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DECLARATION We hereby declare that the Project entitled “Development and Implementation of Marketing Plan for handicrafts of Birbhum Cluster namely Kantha Stitch, Batik Print, Tussar Silk and Leather products in Local , National and International Market” submitted towards, partial fulfilment of the Degree of Master of Fashion Management is our original work and no part of the project has been copied from any other reports or any other work carried by someone else which has been submitted for any other degree/award. However, any material taken from any other published source has been suitably referred and acknowledged at various places. Name:Preti Kedia Roll number:1 Name:Pratik Ghosh Roll Number:2 Name:Tej Prakash Roll Number:3 Name:Saptarshi Bagchi Roll Number:4 Name:Om Prakash Choudhary Roll Number:15 Name:Sanjeev Kumar Roll Number:30 Centre: Kolkata

CERTIFIACTE FROM GUIDE REGARDING COMPLETION OF WORK This is to certify that the Project entitled “Development and Implementation of Marketing Plan for handicrafts of Birbhum Cluster namely Kantha Stitch, Batik Print, Tussar Silk and Leather products in Local, National and International Market” submitted towards the partial fulfilment of the Degree of Master of Fashion Management

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are grateful to NIFT for providing me an opportunity to do research work on

“Development and Implementation of Marketing Plan for handicrafts of Birbhum Cluster namely Kantha Stitch, Batik Print, Tussar Silk and Leather products in Local , National and International Market” .We express our whole hearted thanks to our guide Dr Sougata Banerjee for his encouragement and moral support in organizing our work and giving me valuable tips for making it presentable. We are indebted to.Mr. Dibyendu Bikash Datta , CIC and mentor who has guided and supervise us throughout this study. I have no words to express our gratitude to him. We are also thankful to Mrs. Bharti Moitra, Mrs. Ritu Malhotra and Mr. Gangadhar Malik for providing us the details of conducting the research from its inception. I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention the name of my CC Prof. Taposh Kr Bhattacharya and other faculty members for their help in my Degree Project. Lastly we are also obliged to Ms. Meghna Mitra, Mr. Shantanu, the members of Mahila Mahasangha and all other people for providing us valuable informations. Omprakash choudhary Preti Kedia Pratik Ghosh Sanjeev Kumar Saptarshi Bagchi Tej Prakash Master of Fashion Management (Batch:2008-2010)














Primary Objective: • Development and Implementation of Marketing Plan for Handicrafts.

Secondary Objectives: • • • Development of product catalogue for cluster products. Identification of Potential buyers in the different markets. Generation of Sales for Handicraft products.


Primary Data: Exploratory Research • • Market Survey Observation

Secondary Data: • • • • Buyer’s and Exporter’s Information Legal Documents Information about Trade Fairs Other collected information


Handicrafts constitute an important segment of the decentralized/unorganized sector of Indian economy. Originally, started as a part time activity in rural areas, it has now transformed in flourishing economic activity due to significant market demand over the years. Handicrafts have big potential as they hold the key for sustaining not only the existing set of millions of artisans spread over length and breadth of the country, but also for increasingly large number of new entrants in the crafts activity. Presently, handicrafts are contributing substantially in employment generation and export. The Handicraft sector has suffered due to very nature of being in the unorganized sector with additional constraints like lack of education, capital, poor exposure to new technologies, absence of market intelligence and poor institutional framework. The handicraft sector enjoys a special significance in the country’s economy in terms of employment generation as well as earning of foreign exchange through exports. Estimates based on the population census, survey (NSSO), NCAER survey and other studies and information available for the unorganized cottage industry sector reveal that the annual growth rate of employment (both direct and indirect) in the handicrafts sector could be around 2.5%. Craftspersons form the second largest employment sector, second only to agriculture. According to statistics from craft NGOs, there are about 23 million craftspersons in India today. In the old days, craft was the only industry known to mankind. Products were made based on the market requirements, harnessing the skills of communities, utilising traditions handed over from father to son. Craft bore utilitarian features which melded with aesthetics. With foreign dominance Indian craft and the handloom industry were severely exploited; and the attitude of submission and acceptance added to the downslide. Some of the urban sophisticates dictated by western trends dismissed craft as being part of the impractical aesthetics milieu and recoiled at being labelled "arty" desi style. It was only after independence that the need to redefine and rediscover a status for craft was keenly felt, and awareness for protecting skills was accentuated by

craft activists, and slowly agencies for craft development were established by the Indian Government. The craft or handicraft sector is the largest decentralized and unorganized sector of the Indian economy. Craftspeople form the second largest employment sector in India, second only to agriculture. Handicrafts are rightly described as the craft of the people: there are twenty-three million craftspeople in India today. In India, craft is not merely an industry but a creation symbolizing the inner desire and fulfillment of the community. While handicrafts, be it metal ware, pottery, mats, wood-work or weaving, fulfill a positive need in the daily life of people, they also act as a vehicle of self-expression, and of a conscious aesthetic approach. Handicrafts being a state subject, its development and promotion are the primary responsibility of the State Government. However, the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) has been supplementing their efforts by implementing various developmental schemes at the central level for the handicrafts sector.

SWARANJAYANTI GRAM SWAROJGAR YOJNA The SGSY self employment programme has been launched by Government of India w.e.f. 1.4.1999 with a holistic approach by replacing schemes like Integrated Rural Development Project (IRDP), Training for Rural Youth and Self Employment Programme (TRYSEM), DWCRA, Supply of Improved Toolkit to Rural Artisans (SITRA), MWS and Gramya Krushi Yojana etc. Objective • Development of Micro-entrepreneurs by utilizing resource and services available in rural area. • Formation of Self Help Groups (SHG) and User Groups (UG) to increase efficiency and self sufficiency. • Adoption of Key activities. • Development of rural technology.

Beneficiary BPL families are targeted people to be eligible to get this opportunity. The beneficiary is named as Swarojagary (self earning person) and Self Help Group (SHG) Self-Help Group: A Self- Help Group (SHG) may generally consist of 10-20 persons. However, in difficult areas like deserts, hills and areas with scattered and sparse population and in case of minor irrigation and disabled persons, this number may be from 5.20. The difficult areas have to be identified by the state level SGSY Committee. Compositions of the Self-Help Group: Generally all members of the Group should belong to families below the poverty. However, if necessary, a maximum of 20%, and in exceptional cases, where

essentially required, up to a maximum of 30% of the members in a Group may be from families marginally above the poverty line, living continuously with BPL families and if they are acceptable to BPL members of the Group. The APL members of Group will not be eligible for subsidy under the scheme and shall not become office bearers ( Group leader, assistant group leader or treasurer ) of the group. The BPL families must actively participate in the management and decision making which should not be entirely in the hands of APL families. In case of disabled persons a group may comprise of persons with diverse disabilities or group may comprise of both disabled and non-disabled persons below the poverty line. Aim i) Upliftment of BPL (Below Poverty Line) families in rural areas. ii) To assist under bank credit and Government Subsidy. iii) Each Swarojagary would get Rs.2000/- PM. after repayment of bank loan. Government Assistance There is no limit of loan amount but certain limitations are provided for Government assistance. The subsidy amount may be allowed only after full payment of bank loan. The following are the criteria for subsidy: (1) For SC/ST Swarojagary:- 50% or Rs.10,000/- of loan amount which ever is less. (2) For general Swarojagary:- 30% or Rs.7500/- of loan amount which ever is less. (3) In case of SHG 50% or Rs.1,25,000/- of loan amount which ever is less. (4) There is no limit in case of Irrigation sector in respect of group finance.

CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT AND ROLE OF NIFT The Cluster Development Initiative (CDI) is a Special Project under the aegis of the Swaranjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna of the Ministry of Rural Development. Government of India and the only initiative of its kind in the world to be undertaken by a fashion institute. The CDI coalesces the traditional creativity of India’s rich craft heritage with contemporary design and marketing strategies. Incorporating fair trade practices and ethical consumerism in its operations. It aims to benefit ten thousand crafts persons (seventy percent of who live below the poverty line) over three years in the five clusters of Birbhum (West Bengal), Dhar (Madhya Pradesh), Surendranagar (Gujrat), Kozhikode (Kerla), and Hampi (Karnataka). Already, a mutually advantageous link has been established between nine hundred NIFT students and three thousand artisans, who gave together created over two thousand five hundred new products. Two hundred and eighty self-help group have been formed which have provided impetus to the clusters in the areas of product design and development, marketing and promotion. Further, NIFT has collaborated with the Offices of the Development Commissioner – Handicraft for showcasing and marketing of the products created under the initiative. About the Project: Craft documentation was introduced in the curriculum, with the idea of sensitizing design students who came from city background towards regional craft traditions of India in 1990. This gave them a good exposure to the rural crafts in there natural habitat where they were made by the artisans from locally available materials and using home made tools. The exposure resulted in developing greater sensitivity and appreciation of the crafts and the indigenous processes. Since this was a one time activity there was no long term association of the students and NIFT with the crafts and artisans which was much needed. In 2003 when the curriculum of NIFT was restructured, an industry survey was conducted, and a strong need was felt by the industry that NIFT should play a preeminent role in bringing the craft legacy of India to the main stream. This need

clubbed with the vision of NIFT for concern for social and human values led to the evolution of Cluster development initiative. This initiative has been interwoven with the curriculum of the NIFT, through which all the students across Design, Technology and Management visit the cluster after 4th Semester. NIFT approached Ministry of rural development with a project plan focusing on clear deliverables. The Project was sanctioned by the ministry in five clusters under Special Projects of the Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yogna (SGSY) of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. Of India. NIFT has identified 5 craft clusters and operationalized the project in five centers of NIFT which are as follows: State 1. West Bengal 2. Gujarat 3. Kerala 4. Karnataka 5. Madhya Pradesh Cluster Birbhum Surendranagar Khozhikode Hampi Dhar NIFT, Centers NIFT Kolkata NIFT Gandhinagar NIFT Chennai NIFT Bangalore NIFT New Delhi

Funding: NIFT proposal was to intervene at holistic level and provide common platform for various Govt. and non Govt. agencies. To involve the state Govt. in the initiative proposals were made to various state govt. to contribute 25% funds for the project. Selection of five clusters in the first phase was made on first cum first basis. Hence the funding agencies for the project are Central and State Govt. (Ministry of rural development) in the ratio of 75: 25. And the total cost of the project is 15 crores , 3 crores for each center.

CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE AT BOLPUR: ROLE OF NIFT KOLKATA This project sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India and Commissioner, Rural Development, Government of West Bengal aims at promotion of Crafts & Textile Clusters and their distinctive styles for higher value realization. Over 9 million artisans are employed in this unorganized sector in India who have been gradually marginalized due to competitive pressure of dynamically shifting market and globalization. The Cluster Development Initiative of NIFT endeavors both the vision building and capacity building objectives for approximate 2,000 rural artisans of Birbhum District of West Bengal engaged in Kantha Stitch, Batik , Leather, Tussar Silk , Macramé through Design Development and Diversification, Skill upgradation training, Innovation, Technological upgradation, Formation of self-help groups for linkages with markets & financial institutions for sustainable income generation. NIFT has been instrumental in implementing various projects for empowerment and inclusion of people at all levels, through sustaining cultural diversity and enhancing local employment potential. Cluster development initiative of NIFT under the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna (SGSY) scheme of The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India is a significant step in this direction. SGSY is an effort of the government of India towards offering a holistic program covering all aspects of self-employment such as organization of the poor into self help groups (SHG), training, credit, technology, infrastructure and marketing. The program has been designed to provide proper support and encouragement to tap the inherent talents and capabilities of the rural poor. The intent is to generate a revenue model aimed at self-sustenance of the artisans involved through knowledge dissemination and entrepreneur building skills.

The implementation is done at three levels:

Designs Studios, Shared Resources & Technology Support

Rural Development Enterprise Centre



1. Design Studio (DS): as focal points are based in NIFT centres for service and support of business development needs including trends, forecast, market intelligence, innovation and product development as well as training and knowledge dissemination for cluster development. 2. The development of market linkages, linkages with financial institutions and networking with the trade partners and stake holders and establishing microenterprises has been initiated at the design nodes or Rural Development Enterprise Centre (RDEC) at the clusters. This has been the nodal point to not only facilitate the implementation of various initiatives, but also to pass on the skills and competencies acquired as a result of various activities. 3. The activities of capacity building such as new product development, skills and technological up gradation, common brands, etc. have been linked to the Shared Resources & Technological Support Centres (SRTSC) at the sub-cluster level.

4. The Deliverables This project is a three year project (March 2005-2008), with measurable deliverables for each year end. The development initiative is aimed to alleviate poverty levels of over 2000 beneficiaries, most of them (70%) belonging to below poverty line (BPL) by providing skill and sustained employment. • During the first year of the initiative, the deliverables were community mobilization to form SHGs, to develop strategies for interventions in design, technology and market and managed areas based on diagnostic study as well as setting up DS, REDC and SRTC. • During the second year, the deliverables initiated change and enhancement amongst the beneficiaries through development of business models. Facilitating knowledge and business intelligence, design and technical up gradation, forging alliances with trade partners, trade promotions and supply chain management, as well as operationalize the DS, RDEC and SRTCS. • In the third year self sustainable models and structures will be developed and implemented through strengthening and optimization of structures of supply chain and quality standards, define product development, capacities and capabilities building, implementing trading cycles, collective brand and formation of federation of beneficiaries SHGs.

