1. Move silently at speeds in excess of Mach three or four. 2. Change direction as though they are without inertia. 3. Sometimes radiate light of various colours sometimes changing colours, from blue to ? ? /? ? sometimes infra red. 4. Two sources state that they radiate heat. 5. Numerous sources claim that vehicles stop working, though no clarification of whether any of these were diesel or what the possible cause of interruption to operation was. The most likely implication is that electrical devices cease to operate temporarily. This is a fascinating aspect, as it suggests that some all powerful influence either reduces the conductivity characteristics of copper at a distance, or somehow swamps all local electric fields. QUESTION. How might it be possible to create a swamping electric field without a high voltage? Only I suspect through the aether. Perhaps this is the unknown factor which has been observed in toroidal transformers. 6. One source claims to have touched a hovering airborne device and found it to be warm. This individual did not report any electric shock when touching the device , but did report a strong electric charge in the air, though how that was manifest is unclear; no report of the other four witnesses having their hair standing up for example. 7. Less significant claims are that they appear more often when there are strong electrical storms.

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