It’s a high mountain rage surrounded by multiple lakes and villages. The villages survive off the tourism and it’s filled with little hostels, shops, and restaurants native to the Andean villages. BANOS

It is a city that leads into the Amazon jungle. It’s near an active volcano called ‘Tungurahua’ and is surrounded by dense green forest and hot springs. It’s usually overwhelmed with locals and tourist and many foreigner friendly activities are ready for one to attend.


Arguably one of the most splendid places in Ecuador, it’s like the set of an modern day action movie. It is the high volcano in the world and the peak of the mountain contrast the blue sky of the Cotopaxi Province. You can scale, bike, or climb the mountain and stay at a hostel.

With a population of 15,223,680 and a big capital named Quito, Ecuador is actually only as big as Nevada. It is made of mostly coast, jungles, and highlands and is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. The native language is Quechua but mostly Spanish is spoken. It is a republican government and most people that reside there are Roman Catholic. They use US Dollars and their major export is petroleum, fish, timber, hydropower, and other agriculture-based trades. A descendent of the Inca Empire, it was conquered by Spanish conquistadors in 1534. The country didn’t gain their freedom till 1822. And lastly, they didn’t settle their borders disputes with Peru and other nations till the 1970s.

The flag of Ecuador is made up of three stripes, the top being yellow, middle being blue, and the bottom stripe as red. In the center is the country’s coat of arms. According to multiple sources it represents the bloodshed by soldiers and religious martyrs for independent from Spain. The blue regards the sea and sky, important to the nation’s exports along with the yellow stripe – which symbolizes fertility of crops and land. It was made on September 26, 1860 and is one of the world’s oldest flags.

Ecuador reflects Southern America with its many cultures and many landmarks. It has beautiful cities, and markets, and hotels and places to visit. Regardless, I would not visit Ecuador. I am more for capitalist and corporate countries that oppress you more secretly than Ecuador, which would be considered a third-world country. That’s why I don’t want to visit Ecuador.

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