NIFT has also worked out a project evaluation plan for the entire project, which will be based on a base line survey in the chosen clusters, followed by periodic updates of the same, and then a conclusive survey at the end of the project period. The same shall closely map all socio-economic developments in order to monitor the progress and direction of the project. The project aims to transfer and disseminate technology, information and skill resident with the initiative to the grass roots level, thereby uplifting the living standards of BPL families. It is very important that the whole effort is made into one brand which has a

ridge story to tell, quality products to offer, and can be capitalized by t he artisans for years to come for a meaningful living. Birbhum: The Birbhum District of West Bengal occupies a very important part in the socio-cultural activities of our country along with the Visva Bharti University at Santiniketan being present in this area. From time immemorial, Birbhum has been famous for its Art and Crafts. The great Artist Shri Nandalal Basu was the pioneer introducing the batik effect on fabric and its uniqueness to Leather Crafts. This region is amongst the few, which have been able to harness the potential of Traditional Vegetable Tanned Leathers and utilize its unique characteristics of accepting pressure and mould ability to create a pleasing aesthetic experience. In the year 1923, Shri Susen Mukhopadhyaya called upon the craftsmen of this region to come under the umbrella of a society which we know today as “Amar Kutir Society for Rural Development”. This society is today one of the oldest and largest in India which caters to a whole gamut of Traditional Handicrafts including Leather goods and Accessories, Kantha Stitch Embroidery, Hand Batik, Bell Metal, Silk reeling & Spinning, Terracotta, jute, bamboo and Shola Work amongst others. The main areas of handicraft in the Birbhum District are Bolpur, Nalhati, Ilambazar and Rajnagar. Crafts identified of Birbhum
• • • •

Kantha Stitch Batik Leather Tussar Silk


Design Studio is established at the NIFT Kolkata to serve and support for business development needs including Trends, market Intelligence, Innovation and Product Development.

Rural Development Enterprise Centre (RDEC)

is situated at Bolpur

Santiniketan and will serve as a liaison office between the cluster and the center and will also function the development of Market Linkages, Linkages with Financial Institutions and Net working with trade partners and stakeholder. Promotion of the Cluster capacity and Common Brands and establishing micro enterprises will be initiated at the Design Nodes or Rural Development Enterprise Centre (RDEC) at the cluster. This will be the nodal point to not only facilitate the implementation for various initiatives but also to pass on the skills and competences








Shared Resources and Technology Support Centres (SRTSC) is set up at Chhoto Simulia (near Bolpur), Rajnagar, Ilambazar (extension centre) and Nalhati, which will serves a common facility center to all the sub clusters and artisans who would like to avail facility. The activities of Capacity Building such as New Product Development, Skills and Technological up – gradation, Trainings etc. will also be linked to the SRTSC at the Sub-Cluster level.

RDEC and SRTSC Role The development of Market Linkages, Linkages with Financial Institutions and Net working with trade partners and stakeholder, Promotion of the Cluster capacity and Common Brands and establishing micro enterprises will be initiated at the Design Nodes or Rural Development Enterprise Centre(RDEC) at the cluster. This will be the nodal point to not only facilitate the implementation for various initiatives but also to pass on the skills and competences acquired as a result of various activities. Bolpur Santiniketan has been identified as RDEC. The activities of Capacity Building such as New Product Development, Skills and Technological up – gradation, Trainings etc. will be linked to the Shared Resources & Technology Support Centers(SRTSC) at the Sub-Cluster level. Chhoto Simulia(near Bolpur), Rajnagar, Ilambazar(extension centre) and Nalhati have been identified as SRTSCs.

Centre Place RDEC Bolpur

Block Bolpur

Name Netaji Bazar Multiple Commodity Market Complex Tagore Society for Rural Development

SRTSC Chhoto Simulia Bolpur Rajnagar

Rajnagar Block Office Tantipara Panchayat Building Aligarh School Campus

Nalhati 1

Nalhati 1 Nalhati Panchayat Community Center

Major Crafts Identified

Kantha The Sanskrit word kontha means 'rags.' One legend links their origins to Lord Buddha and his disciples, who used to cover themselves with garments made from discarded rags that were patched and sewn together. Rags displayed at Indian shrines or tied to tree limbs symbolize prayers and wards off the evil eye. The oldest extant kantha date from the early 1800s and is embroidered with blue, black and red threads that were unraveled from sari borders. Because they were salvaged from used garments that had been frequently laundered, the colors tend to be muted.

Kantha Stitching is an age-old traditional craft which has its origin in rural Bengal where it has developed over the decades as a Cottage Industry. The possibilities of Value addition in seamed and seamless apparel via utilization of Kantha Stitch is very high. The rich and exquisite hand embroidery Kantha work has a high appreciation in the international market which needs to be further harnessed for Value additions. The raw materials and tools used for this crafts are cloth, thread, beads, tracing paper, stitching machine, needle, scissors, press iron etc.

Batik Batik is an ancient art. The wax process was brought to India by late Rathindranath Tagore. Son of the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore. The word batik actually means ‘wax writing ‘. It is a way of decorating fabric by covering a part of it with a coat of wax and then dyeing the fabric. The waxed areas keep their original color and when the wax is removed the contrast between the dyed and undyed areas makes the pattern. The crackle effect of batik is the most fascinating part which makes it unique. This results when the cooled wax is cracked to allow the dye to penetrate in the final dye bath.

Leather Embossed leather work on goatskin is a specialty of West Bengal. The leather is cold embossed and the intricate designs are hand painted using spirit dyes to give an individual feel to the smallest and most mundane object. Leather handicraft is the largest type of crafts being done in the Birbhum District. The uniqueness of the crafts done in this area is the Etching, Embossing and batik styling that is synonymous with Shantiniketan. The beauty of this product is the utilization of vegetable tanned leather, which has the properties of accepting any type of pressure on its surface, which enables the creation of beautiful

designs via embossing and etching. The resist treatment by using natural extracts creates the batik effect. Shantiniketan style leather products are well known in the domestic and Export markets as “SHANTI PRODUCTS” (a brand which can be pursued further internationally for positioning leather handicrafts of this region). In spite of having a large resource of Designs for Embossing, Etching and batik treatments the area of concern for these products is the continuous usage of similar design and products with less innovation. The leatherwork requires knife, skiving knife, awl, pointer, setsquares, embossing wheel and carriage, combination punch, cobbler’s hammer, edge creaser, thronging chisel, pliers etc as the tools. Tussar Silk The concept of silk weaving originated many years ago in China. Soon the art traveled to India and became an integral part of the woven designs created in many form of garments, especially saris. During 18th centuries silk became very popular in Europe especially in Britain. In India the silk woven designs acquired their varieties through migration of the craft in various regions, where they evolved and acquired their regional characteristics. It is a thriving art and production of the silk fabrics is very high which requires a large quantity of silk yarns, which is consumed by the industry.

Silk weaving has also come down from ancient times in Bengal. Kausheya Vastra, ‘wild-silk’ weaving in Bengal is mentioned in the Arthashastra, a treaties in economics by Kautilya, written around 300 B.C. the silk weavers of Bankura, Purulia and Birbhum still weave wild silk, Tussar, for many uses. The cocoons almost the size of small eggs, are found attached to various forest trees in the semi-arid zones of these districts. The silk filament yarn is reeled from the silk cocoons. The silk, which is famous for its luster, smoothness, feel is then converted to beautiful designed fabrics.

CHAPTER 2 Existing management and marketing policies Existing model:






As per as the current marketing process is concerned the products are developed locally be the artisans by the given designs of the middlemen or the mahajans who then sell the products to the retailers and earn a heavy profit for which the artisans derive only a small percentage of them. Artisans are using this system from long period of time as they do not have access to the market and the middlemen are so strong financially, that the artisans cannot approach the market independently. Sometimes the middlemen even block the market supply chain. So the artisans are now composing themselves into Self Helf Groups which work collectively in order to get rid of these middlemen.

SELP HELP GROUPS Theoretically Self help group has been defined as a small economically homogeneous and affinity group of rural poor women which voluntarily agrees to contribute to a common fund to be lend to its members as per the decision of the group which works for groups solidarity, self and group awareness, social and economic empowerment in the way of democratic functioning. Operationally Self help Group has been defined as an organization of socioeconomically backward people who are primarily looking to explore possibilities for income generation. Self-Help Groups’ are … “... A way to start working that helps to build up the social connections which people find useful in support of their livelihoods objectives”

“... Helping people to agree things and to speak together, giving people a stronger voice in decision-making and in negotiating with more powerful forces” “... A way of increasing the effectiveness of local actions” “... Providing easier access to micro-credit and other resources and services” Self-Help Groups are a real way to build social capital. Other actions can include: 1. Building networks and connectedness to increase the ability of providers and users of services to work together or to strengthen links among individuals with shared interests, and increase their chances to be part of wider institutions, such as political or people’s organizations. 2. Supporting membership of more formalized groups which often involves everyone agreeing and accepting a set of rules and ways of doing things and also agreeing what to do if people don’t follow the rules. 3. Building relationships of trust (so-called ‘give-and-take’), exchanging information, working on things together, cooperating and reducing the effort involved in doing something which may provide the basis for informal safety nets among people (helping each other). This can be people and also groups helping each other and may eventually take the form of federations of Self-Help Groups. A federation of Self-Help Groups is good for building links with service providers, including extension and other government and NGO services, the rural banking sector, suppliers of materials and links to markets.

HOW TO GET STARTED? 1. See if a group already exists. 2. Work with others and seek help Start as a group, where every member has some ownership. Try to

contact someone who has founded a group. If new folks join, help them recognize that it is important for every member to make some contribution. Consider obtaining the assistance of professionals who may be sensitive to your needs and willing to assist

your efforts. Projects, banks, NGOs and extension workers may be helpful in various ways, from providing meeting space to locating needed resources. 3. Start small Start small to work out the problems, make some mistakes, and generally get things in order before you go to the general public. Small groups are less likely to be divided by arguments or dominated by a minority. Members with similar backgrounds and common interests are more likely to trust each other and accept joint liability for their activities. 4. Choose a name for the group A group name helps people feel part of a team who are working toward a common goal. It helps hold people together. 5. Agree on a constitution Your constitution is a written record of the purpose and rules for the group, what is expected from members and what they can expect from the group. This can avoid conflict and make the responsibilities of each member clear. 6. Agree on a meeting place and time Encourage men’s and women’s participation in groups (separately or together).Try to provide the best place for participation of women and men and encourage leadership skills in them. If you anticipate a small group and feel comfortable with the idea, consider initial meetings in members' homes. Also, try and set a convenient time for people to remember the meeting, e.g., the first Tuesday of the month. ENCOURAGE: Regular attendance at group meetings Transparency in ways of working; records (like the minutes book, attendance register, accounts) help the group remember what has been decided at meetings. They are important in monitoring and evaluation. Small savings to build up a strong common fund; members may be allowed to get loans against their savings and the group will develop skills in setting an interest rate,

loan installments, and recovering loans and all this will help with getting credit from a bank. Opening a savings bank account with the nearest commercial or rural bank or a cooperative bank, beginning a relationship between the bank and the Self-Help Group. Income-generating activities that produce assets that help build self-reliance. Agreement on changing leaders; too frequently can be unsettling and make long term planning difficult. On the other hand, rotating leadership quite frequently within the group provides all members with the chance to develop organizational and leadership skills.

AVOID: Discrimination among members based on caste, religion or political affiliation.

Exiting Marketing Policies for the various crafts:

MARKETING ASPECT-KANTHA PRODUCT Items basically comprise of sarees, Punjabi suits, dupattas, stoles, shawls, bags, etc. Commonly used fabric is tussar silk, Bangalore silk, cotton etc.

PRICE Product type Fabric and Raw Material Intricacy of design made on fabric Local market demand

PROMOTION Fairs: EPCH fair, Saras Mela Retail Outlets: Amar Kutir, Swabhumi, Manjusha, Basundhara, Alcha NGO’s: Sasha, Amar Kutir, Kolkata Socio Cultural Society, Aid to Artisans Word of mouth publicity

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL The distribution channel is unstructured. Product reaches the final consumers through intermediaries. The local markets and retail outlets help increase the product visibility and product accessibility. Pous mela and weekly haat.

PACKAGING Artisans not concerned about packaging Packaging is handled by the retailer and NGO’S who stocks and sells it

SEGMENTATION OF THE MARKET This craft caters to a niche segment which comprises of people who value the art and fine craftsmanship involved. Tourists and foreigners are other major buyers. They purchase them as a souvenir and view them as products of cultural and traditional value. Among the tourist people from Kolkata are the main buyers.

