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The Continental Communist Party

Statement 10/14/2013

Sending candidates
The Continental Party is sending candidates to each country where we are permitted by law to do so.
Conflict areas North and South Korea: We affirm our commitment to the peace full reunification of the two Koreas, are committed to sending candidates to both countries. Other nations involved in conflict who can be ashored to receive candidates form the Party are The US (formal policy to not attack North Korea unless North Korea attacks them or other countries in the region), Japan, Iran, The Palestinian Authority, Nepal, and the Philippians. US migrant labor Visas/ student visas, See video, and Statement US Government / Communist Party USA There has been bad communication due to acts of sabotage committed against the party (disgruntal employees, criminals stalking the government). To clear up any confusions, the elected US government members, and different poltical parties in the US, have been very professional and cooperative with each other. Each Political Party has the best interests of the country in mind; however they just have different approaches to government. They are not enemies or hostile towards each other. The surprisingly large number of executed criminals due to recent laws everyone agrees with; and a disgruntle employee ( Judge ) who illegal sentenced large numbers of criminals without first incarcerating them has cased some disturbances to business, and commerce. The Party recommends that US migrant Labor party members seek employment with security (Federal, State, Local municipal, and private sector. College degree party members should volunteer (part time) for college degree positions with their local police department.