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START OF REEL JOB NO. 40-2 i OPERATOR 4 Faye hs DATE {/- 5-70 6 THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION : —Qyneae icy 65-319) Nota Wea: oe a Perro Fie_ Rec Peters, Ru Mereqnc Qi Tite Heer le DECSINED, Ren TDecn Lac. Wirt 808 Syne 5 Goer Nemanar Rocaves Wintel as Custos MISTORY OP USS OWAADPISH (38 227) Playing = bae gane 4m the enemy's ova seas, tho US$ GULDYISH (ss ett) source houtily in tea twelve was patrol The doten thnvate into eveny aniopine Lavoe resulted in sinking Drepidentign unit citations for the submarines of uly 16th, ig with & taak group of four gub-" Sta formtion + of five overtopping obips in a ten-abiP, Fits stack resuited in que sinking of Sour of use vogzes, ADEinietea ehtpe’ OF thie eohvoy ot fon shia, 2ix wero sunk’ vita fader and camouflage to full advantage Gey sen 2 narge navel suxiiicry vessel. On July 19, the euboarine Gulauctod ensiter vell-pionned daylight pertacops attack to send. one Seats GUGM" Sha"aanabe’cncthot avendod'a Proctsontial Unit Ottation and the conmanbing officer, Coa GUARDFTSH 1oft on her Fret var pacroi August 6, 1942, to take station along the onstern hore of Honanu, ignt phips, a total of EYLOgS tone were sunt to the botess end oie 7,000 ton fetghter was tanker gore sunt and another Proightor ves dausged, th CUARDPZei cont tnued hes ungunwater aaanult upon enemy antpping on ner third getrei; January 2993, he neodod only 17 minutes to vend Tm tvo missions, duly 2h, 19¥5, and July 28, 2993, the ship evacuated PPystar"et 25 natives fede Bogetnratie