DEMAND Period of Durga Puja is the highest selling period The months of October to March are the months experiencing the highest sale

SUPPLY Plain sarees and dress materials are procured from adjacent districts at a price range of about Rs. 500 – 750. Raw materials like threads are bought from local markets

MARKETING ASPECT-BATIK PRODUCT Items basically comprise of sarees, stole, tops, kurtis, lungi, dupattas, bags, paintings and bed sheet with batik prints. PRICE Product type Fabric and Raw Material Intricacy of design made on fabric

PROMOTION Fairs: EPCH fair, Saras Mela Retail Outlets: Amar Kutir, Swabhumi, Manjusha, Basundhara, Alcha NGO’s: Sasha, Amar Kutir, Kolkata Socio Cultural Society, Aid to Artisans Word of mouth publicity

DEMAND Period of Durga Puja is the highest selling period

SUPPLY Raw material which includes fabric, dyes and colors are mainly procured from the Bolpur district and other local markets.

CONSUMER BUYING PATTERN, EXPECTATIONS AND SATISFACTION Products which are in high demand are the kurtis and tops These products take lesser time to be made Consumers expect that the colors should neither bleed nor fade away Demand for better and different designs, made on brighter colors

MARKETING ASPECT-SILK PRODUCT Items basically comprise of sarees, stoles, dupattaas, kurtas and fabric etc. PRICE Product type Fabric and Raw Material Intricacy of design made on fabric PROMOTION Not carried by the proprietor, but by the retail organization Fairs: EPCH fair, Saras Mela Retail Outlets: Amar Kutir, Swabhumi, Manjusha, Basundhara, Alcha NGO’s: Sasha, Amar Kutir, Kolkata Socio Cultural Society, Aid to Artisans Word of mouth publicity Others like hotels and emporiums

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Seasonal distribution: Through fairs like EPCH fair, Saras mela, Indian Handicrafts Gems and Shanti niketan fair Gifts Fair Regular disrbution: Through retail Outlets like Amar Kutir, Swabhumi, Manjusha, Khadi Bhavan, Khadi bhandar Others forms of distribution like in hotels and emporiums

PACKAGING Rough packaging done by the producers Final packing is done in Polythene bag or old newspaper wrapping, depending on the Retail store For the purpose of exports the packing is done as per the agreement between the buyer and the supplier. The plain silk fabric is also packed in jute bags by the producers

SEGMENTATION OF THE MARKET Products are directly sold to the tourists and visitors Target groups of consumers falls in the middle and upper middle class of India and also the foreign tourists DEMAND Silk being an exclusive item, the demand is throughout the season. The demand rises during the festive seasons, especially during the Durga puja in West Bengal. SUPPLY The artisans are directly involved in procurement of raw materials like cocoons, colors, needles etc. These raw materials are then processed within the village itself to make yarns for weaving. They also visit Bolpur to purchase other basic needs.

MARKETING ASPECT-LEATHER PRODUCT Items basically comprise of like bags, boxes, wallets, purses,key-chains, mobile holders, folders, decorative items and coin purse etc.

There are more than 500 such varieties available at the Art Wing. Raw materials like leather are sourced from Chennai and are reprocessed in Sriniketan to provide the tanned leather some longevity. PRICE Product type Fabric and Raw Material Intricacy of design made on fabric

PROMOTION Fairs: EPCH fair, Netaji Leather Fair (Indore), IIT - Delhi Retail Outlets: Amar Kutir, Swabhumi, Manjusha, Basundhara, Alcha NGO’s: Sasha, Amar Kutir, Kolkata Socio Cultural Society, Aid to Artisans Word of mouth publicity Others like hotels and emporiums

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL For raw material, leather is sourced directly from the tannery in Chennai and the medium used for transportation is truck or train. The order is placed once in 40 days and they get atleast 5 tons of vegetable tan leather. Other raw materials are bought from Kolkata. Finished product is exported through Foreign Trade (FT) Organization & Sold in India to o Wholesalers o Central Cottage o Different handicraft retail outlets like Manjusha (which has around 80% foreign customers) o Different art shows and exhibitions like the Indian Trade Fair (ITF), Delhi.

SEGMENTATION OF THE MARKET The market for leather handicraft can be divided into two major segments : First is the foreign clients who import these products Second is the domestic buyer belonging to Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal, Guwahati, Chennai and Mumbai etc The leather craft focuses on the niche segment and hence the impetus is on quality.

DEMAND The domestic demand for leather craft increases during the festive season, i.e., between October-February. Also during this period, there is an increase in the number of foreign tourists in the country. Demand throughout the year

SUPPLY The raw material has to be purchased and processing is done at Santiniketan and then sold outside. Many a times he does not have the adequate capital to invest in raw material Most of the time the producer is stuck with a large amount of uns

CHAPTER 3 Major Challenges and Scope of Market Some of the major issued by the industry are: • • • • • Due to the concentrated export market, India faces centralized risk Stringent quality benchmark from buyers side Absence of appropriate designing facilities and designers Dearth of trained professionals Available marketing platforms are insufficient and hence cannot fulfill the demands • • • Lack of mechanism resulting in non standardization of products Falling demand due to change in preferences Rising competition from other countries

Whereas the other problems include: The common problems of artisans are: 1. Individually, Artisan are often unable to capture market opportunities which require large production quantities, homogenous standards, and regular supply. 2. They experience difficulties in achieving economies of scale in the purchase of inputs (such as equipment, raw materials, finance, consulting services, etc.) 3. Small size constitutes a significant hindrance to the internalization of functions such as training, market intelligence, logistics and technology innovation all of which are at the very core of firm dynamism.

4. Small & Medium scale prevents the achievement of specialized and effective internal division of labor that fosters cumulative improvements in productive capabilities and innovation. Forecasting for handicrafts: Export Target of Handicrafts for 2010-2011 Items April-March (Rs. In crore) 2009-10 2010-11 Increase % (910 to 10-11) Artmetalware Woodware Handprinted Textiles & Scarves Embroidered & Crochetted Goods Shawls as Artware Zari & Zari Goods Imitation Jewellery Misc. Handicrafts Total 129 181 229 1305 8594 153 206 277 1510 9948 18.60 13.81 20.96 15.71 15.76 3055 3452 13.00 1858 665 1172 2159 820 1371 16.20 23.31 16.98

Fig: Export Target of Handicrafts for 2010-2011

Fig: Projected Growth of Export Target of Handicrafts for 2010-2011

CHAPTER 4 Developing of a marketing model Local Market (within the state of West Bengal) Study and identification of major handicraft buyers: Name NOBLESSE EXPORTS Contact Information Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact LGW LIMITED Address 57/1A, Panchanantala Lane, KOLKATA 913332967181 913324572234 Mr. Sanat Chakraborty Narayanpur-24 PGS (N), P.O. Rajarhat -

Gopalpur, KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Web-site 913325733529 913325733476, Contact UNIVERSE ONLINE COMMERCE Mr. Rishabh Poddar 449, Kapasdanga, Nandipara, Greater


Kolkata, HOOGLY 712103 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Web-site--- 913365693681/26802046 913326802046


Mr. Arindam Chakraborty Handicrafts

Product/Service---INDIKRAFT Address----

APT-1A, 12A, Mandevilla

Gardens,KOLKATA 700019 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Web-site---Contact---AARBUR Address---913324404983 913324600512 Mrs. Parna Dhar 119, N.S. ROAD, P.O.

RAJPUR,KOLKATA 700149 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Web-site---Contact---913324771887/3352 913322470479 Mr. Satyajit Burman Handicrafts

Product/Service---A. S. INTERNATIONAL Address----


TALPUKUR, 24, PARGANAS NORTH, KOLKATA700123 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Web-site---Contact---913325924156 913323604326 mrs. Aniruddha Chatterjee

Product/Service---B. D. TRADING CO. Address----


16, Bagmari Lane, B-7, Flat-36,

KOLKATA 700054 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Contact---913323348391 913323502667 Mr. Biswanath Roy Handicrafts

Product/Service---DAGNA Address----


KOLKATA 700032 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Web-site---Contact---913324294022 913324453618 Ms. Archana Saraf MANUFACTURERS &&



KOLKATA 700001 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Web-site---913322354254, 30932236 913322354254, 30932236


Mr. Pramod Kumar Agarawal Handicrafts

Product/Service---DEB EXPORTS Address----


ROAD, BEHALA, KOLKATA 700034 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Web-site---Contact---AAKASH GANGA Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact ABC Address Phone(s) Contact AJAZ DECORATION Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Web-site Contact ALI JOO JEWELLERS Address 913324680427 913324680427 Mr. Deb Ranjan Dey P-44, RABINDRA SARANI, KOLKATA 913322254213/42140036/1075 913322254214/4926 Mr. RAJA BANIK 3, bhattacherya lane,KOLKATA 913322491446 samar nandi 99/3, Philkhana, 2nd Lane, HOWRAH 913322366024/55100502 913322366024 Mr. S. A. Siddique 17, PARK STREET, KOLKATA

Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact AMBIENCE INDECOR PRIVATE. LTD. Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact AMRITA EXPORT Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact ANKURKALA Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Web-site Contact ARTCON Address Phone(s) Contact ARTISANS EFFORT Address

913322297949/22161582 913322297949 Mr. A Majid CA 85, Salt Lake, Sector-I, KOLKATA 913323595361/23595373 913323595361 Mr. PARASHAR CHATTERJEE 8/1, Middleton Row, KOLKATA 913322291178 913322260479 Mrs. Amrita Sahney 9A, MEHAR ALI ROAD, KOLKATA 913322478476 913322478476 Mr. Annie Joseph B3/1, 24, Madeville Gardens, KOLKATA 913324405989 Mrs. Anindita Bhattacharya 376/2, SARAT CHATERJEE ROAD,

(H.I.T. PLOT NO. 24 & 25), HOWRAH

Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact ASR INTERNATIONAL Address Phone(s) Contact AUTHENTIC INTERNATIONAL Address

913326881252 913326881252 Mr. EJAZ JAN 110/3/1, kali Kundu Lane, HOWRAH 913326413459 Sanjib Dhara 56-A, PURBA SINTHEE LANE, MILITARY

CAMP, KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact 913325489225 913325489205 Mr. Tirtha Basu 31/2A, Marquis Street, KOLKATA 913322294227 Nurul Islaam 162/7, Hridaypur Station Road,


Address Phone(s) Contact



KOLKATA 700127 Phone(s)---Fax(s)---Web-site---Contact---913325521043 913325521043 Mr. Amit Dhar Handicrafts




22/B/1/C, Dharamatala Road, Bosepukur,

Kasba, KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact 913323444081 913365295172 Mr. Amar Kumar Banerjee

Address Phone(s) BSK INTERNATIONAL Fax(s) Contact

27, SHAKESPEARE SARANI, KOLKATA 913322401961/22814125 913322814126 Mr. Sidhartha Kothari




7B, KOLKATA Phone(s) Web-site Contact 913355216167 Mr. ARNAB TALUKDAR 24B, PARK STREET, KOLKATA 913322497603/4/5 913322492340 Mr. Subir Chakraborti 15/9 & 10, CHOWRINGHEE ROAD,


Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact



KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact DEEPA INTERNATIONAL Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact GREEN EARTH Address KOLKATA Phone(s) Contact G'S CREATIONS Address KOLKATA Phone(s) Contact HITAISHI CREATIVE ENTERPRISES (P) LTD. Address 913324301802 Mr. SOHINI GHOSH A Unit of HItachi-kk Mfg. Co., 111/1 b.t. 913324559050 Mrs. Tiwari P-85, KANUNGO PARK, FLAT-C2, 913322492290 913322496838 Mr. Suresh G Chaabaria d-573, lake gardens, KOLKATA 913322358161 913322359426 Ms. deepa shah AZIMGANJ HOUSE, 7 CAMAC STREET,

road, KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Web-site 913325776451 913325783995/22180586

Contact INDIA VISION Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact INDIMPEX TRADE Address KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact INFINITE BUSH Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact

Mr. RAJIV BAJORIA 5/1, Madhav Lane, KOLKATA 913324743483 913324760469 angshuman gupta 8/1, K N Roy Chatterjee Street, Bally,

913326641219 913338477377 Mr. Shaibal Ghosh 20/3, Northern Avenue, KOLKATA 913325583687 913325583687 Mr. asim naha ray


Address KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Web-site Contact


913325566715 913325513513 Mr. SANTOO MONDAL



181-A, Vivekananda road, Dum Dum

Cantt., KOLKATA Phone(s) Contact JHINOOK INTERNATIONAL Address 913322155318 Mr. A Dasgupta, Mr. Krishna Dasgupta 51/2/3, B.G.ROAD, PO. BOTANIC

GARDEN, HOWRAH Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact 913326687065 913326687065 Debabrata Chakravorty B-290, Lake Gardens, KOLKATA 913324172876 913324179767 Mr. Sujibendra Banerjee 118 Canal Street, KOLKATA 913325219716 Nilima Jain marothi 20, Mott Lane, 2nd floor, KOLKATA 913322459212 mr. sanjay dugar D-107, CITY CENTRE, BLOCK DC,


Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact


Address Phone(s) Contact


Address Phone(s) Contact




Phone(s) Contact LION PICTURE && FRAMES (INDIA) LTD. Address

913323581844/25481976 Mr. DEBTOSH BOSE BIRD JUTE MILL COMPOUND 200,

DAKSHINDARI ROAD, KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Web-site Contact 913325218162/25218236 913325217551 Mr. ASHOK NATH 22, MADAN MOHAN TALLA ST.,


