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There's Some Kind of Bug Going Around._ _ PhraseMix

There's Some Kind of Bug Going Around._ _ PhraseMix

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Published by: heooiheo on Oct 15, 2013
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“There's some kind of bug going around.

It's winter. A lot of people that y ou work with are getting sick with colds and flus. Y ou're worried that y ou're going to get sick too. Y ou're talking to y our wife about it. There's som e kind of bug going around.

some kind of (something)
The phrase "some kind of ___" can be used when y ou don't know ex actly what y ou're talking about or y ou don't want to specify : What's this? Some kind of stew ? I hear some kind of siren in the background.

There's (a contagious sickness) going around.
When a lot of people are sick with a cold, a flu, etc., y ou can say that it "is going around". For ex ample: Be careful. There's a flu going around. I've noticed a few people sniffling. I hope that there's not something going around.

a bug
Y ou can call a slight illness like a cold, a flu, or a stomach v irus a "bug". A: Are you OK? B: I think I got some kind of stomach bug. The more common meaning of "bug" is insect, but when y ou use it this way , "bug" means a v irus or bacterial infection.

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