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START OF REEL JOB NO. Hu || OPERATOR M:Murve ne pe ae Apc THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON __ MICROFILM SECTION NOME (S5-26) Ken rer se Kea (o\- here ween 1a5 Consurr Nemnar frctwes Wick We Susan Office of Naval Records and History Ships' Histories Section Navy Department HISTORY OF USS RONQUIL (88 396) ‘The submarine RONQUIL was launched on 27 January 1944, with Itrs. ©. M. Elder, wife of Captain C. M. Elder, USN, (Retired), acting as sponsor. Three months ister, 22 April, the new ship vas put into full Commission and Lieutenant Commander H.'S. Monroe, USN, embarked as her first commanding officer. Inmediately following the commissioning, preliminary training was condueted in the Portsnoutn, New Hanpsnire =~ New London, Connecticut area, and by 9 June RONQUIL was sliding out of New London en route for Peari Harbor, T. H. Puusing briefly at the Panama Canal for voyage ropaina Skipper Nonrce took his new command on to:Pearl Harbor, arriv- ing 8 July, where en intensive training program vas conducted under the direction of Commander reining Commend, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet. By the end of July with three veeks of rigged workouts behind her, RONQUIL Was ready for the forvard erea. USS RONQUIL departed Pear] Harbor for her first var patrol on 31 July 1944, putting in at Midvey on 4 August for fuel and a few last minute repairs. Leaving Midway the same day the sub cruised steadily westward tovard her patrol station -- the Northeastern Formosa Saki= shia Gunto area. Arriving th the area on the 15th, RONQUIL rema‘ned for fourteen days, departing 29 August, during which timo sho made seven torpedo attacks on enemy vessels sinking one largo AK and damag- ing tvo more. Her score: 7,200 tons sunk; 10,700 tons damaged. RONQUIL put in at Najuro Atoll, Marshall Islands on & September for refit by Submarine Division 141’and the USS BUSHNELL. For this her first war patrol which lasted for a total of thirty-seven days, the avard of the Submarine Combat Insignia was authorized. RONQUIL's second patrol was conducted in two phases. In phase one she conducted patrol with a coordinated attack group in the Bungo Suiéo area. In phase two, she was one of seven submarines carrying out an anti-patrol vessel sweep north of the Bonins. The first phase lasted from 30 September until 8 November 1944. ‘The second phase lasted from 10 November to 28 November. Botveen the tvo phases, RONQUIL received voyage repairs from USS FULTON in Tanapag Harbor, Saipan. During the second phase of the war patrol, RONQUIL destroyed two patrol craft by gunfire, for a total of 400 tons. This gun action was conducted in very heavy seas end with extremely poor visibility. Dur- ing the action, RONQUIL was hit by one of her own five inch shells exploding prematurely and received two holes in the pressure hull. A repair party led by Lieutenent Commander Lincoln Maroy succeeded in repairing this damage so the RONQUIL could dive. For his courage in affecting repairs in the face of heavy seas that were constantly break- ing over the deck, this officer was averded the Navy Cross. ‘The award of the Submarine Combat Insignia was authorized for this patrol.