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START OF REEL JOB NO. 2c AR-89 TE he operAToR LAY 0c /C Ls rer SG REM" THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY NPPSO—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION Re (5-598 Wit Yer Te. DEL gee Wo. YS ARERR DUS awe Aa Nets Nuvian Wits GERI, Rae Waren Oris Vee \s IRUISFAD Ofttee of Naval Records and History Ships! Ristories Section Navy Departnent, RIBTORY OP USS RATON (88 270) ‘Tho kool f USS RATON (88 270) waa lata May 29, 1942 by tmnt towoe shipbulleing Company, Mintvovee, Wieconein., She vad Inunened oo Jan tory. 24, 1943 Being aponacres ané chriatencd by Mra. C. C. West, of Manitovoe, Wisconsin on Jy 13, 1943, the RATGN ves commlasioned into the U.S. Navel Servies and placed under command of Lieutenant Commander J. i. Davis, Initial training of the officers ané orev vse conducted in Lake michigan. his periea was followed by a shakedown cruise to the Paneza Ganal“Zone ana tntenelfiog training portag at, the Subearine Bases Goco Sola, Canal Zone,” On Septenber 19, 2943, advance training being Gonpletes) the RATOH departed for Brdabine, Australis, to join the Subbarine Force, 0.3. SEVENTH Fleot on October 16, 1983. Pros Brisbano, the RATON moved to Tulagi and on Novombor 20, 1943 headed for tho Blosarck Archipelago - Solpmens-lev Guinea Ares to con= Suct Her ftrat var patrol. on Novenber 24, 1983, vhtle patrolling Sestvard of Masoau on the Pelew-Tinguan shipping’ route, two Marua ‘scr Compained by tvo escorts were contacted; 4 Mufe, vas acting as sir Soutrs The RATON tracked the convey and when night fell sade a toryedo Sttack sinking one of the Marus, Later thet night the BATON attempted four {tess teveink the other Maru But on ell occasions was thvarted by tho'high quality countermeasures of tho tvo escort vessuis. Thus four Gaye efter comeing the first patrol, the MATGN drew Japanese blood on the 28th of Novenber 1945, @ Rabaul bound convoy of tive Manus tn conpany vith tvo escorts wag sighted. in a aubnenged attack the BATON Scored hits, sinking two of the sheuy Marva. After being worked eit ay the eucorte end finally evading thea, contact vas regained with She" sake convey. and in a night attack another Meru vas damaged heavily by torpedose. ‘Having omy & fev remaining torpedoos, the TATON sen! wardtp @ nearby sibbaring of the convey position. Some tino iater, the USS Gao (88 212) arrivea on the sone and vent Into attack. She fos inmodtately counter-ateacked by tho Jap ozcorts. To draw off the Gscorts and give the Gsf0a change to complete her attack, the RATON Sent in on the surface in daylight until the escorts gave’ chase, using their gone in vain. on December 6, after 17 days at aoa, the RATON retumed to base at Milne Bay, New Guinen, vie Tulagi for reat and refit by the USS Sinton (48 Ti). The succéssfur Combat Ineignia wae svardod for the First patrol and the comianding officer was awarded the Silver Ster ‘The second var patrol was conducted tn the Mindanao, Celebes, Heinahora area etter’ departing iilno Bay, on December 23, 1942. Ghrtetans Bve was spent at bettie stations walle making an Sttack on