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News Herald Election Questionnaire

Date Completed: Sept 14, 2013

Office Sought Huntsburg Township Trustee Name: Al Vontorcik Age: 51 DOB: July 28, 1962 Address: 11830 Hunt Road, Huntsburg, Ohio 44046 Length in Community: 22 Years Face book: n/a Campaign Web Site: n/a Email Address: Occupation: Telephony/ Network Technician Business address: N/A Marital Status: Married Wife: Leslie

Political Party Republican Place of Birth: Cleveland

Twitter: N/A

Employer: County of Geauga

Daughter: Kailyn Cardinal School District.

Education: Associate Degree Electronic Engineering 1982 Non-Elected Experience: Member of the Huntsburg Township Zoning Commission 2002- Present Zoning Commission Chairperson, past 2 years. 4 years total. Should you be elected, what three areas you would like to change, address, improve or research and how would you go about it.

1. Get the official Township Web site back on-line and providing the residents with up to date information on current township business, upcoming and proposed projects and township contact information to get their questions answered. This will provide more transparency between the township and residents.

2. Being a small township with a limited tax base and reduced state dollars provided to townships, we really need to understand where the best bang for our buck is and make some common sense decisions where the tax dollars should best be spent. A starting place is an overall review of the open projects, their community benefit, and review the dollars proposed on those projects. Taxpayers, as I do not want to see these valuable tax dollars get wasted on projects that do not have a maximum benefit to the residents in lean times.

3. Determine, set and budget for long term goals such as 5-10 yr plans on township infrastructure projects and equipment purchases with the other trustees and ensure those goals are met.

Past Accomplishments / Future Goals.

Future goals for Huntsburg Township are up to the residents of the township. Our township needs to elect leaders that have a common sense approach to solving issues, take the community needs and requests into consideration and actively act on those requests. I will be a leader who is approachable and willing to listen. Huntsburg has done well in maintaining its rural atmosphere over the years lets all work together to keep it that way. Thank You. Al Vontorcik cell 440-479-8606