Address KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact

913325542881/25543073 913325337739 Mr. Pintu Das 41, D.P. MUKHERJEE ROAD,



SHEORAPHULY HOOGLY Phone(s) Contact MARUTI IMPEX Address Contact MCRC EXPORTS PVT. LTD. Address 913326325065 Mr. S.K. BANERJEE 11/2, gopal chatterjee road, KOLKATA Mr. Amar 4, GANESH CHANDRA AVENUE, 7TH

FLOOR, KOLKATA Phone(s) 913322376355/22376561

Fax(s) Contact ME COMUNICATION Address Phone(s) Contact N. A. B. EXIM PVT. LTD. Address

913322257257 Mr. Rakesh Ghandon 8/1 A, Hospital Street, KOLKATA 913324327545 Mr. Kaushik Saha 10, TARACHAND DUTTA STREET, 2ND

FLOOR, KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact PINKY ENTERPRISE Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact S. S. INTERNATIONAL (INDIA) Address 913322342756/22355114/22356638 91332217746 Mr. Amrit Bhakta Shrestha AE 337, SALT LAKE CITY, KOLKATA 913323215751 913328370136 MR. monoranjan mondol 6A, Raja Subodh Mullick Sqr., Arya

Mansion, Suit 1004(N), 10th Floor, KOLKATA Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact 913322251130 913322251131 Mr. Souvanik Paul P-148A, CIT Road, Scheme VI M,



Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact STEP Address Phone(s) Fax(s) Contact SUSHILA ENTERPRISE Address Phone(s) Contact

913323209544 913323201448 Mr. Anshu Choudhury Pirtala, Agarpara, 24 Phs(N), KOLKATA 913325655831 913322482070 MS. Sarmila Roy 263, A.P.C.Road, KOLKATA 913325703813 MR. Ashoke Jain

Contact addresses collected from the Handicrafts Mela

Organization Proprietor Efforts Enterprise Somnath Ghosh

Address 11/1, Mahadeb Banerjee Lane, Howrah 711101, WB, India

Contact 033-26434285, 9432414342

Nature Textile Hand Batik Printer


Barun Dutta 5, Barui Para Lane, Howrah 711104, WB, India

03326770021, 9339796931, 9051218797, 9433798221 9804843207, 9804184472

A House of Handicrafts

Siddhidata Fashion

Jayanta Darbat

Sukdevpur, Gonipur,

All types of Batik, Fabric &


Maheshtala, 24 PGS (S), WB, India

Embroidery Designer Dresses

M/S Satorupa

Asis Mazumder, Piyali Majumder

39, Mahesh Paul Lane, Santragachi, Howrah 711104, WB, India

03326271566, 9433016063, 9231927263

All types of Batik, Tie-Die, Fabric Embroidery works on garments

Matri Charmo Helu Hazra Silpo

Bolpur, Suri Para, Santiniketan, Dist. Birbhum, WB, India

9732065618, 9933966369

Manufacturer of leather goods

Rupanjali Boutique

Rupa Dasgupta

C-23/11, East Kolkata Township Project, Phase IV, Kol - 700107

9432212492, 9432976259

Mayukh Boutique

Budha Roy, Tultul Roy

56/4, Naskar Para Road, Pashchim Putiary, Kolkata - 700041, Haridevpur

9830734841, 9433373158, 24021098


Priya Middle Arts

Rabia Khatun, C/O G Mostafa Mallick

Bolpur, Shantiniketan Jambuni, Madrasa Para, Birbhum 731204, WB

9434637447, 9547987104, 03463253307

Gita Enterprise

509 Parui Pacca Road, Kol 700061


Dipu's Creation

Dipu Dhar

B-8/3, E.C.T.P., Phase - IV, Kol 700107

03324434192, 9831171732

Exclusive Hand Embroidered Articles

Debashish Chowdhury

14/2/8, Sitanath Bose Lane, Salkia, Howrah 711106

9831228146 Emboidery and Textiles

Amar Kuthi Bari

Urmila Das

Shyambati, Subhas Pally, Shantiniketan, Bolpur, Birbhum

9732168059 Kanthastitch, Batik

Bandana Enterprise

59A/1, J Block, Baghajatin, Kol 700032

24250050, 9836509000 All hand embroidey and fabric works

Srijoni Boutique

Mina Roy, C/O Ram Kanta Roy

Binaya Palli, Ambagan, P.O. Shantiniketan, Dist - Birbhum, 731235, WB

03463264630,9434085358, 9614645685

Kantha tasar, Silk Batik, Cotton


Bikash Chandra Goswami

4/D, Marhattaditch lane, Baghbazar, Kolkata 700003

25545310, 9433498934 Batik Manufacturer

Rupa Khatan

Lohagar, Bolpur

9232581527 Kantha Stitch

Avishek Boutique

Chaitali Lahiri

88/2, 1st floor, Banerjee Para Lane, Dhakuria, Kolkata 700031


Sarees, Kurta,

24159925, 9433448911 Punjabi, Salwar, Dress Materials

Pradip Chatterjee

Kalikapur colony, P.O. Muluk, Dist Birbhum, Near Coldstores

9434585467, 03463254273

Side bag, Kanthastitch bag, Batik Garments, Batik Bag

Kanta Collection

4B, Sailendra Halder Street, Kolkata 700026



58/1, Ibrahimpur road, Jadavpur, Kol - 700032

9831190597 Fabric, Embroidery, Batik, Applic, Block Print boutique 24766970, 9748243810 The boutique


Kalyani Saha

15D, Behari Doctor Road, Bhowanipur, Kolkata 700025

S.B. Enterprise

Sahabuddin Dhulagori Seikh Paschim Para, Howrah

9339736079 Panjabi, Saree, Lahenga, Choridar


Rinku Nath

141/Q, South Sinthi Road, Vishanath Park, Kol - 700050

9836016582, 25589516,

Creative Collection

Barsha Silpayan

Madhabi Lata

Santiniketan Guru Pally,

9474045729, 9474767061,

Batik, Kantha Stitch sarees, dopatta, &


Vishwa Bharati Staff Qtr. No. 20, Near Uttar Siksha Sadan West


panjabi dress materials

Sarada Boutique

Banani Kar

10, East Point Avenue, Kolkata - 700039

9831308857, 9239456009



212/1/1, Panchanan Tala Road, Howrah 711101

26424161, 9874520965 Exclusive designer wear and handicraft products

Puspa Tailors

Mita Roy

3/135, Gandhi Colony, P.O. Regent Estate, Kolkata 700092

9836743218, 9239384950

Applique, Embroidery, Kantha

Major Policies Formulated: In the local scenario, since the market is well known to the crafts of Birbhum there is an intense competition within the various retailers of these products. The only difference in which Mahila Mahasangha has a competitive advantage is the raw silk fabric, which is produced by around 300 weavers. So the marketing plan developed for this market was targeting mainly: • • • Retailers/Boutiques Wholesalers Trade fairs

We targeted the all local boutique all individual retailers who are dealing in the handicrafts as we contacted them through Handicraft fair where we personally met them and told about Mahila Mahasangha ,availability of product range ,and accessories and the mainly its strength in having large pool of skilled artisan and the capacity of producing the silk fabric with block print, kantha on it . We gave them the Visiting Card for further inquiry and buying, we also collected the address of all them so that in future Mahila Mahasangha can contact them through mail, phone on every product innovation.

Domestic Market: Major Retailers targeted: WEST BENGAL HANDICRAFTS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD. (Manjusha) Karu –Angan 1B-181,Sector-III,Salt lake,Kolkata-106 Phone-033-2335 2979/1226 1. Procurement of Handicraft Products WBHDC procures handicrafts products directly from the artisans, handicraft units and handicrafts co-operative societies. During 1996-97, the corporation purchased handicraft products involving an amount of Rs. 104.11 lakhs and this year (97-98), it has planned to enhance the purchase to Rs. 160 lakhs. Corporation organises spot procurement camps in the districts for purchase of products from artisans by making cash payment. 2. Sale of Handicraft Products Sale of handicraft products through the 26 numbers of show rooms of the corporation situated all over the country is the main activity of the corporation. The corporation sold handicrafts products valued about Rs. 160.55 lakhs during 1996-97. 3. Training Facilities The Corporation offers training facilities to the handicrafts artisans both at primary and advance level. Baruipur Experimental Workshop Cum Research Institute is presently managed and run by the corporation. 4. Craft Development Centres The Corporation is running two Craft Development Centres One at Puinam (Hooghly) and the other at Salt Lake for offering all-round facilities under one roof for development of selected crafts.

5. Common Facility Centre The Corporation runs a Common Facility Centre on brass and bell metal at Nabadwip in Nadia district. 6. Design Development Workshop The Corporation offers design support to the handicraft artisans under this programme which is funded by the Government of India. 7. Exhibitions and Fair The corporation organises Exhibition and Fairs within and outside of West Bengal in order to give marketing exposures to the handicraft artisans and their crafts. 8. Craft Museum The corporation has a Craft Museum at ‘Karuangan’ at Salt Lake City. The Museum has exquisite collections of ethnic and traditional Bengal handicrafts and handloom artefacts. The Corporation has developed an Artisan’s Dormitory at karuangan to offer facilities of stay in Calcutta for the Artisans. 9. Social Security Activities The Corporation offers various social security facilities to the handicrafts artisans like (a) group insurance coverage (b) old-age pension (c) construction of work sheds for the artisans etc. We contacted the Director of Manjusha Mr Chinmoy Chakraboy shown some interest when the product catalog of Mahila Mahasangha was given to them .on a visit to birbhum, the marketing officer was eager for direct procurement of the products.

The main problem discuss by the marketing Manager Mr.Debesh Bhattacharya the cost of product is too high because of the involvement of financer to the Artisan .but on our convincing to him agree to see the product at the place where he can meet directly meet to artisan so meeting at the Swayamvara held . he is now agree to source the product from the Mahila Mahasangha . They even agree to give them order for the customized product and read to help the Artisan finically to source the raw material . so that they can maintain the cost of product low .


(Under the Administrative Control of the Directorate of Handloom & Textiles, Cottage & Small Scale Industries Department, Government of West Bengal) Tantuja Bhavan, Block-DD, No. 18/4, Sector - I Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata - 700 064, India Phone/Fax : +91 33 2358 9050, Tel/Fax : +91 33 2337 0421 Mob : +91 9830070320 email : Tantuja is the state level Apex of Handloom Weaver's Cooperatives of West Bengal, India. We feel honoured to introduce our self as the leading manufacturer cum exporter from eastern India. The society registered in the year 1954 with the view to extend marketing support to its affiliated primary weaver's societies under the direct control of Ministry of C&SSI Govt. of West Bengal. Tantuja presents a selected ethnic and traditional designs of handloom products. We have successfully explored the markets which are: DOMESTIC MARKET Through products like Sarees, Dhuty, Lungi, Bedsheet, Bedcovers, Towels, Readymade Garments and other home furnishing products.

EXPORT MARKET We specialise in our products as they are made from different natural fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, tassar and even combination of fabrics.
A. B. C.

Decorative handloom scarf and stoles Handloom fabrics of intricate designs Exclusive hand printed /embroidered scarf stoles and running fabrics


The other area where we work is the sale of normal handloom goods through retail outlets scattered all over India. We supply gauge, bandage to different Government hospitals, School dresses to district Primary School Councils. We also execute supplies of the liveries items/uniforms to different state/central government offices. We also handle development offers from the buyers. We not only try to satisfy our customers need but try to achieve their level of satisfaction in terms of price, quality, quantity and delivery period. We are having 1.3 lacs weavers attached to our affiliated primary co-operative society with the production capacity of 50000+piece scarf within 40-60 days and 25000 Mtrs within 30-45 days.

The main buyers of our products are of Italy, Japan, Denmark, USA, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, France, Thailand, Korea, Australia. Interested buyers please feel free to drop in, call, fax or even mail us and feel proud to be associated with the leaders like TANTUJA. Tantuja was much interested to purchase handloom products from Mahila Mahasangha after the product catalogue was shown to them. Althogh they develop their own chain of artisans and usually do not work with societies but they were convinced with the effort made by us to promote the marketing for Mahila Mahasangha and agreed to negotiate

with the Mahasangha on prices as they would likely purchase bulk orders. Since it only deals with handlooms so was interested only in the silk sarees with or without kantha on them. They were also interested in purchasing raw silk in order to develop there own fabric with their own style/design.

