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& Soldier’s of the Division aA 1* Armored Division “Old Ironsides” The recorded history and noteworthy accomplishments of every unit is determined by the Soldiers of that unit. Everyday Soldiers of the 1* Armored Division accomplish great things with their service to our Army and Country. The type of dedicated service history will record for the future. Some will just say they could have done it. The Soldiers of the “Old Ironsides” Division can say they did it, and they did it well. In the future someone will ask who you served with. You can tell them with pride that you served with the 1 Armored Division and you served with honor and distinction. The total debt to the Soldier will never be paid with money, but it will be paid with the pride and respect of having served together in the 1 Armored Division. “Tron Soldiers” 2 Blader Roger P. Blackwood és CSM, USA Division Command Sergeant Major