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START OF REEL OPERATOR DATE = THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION FF12-10/a16-3(5) SUBMARIES, PACIFIC FLIRT Serial 0739 is Gare of Fleet’ Tost office, San Francisco, Saliformia, Ture 24, 1942 ORT 110. 42 2 OPIRST WAR PATROL a " te gee tN F ‘The Conmander Submarines, Pacific To Submarines, Pacific Fleet. subject: U,S.S, SILVERSTIIS (34236) - Report First Jar Patrol. Enclosure: (A) Gopy of subjcct resort. (B) Copy-of Comsubdiy 101 6 A16-3 Serial 0121 of Juné (C) Copy-of Consubron 8 Cont. Al6-3 serial 055 of cune 22, uA ‘The first war petrol of the: SILVER nost successful, The Coman congratulates the Gonmanding Officer and ail i fine performance, Pa It is noted that most tom at extremely long range.- The pleased with the results, but C such a high percentage of hits cannot normally be expected. A torpedo run of a thousand yazds or less shoul< be the goal in all attacks. e The JILVERSIDEs is credited = the following damage on the enemy: Feu Submarine Trawler Supply Ship Supply Ship ~ 83800 tons al. Auziliary 9,600 tons 25,627 tons 10,100 tons. Kime GISBL Distribution and authéntication’on following page. = FF12-10/A16-3(5) SUBUARINES, PACIFIC FLEZT wr Serial 0739 Care of Fleet Post Office; San Francisco, California, June 26, 1942 CO! ZUBPAC PATROL REPORT i10. U.or3. SELVARGIDES ~ FIRS? COMP DETTE AL subject: U.S.5. SILVERSDDES (3236) - Report of First War Patrol. Special, * BN3(5); BNLO(1); am2é(5); ~~ Coasublant”(2);’ Subscliool , “L(8); Consubs 'Pac(2};* Coninen(5}; Combat Intel(1 Plag Secretary. DEGLASSIEIED Subject: U.S.S. SELVSRSIDES + Report of First War Patrol. Period from 30 April, 1942, to 21 Juns, 1942. 30 Apri 0951 V.W. 10 May 1900° K. 12 May 1loo K 12 Nay 2000 I. 13 May 0400 T PART I = NARRATIVE Underway from Subuarine Base, Pearl Harbor, for assigned area, via Midway. Enroute nade deep dive for trim and tightness, daily surprise dives and battle surface drill, firing 10 rounds target amau- nition from deck gun. Entered Midway, took on 14000 galions fuel oil, transferred oné A.S. to-NAS for chronic sea sickness. Departed under air escort at 1220 Y. Encountered enemy trawler of about 350 tons on pa- trol 600 miles orf Japan, 540 miles north of Marcus. Engaged him with deck gun and machine guns. He re- plied with machine gun and rifles. In closing to finish him off he got in one burst at the gun crew and bridge, killing the second loader instantly. Choppy sea made pointing erratic end several times crew was knocked away from gun. After at least iz hits by 3" end machine gun bursts he was on fire but dia not sink. Since he could not reach lend in nis condition and further expenditure of ammunition was futile, resumed course. At 1000 sichted masts of medium Sized freighter heading for trewler's po- sition, believed to be supply ship for trawlers on patfol. Commenced approach, but freighter evi- dently saw burning trawler and'hauled out to north away from us. Minimum range 12000 yards. Renained submerged in vicinity of trawler for four hours in hope that supply ship would come back but no luck. Surfaced at 1504 and continued on toward erea. Buried remains of HARBIN, Mike, 356 38 37, T-M.3e, USN, at sea with appropriate ceremonies in Latitude 33-13-30 North, Longitude 151-57-30 Hast. When 60 miles east of HACHIJO SHIMA, sighted patrol boat sinilar to our PC 450 class. Suomerged and worked around him. Passed between -HACHIJO SHIMA and i‘IKURA SHIMA during twilight. Dived to avoid patrols and work on torpedoes in forenoon. ENCLOSURE (A) CQUFIDENTIAL Subject: 13 May 1630 T 13 May 2330 I. 1h May 0400 I. 15 May 1030 I. 15 May 1635 I. 16 May 1530 I. 17 May 1200 I. U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of First Wer Patrol. While proceeding on surface, 40 miles south of HOUSHU Sighted periscope distance 1000 yards. Swang and fired one torpedo from stern tube. Torpedo hit 3 minutes after firing. Periscope was never lowered until torpedo hit. - full credit