Sasha: Sasha (Sarba Shanti Ayog) was started in 1978, primarily to provide marketing assistance to crafts persons all over India. Design and development of products and organization is another key activity. Now 25 years later, sasha works with more than 150 producer groups and communities. In order to use all the experience it has gained so far, sasha has promoted the Enterprise Development Foundation to formalize the work it has been doing so far, and to provide a more structured platform and support system for entrepreneurial initiatives at the grassroots. Vision: Sustain more and more business enterprises to eliminate conditions of poverty and unemployment through economic empowerment and improvement in quality of life of the marginalized and disadvantaged group of artisans and craftsman so as to improve indicators of social development through fair trade practices and social empowerment. Mission: To enable, motivate, equip, and train participants to become entrepreneurs, to own and run successful, profitable, and sustainable enterprises through special assistance and mentoring in business development, management, theoretical and practical inputs from experts and professionals across varied sectors to develop micro enterprises for generation of income and employment opportunities and promote sustainable livelihood options. The broad objectives of the Enterprise Development Foundation are: • • To incubate new and innovate business ideas To prepare business plans for viable commercial enterprises

• • • • • •

To identify potential and skills of artisans and craftsmen involved in traditional art and craft Identification of needs and capacity building To offer technical training and development in management and life skills To set standards for the best business practices including Total Quality Control Management To provide design and product development inputs To develop and facilitate communication between the market and producers, between stakeholders and development professionals and experts across varied fields.

• • • • • • •

To identify market strategies To individualize agenda for enterprises to envision their future To provide step by step assistance from planning till launching of products To integrate trading practices into the producers’ and venture’s way of doing business To leverage benefits offered by Fair Trade Network To interact with members of Fair Trade Organizations and Buyers of Fair Trade products and Services To provide a platform to producers to move a step ahead from livelihood production to skilled and trained enterprise development.

Promoters: The Enterprise Development Foundation owes its origin to Sarba Shanti Ayog (SSA), which was established in the year 1978 as a non-profit organization and since then has been engaged in craft research and development, producer awareness, communications, networking and participation. Subsequently in the year, 1986 SASHA Association for Craft Producers was formed as another entity of SASHA for disseminating market information, sharing managerial and design assistance. Both SSA and SASHA Association for Craft Producers are registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Sasha is a founding member of the Fair Trade Forum in India which includes all the IFAT members of the region. FTF - India welcomes Voluntary agencies, Fair trading Organisations, NGOs, Trusts, Cooperatives, Companies and individuals as members who share vision, values and the objectives of Fair Trade Forum, India and those who want to be part of this National network.

Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited Company profile Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited, is India’s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer market. Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), the company operates over 16 million square feet of retail space, has over 1000 stores across 73 cities in India and employs over 30,000 people. The company’s leading formats include Pantaloons, a chain of fashion outlets, Big Bazaar, a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain, Food Bazaar, a supermarket chain, blends the look, touch and feel of Indian bazaars with aspects of modern retail like choice, convenience and quality and Central, a chain of seamless destination malls. Some of its other formats include Brand Factory, Blue Sky, aLL, Top 10 and Star and Sitara. The company also operates an online portal, Ethnicity

India’s First Modern Ethnic Retail Brand Ethnicity is the first concept store in India to offer everything Indian under one roof. Ethnicity celebrates Indianness through its diverse designs and products. It showcases a wide range of brands from across the country.

At Ethnicity, one gets the best and the very latest of the Indian ethnic and fusion brands. It offers a vast array of products under various categories including fashion, home décor and handicrafts. Ethnicity proudly follows the Indian values of being sensitive to our city, environment and community. It provides a platform to bring together traditional or ethnic retailers to the customers. It does so by collaborating with the former, and leveraging their expertise. Store of Ethinicity Ethnicity :: C.G. Road :: Ahmedabad :: With Central Address : Kolonnade Centre, Opposite Saffron Tower, Ambavadi, C.G.Road, Ahmedabad Pincode : 380006 State : Gujarat Phone : 079 - 3048 1777

Ethnicity :: Gulmohar Park :: Ahmedabad Address : 3rd Floor, Gulmohar Park, Satellite Road, Ahmedabad Pincode : 380015 State : Gujarat Phone : 079 - 3048 4801

Ethnicity :: J.P.Nagar :: Bangalore :: With Central Address : 45/1,45/2, 45th Cross, J.P.Nagar, 2nd Phase, Near Ragigudda Temple, Bangalore Pincode : 560069 State : Karnataka

Phone : 080 - 2659 3099

Ethnicity :: Naman Mall :: Indore :: With Central Address : Naman Mall, 170, RNT Marg, Eagle Square, Opp. Ravindra Naty Mandir, Indore Pincode : 452001 State : Madhya Pradesh Phone : NA Ethnicity :: R City Mall :: Mumbai Address : R City Mall, Level 2, CTS No. 168, LBS Marg, Ghatkopar(W), Mumbai Pincode : 40077 State : Maharashtra Phone : 022 - 3055 3930

Here the Mahila Mahasangha have prospects to do the Business with the Pantaloon Retail (India ) limited by opening the Shop In Shop with their store . we all ready send a Product catalog to them they are ready to give space for selling the handicraft products on the Sale or Return bases . Now none of are selling the Bengal Handicraft product with them and their current selling data and foot fall forecast a tremendous business opportunity in this category All ready a One Artisan of Leather bag Selling a leather Bags and with the time period of 40 Days he able to sold merchandise of worth 75,000 Rs .

Targeting Designers We contacted many designer personally and through mail shown product catalog .convinced them the strength of the Mahila Mahasangha the designers we contacted as are Sabyasachi Coutoure Sabyasachi Mukherjee Topsia Road ,south Behind still Junction

Kiran Uttam Ghosh Ph no -033 -24860476 033-32925756

Anamika khanna 2/1 Out Ram Street, Kolkata Ph no-033-22814425 2,woodstreet ,Sangam 2C Kolkata -16

WEAVERS STUDIO Contact Person: Address: Tel: Fax: Ms. Darshan Shah Veda commercial Pvt. Ltd. 5/1 Anil Moitra Road, Kolkata-19 913324408926/37 913324402868

E-mail: Website:

FAB INDIA OVERSEAS PVT. LTD. Contact Person: Address: Tel: E-mail: Website: Pallabi Basu 16, Hindustan Park, Kolkata-700029 033-2465 6954/6955

CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED Contact Person: Address: Tel: Fax: E-mail: Website: M. K. Sengupta 7, Jawaharalal Nehru Road, Kolkata -13 2228-3205, 2228-4139 91-33-2228-3205

List of National Fairs:

Major policies formulated: Since these products are a speciality of the Birbhum district only,so they were less known nationally. So first of all we created awareness about the crafts and the value added in these by mentioning about them in our product catalogue. The product catalogue was mailed to the various retailers as well as wholesalers. We also attended a cluster fair in Delhi Haat named “ Cluster Haat” on Feb 13-17 which had stalls from various clusters from all over the country.

International market: To know about the international, market the first step was to contact the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts which acts as a body for the export of handicrafts. To compete the international standards, EPCH conducts workshops to educate the artisans from time to time.

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) under the aegis of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India is a non-profit organization, established under the EXIM policy of Government of India in the year 1986-87. It has created necessary infrastructure as well as marketing and information facilities, which are availed both by the member exporters and importers. The Council is engaged in promotion of handicrafts from India and project India’s image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality handicrafts.

Providing commercially useful information and assistance to members in developing and increasing exports. • Offering professional advice and services to members in areas of technology upgradation, quality and design improvement, standards and specifications, product development, innovation etc. • Organising visits of delegation of its members abroad to explore overseas market opportunities. • Participating in specialized International Trade Fairs of handicrafts & gifts.

• Organizing Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair at New Delhi. • Interaction between exporting community and Govt. both at the Central and State level and representation in almost all the committees / panels of Central and State and represents in almost all the committees / panels of Central and State. • To create an environment of awareness through Workshops on "Export Marketing, Procedures and Documentation", Packaging, Design Development, Buyer Seller Meet, Open House etc. interaction with Central and State Govt. and various other similar programmes. • Dissemination of government notification, orders, information on trade and other relevant information to members.

Guide line for new Exporter Market Entry

Selection of Markets is the first step in international marketing, it is important that the right product is marketed in right markets. After carefully selecting the market the exporter has to decide the method of entry in the market. There are eventually two ways to enter a foreign market, namely indirect and direct, in the indirect method the exports are almost equivalent to domestic sale and it is done in two ways namely (a) selling to a merchant exporter or export house in India and (b) selling to visiting/resident buyers. However, in direct exporting, the manufacturers take upon themselves the task of managing the export sale.

Participation in Trade Fair

The exporter may also participate in the trade fairs organised in india and abroad in order to explore the possibilities/opportunities offered by them.

Market Research

Another important tool before entering into export market is market research as it helps the exporters in decision making. The need for market research, arises to provide a sound database which help the management in taking decisions regarding new product launching, product adaptation and in developing comprehensive and strategic marketing plans

Export Pricing

The pace of export expansion is an important determinant of economic growth in developing countries. And for achieving the desired rate of growth in export, effective pricing policing for exports constitutes an essential elements. Export pricing assumes strategic significance especially because of the relatively lower technological base of developing economics resulting in higher cost of production. Pricing is like a tripod, the three legs being costs, demand and competition.

Selection of Agent

Many exporters who have a marketable, appropriately priced, good product and who are able to develop and finance a marketing support plan encounter export difficulty in spite of all these advantages, because they select an overseas agent haphazardly. An exporters need to take four basic steps to solve this problem. He may (a) determine his marketing requirements (b) established contacts with prospective agents (c) evaluate the list of agents and select a suitable one (d) appoint agent.


There are various modes through which an exporter can promote its merchandise namely advertisments in foriegn publications/trade journals in the identified markets and also in the reputed Indan publications. The exporters may

also create a CD ROM catolog of it products along with a website providing an insight into its activities/products. Terms of Payment

The nature of credit terms offered by the suppliers is very decisive in obtaining order.

Export Contracts

In the contract of sale, it is important that the principle parties to the contact viz. seller and buyer do know clearly, and without any ambiguities, their respective rights and obligations. What is it that each of them is supposed to do under the contract and what does one get in consideration for the fulfillment of the obligations set out in the contract? The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has spelled out clear cut rules of international trade in order to avoid ambiguities.

Export Finance

Financing the exports is an important aspect which the exporters need to plan in advance. There are two different stages of finance for the exporters namely (a) pre-shipment and (b) post shipment. During pre-shipment the finance is needed for purchase/procure, for processing, for manufacturing, for assembling, for packaging and for shipping. During post shipment the finance is needed for providing facilities to overseas customers till such time as the proceeds are realized.

Other Documentations

The other mandatory documentations required for exports also need to be taken care of by the exporters. For this he may take the assistance of Director General Foreign Trade (DGFT), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), India Trade

Promotion Organization (ITPO), respective Export Promotion Councils (EPCs), Foreign Embassies in India, Buying Agents, Freight Forwarding Agents etc. Membership Registration Any person willing to venture into exports of handicrafts can become the member of the Council. The prospective members are required to submit their application as per the prescribed application form. The membership form can be obtained by paying Rs. 100/in cash/demand draft drawn in favour of Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts payable at New Delhi. The Amount of membership (April – March) fees are as follows: Entrance fee in the year of enrolment - Rs. 1000/Annual Membership fee - Rs. 2500/Total (during the year of Enrollment) - Rs 3500/- + Service Tax (10.3%) As per the rules and regulations laid down in the Articles of Memorandum and Association of the Council, membership of the Council is a pre-condition for registration.

The registration can be obtained by you either as a 'Merchant Exporter' or 'Manufacturer Exporter' as per documents submitted. While submitting the documents, you are required to clearly mention that you are interested in either of the category or all as under:a) Membership b) Registration as a 'Merchant Exporter' c) Registration as a 'Manufacturer Exporter' Please note only the fees of membership is to be paid, even if you are interested for other two categories in addition to memebrship. In case you have not indicated your specific preference, you will be issued the membership only.

Every year Membership Fee is due on 1st April and payment is to be made by 30th June.Membership renewal fee is Rs. 2500/- + Service Tax (10.3%) every year.

If a company opts for option (b) or (c) above, a self attested copy of Import Export Code (IEC) also needs to be enclosed with the application form.

If the Company is a partnership firm it has to submit a Partnership Deed along with the Application Form.

If the company is a private limited or a limited firm a photocopy of certificate of incorporation (Memorandum of Article of Association) and resolution deed regarding the signing authority has to be submitted.

If an Export House applies for member ship it must furnish a copy of Export House Certificate.

If a company is a manufacturer exporter it must furnish letter from District Industries Centre (DIC) or the authority with which the factory registered or the copy of Small Scale Industries (SSI) certificate attested by the DIC on current date.

Services offered to Members: Direct Marketing

Invitation for participation in IHGF (Subject to fulfilling of the criteria of at least one year of membership of the Council)

• • • •

Invitation of participation in Overseas Trade Fairs Invitation of participation in Buyer Seller Meets Invitation of participation in Folk Craft: Festivals of India organized overseas Invitation for participation in Product Specific Fairs organized by the Council

Publicity and Promotion
• • •

Printing of Promotional Catalogues Creation of Electronic Product Catalogues Printing of product specific information booklets

Market intelligence
• •

Provide trade inquires/tra,Sie leads on a regular basis Provide latest handicrafts trade statistics

Monthly Newsletter

A Monthly Newsletter titled "CRAFTCIL" is published and disseminate among the members of the Council.


Liaison with Government Department, Industry Association, Chamber of Commerce and other similar institutions.

Assist members in settlement of trade disputes with the buyers

Seminars/Open House Meets

Organize awareness seminars, open house meets, workshops, on various trade related issues

Invitation to reputed designers/trend forecasting agencies to interact with handicrafts members exporters

Trade Policies

Circulars pertaining to the policy changes with respect to the sector are disseminated regularly to the members.

