shown the prevalence of overweight and obesity among Australians has been steadily increasing for the past 30 years (Australian Bureau of Statistics). In 2007-08, one-quarter of all Australian children, or around 600,000 children aged 5-17, were overweight or obese, up four percentage points from 1995. (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Studies also have shown that once children become obese they are more likely to stay obese into adulthood and have an increased risk of developing diseases associated with obesity (AIHW 2004).

To counter obesity, the 2004 Children who participate in quality physical education programs are more likely to be physically active throughout their life. (NSW DET)

Australia's Physical Activity

Recommendations for Children suggest that children

aged 518 years need a

minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical

Children should be encouraged

to accumulate their physical activity time through varied activities and at various times of the day. (NSW DET)

activity every day.(Department

of Health and Ageing)

PDHPE is significant in primary schools because it provides the knowledge, skills and understandings to a healthy lifestyle and

development to our children. With PDHPE we can

combat obesity.

Physical, social, cognitive and emotional growth and development patterns. Development and maintenance of positive interpersonal relationship Factors influencing health choices

Living and learning in a safe secure environment

The adoption of an active lifestyle Fundamental movement patterns and coordinated actions of the body Skills that enable action for better health and movement outcomes (PDHPE K-6 Syllabus)


Simple, encourage children to go outside and play! (You can join them as well!) Try to minimise childrens time spent on electronic media to less than 2hrs a day. (NSW DET)

Emphasis the importance of PDHPE to children.

Be a role model!

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