Make sure you have “quotation marks” around every quote in your paper.

(quote means someone else’s exact words) Make sure you have an in-text citation after every quote and every summary in your paper. Include the author’s last name and the page number in parentheses. “ “ (late name, page number). Create a reference list citation for every source you use in your paper. o List the last name, first name of the author. o List the title of the article, chapter, or webpage. Place quotation marks around the title.

List the title of the magazine, journal, book or website. Make sure to underline or italicize the title of the magazine, journal, book, or website.

o List the edition, issue, and volume number if applicable. o List the publication year. o List the page numbers if applicable. o List the date that you first accessed the source if you got it online. o List the website address or database name if applicable. Make sure that your reference list citations are in alphabetical order. Make sure that you have indented one tab space all of the lines but the first in each of your reference citations

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