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Office sought: Avon Lake Council At Large Political party: Republican Name: Martin E. O’Donnell Age: 60 Date of Birth: 11-4-52 Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio

Home address: 473 Long Pointe Drive, Avon Lake, Ohio Campaign website: Occupation: Retired Deputy Director for Cuyahoga County Child Support Agency Elected office experience: -11 years as Council At Large in Avon Lake -12 years as School Board member in Lakewood -Presently Council President of Avon Lake for two years -Past School Board President of Lakewood for three years Non-Elected office experience (boards, etc.) -Founder/President of the Avon Lake Community Council -Served on all committees of Council (ie; Safety, Public Service, Human Resource, Environmental, Finance, and Utilities -Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee of Walker Road Park with Bay Village Education: -Graduate of The Ohio State University in 1974 with a degree in Education -Graduate of Cleveland State University Levin Leadership Academy -Recognized as the 2013 Public Official of the year by Cleveland State Leadership Academy Marital Status: Married Name and age of any children: -Stephanie, Allison, and Connie Spouse: Holly O’Donnell

Organizations: -St. Joseph’s Academy -Avon Lake Kiwanis -Peter Miller Museum -Avon Lake Community Council -American Legion Post 211 Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it? 1. Continue investing a million dollars or more in the budget for the Street Repair Program.

2. Infrastructure needs regarding the four (4) remaining Sewer Separation Projects. In addition, improving traffic needs on Lear Road, Krebs Road, and Webber Road over the next four (4) years. The City has commissioned a study for the Lear and Krebs traffic light. 3. Continue the Evaluation of City Services, Jobs Growth Program, the Business Liasion Position, and the Establishment of a one stop shopping for residents by relocation of various departments. Continue regionalization opportunities when available. The start-up of the business loan community. Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? My experience of serving as Council President for the last two (2) years and serving on all of the Council Committees over the past eleven (11) years brings history and background on issues which is invaluable knowledge. I have worked with three (3) mayors and various council members in an effective manner to move the city forward. The City has prevailed over a severe recession with additional cuts in local funding from the State due to careful budgeting and expending. In terms of accomplishments, we have a Renewable Energy Policy, Regional Fire Dispatch, Code Red System, additional funding to the Street Program, a Jobs Growth Program/Small Loan Program for businesses.

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