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Etimologia java

The origins of the name "Java" are not clear. One possibility is that the island was named after the jwa-wut plant, which was said to be common in the island during the time, and that prior to Indianization the island had different names.[1] There are other possible sources: the word ja and its variations mean "beyond" or "distant".[2] And, in Sanskrit yava means barley, a plant for which the island was famous.[2] "Yawadvipa" is mentioned in India's earliest epic, the Ramayana. Sugriva, the chief of Rama's army dispatched his men to Yawadvipa, the island of Java, in search of Sita.[3] It was hence referred to in Indian by the Sanskrit name "yvaka dvpa" (dvpa = island). Another source states that the "Java" word is derived from a Proto-Austronesian root word, meaning 'home'.[4]