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Pista,Ttulo,Duracin,Direccin del Archivo 01,The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night,02:32,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night.

mp3 02,The Beatles - Twist And Shout,02:36,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles Twist And Shout.mp3 03,The Beatles - Help,02:21,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Help.mp3 04,The Beatles - Day Tripper,02:52,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Day Tripper.mp3 05,The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps,04:45,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\T he Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp3 06,The Beatles - All My Loving,02:10,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Al l My Loving.mp3 07,The Beatles - Love Me Do,02:23,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Love Me Do.mp3 08,The Beatles George Harrison - My Sweet Lord,04:39,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\ The Beatles George Harrison - My Sweet Lord.mp3 09,The Beatles - She Loves You,02:21,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Sh e Loves You.mp3 10,The Beatles - Get Back,03:11,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Get Bac k.mp3 11,The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby,02:04,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - El eanor Rigby.mp3 12,The Beatles - Lady Madonna,02:16,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Lad y Madonna.mp3 13,The Beatles - Yellow Submarine,02:41,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles Yellow Submarine.mp3 14,The Beatles - All Together Now,02:13,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles All Together Now.mp3 15,The Beatles - We Can Work It Out,02:10,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - We Can Work It Out.mp3 16,The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love,02:14,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love.mp3 17,The Beatles - Let It Be,04:03,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Let It Be.mp3 18,The Beatles - Hey Jude,06:58,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Hey Jud e.mp3 19,The Beatles - Something,03:01,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Someth ing.mp3 20,The Beatles - Yesterday,02:07,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Yester day.mp3 21,The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun,03:05,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun.mp3 22,The Beatles - Blackbird,02:18,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Blackb ird.mp3 23,The Beatles - All You Need Is Love,03:48,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatl es - All You Need Is Love.mp3 24,The Beatles - Imagine,03:05,C:\Users\Saray\Music\Songr\The Beatles - Imagine. mp3