Issue of Duty Free Import Certificate (DFIC) for embellishment/ consumables to the members (

Market Development Assistance (MDA) is also given to the members as per guidelines. (

EPCH provides a platform for direct interface of the artisan , exporter and the buyers through fairs and exhibitions in Delhi NCR Since it a Non –Profit organization , it just acts as adeveloper of handicrafts trade bringing the latest trends directly to the artisan and educating them through various workshops so that these products are competitions enough to be presentable in the International market

Our contribution EPCH organised a workshop at Bolpur from 15-20 Apr in which they include the artisan of Mahila Mahasangha , Educate them about various trends according the international market demands , so that they can develop their products accordingly in order to participate in the handicrafts and Gift fair in Oct 2010 New Delhi.

List of international buyers: • Ms. Maria Helena de Almeida Purchase Director Indoasia Comercio International ltd R. Dr. Sergio Meira, 280 CEP : 01153-010 Sao Paulo, Brazil Phone : [ 11 ] 3824 0927 Fax : [ 11 ] 3824 0927 Mail : • Mr. Marcos Andre Ferreira Pinto Rezenda Director Otaviani Rezende Comercio Arte Ltda Rua Itapirapuani 35 Sao Paulo SP 01440 040 Brazil [ 11 ] 3063 2092 fax : [ 11 ] 3063 1693 • Mr. Jose Antonio Sig Bergamin Director Raj India Style R. Conego Eugenio Leite No. 163 Sao Paulo 05414 001 Brazil Phone : [ 11 ] 3081 3433 Mail : • Mr. Pierre Paul Dyumont Director Chalalai CA Residencia MI Refugio APTO, 5-C Manzanares Este, Municipio Baruta EDO Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Miranda, Caracas Venezuela Phone : 58 – 212 9431248 Fax : 58 212 9752727 Mail : • Ms. Mario Carolina Brito Merchandising Manager M/s Beco CA Av. Principal de Boleita Norte Edif, Centrobeco, Caracas 1070 Venezuela Phone : 58 – 212 238 65 05 Fax : 58 212 8811 • Mr. Luis Blasini Purchase Manager M/s Corporacion Vaser Carretera Vieja de Baruta, Via Santa ines Edif Hanoi, P.B. Baruta Caracas Venezuela Phone : 58 312 975 4950 • Mr. Sergio Elian Safar M/s Ganesh Ghar Import E Export Ltda Rua Levindo Lopes 358 S/202 Funcionarios Belo Horizonte- MG Brazil – 30140170 Phone: 00-55-31-32815920 Fax: 32810359 Mail: • Mr. Edson Augusto Silva Coutinho Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

M/s Tok & Stok – Estok Comercio e Representacoes Ltda AV. Tucunare 500 – Tambore Barueri SP- Brazil CEP: 06460020 Phone: + 55 (11) 41968462 Fax: + 55(11) 419 68599 Mail: • Mr. Silney Saulo De Lima M/s Winner Trading Company Rua Scuvero, 120, Cambuci 01527-000 Sao Paulo SP, Brazil. Telefax: 55-11-3272 8535 Mail: • Mr. Marco Antonio Pires De Moraes M/s Winner Trading Company Rua Scuvero, 120, Cambuci 01527-000 Sao Paulo SP, Brazil telefax: 55-11-3272 8535 Mail: • Mr. Posada Henao Mauricio De Jesus M/s Finolino SA .CARRERA 48 NO. 10 45 LOCAL 122 MEDELLIN COLOMBIA Phone : 57-4-2684 786(O) ( R ) 574 3118879 Fax : 57-4-2684738 Mail : • Mr. Marco Guillerma Arango Restrepo Carrera 7 # 140A-48, Torre 6/Office 501 Bogota Colombia Phone : 571 6472485 Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Mail : • Mr. Jesus Alberto Montes Restrepo M/s Kalagas Ltda Calle 127A No. 37-07 Bogota • Ms Ana Lucia Duque Salazar M/s EL-Tiempo Transversal 1A 69-68, Apt. 304 Bogota, Colombia Phone : 00-571 3104082(R ) Phone : 00-57-1-2940144(O) Direct Mail : • Buyer Buyer

Mr. Pedro Antonio Delgado C/o Embassy of India Av. Salaverry 3006 Magdalena Del Mar Lima 17, Peru Phone : (51-1) 460 3389/361 6006 Fax : (51-1) 461 0374 Mail :


Mr. Cohen Alberto M/S C.A. Distribuidora Kopyco LA Yaguara, Call 11 # 9 Caracas, Venezuela Phone : 58 – 212 4727118 Mail :


Claudia Fisch M/s Klemax International Av. Faria Lima, 2639-CJ 42 Sao Paulo, Brazil


Mail : Telefax : 00-55-11-3032 9125 • Mr. David Burstein Purchase Manager M/s Saks Department Store Phone : (507) 227- 2747 Fax : (507) 227- 4145 Mail : after Claudia martin • Buyer

Mr. Isaac Lalo Purchase Manager M/s Dorians Department Store Phone : (507) 227- 2747 Fax : (507) 227 4145 Mail :



Mr. Alison Otway Director M/s Marketing Visions Phone : (507) 360 2059/2060 Fax : (507) 360 2058 Mail


Morales Vargas Luis Javier, M/s Luis Javier Morales Vareias Jr. Puno, 659 Oficina 202 Lima 01, Peru Phone : 4268525 Fax : 428 6013 Mail :


Mrs. Barreto Velasco De Perez Albela M/s El Porongo SA


Av. Javier Prado Este # 4200 Surrco Centro Collercial Jockey, Plaza Local 205 Peru Telefax : 434 4244-435 1402 •

Mr. Herrera Javier Eduardo General Manager Establecimientos Incs SAC Av. Argentina N 6360 Callao, Peru Phone : 451 9218/ 451 9140 Fax : 452 1767 Mail :


Mr. Wilson Anthony Justin 22-24, ST. Vincent Street Port of Spain, Trinidad Phone : 1-868-623 8870 Fax : 1-868-625 7211


Mr. Verma Vijay # 1, EL Socorro Ext. Road San Juan, Trinidad W.I. Phone : (868) 674 8107 Fax : (868) 675 9616


Mr. Pablo Rondero Lopez Executive M/s Home Mart AV. Lomas Verdes No. 904 COL Santa Cruz, Acatlan Naucalpan Estado, De Mexico CP 53150 Phone [ 525] 7286870 Fax : [ 525 ] 53634955


Ms. Paez Gomex Johana Ivone


International Buyer Mecanoelectro Hmesentry Autopista Norte, 127A-13 Bogota, Colombia Phone [ 571 ] 6270166 Fax : [ 571 ] 6270265 Mail : • Mr. Andres De La Espriella Meira Chief of Production M/s Cachivaches SA Bogota Cra 7 N 119 B-54 Bogota Colombia Phone : 213 3182 Fax : 6192585 • Mrs. Dolly Amparo Maya M/s Acmaenes Exito SA Cra 48 No. 32 BSUR 139 Colombia Phone : 339 59 53/ 339 59 38 • MR. MALIK SAFARYAN, DIRECTOR M/S PRAHA LTD 22, TUNANYAN STZ., YEREVAN OF ARMENIA PHONE : (3741) 580 668 TELEFAX : (3741) 521602 MAIL : • Ms. Patricia Uranga Manager Sales, ANTAD AV. HORACIO 1855, PISO 6 COL. CHAPULTECPEC MORALES MEXICO, D.F. MEXICO MAIL : Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer



MR. ALBERTO COHEN COHEN M/S C.A. Distribuidora Kopyco LA Yaguara, Call 11 # 9 Caracas, Venezuela Phone : 58 – 212 4727118 Mail :








M/S SINANAN FOOD MASTER & COMPANY LTD. 128, Eastern Main Road Tunapuna, Trinidad, West Indies PHONE : 868 663 1756 Mail : • MR. JOAQUIN ANDRES PEREZ PRODUCT MANAGER M/S INVERSIERRA SA PEDRO FONTOVA 3 6350 HUECHURABA SANTIAGO, CHILE MAIL Phone : 562 6246788 • Mr. Jesus Nazareth Felissardo Rodriques M/s Gameximport Rua Ana Pimental, n 59 VI Goncalves, Sao Paulo Brazil Phone : (055) 11- 3439 5946] Mail : • MR. JOSE EDARDO CANCADO RAMOS M/S AMERICAN PROLOGIC INC GROUP SADA RUA GUSTAF DALEN 151 BETIM, MG 32530-510 BRAZIL PHONE : 31- 3529 9696 MAIL : brazilapi@sada.combr/ • MR. KATIA THOMAZINHO MELLO M/S REVISTA ISTOE BRAZILIAN NEWS MAGAZINE RUA WILLIAM SPEERS Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer










BISHKEK – 720033 PHONE : (0502) 56 32 29 • MR. FIKRET OZDIN M/S ASHI ART AND HANDICRAFTS CHUI AVE. 136, BISHKEK PHONE : 0312 - 665710 MAIL : • Mr. DZIANIS PRAKOPCHYK M/s Importer of Gift 220013, Minsk, Kulman Street 1 Belarus Phone : + 365 172098000 • MR. MUFARAKH MUMINDJONOVICH Director General The Society of the Limited Responsibility Dushanbe, Alisher Navoi Str. 7/3 Flat No. 20, Tajikistan Phone : 35-07-23(R ) 21-26-77(Off)/Mobile : 505 01-60 • MR. MURAT L. IBRAGIMOV DIRECTOR INTERNATIONAL CENTRE “ KHAMAR” ACADEMY OF ARTS OF UZBEKISTAN 40, SHAROF RASHIDOV AVE YAKKASARAY DISTRICT TASHKENT 700029 MAIL : • MRS. SHAHRZAD MASHHOOD Director & Business Manager Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Decor & Rugs P.O. Box 80327 Olympia Windhoek Namibia PHONE : 264 61 255000 Mail : • Mr. Gert Jacobie Managing Editor Republikein Omuramba Rd Nr. 11, Eros, Windhoek, Namibia Phone : 061 – 297 2007 Mail : • MR. JASWANT SINGH KUKREJA CHOBE VENTURES PTY LTD P.O. BOX 20915 GABORONE PLOT 68, GICP GABORONE MAIL : • MR. PAPA NALLA FALL CONSEIL NATIONAL DU PATRONAT DU SENEGAL 7, RUE JEAN MERMOZ BP 3537, DAKAR SENEGAL MAIL : PHONE ( 221) 821 5803/822 2842 FAX : (221) 822 28 42 MAIL : • Mr. Saeed Rehmani Umar Ben Saeed M/s SARL Amissa 62, Avenue Mahmoud Boujjatit Kouba, Alger, Algeria Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Phone : ( 021) 36 5556 • MR. ADEL ABDEL AZIZ M/S EL AZIZI CO 41, EL SABA QAATEL BAHARIA, ELMOSKY CAIRO – EGYPT PHONE : 002025901743 MOBILE : 0101642979 MAIL : • Ms. Kruger Elsie Helena M/s Creatift Phone : 00-264-61-234437(Home) Telefax : 00-264-61-23202 Cell phone : 00-264-811274438 • Ms. Margaretha Visser M/s Namcrafts CC Box No. 30529 Windhoek Namibia Phone : 00-264-252342 Fax : 00-264-252341 Mail : • Mr. Gregory Paul John M/s Kimberley Jewellers & Africa Now Trading Co. 23, Jones Street, Kimberley, 8302 South Africa Phone : +27 53 8325522 Fax : +27-53 8420450 Mobile : +27 82 4136016 • Mr. Robert Daniel Sim M/s Into Africa African Wholesalers PO Box 169 Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Newlands, 7725 Cape Town, South Africa Phone : + 27 21 448 9111 Fax : + 27 21 448 4899 • Mr. Robert Daniel Sim M/s Into Africa African Wholesalers PO Box 169 Newlands, 7725 Cape Town, South Africa Phone : + 27 21 448 9111 Fax : + 27 21 448 4899 • Mr. Roger Stuart Hinds M/s Silkwoods of Knysna 21, Uil Street Industria, Knysna, 6571 South Africa Phone : +27 (0) 44 3825412 Fax : + 27(0) 44 3821638 Mail : • Mr. Tall Cheikh Oumar Tidiane Consortium d’ Etudes et de Promotion Industrielle et Commerciale P. O Box 2088 Dakar Phone : (221) 822-22-08/822 98 28 Fax : (221) 821 59 82 Mail : • Buyer Buyer Buyer

Ms. Jennifer Beryl Philoe Marketing Officer Ministry of Industries and International Business P.O. Box. 648


