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The Hungry Huli

How To Become A Huli Culinarian By Swando Dobunaba and Togo


Ever wanted to know how the Huli tribe cook? No? Well why not! The Huli tribe have some of the most inventive and mouth-watering recipes on the planet. We're going to give you four of them in this short volume. Brace yourself and read on. Swando Dobunaba is a fisherman by trade but has found a recent calling to the world of cook book editing. Our head chef Togo, although only 10 years old has already mastered the art of Huli cooking and has been cooking daily for a tribe of 700 for 3 years.

About the authors

About Papua New Guinea

You may be wondering where the Huli tribe are actually based. Well Im glad you asked. The Huli tribe are based in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea is located on the island of New Guinea in the eastern half. The country borders to the west with Irian Jaya, a province of Indonesia and to the north it is 160 kilometres away from Australia. Due to the location just in the south of the equator and its moderate tropical climate, Papua New Guinea is heavy on exotic fruits like avocado, papaya, mango, bananas and Papua New Guineas cuisine is also heavy on salads and light meals. The staple foods in Papua New Guinea are rice, sago, and kau kau which represent the basis of most local dishes however pigs and chickens are also staples of the Papuan diet. People from Papua New Guinea mostly cook their dishes in a under covered oven called Mumu. In this cook book we are going to give you a step-by-step guide to creating four dishes characteristic of the people of the Huli tribe. These recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and for the first time ever in this exclusive publication we bring you these unique culinary delights.

Thank you for purchasing and we hope you enjoy discovering our culture through these recipes penned by star Huli chef, Togo.
Senior Editor in Chief, Swando Dobunaba.

Boiled Pig Head

This dish is usually only prepared for special occasions such as birthdays. A brave hunter is essential to catching this wild animal.

Ingredient List -1 severed pigs head -10 litres of fresh water (salt water can be used if desired) -Seasoning (optional) Process -Burn the hairs off the head and wash with water -Add water to pot and bring to boil -Add head to water and simmer for 3 hours -Remove from water and carve using a sharp object