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START OF RERt i 9.9 2S Wes ws pate Z-2-76 THIS MICROFILM iS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION afetce of Naval Records and History Ships! Historics Section Wavy Departnent HISTORY OF USS SNOOK (SS 279) USS SNOGK, veteran Pacific subcarine sunk or damaged xore than’ 159,000 tone of Jep shipping before she vas lost on her ninth war pattol six months prior to the var's end. Working boldly and aggressively, the 312-foot undersea raider lashed out in eight successful thrusts against Jap shipping, renging in area fron the Kurile Island ice fields to the South China scas. Her operations resulted in the sinking of 106,312 tons of Jap shipping ant dansge to 67,627 tons more. Built in Portemouth, New Hampshire, the SNOOK was commissioned tere on 2 October 1943. After a poriod of exercises and training, the sud departca fer the Pacific on her first var patrol. In her first combat performance, SNOOK torpedoed three freighters and destroyed one sampan and one motor travler vith gunfire. Her first chore var a nine-laying detail. She vent to Tinghat, South Ohina Sea, in the vicinity of tho Yangtze River, snd planted 34 mage netic mincs, passing anong unsuspecting Chinese’ junks to perform her Garing misei With her job successfully completed, SNOOK sot out for the North China Sea in search of Jap abtpping. "vo freighters vere seon leay- {ng Dairen and both yore tracked and torpedoed. The vesse] fartherest astern vont down imedistely, but the second, vitnessing the sad fate of his conrede, attenped to clear the area at flank speed. He was ehasod 45 ninutes, attacked and sunk. ‘The patrol's final attack wae directed at a heavily escorted oon~ voy which included tvo transports. Three torpedoes vere fired at ae Of the sips and vithdravel vas mado on the surface at high speed Although the danage could not be vieuslly detected, one of the ships Ateappeared trom the radar screen soon after the sttsck. It vas lato epring of 1993 vhen the SNOOK left for her second var patrol. 4 convoy of six chips vas attacked off the East China cosi A large vessel, velioved to be a transport, vas dasaged vith tvo hite A severe dein’ charge attack folloved, but’ the craft's capable com manding officer, Commander 0. 0. Tretbel, USN, expertly conned his Ship out of trouble. midnight, 4 July, a radar contact vas closed. Selecting the largest Vessel, SHOOK let loose a selvo of oix "fish" at a large tank- er. Te eneny ship exploded vith all the appropriate brilliance of @ Fourth of July firevorks show. Tyo bow tub: ‘tubes Nere also turned upon the chaotic ships and tvo or protebly three Bits were observed, but due to the highly confused array of ships, no = 2 - uss SNoox (35 279) ostimtation of damage could be seen. The wasnel returned fron Parse CoE Ln or uiee sinking one tanker of 17,479 tone, ant danaging and Was Cxnisr and tvo freighters which totaled 24,527 tons. ame third var patrol vas conducted in the Yellow end East, Chis The Tade son 16 August 2983, and ending on Oetober 6, The Eerat See eae Bout @ month after the patrol began. A six ship convey aztack came ard missed vhen it tumed radically at firing tine, 4 vas uttectrack vos foiled for the sane reason a doy 23ter but on & Gury attempt, the SNOOK finally hit her stride. sing periscore radar in order to avoid detection from # DTige moon The epeeeche olosed a convoy of five ships and sent st%, t moor tee at a large transport for only one hit. i fev hours Soret, stress fined et av medium cargo ship, agein scoring & *ineie it. in anotner attack that saze day, 12 Septenbor a vell decked srotigtan vay deneged. fs vas reatéaoked vith @ salvo of four more foepedoes Put no eddittonal Bits resulted: pyring the last fev daze of the patrol, ¢ 300-ton motor dttven gorge vengel which was obviousiy used to radio submarine serniagss We Care ve eetto a Seinch gun. However, © Nip sharpshooter from TA, StH Let veepended vith accurate rifle fire, injuring four of fe domme’ sete for the tind patrol were 1 trangport, 9,000 tana sa QPOs ghur, 3,993 tons, sunk; 1 wooden freighter, 300 tone denage’- ‘sioor's fourth thrust tock ner into the Marianas during the ported trom ne Ostober to 7 Decenber 1943. On Novenber 28, the subparts fron eee in a wolf pack strike against 6 lange convoy. After fe fo took pert i tS HARDER ond UGS FARGO, 214 thesr work, SNOOK maven comrades, ‘ip six “fish" at a crago ahip that was milling arouse Hr a esatvod 0 versei previously Bit by the PAROO and enosnes, omy torped® yao another enip.. Pour are stern shots resulted (” snotien Ploded nee explostons erupting the area, no accurate account of te Gamage could te seen. During the next doy, a siz-torpedo aalvo bev up a cargo ep Ae a oer iE, Teter, two stern tubes vere loosed upon s very 1rEstesing escort. Unf valssed but only because of some radical maneuvering. oy be to Jeave the area. Results for this manner yore two freightere, totalling 14,500 tons, suk; three frigate: Bre) totalling 13,500 tone, damaged ook to the Best China Sea and the west, cosst of Kyushu, vent S00 tor at ifskuar patrol. Oa 25 danuary 1988, a six-fish radar s0%see for her fUEth Tip pesuited in three violent explosions 2nd her ultiaete ts once heavily used arca vere sterting to dvindle (the deps vere using other convoy lane: