Tata indica

Tata Indica is a small passenger car manufactured by Tata motors. Indica marketed itself with slogans like “The big….. small car” and “More car per car”. In the early 1990s, Telco's Chairman Ratan Tata (Tata), was flirting with the idea of developing a small car. By mid-1994 a rudimentary design was in place. In 1995, Telco announced that it planned to build a car which would be priced close to the Maruti 800, shaped like the Zen, and spacious as an Ambassador. Producing the new small car - Indica represented a different kind of challenge for Telco. Should Tata succeed, he would change the face of Telco. Launched in 1998, it received 1,15,000 bookings within a week of its launch. In two years the Indica became the no. 1 car in its segment. It has been a partial success story. That is, it was a huge success story when it started but now it`s sales are not upto the mark. Some of the reasons for this transformation are:      Due to its low cost, this was an instant hit with the customers It`s slightly higher than average net weight made for a slightly more comfortable ride when compared to that of the lighter cars It offered good interior capacity Both the diesel and petrol version were provided to satisfy the need of the customers. But now Indica is an ageing product There are competitors in the market who are providing superior cars for cheaper price

Conclusion:With the advent of better and cheaper cars from competitors, the future of Indica looks bleak. And it will soon phase out of the market completely.

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