Shamira had just left work she was going to Florence for the week with friends and Baruch after seeing her go opened up her locker door and took out her light blue nursing overall and held it to his cheek then smelt it tried to sense her perfume feel her presence still there the warmth of her body lingering he found light brown hair on the collar and carefully detached it and twiddled it around between fingers and held it up to the light then placed it in a white tissue and put it in his pocket and put the nursing overall away in the locker and leaned against the wall thinking of her just gone and not to see her again for a week not to hear her voice or see her eyes or feel her nearness that evening he went to the public bar she frequented and sat drinking alone conjuring up where she used to sit and imagined

seeing her near by or at the table across the room listening to the piped music feeling the loneliness creep in so went home and wrapped the strand of hair and put it in a small box and let it lay there a small part of her near by a tiny particle of what she was there light brown hair the following week he wrote her a letter every day and posted it to her home address even though he knew she was away in Florence telling her how much he loved her and missed her and when she returned how they could go out and where and each day the letter told more and released more feelings and when he rang her the day she returned home she said I never expected so many letters or such feelings and she talked of Florence and where she'd been

and what she saw and with whom and what they did and o she said I've got you this postcard and you'll love it and so she went on and he listening on the phone just wanted her to be there and have her all alone.

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