The tsunami happened on december 26 2004 The definition Tsunami, Japanese word meaning "large waves in the port 'and  as a scientific term used to describe the giant waves  marinas that can cause catastrophic damage when they reach the coast.  A tsunami is a wave, but a series of waves that form the 'train  tsunami waves. 

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The worst disaster caused by a tsunami throughout the story took place in December 2004 when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake Marine on the Richter scale, originated on the northwestern coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, in the Indian Ocean  cases of tsunamis

Tsunamis are created as 
can be generated by a tsunami (undersea earthquake), a landslide, the eruption of a volcano on the ocean floor or a meteorite that fell to the sea. However, most tsunamis are caused by undersea earthquakes and originate along the so called Ring of Fire Anillo de Fuego,

The phenomenon we call tsunami is a series of extremely long ocean waves generated by disturbances associated primarily with earthquakes that occur under or near the ocean floor in shallow waters.

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