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START OF REEL JOB NO. 4 __ A LI«C-77 Ilse fu : OPERATOR tbe brew by, IBKE THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT pare 2 77. MICROFILMED BY NPPSO—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION NAVY DEPARTIENT OFFICE OF THE DIVISION OF SHIPS" HISTOR! z of the as Dasyetis Two scient: of the x TIHGRAY (SS Gompeny of 8 launched & stepcaughter 0: laced i in command. 1909, unde: STINGR, an overall et 11 inches; norual ¢ displaserent, 275 tonsy derigned designed depth of 200 feet. She knots and was designed to sake 9 13) was built by the Fore R: aval Constructor commission on 23 November 1908, IEF CF NAVAL OPERATIONS HAVAL HISTORY (OP 0989) ave sabia, The dorsal of the otingrey are capeble of in: er Shipbuilsing her keel was laid 4 » of Mies length of 105 feet 4 inches; placenent, 298 tons; me: f corplement, 1 officer 3 had a designed spead oi knots suimerg inch torpedo tubes and she carried four turned STINGRAY becane a unit of much instructive work to cruised along the eastern scaLoard, taking time out fo: © Fleet in waters off Cuba and in the area of C Atlant: of STINGRAY was Novenbar 1911, led and sho C-2 continuad duty with the exist as a separate organization and three submarine tenders, she Flotilla. She continued tactics Boston, New York and Nozfolk, clea: for operations in the Ca: sbecn Sea out of Guentaneno do service as it Ls with the U.S. od Bay. Her nane effective 17 aC wes redesignated USS C-2, Atlantic Torpedo FI {n Mazch 1912. With then constituted the Ati and drilis along g the last n During 7-12 December 1913 che joined four other °C Boats" (C-1, C-3, C~4 end G-5) in the 700-mile p: ‘om Guantanamo wes the longest cruise made up to that tine by and w operating under their own po serious engineering mishap, Bay to Cristobal, Fanena Cena! Zones This ited submarines successfully comple: hout C-2 based at Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone during most of her remaining career, outbreak of World patrol along the coast of Zone, on 1 September 1 She wae a parc cf the harbur defense at Co ar I and reached Key West on 21 Ju 18 and was decommissioned at the Submar! on, Panama, upon the ‘or defense Panama Canal ne Base, Coco SHIPS NAMED STINGRAY Solos on 23 December 1919, C-2 was sold for scrapping on 19 April 1920, to Thompson and Bailey, Colon, Panama, TNGRAY (SS 186) was built by the Portsmouth Navy Yard, keel was laid 23 July 1926 and she was launched 6 Gctober 1937, under the sponscrship of lire, Ridley Mclean, widow of Rear Adniral McLean who hed a distingvishad career in the ciient service of the United States Navy, fleet subsarine was placed in commission at Portsnouth on rch 1928, Lieutenant Leon N, Blair, USN, in command, STINGRAY pui to sea on id June 1938 for prelit 1s off the east coast of Maino and shifted from the Portsmouth yerd to Newport, Rhode Island on 19 July 1939 for test of torcede tubes ard cxpzrinental mine planting operations. She reported to tne submarine bese at New London, Connecticut on 26 July and cleared that port on 2 August for brief stays in New York and Washington, De GC. She was underway from the Nation's Capital on 13 August 1933, for a shakedown cru. hich took her to Guantanamo Bay; San Nicholas, Aruba Belen and Salinac, Brazil; Hamilton, Bermuda; and Hi '» Nova Scotia. She entered the Portsmouth Navy Yard on 6 October for alterations until 14 January 1939, then touched at Newport on her way to winter cruising grounds in the Caribbean STINGRAY returned fron the Caribbean to Newport, Fhode Island, on 8 April 1939. She became a unit of Submarine Cquadron Six and loft New London astern on 20 April for the Pacific, She arrived with her squadron Diego on il May end cotmenced a rigorous schedule of tactics and mancuvers fron that base along the western seaboard. She put to sea fron San Diego on 1 April 1940 fcr fleet exercises and problems in the Hawaiian area and returned from this cruise on 2} lays Overhatl in the Nare Island Navy Yard (24 May-15 August 1940), was foiloned by refresher training in local areas of San Diego. She departed San Diego on 9 Septerber 1940 to resune fivet tactics in the Hawaiian Islands. This duty came to an end on 23 October 194] when she left Pearl Harbor astern to join the Asiatic Fleet at Cavite, Philippine Island. She reached that subnerine base on 6 Novesber 1941 and was on patrol in Manila Bay during the devastating bonbing attacks made by the Japanese on the Cavite Navy Base, 10 December 1941, STINGRAY hurried out of Nenila on 11 December 1941 and set course for diagonal patrol across the mouth of the Lingayen Gulf. She came to the northeast corner of this patrol ares near sunset of 21 Decenber and sighted smoke on the horizon which soon separated into several colunns, Finding it impossible to attain the speed necessary to intezcept, sne flashed nord to the Conmander-in-Chief of the U, S. Asiatic Fleot, chat the Japanese invaders had arrived in the Lingayen Guif. Four other submarines were orderad by Admiral Hart to the scane but by the tine they arrived, the Jupenese ships wera in shoal waters where submarines found it diff to operate, The landings of the Japenese infantry in Lingayen cocmenced at daytreak of 22 Decenber 1941, unhempered by STINGRAY who wes ringed in by enemy destroyers each time she tried to penetrate the easily-gquarced gulf entrance during the 2