for sighting and sinking this submarine shoula go to the 00D, Lieutenant ‘R.W. DAVENPORT, USN, who hed the situation well in hand when the Commanding Officer arrived on the bridge. Arrived in area, 123 days after departure. Set course for KII SUIDO to block entrance in compliance with Coutaskfor 7° 130130. Coumenced submerged patrol in KIT SUIDO. Decidea to conduct groater part of patrol clong coast be tween ICHIYE SAKI “and SHTONO 1ISAKI since shipping entering or leaving would probebly hug that coast. South and west bound traffic from and to OSAKA end KOBE would in all probability evail tromselves of protection of Inland Sea rather than pass south of SHIKOKU. This decision strengthened by fact that ICHIYE SAKI light was burning. Coastline slacked out. During day took periscope obscrvations every 15 minutes, submerged to 80 feet between exposures. During night maintained patrol in vicinity of ICHIYE SAKT light. Sighted plane 6 miles off ICHIYE SAKI, patrolling. Sighted smal2 destroyer or’ mine layer crossing as- tern at high speed on casterly course. lininum range 6000 yards. Sighted masts of three ships close inshore. Diffi- cult to see because of background. Range 8500 and since we were abaft their boam pursuit was abandon- ed. Shortly theroafter patrol boat #63 passed abeam 1000 yards on westerly course offshore of us. Sound had picked him up at about 3500 yards. Sim- ilar to. our YMS type. Sighted small coastal steamer close inshore off SHIONO MISAKI.. After conmenchg approach sighted slightly larger steamor astern with smaller angle on bow. Also patrol vessel #63 offshore of second steamer. While closing we evidently ran through a fish net; loud banging against conning tower. Looked CONFIDENT. Subject: 17 May(cont'a) aft and saw we had a fish stake with Japanese 1200 I. flag in tow, Since ship'was not worth certain detection by patrol, pursuit was abandoned. Stake wus finally cleared by deep sub: high speeds so closed the coast again. Sighted freighter of about 5000 KOBE close inshore rounding SHIONO 71SahI under es- cort of patrol vessel #63. Fired 3 torpedoes, 2 hit. Ship stopped then headed for beach azout one mile distant. Heavy black smoke. Having sightod larger ship astern during attack, fircd 2 torpedoes at maximum range at it. Two hits. Inuediately after firing at socond target, first frcignter blew up, disintegrating in hugh cloud of suoke. As ex- piosion was at first thought to be a depth ch from patrol, wont to deep submergence without wait- ing to see effects on second ship. Fourteen minu after hitting second freighter another loud explo- sion was heard, believed to be on second target. Three other explosions occurred an hour later, cither on target or from depth charges. Targets idchtifiea as TASAN VARU and ASOSAN MARU class respectively. Upon surfacing at 2005 I., searchlights from beach Were scen. Discngaged fish nets and proceeded to in- vestigate ASHIZURI SAKI. No traffic sichtod tut heavy rein prevented close observation of point. Depth charges or underwater explosions heard through out forenoon at range of 10000 yards or more. Attacked medium freighter off ICHIYE SAKI bound for KOBE. Fired 2 torpedocs, both missed. Patrol ves- sel cams down track but we avoided at periscope depth: No depth charge: Sighted large freighter coming out of haze, outbound frou KOBE flying uan of wear flaz color. Similar to USS PELIAS. ‘Two sighting, fired two torpedoes, both hit. bow off, second hit under brid fiom’ screws Were out of water, ship s0ing down rapidly at 45° angle. Patrol vessel ($32 com.cneed depth charge attack (sco Part VIII). Last charce at 1720 I. Since he had trailed us for 5 hours and wo had sel= dom heard him by sound, end in chance he was still trailing, we rotmined at deep su’ ence until moonset at midnight. Proceeded to southern part of area to effect repairs and stop 1, Se <3 ENCLOSURE (A) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: 26 May 1130 I. 26 May 1330 I. 1 June 214 I. Sighted seaplane off