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The Esoteric Self - Les Harwood

The Esoteric Self - Les Harwood


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Published by Andrew Johnson
This is a book for and about people who have an insatiable curiosity about themselves. Who am I? What is the nature of myself? The incoming Aquarian Age is a time of self revelation and this book is designed to stimulate your own inner knowledge. The Human Race and the planet are going through a major transformation. We create our own reality in a more profound sense than we have imagined. This creation, which is our own handiwork, is designed as a means of freedom of expression and manifestation for ourselves. The time of amnesia is over and we return home to ourselves.
This is a book for and about people who have an insatiable curiosity about themselves. Who am I? What is the nature of myself? The incoming Aquarian Age is a time of self revelation and this book is designed to stimulate your own inner knowledge. The Human Race and the planet are going through a major transformation. We create our own reality in a more profound sense than we have imagined. This creation, which is our own handiwork, is designed as a means of freedom of expression and manifestation for ourselves. The time of amnesia is over and we return home to ourselves.

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Published by: Andrew Johnson on Jul 23, 2009
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There is a common, every-day part of our lives that takes up a lot of time and which has been the subject of
many books. This is the interaction, or relationships, between people. I do not propose to re-arrange what
has been written but instead look at this subject in a different way. In the last part of the last chapter there
was a change introduced in the way that we can deal with the use of a spectrum. In the subjective state we
appear to be a single expression in the middle of a spectrum that extends out in either direction from us.
This can be turned around and we find ourselves as the ends, or poles, with the spectrum in the middle.
This is what happens when we deal with a spectrum from the viewpoint of a creator. I shall use this
approach in looking at the subject of relationships.

All of the interaction between people in this world is carried out on the basis of energy. The physical
bodies provide convenient reference points and a base for action. It is seldom that we attach a sense of
identification to the energy exchange that goes on between our self and someone else. This energy
exchange is a real body of energy in its own right. For convenience we can consider a simple situation of a
relationship between two people and the associated energy exchange. This is the normal kind that we are
accustomed to in our daily life. This relates to the Interpersonal Love level of awareness in the Human

There is consciousness associated with the body of energy that is the interaction between two people but
the energy part is predominant. The associated consciousness is our own and because it is the
consciousness of Man it has the characteristic of being the carrier of identity. As a result this body of
energy is not an impersonal thing. Lacking a feel for the reality and tangibility of energy bodies, we have
ignored this valid extension of ourselves beyond the limits of the physical body.

The individuals who express in energy bodies, such as the etheric versions of ourselves, also have
relationships and mutual interaction. The medium of exchange is predominantly consciousness and the
energy levels are very intense compared to ours. When two people in the physical start to interrelate on the
basis of their etheric selves, that intensity starts to bleed through into the physical and all sorts of strange
things start to happen. The energy relationship of the physical starts to be one of consciousness. This is a
powerful mechanism for change at the third dimension. These are called relationships of transformation.

This is not incidental to our purpose here, for what we are doing is installing ourselves as the Creator in the
physical dimension. To put it in theological terms, we are God becoming flesh. As part of this we are
bringing the Mother-god principle into physical expression. This will complete the process of incarnation
that started with Adam. This present time is one of the most interesting periods of the history of our Race,
as it marks the final descent into matter by ourselves. Now we can start to exploit the creative potential of
that act.

The first major period of activity in the process of taking on physical form was the Lemurian experience.
That was when we first took on physical bodies, followed by the division into male and female forms.
These were the first tentative steps towards coming to terms with the tempic energies. There is a very real
version of yourself that is the expression of this phase of experience in the planet. The second major period
of activity is the Atlantean, where we installed what we think of as our personality. This was an expression
of ourselves that related to the physical dimension that was quite able to function in time. We identified
with the physical expression instead of ourselves as our own source, so we included a large degree of
separateness into our creation. The third phase is our present Human Race, which makes use of a Devic
body and a more complex pattern of incarnations. The third phase, which is just starting, carries on until the
end of the present experiment. In this period the Race will fully manifest the Source and then move out of
the physical.

Where The Action Is

- 96 -

The Atlantean version of our self often functions as the High-self for the further unfolding of your
consciousness as you move into the physical. This is the further extension of the Father-god aspect of
yourself in physical expression. It includes both male and female incarnations, even as the first Adam was
split up into two sexes. The Oversoul can be thought of as a new version of yourself, coming into
expression along with the latest package of incarnations. The Oversoul is the expression of the Mother-god
principle which up to this time had not yet come into physical manifestation. However, the Oversoul does
have a direct set of incarnations which are very subjective in nature. The normal incarnations tend to be
quite objective in comparison to those of the Oversoul. The Oversoul incarnations are summed up in one
individual who is designated as an Abel. This person is the recipient of the Mother-god principle as it
comes into physical manifestation. This is possible with the balancing effect of the main package of
incarnations which is also summed up in one individual who is designated as a Cain. In this way the
original design of bringing the Mother-god principle into physical expression is accomplished.

