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Introducing DimensionM Multiplayer v3 0

Introducing DimensionM Multiplayer v3 0

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Published by Jim McDermott

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Published by: Jim McDermott on Jul 23, 2009
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Introducing the new

For Elementary, Middle and High School



The same DimensionM® you know and love but with an astounding array of improvements that will make it even more fun and e ective for your students! Now with FOUR distinct missions:
Meltdown III Swarm III Obstacle Course III NEW MISSION:



Vastly expanded curriculum (Grades 3 – 12)
More than 200 Math skills! Users can practice multiple skills during game play Open choice curriculum means a 3rd grader can play against a 10th grader, each seeing the curriculum at their level!

Your Avatar Here!

Students can create their own avatar or choose from a range of characters in Elementary, Middle, and High School age bands.

Custom Avatar Creator
Students can create their own avatar There are hundreds of facial features and physical characteristics to choose from

Technical Improvements
Improved patch functionality Improved curriculum update functionality Ability to change mouse and keyboard game controls New music New in-game instructional content for student reference Available for Windows and Macintosh platforms Many purchase options available
Content in all missions is correlated to NCTM and various state standards.

Choose from TWO curriculum options:
Curriculum in DimensionM, powered by Tabula Digita is created by Tabula Digita math specialists and mapped to NCTM & state standards Curriculum in DimensionM, powered by Pearson is created by Pearson math specialists and aligned to Pearson math programs. For more information on curriculum options, please contact us!
The DimensionM logo and tradename, the re ective “M” orb, the “Play!” button, the “Math. Get in the Game.” tagline and all game names, logos and game graphics, including characters and backgrounds are the property of Tabula Digita. Inc. All rights reserved. ©2009 Tabula Digita, Incorporated.

End of Game Reports repeat the questions asked and answered, and provide immediate feedback on skills needing improvement.

1-888-9TABULA www.DimensionM.com sales@tabuladigita.com

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