SHIONO MISAKI. Sighted tanker in ballast rounding po: KOBE under air escort. Patrol boat Commenced approach and when at 3000 echo range. Immediately thereafter t: inshore presenting nis stern, patrol vessel headed for us. Believing that we had been spovted by plane or that our echo ranging tnd been heard we Went to deep subuergence and evaded. ‘Two patrol vessels heard searching for us, one passing directly over us. after 2 hours they gave up without firing any depth charges. Upon coming to periscope depth tanker no longer in sight. Sighted what appeared to be a siiall freighter off- shore south of SHIONO ITSAKI. Fired one torpedo, hissed. Closed end identified tarcet as trawler, wooden hull, sallow draft, no lights, Since there Were several other suall vessels in vicinity, all lighted, decided this may havo been a trap 50 withdrew at 18 knots. Just prior to usual tine of surfacin: serew beats and sighted dim light through Manouvered until 2126 to evade. Finally sur: about 2000 yards from lerge sampan or patrol vessel. About 6 other lights in sight. Sampan may have been trailing but we didn't wait to find out. \hile approaching ICHIYE SaKI sighted port runaing light on our starboard bow. In bright moonlight it could be seon to be small patrol boat or sampan. Morked around him at 20 knots, although he trailed us for about a half hour, Sighted patrol boat between ICH HISAKI, Also four other ships ou well past us. 450 si large inshore enroute KOBZ. 1 coastal st: patrol boat astern, Attacked with 2 torpedoes, one hit, Went to déep submergence without watching effects. Depth charging co.menced iuuediately, continued for féur hours. Siall coastal steamer seemed to be doing most of the depth chars: Passed directly ovér us twico, screws heard thru- out the bout. Immediately after the second tine, BMCLOSURE (A) ConeIDzI Subject, 3.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of First War Patrol. 3 June 0822 T (cont'a) 8 June 12 I. 9 June 0200 1, 12 June 0400 K. 21 June. 0958 V.w. he let go 13 charges aluost simltaneously, all close. In face of serious leaks in engine room hatches, forward trim tank, negative tank, plus a shower of water through eléctric cables in control room, the depth control on this and previous depth charging maintained by diving officer, Lieutenant F. G. SELBY was exceptional and deserving of special credit. Surfaced at 2025 and cleared arce at 18 knots. Lights of about 30 small boats in vicinity. Considerable giow, probably burning oil sizhted in vicinity of attack. When about 15 miles south of MURATO SAXI sound picked up very high speed propellers, probably torpedo, passing down our port side rapidly. Nothing in sight through periscop: and no other Received Comtaskfor 7's despatch regarding location of units of Japanese fleet retiring trom !ilaway. Decided to start back toward P in hope of in Decision based on fact t at once our chances of i derably lessoned. to get within the remainin, us in the area would be worth nis the big show. Since we wero ale. SaKI decided to complete investicuiio: uring forenoon, Closed to estimated eight but ‘sighted no traffic. Our position very doul becauss of four days of constent rein. at 1027 Le idle off tho point, sighted trawlur patrolling oF trolling on north-south line. He reuained in our vicinity until about 1500. Similar to patrol sighted off ICKIYE SAKI. Left patrol area after 28 days on station. At daybreak while passing between EAC HIKURA SHIMA sightcd 2 small coastal northerly course toward TOKYO. Sinc> 10000 yards astern and we wore abaft we did not pursue. Resumed surface patrol during day. At 090: @ definite indication at 15 miles by radar, merged for 45 minutes to ovade detect: Arrived Subuarine Base, Pearl Harbor, 7.H. Bae ENCLOSURE (4) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: U.8.8. SILVERSIDES - Report of Firs PART II ~ WEATHER Weather excellent. PART III - TIDAL INFOR? ATTol In area, set was to westward, drift averag: one half knot. PART IV - NaVIGATIONAL