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CIVIL SUIT NUMBER: 230,927 DIVISION: “G” RICHARD J. HEATH NINTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT VERSUS PARISH OF RAPIDES. CITY OF ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA, STATE OF LOUISIANA MOTION FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT NOW INTO COURT, through his undersigned counsel, comes and appears RICHARD HEATH, who respectfully moves this Honorable Cour as follows to-wit: ‘On May 6, 2009, the Honorable Third Circuit Court of Appeal mailed a notice of Judgment herein entitling the Plaintiff HEATH to of all court costs and for attomey fees inthe amount of $2,500.00, together with judicial interest atthe legal rate until paid. 1 Under LSA-C.C.P. Art 2166 required tha those sums be paid bythe City of Alexandria ag ee within 30 days fo the dt of mailing 3 a) ok m 2 © the 1 day of ty, 200, Paints trey ese hk omg Clk oun of Rapides Parish for the refund of his court costs. SI = 'S Vv. (On July 14,2009, the Alexandra City Council took the matter up, in closed session, and ‘on July 15,2009 Mayor Jacques Rey announced thatthe issue of payment would not be acted ‘upon unt farther action is taken by plant’ attomey and unl further meeting, if that happens, by the City Counc v. ‘The members ofthe Alexandtia City Council that took part in that action for a wilful disobedience of any lawful judgment, order, mandate, writ or process of the court are Myron K. Lawson, Roosevelt Johnson, Jonathan Goin, Ed Larvadin, Il, Everett Hobbs, Hary Silver, and Charles “Chuck” Fowler. vi. Mover desires that a rule nis issue herein holding the above named Alexandria City Councilmen in constructive contempt of court for their wilful disobedience ofa lawful judgment, corde, mandate, writ oF proces of the cour. vn. Mover further desires thatthe offending Alexandria City Councilmen be jailed by this court until such time as they pay that jocgement, with al terest tthe judicial rate from the day suit was originally filed unt fully paid. WHEREFORE MOVER PRAYS, tha rule nit isue herein, fora date and at atime to be fixed by the Honorable Cour, othe defendantsinsule MYRON K. LAWSON, ROOSEVELT JOHNSON, JONATHAN GOINS, EVERETT HOBBS, ED LARVADAIN, I, HARRY SILVER AND CHARLES “CHUCK” FOWLER commanding them t appear and show cause, if any they have or can, why they should not be sled until they have paid the $2,500 in atomey fees together with interest on the atiomey fes and the cout costs, athe legal rate fom the date this lawsuit was filed and nil fully paid on ll sums due under the judgment MOVER FURTHER PRAYS for full, general and equitable relief RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTE! a ATTORNEY AT LAW Post Office Drawer 5503 3229 Industrial Street ‘Alexandria, Louisiana 71307 Tele: 18) 445-3618 Fax: G18) 448-6133 Bar Role No.: 17.449) PLEASE SERVE: MYRON K. LAWSON (6417 Taylor Oaks Lane ‘Alexandria, Louisiana ROOSEVELT JOHNSON 4900 Lisa Street Alexandria, Loui JONATHAN GOINS 3504 Masonic Drive, Suite B Alexandria, Louisiana EVERETT HOBBS: 3911 Lisa Street Alexandria, Louisiana ED LARVADAIN, II 4207 Whitefield Iv Alexandria, Louisiana HARRY SILVER 3117 Marye Street ‘Alexandeia, Louisiana CHARLES “CHUCK” FOWLER 4400 Wendover Blvd. Alexandria, Louisiana