Victoria Mahe, Seychelles Phone : 00-248-225086 Mail : • Bakhteeva Tatiana Indian Handicrafts Russia, Tver, Bulv Radischeva 4, Moscow, Russia Phone : [ 007 ] [0822] 410 555 • MS. AKJEMAL AMANOVNA M/S INDIA 73, MAKHTYM KULY STREET 74400 ASHGABAT PHONE : 00-993- 66- 328253 MAIL : • MR. ARTUR LIANDRES ENERGIA LTD 7, OBOYNAYA STR., MINSK BELARUS • Ms. Aimchahon Bekmurzaeva M/s Oltin Meroz International Fund House 145 A, App. 23, Babur Shah Street Namangan City Tajikistan Phone : + 36 [ 922] 39 49 53 • Mr. Mohamed Saad Hagras Managing Editor Al Alam Al Youm Newspaper 16, Abaza Street Heliopolis Cairo Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Egypt Phone : 00202 7622094/5/6 (o} 00202 2400999 {Res} mail : • Mr. Ahmed A. Monem Ahmed Chairman M/s Alfa Group EL-Riad Tower 5, Wisa Wasif Street Egypt Fax : 5726203 • MR. TREVOR JULIAN GREENBERG DIRECTOR M/S BEN GREENBERG & SONS [PTY] LTD P.O. BOX 39831, BOOYSENS, 2016 JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA Phone : + 27 – 11 434 3907 • Ms. Krista Walker M/s Krista {Pty}, Ltd Postnet Kgale View 179 P.B. No. 351 Gaborone, Botswana Phone : +267 3938323 Mail : Mail : Phone : + 264 61 – 273311 • MS DANIELA BENAVENTE PRODUCT MANAGER M/S PUNTA TORO SA CHILE Phone : 35 44 13 84 Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Mail : • Ms. Norma Angelica Mendoza M/s Sanborn Hermanos SA Calvario # 106 Tlalpan, C.P. 14000 Mexico, D.F Mail : Phone : 53 25 9912 and 22 • MR. BERNARDO PODOLSKY ROSENFELD DIRECTOR DE COMERCIALIZACION CIAR GUANAJUATO 214 COL, ROMA 06700 MEXICO, D.F. MEXICO TEL: 55644564 FAX:55749709 EMAIL: • Maria Isabel Fernandez Gallegos Guanajuato 214 Colonia Roma 06700 Mexico, DF • MR. ABRAHAM JACOBO VICE PRESIDENT M/S REGALOS KINOR SA J.L. CABEZON 2324 1419 BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA PHONE ; 54 11 4573 3644 • Ms. Maria Carolina Rua Ambuas 64, Pompeia Sao Paulo SP-01259-080 Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Brazil Phone : 55[11] 8354 5737 Mail : • Ms. Ana Lucia Luz Director Studio Trama Rua Saou Paulo 581, Baisso dos, Estados-SC –88 330 000 Brazil Phone : 47-3674794 Mail: • Ms. Vanessa Taques Al. Dr. Carlos De Carvalho 1707 CEP: 80730-200 Curitiba/PR Brazil Phone : 41-33237772 Mail: • Mr. Thomas Guerra Deluqui President M/s Kifestahome & R. Dr. Fernandes Coelho 45 Pinheiros Sao Paulo Brazil – 05423040 Phone : 55-11-3814 3212/55 – 11 3812 5680 Mail : • MS. MARIE JEANNE ISSA CHIDIAC M/s ZONA LIVRE LOGISTICA LTDA. RUA LOPES COUTINHO NO. 157 03054-010,SAO PAULO BRAZIL FAX : 11-6292-5050 Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

MAIL : • Ms. Lucynes Gutierrez De Pineres Corredor Manager Lucy Gutierrez De Pineres Corredor CRA 57 No. 74-157 A-3B, Colombia Phone : (5) 3691212 Mail : • Ms. Weilbauer Cruz Gabriela Maria Owner M/s Darjeeling Catalina Aldaz 141 Quito – Ecuador Phone : 593 2 289 7749 Mail : • Mr. Tayyar Arastun Akkubayov M/s Real Holding Trading Co 38, J. Jabbarly Street Azerbaijan Mail : • Ms. Truter Marlene Owner M/s ASMAT Trading Thaba Park, Hooggelegen Road Off: Vissershok Road, Durban Village 7550, Cape Town, South Africa Phone : + 27 21 – 9766901 Fax : + 27 – 21 976332 • Ms. Van Rhun Yvette Owner Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

M/s Global Beads Thaba Park, Hooggelegen Road Off: Vissershok Road, Durban Village 7550, Cape Town, South Africa Fax : + 27 – 21 9768071 • Mr. Jan Johannes Griesel Owner M/s Display House 19, Silverstone Road Killarnex Gardens Milnerton, Capetown 7441 P.O. Box 36805 Chempet South Africa • Mr. Crawford Stuart Design and Product Merchandising M/s Central High Trading 77 P.O. Box No. 494, Magaliesview Johannesburg-2067 South Africa Phone : + 27 ( 0 ) 11 7995000 Fax : + 27 (o) 116580101 Mail : • Ms. Elice Shaanika M/s Exclusive African Classics P.O. Box 8498 Namibia Mail : Phone : 061- 0955015 • Mr. Hassan Amer Gomma Al Fagr Press 15, Abo Al Street Egypt Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Mail : • Mr. Khalid Ahmed Fahmy M/s Al-amal for Import & Export 55, Vector amanwheel street Egypt Phone : 031- 426 2020 Fax : 031- 420 3609 Mail : al-amal@al-amalegypt • Mr. Andres Vazquez – Prada Buyer – Home Division M/s Rustan Commercial Corporation El Mercasol Building EDSA, Mandaluyong City Manila, Philippines, Phone : 632-7270283/632-7276293 Mail : • MS DANIELA BENAVENTE PRODUCT MANAGER M/S PUNTA TORO SA CHILE Phone : 35 44 13 84 Mail : • Ms. Norma Angelica Mendoza M/s Sanborn Hermanos SA Calvario # 106 Tlalpan, C.P. 14000 Mexico, D.F Mail : Phone : 53 25 9912 and 22 • MR. BERNARDO PODOLSKY ROSENFELD DIRECTOR DE COMERCIALIZACION Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

CIAR GUANAJUATO 214 COL, ROMA 06700 MEXICO, D.F. MEXICO TEL: 55644564 FAX:55749709 EMAIL: • Maria Isabel Fernandez Gallegos Guanajuato 214 Colonia Roma 06700 Mexico, DF • Buyer



Ms. Maria Carolina Rua Ambuas 64, Pompeia Sao Paulo SP-01259-080 Brazil Phone : 55[11] 8354 5737 Mail :


Ms. Ana Lucia Luz Director Studio Trama Rua Saou Paulo


581, Baisso dos, Estados-SC –88 330 000 Brazil Phone : 47-3674794 Mail: • Ms. Vanessa Taques Al. Dr. Carlos De Carvalho 1707 CEP: 80730-200 Curitiba/PR Brazil Phone : 41-33237772 Mail: • Mr. Thomas Guerra Deluqui President M/s Kifestahome & R. Dr. Fernandes Coelho 45 Pinheiros Sao Paulo Brazil – 05423040 Phone : 55-11-3814 3212/55 – 11 3812 5680 Mail : • MS. MARIE JEANNE ISSA CHIDIAC M/s ZONA LIVRE LOGISTICA LTDA. RUA LOPES COUTINHO NO. 157 03054-010,SAO PAULO BRAZIL FAX : 11-6292-5050 MAIL : • Ms. Lucynes Gutierrez De Pineres Corredor Manager Lucy Gutierrez De Pineres Corredor CRA 57 No. 74-157 A-3B, Colombia Phone : (5) 3691212 Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Mail : • Ms. Weilbauer Cruz Gabriela Maria Owner M/s Darjeeling Catalina Aldaz 141 Quito – Ecuador Phone : 593 2 289 7749 Mail : • Mr. Tayyar Arastun Akkubayov M/s Real Holding Trading Co 38, J. Jabbarly Street Azerbaijan Mail : • Buyer Buyer

Mr. Jan Johannes Griesel Owner M/s Display House 19, Silverstone Road Killarnex Gardens Milnerton, Capetown 7441 P.O. Box 36805 Chempet South Africa


Mr. Crawford Stuart Design and Product Merchandising M/s Central High Trading 77 P.O. Box No. 494, Magaliesview Johannesburg-2067 South Africa Phone : + 27 ( 0 ) 11 7995000 Fax : + 27 (o) 116580101 Mail :


Ms. Elice Shaanika M/s Exclusive African Classics P.O. Box 8498 Namibia Mail : Phone : 061- 0955015


Mr. Henry Silva Verges Director HSV- Group Jose Hemandez- 1621 Piso 12 B, Buenos Aires Argentina C 1426 EOA Phone : 00-54 – 11 4706 0443 Mail :



Ms. Maria Cristina Rayo Hoys M/s Almacenes Exito SA Carrrera 48 # 32 D Sur- 139 Envigado, Medellin Colombia Phone : 0574 339 65 30 Fax : 0574 33960 38 Mail :


Mr. Mauricio Alejandro Munoz


Purchase Manager M/s Alianza De Negocios Cra. 35 No. 22-C – 58 Bogota, Colombia Phone : 00-571 1 4933297 Fax : 00-571 3350914 Mail : / • Mr. Oscar Leonardo Munoz Vice Manager M/s Alianza De Negocios Cra. 35 No. 22-C – 58 Bogota, Colombia Phone : 00-571 1 4933297 Fax : 00-571 3350914 Mail : / • Ms. Orietta Carlos M/s Fatelares Call 60 # 56 – 77 Medellin Colombia Phone : 251 32 66 Fax : 251 78 01 Mail : • Ms. Maria Gloria M/s Texdecor Textiles Decorativos Ltda Calle 6, Sur # 51-53 Medellin Colombia Phone : 574 285 9522 Buyer Buyer Buyer

Fax : 574 255 4086 Mail : • Mr. Adrien Eyd Sabbgh President Sonhos e Fantasias Comercio de Enfeites Ltda Rua Leandro Martins 66 Predio, Cep 20.080-070 Centra Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil Phone : 21 2263 4838 Fax : 21 2263 8757 Mail : • Mr. Joao Paulo Pereira Ferraz Owner Ultra Eco Importacao Confeccao e Comercio ltda Rua 24, De Maio 62, Loja 467 Centro Sao Paulo Cep 01041000, Brazil Phone : 55 – 11 32210773 Fax : 55 – 11 32210773 Mail : • Ms. Larissa Zylbersztajn Buyer Buyer Buyer

M/s Arvi Ltda Rua Quata, 555, Vila Olimpia Sao Paulo, Brazil Phone : 11 – 3857 4681 Fax : 11 3857 4681 Mail : • Mrs. Thereza Pessoa Queiroz Buyer


FAX : + 55 21 2610 6014 MAIL : • MR. Edmunto Rodrigues Neto Executive Partner M/s Modas Second Skin Ltda R. Republica Do Togo 75, Sao Paulo, Brazil Phone :+55 11 3773 6644 Mail : • Ms. Beatriz Fernandes Castro M/s Biabijoux Ltda R. Veneza, 710 Sao Paulo Brazil PHONE : 55-11 3058 1212 FAX : 55 11 3746 7044 MAIL : • Mr. Gilberto Ricardo Recinos Abularach General Manager M/s Dellare SA – DE MUSEO 42, Calle 23-00 Zona 12 Bodega # 5 Guatemala City, 01012 Panama Phone : 00- 502 2477 7173 Fax : 00-502 2477 6464 Mail : • Mrs. Norma Mendoza M/s Sanborn Hermanos SA Calvario Num 100, Tlalpan Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Mexico Phone : ( 525) 323 9905 Mail : • Mr. Luis Alberto Della Sera Hernandez Director M/s Dellare SA – DE MUSEO 42, Calle 23-00 Zona 12 Bodega # 5 Guatemala City, 01012 Panama Phone : 00- 502 2477 7173 Fax : 00-502 2477 6464 Mail : • MS.ZHANSAGIMOVA ZHANARA DIRECTOR M/S SWEET HOME ALMATY, SATBAEVSTE 3 KHAZKHSTAN PHONE : 00-327 2644 317 FAX : 00-327 – 269 8366 MAIL : • Ms. Shaera Tadjidinova M/s Ltd. Soglomlik Nektari 40 Street, Hodjibaeva Mirzo Ulugbek region Tashkent, Uzbekistan Phone : + 99897 330 60 69 Fax : + 99871 169 07 45 • Ms. Karima Giyasova M/s Ltd. Raqs Gunchalari 69, Street, Kattabog, Shayhontahur region Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Tashkent Uzbekistan Phone : + 99897 107 04 36 Fax : + 99871 395 04 36 • M/s M.B. Atabaev Street Farhod-1, Uchtepa region Tashkent Uzbekistan hone : + 998 890 189 53 73 ax : + 99 871 275 93 30 • Mr. Sherqul Shabutaev M/s Shabutaev SH Street TTZ-4, Maksim Gorkiy region Tashkent Uzbekistan Phone : + 99 890 187 06 50 Fax : + 998712 64 47 53 • Mr. Bakur Bakuradze Buyer M/s Bakur Bakuradze Georgia, Tbilisi Takhaishvili Street 3 Georgia Phone : 995 ( 32) 227 337 Fax : 995 ( 32) 227337 Mail : • Mr. Nino Kavtiashvili Buyer M/s Studio 1.2.3 Georgia, Tbilisi, Paliashvili Street 39 a Georgia Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Phone : + 995 ( 32) 223849 Fax : + 995 ( 32) 223849 Mail : • Mr. Tamar Chkheidze M/s Art Salon “ Teilo” Georgia Tbilisi Tarkhnishvili Street 21 Georgia Phone : + 995 ( 32) 224006 FaX : +995 ( 32) 224006 MAIL : • Mr. Panchbaya Said M/s PSE Marketing 46, JL Brunei Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Phone : 00-262 262 210702 Fax : • Mr. Siah Koon Chua Director M/s C&K Marketing Pte. Ltda 180, Paya Lebar Road # 07-06 YI Guang Factory Building Singapore Phone : 66 67417797 Mail : • Mr. Chua Mei Xian Director M/s C&K Marketing Pte. Ltda 180, Paya Lebar Road # 07-06 YI Guang Factory Building Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer

