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The quality of life and health status are strongly determined by the autonomy of the elderly and therefore its capability to mobilize. Mossy, developed to improve the mobility of the elderly people, it is a modular system composed by two graphic interfaces, an actigraph and an electronic pillbox. The first interface, designed to use on a mobile device operated by android system; it is highly usable considering the conditions of the target public. In this app, the user can find videos with physical exercises, reminders and paths. This interface sends the data to the second interface on a computer where the carer can monitor constantly the location, the physical activity done, the medicines and other every day activities, giving more autonomy to the elderly. The actigraph, developed to measure the intensity and frequency of the physical activity of the elderly people, on this device, the carer can monitor health indicators of the user. The electric pillbox turns on the light on each box where are kept the medicines according to the time when the user should take them. The innovation of this project is an important technological development that gathers different electronic tools and software, to get the old people closer to the society, while commits them with their health care and offers autonomy to their activities.