Whispering Zephyr

By Melinda Wrocklage Can you hear the sound of the whispering zephyr? Can you feel its gentleness wash over your faceSoothing your soul and cleansing your troubled mind? Can you see the colors shifting with each billowing breeze? They waft over the earth, playing around the treetops. Allow the shifting timbres of that zephyr to come in and join your dreamsFancifully floating in your thoughts, joyously playing with your ambitionsLaughing at your foolishness and joining in with your laughter at yourself. Those tumultuous timbres will lull your sensesCreate in you a deep and everlasting peace and harmony with every living thing. So, sleep now, with that gentle breeze billowing overheadAnd know that you are surrounded by love and cherished by the earthFor it whispers "Sweet Dreams and Peaceful Slumber."

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