Both of the Cain and Abel packages end up with a specific individual who is the focus and culmination of
their particular package. The Abel is the expression of the Mother-god principle, the Esha of the Qabala.
The Cain is the present expression of the original Eesh, the Father-god principle. So we now have the first
two elements of the creative process in physical presence in the earth. This allows the Son to manifest.
Sooner or later all individuals incorporate both of these aspects, thus becoming an expression of the Son as

The Cain-Abel relationship is a prime example of a twin-soul arrangement. It is also a focal point of the
ongoing creative process at the present time. There are other types of twin-soul relationships but they are
not always as readily identifiable. One definition of a twin-soul relationship would be to say it is a
consciousness polarity situation. All people will be relating on the basis of their consciousness roles in any
case as they move out from the third and fourth dimensions.

The Cain-Abel relationship is unique in that it has no counterpart in our normal third dimensional world. It
is also unique to our period of history, even though the incarnations have been with us through this most
recent historical period. Whenever these incarnations have been together in prior incarnations the inner
relationship has affected the outer reality to some extent. At the present time a Cain-Abel pair, not being
aware of their unique relationship, often will try and fit themselves into a more usual romantic or marriage
situation but the intense energy levels usually make short work of this. The relationship can carry on but
only at a distance as long as it is in the third dimensional setting. The usual pattern is one of an initial
coming together of greater or lesser intensity, usually the former, then a coming apart, with much the same
degree of intensity.

The relationship starts out as a normal one for the physical scene. Then it escalates and takes on the inner
characteristics. The initial body of energy between the two is much as was described before but it is
contained within the expression of the High-self. It is completely contained and as a result it is fully under
control, contrary to outer appearances. When the relationship brings in the consciousness aspect you then
have a body of expression between the two individuals which has its own inner identity because of the
characteristics of consciousness. It is this body of consciousness that takes on physical form as the ongoing
version of the self and this person finds its fulfillment in the coming period of the Race.

This body of consciousness and energy between the Cain and the Abel is the result of the interactions
between all of the pertinent incarnations in the past, culminating with the current Cain-Abel activity. This
new body of consciousness and energy is infilled by the Lemurian version of Self, which is a type of
fertilization and so this new ongoing expression of the self is closely related to the Source of the whole
thing. This new individual has both the feminine Esha and the masculine Eesh so that he, (or she, as the
case may be), is truly the Son in manifestation. This ongoing version does not have to be born into the
physical family of either the Cain or the Abel but on occasions one of the pair is a parent of the child.

Where The Action Is

- 97 -

The new version of the ongoing individual in the Race has both the Father-god and Mother-god qualities. If
they are a male they portray the Father-god qualities outwardly and the Mother-god qualities inwardly. If
they are a female they portray the Mother-god qualities outwardly and the Father-god qualities inwardly.
There are quite a few such people being born at this time, even though only a minority of them are from a
Cain-Abel situation. The Avatars of the New Age are a male-female pair, not single individuals. Nor will
the Christ be a reflection of the father image of past religions.

The entire Race and the planet are going through a major period of change as well. The majority of people
will be experiencing this as a part of the mass consciousness and so they will undergo their own individual
changes in that way. The mass consciousness is an entity in its own right and as such is also going through
the change from the third to the fourth dimension. The threat of nuclear annihilation is an important part of
the mechanism for this change. As a result people are being pressured from within to change, even though
they are not aware of the source of the pressure. It is usually blamed on external circumstances, which
usually are chaotic under these circumstances anyway. At this time the mass consciousness entity is in the
stage of metamorphosis, where it has withdrawn from the old third dimensional world and will be emerging
at some time as a fourth dimensional expression. What we see happening around about us then is the decay
of the third dimensional corpse, out of which, like the phoenix, the new form of the Race will emerge. This
means a radical re-structuring of society, as all of the third dimensional mainstays of our culture are
collapsing in on themselves.

All of the third dimensional belief systems, built upon illusion, are in the process of destruction. Institutions
built on these systems will also collapse and society will become quite chaotic for a while. People will no
longer be able to base their security on an external crutch and this will be devastating for them. This is
happening already to many people. The symptoms of change are becoming very widespread.

The new reality is emerging out of the old. That which is coming about is immeasurably better than
anything we have imagined. The Christ, which is Love, will be the cornerstone of the new society and the
time of illusion will have passed away.

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