Rescue Woods in the Pyrrhic Victory mission Recover the worm in the Celerium mission Interrogate Kravchenko successfully

in the Old Wounds mission Find all the intel to know everything about the CIA mole in the Time and Fat e mission Protect Harper and find the intel about Zhao s secret meeting in the Fallen An gel mission Kill Defalco and save Karma in the Karma mission Make sure Woods does not succumb to Menendez s in the Suffer with Me mission Make sure that the SDC allies with US military forces and keep Farid alive i n Achilles Veil There are a number of objectives in the Odysseus mission; Save Admiral Brigg s, make sure that the SDC protects the USS Obama with Drones and that it survive s long enough for the SDC reinforcements. Lastly, ensure that Karma & the ship s urvive the attack Save the President in Cordis Die Finally, capture Menendez in Judgment Day Read more: o-get/#ixzz2FCRwOIi1