Singapore Phone : 66 67417797 Mail :

List of Exporters from India: Name A P fashions Pvt. ltd. A P Industries A R Industries Adarsh Packaging Products Akar International 5D, Marlin Links, 166-B, SP Mukherjee Rd. Kolkata-26 Aaltex Inaternational Tobacco House,1,Old Court House Corner,5th floor,Room No.507, Kolkata-1 Aarbur ABS Exports ACME Exportes Adishakti Industries Pvt. Ltd Almed Amrit Impex Pvt. Ltd. 15, Lower Range,1st floor , kolkata-72 1,British Indian Street ,Room No.604,6th floor , Kolkata -69 Mahamayatala, PO –Garia,Kolkata-84 BH113 Sec-II Salt Lake Kolkata-91 49,Madan Mohan Burman Street , Kolkata-07 P-86, Lake Road,Kolkata-29 Address 223,AJC Bose road, Kolkata-20 P-44 Rabira Sadan Kolkata – 1 -do- 2nd floor 12, Hari Shankar Lane Kolkata-7

Andrey Agarsia Marketing co. Pvt. ltd Ankur kala Anmol Creations Arihant Creative Textiles Art n Décor Arts n Crafts

7/1B Hazra Road Kolkata -26

9A, Meher Ali Road Kolkata – 12 23, Chawal patti Road,Kolkata -10 Arihant, 2nd Floor , 53-A, Mirza Galib Street,Kolkata -16 49-B, Purna Das Road Kolkata – 29 68, kanaipur,Baroaritala, PO-Kanaipur, Konnagar, dist. hugly

Ashok Exports Ashok International Asian Leather Ltd. Associated Exports

110, Dharamtalla,Ghusuri, HwH-107 14,basant lallmurarka rd. Kolkata -07 Asian house,EM Bypass, Kasba,Kolkata -107 91,Deshpran,sashmalroad, 1st floor ,flat no.4,Kolkata 33

Atul Handicraft Balcos Bali Exports Pvt. Ltd. Bang Brothers Shiva International Bengal Trade Linka

P331, CIT Road,Scheme-vim Kolkata -54 4,GC Avenue,7th Floor,Kolkata -16 P-26B,Kasba Industrial Estate-3 Kolkata -107 13 Pagaiya Putty street, Kolkata -07 6,Middleton Road,Kolkata -71 97C, Harish Mukherjee Road,1st Floor, Kolkata 26

Chisle Arts

20, Bal Mukund,Macker Street,Kolkata -07

CRC Exports Pvt. Ltd. Expocrafts Pvt. ltd. GD Kothari Industries Galaxy Exports Himalaya Exports

34, Balligunje, Circular road Kolkata -19 44, Phears lane, Kolkata -03 40/2 , NC, Sen lane,Salkia, Howrah-106 RB chaterjee road,PO-Lakuddi- Buradman-102 6-A, Everest house,46-C JL Nehru Road,Kolkata -71

Hitachi-KKManufacturing Company Jai Bhagvan JFC Business ltd. Maple Exzports pvt ltd. National Industries Rishi Exports Ltd.

65/1, Maharshi Debendra road, Kolkata – 06

13/9A, East , Sinthi road,11 polly Kolkata – 30 2, Church Lane, Kolkata -01 13,Elgin Road,2A&2B,2nd Floor,Kolkata -20 22nd Stand road Kolkata – 01 7 B , Hati bagan Road,CIT Road,Paddapukur Road, Kolkata -14

SB Enterprises Shasha Exports Talwar Brothers Pvt. ltd. Tiwari International

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6-A, Everest house, 46/C,JL Nehru Rd. , Kolkata -71

VIKI Exports Pvt ltd

6-A, Mullick Street Kolkata -07

Name Bharat Industries Corporation Exports

Address Exporter, Seller of Handicraft Bharat Industries Corporation Janmabhoomi Chambers 31 Walchand Hirachand Marg Mumbai Maharashtra 400001 Hs Code: 94036000

Lord Buddha International Exports

Exporter, Seller of Handicraft Lord Buddha International 1/30,ist Floor,lalita Park Vikas Marg,laxmi Nagar Delhi 110092 Hs Code: 71131130

Shri Ganesh Exports

Exporter, Seller of Handicraft Shri Ganesh 2135 Masjid Khajoor*dharampura*chandni C Delhi 110006 Hs Code: Anand Enterprises Exports, 42022230

Exporter, Seller of Handicraft Anand Enterprises Village -maou, Harthala Moradabad 244001 Hs Code: 63079019

Om Ganesh Exports

Om Ganesh 52 Vajukotak Marg Fort Market Bombay , 400038 Maharashtra Hs Code: 69139000

State Art Corporation Exports

Exporter, Seller of Handicraft State Art Corporation B-7, Flatted Factories Complex, Jhandewalan, Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi

110055 Hs Code: Vansh Artecrafts Pvt Ltd Exports 10020090

Exporter, Seller of Handicraft Vansh Artecrafts Pvt Ltd 147a, Gautam Nagar, Gulmohar Enclave, New Delhi 110049 Hs Code: 73218100

Hitachi-kk Manufacturing Co Exports

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Shivom Exports (India) Exports

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Kohinoor Jewellers Exports

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Oriental Traders Exports

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Hs Code: Savvy Crafts Exports


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Delhi HandicraftExporters

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New Delhi, Delhi Ramose Exports Inc. is a well knit enterprise, engaged in manufacturing and exporting a variety of products like fabrics, scarves, shawls, runners, … Handicraft Exporter ,Decorative Items , Handicrafts Rayman Exports +91-294-2411827 Udaipur, Rajasthan Rayman Exports, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Indian handicrafts, has revolutionized the industry with its quality products.

CHAPTER 5 Major Documents Developed Product Catalogue: As respond to the marketing communication we developed a First a product catalog , which under Direct Interactive Marketing we sends to different Retailer and mailed to all Buyer and Exporter , so that they can have easy look at the Product available, pricing, Ordering System, and strength. all related information about Mahila Mahasangha ,and its

And Under the Advertising to create Awareness, Knowledge, about product then Liking of it that convinced the customer so they can buy or Purchase product of Mahila Mahasangha, we developed a Brochures, Leaflets, Billboards, and Logos.

Product Brochure:


Theses material have information about exclusivity ,Motivational theme and Mahila Mahasangha address for centralized buying these material also give them position among the other competitor and capable of generating sales through information on it which clearly defines its uniqueness as ahandicraft of Birbhum

Danglers: We developed danglers for Mahila Mahasangha , according the product that explaining uniqueness about it and can carry by the buyer along with the product they purchase that increase word of mouth marketing of product and the place. it gives value addition to products

CHAPTER 6 FORMATION OF MAHILA MAHASANGHA The term ‘cluster' indicates a sectoral and geographical concentration of enterprises which produce and sell a range of related products and are, thus, faced with common challenges and opportunities The term ‘Mahila mahasangha refers to a group of Artisans who cooperate on a joint project – like joint raw material purchase , joint marketing through common brand , cost sharing , capacity utilization , joint participations in exhibitions & marketing tours etc. thereby complementing each other in order to overcome common problems, achieve collective efficiency and conquer markets beyond their individual reach. Market access success is key to technological up gradation. Once they know the market, they will themselves invest in upgrading their technology in order to tap the markets. Due to the Due to the continuous and fierce struggle to preserve their narrow profit margins, cluster artisan are often locked in their routine work and unable to introduce innovative improvements to their products and processes and cannot look beyond the boundaries of their firms to capture new market opportunities. Pricing Sale of products is the only source of MM's income in order to continue its social work, independent of any donation or sponsorship. MM has built its clientele through sales of superior products and efficient service. MM promotes sale of its products within its financial and infrastructural means.

System of Sale: Direct Sale at MM outlet “Swayambara”, mostly. Delivery of products to other places can be arranged as per order.

System of Delivery: Product can be couriered subject to availability of courier service from Bolpur (MM's 'home') to requested destination. Alternatively, buyer nominates

courier-company and liaises with courier to collect product from Bolpur and deliver. Postage, handling or courier charges are in addition to product price. MM reaches mutual agreement with customer through written order and quotation before accepting advance money in order to start work. Payment of Advance money when placing order: Direct Sale at MM outlet - 50% advance to be paid when mutual written agreement reached about details of order. Balance 50% to be paid when receiving finished product. Delivery to other places – 100% to be paid when mutual written agreement reached about details of order. MM does not have means to recover unpaid amounts/balance.

Finalization of orders Only written orders are accepted. MM and customer hold identical copies of final order. Final order includes details of fabric (namely, exact shade & fastness of colour, strength, softness), design, colour (fabric-colour, thread-colour), costing, time deadline, volume, customer's contact details and delivery-mechanism.

Selection of Design: At MM outlet – discussed and finalised face to face. Remote orders – all aspects of order mentioned above discussed by e-mail or post.

Methods of payment: Direct sale – Cash Account-to-account funds transfer; draft/cheque No credit card payment facility available in both cases; no cheque payment accepted for direct sale. Delivery of product against cheque payment is subject to cheque-clearance. Currency: Indian Rupees (INR).

Refund Policy: MM makes sure that the customer checks all aspects of product – fabric, design, colour of thread, stitching/tailoring – at the time of final payment.

Delivery of product. MM does not compensate or refund money for any subsequent damage (including intransit) to product. If, however, a customer approaches MM with request to repair an accidental damage that occurred due to an incident at the customer's end, MM assesses the damage and may offer its service either with or without charge. Any chance error (wrong design or colour of thread or fabric) by MM is corrected efficiently.

CHAPTER 7 Conclusion After this project with the Mahila Mahasangha at Birbhum, it was found out that the existing marketing model used is inadequate to meet the demands of the market. Our contribution to the project helped them to organise a structured and proper link to the various markets and to create a platform in order to make them independent in terms of business so that all the artisans included in the Mahasangha get benefitted. On obtaining the proper resources from the market and working with different buyers ans well as exporters they would be benefitted in terms of product development and other related areas in terms of industry exposure.

Recommendations • ECONOMICS OF SKILL: Hire one professional manager for the one group who can help liaise with buyers and manage contacts.This individual should have good communication skill and should have good knowledge of computer and internet. • • • • • • LEARNING: Hands on experience of the advantages of business to business cooperation. COST SHARING: Such as booths, travel, marketing for a trade fair or buyers meet. SPOT LIGHT: Models can generate attention from media and buyers. Promote heavily the show room “SWAYAMWARA” in Birbhum in order to tap the tourists and other consumers. Form a Consortium within the artisans according to the craft so that they can concentrate on it. Form a export consortium and their core activity will be implementation of cluster program by backward and forward linkages.They can also joint purchase through negotiation and import sourcing. • Concentrate on Markting Channel as Promotion, Distribution and Supply Chain Management.

Significant contributions: • We educated them about the new arenas of marketing,i.e the channels they can utilize for the proper sales of their products. • We provided them the exposure to the various markets, i.e local, domestic and international through giving them a whole databse of retailers/buyers and exporters in various markets. • We made them a member of EPCH so that they can be avail of the latest trends in the international markets and thus gave them a platform to be exposed to the foreign buyers. • We also collaborated them with large retail chains namely Manjhusa,Tantuja who have shown major interest in procurement of raw as well as finished products. • We made them aware of various communication mix in order to promote their products in the markets.

Limitations of study: This study has attempted to delve into some of the important issues. However it is admitted that there are some limitations in the conduct of this study which are as follows: The study has been undertaken on an All India basis but it was not possible to visit the whole India for this purpose and the study is restricted only to selected areas because quantitative information was very difficult to obtain. Some of empirical investigations could not be carried out in detail because of non availability of relevant information for undergoing those investigations. Major source of data in this regard was from those departments, which is very difficult to access as it is not possible to get confidential information. The data is self-reporting in nature which cannot be generalized. The possibility of error being introduced into the data ignorance or selective perception calls for cautious interpretations. Sampling errors can also be a possibility. There appear to be little updated information on as a lot of changes have taken place but we have not incorporated. Most of these are off-shoots of the self imposed restrictions during the process of research in order to keep the research .

Scope of further study • Due to time constraint, the implementation of the model was not done in proper terms. • Futher study can be done upon improving the communication channels in order to promote the organisation as well as its store in proper light. • • Market Research can be done for segmentation and positioning of the products. Gap analysis can be performed in order to get the indepth study of the oragnisation with its competitors.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Websites www.indianngo’

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