AIDS ICHIYE SAKI light burning with irreguler characteris MURSTO SAKI noted buming one night. PART V - CONTACTS See tabulated list appended. PART VI - ATRCRAFT (=NIMY) + Est. : Range 5000 atrolling Radar in- dication, rot sight- red ATTACKS Sec tabiileted Met apponded. Firing interval on all attacks was 10 scoonés, noint of aim was nid‘lc of target (poris- cope in case of attack #2), estimated draft wos o1 foot less than dopth setting. As fer as known all torpcdoos ran hot, straight and noraal- RE (A) SILVERSIDES - Report of First ‘far Patrol. PART VIII - “ANTI-SUBYARING I=ASURES ae The first dopth charge attack occurred on 22 May off ICHIYE SAKI, following the torpcdoing and sinking of a large naval auxiliary ’at 11k4 I. A smell patrol vosscl, siniler to our coastal mincsweepers, had beon sighted during’ tho approach. Nine minutes after torpedo explosions came thc first acpth charge, Me were then’ on our way to 300 fvct, silent running, at the times A total of 28 charges were dropped.’ On 4 occasions, our sound picked up attacking ship astern and followed him over us to the bow. From sound and effect the charges dropred on these .occa- sions were directly overhead, These and 6 others, shen approach was undetected, caused swish of water through supsrstructure and consideravie shake up in tho boat. Dopth changed to 325 feet during attack. Negative tank begen to flood and because of this and water flooding into engine rooms through lceking gasket on portable hatch sections spcd had to be increased to 2/3 to maintain depth about half way through atteck., In order to slow down it became nucessary to blow safety to sca gradually to compensate for flooding. Our trim pump at that depth sounds like a rock crusher, Depth charging continucd for 54 hours, mostly single charges, with a maximum interval of onc hour be= tween charges. Thoy wore all within 2000 yards. In the possi- bility that he was trailing us and because of the i noon we remained at deep submergence until moonset at midnight. The conning tower was not abandoncd sinco sound goar could not be trained by hand end power control in the conning tower was the only means of sound reception. This indicates desirability of a simple hend operating sonic gear for similar situations. Also a device for registering goneral dircetion and distance of vx- plosions. ae The second depth charge attack occurrca after the torpedoing of a tanker off ICHIYE SiKI at’ 1514, 3 Junc. During the approach we had sighted a small coastal stéancr, convon- tional well deck type, one stack, two masts, about 1500 tons painted bleck. This and a snall’patrol vessel were astern of the target and all three ships heard by sound during the approach. Depth charging commenced 8 minutes after torpedo explosion; both petrol vessel and the small :.carer were making attacks. The distinctive slow speed screws of the steamer were heard through- out the subuarine to vass directly overhead’twice about an hour after the torpedo firing. The second time he dropped 13 charges within 6 minutes. We went to 350 feet. after this salvo all was quiet for 2 hours and 20 minutes and propeller noises faded out. At 1820 ceme 1 charge at an estimated 1anze of 2000 yards. At 1920 caue the last 2, 1 close, 1 about 4000 yards. ENCLOSURE (A) COMP IDENT: Subject U.3-S, SILVERSIDES - Report of First var Patrol. Evasive tactics used'were to keep the target astern as far as possible although frequefitly it could not be heard in the sound gear. Reliance was placed on deep submergence since the first attack had caused loud squeal in the starboard shaft which must have made us easy to follow. The loaks in both en- gine room hatches and other defects brought out resulting from these attacks are listed under Part IX. No echo ranging.was encountered during the patrol. ‘PART IX - MAJOR DEFECTS ae Serious Jeaks through canvas gaskets on portable sections. of enginc room hatches, Flanges should bo welded in- side and out. During last deep submergence tho lcak in the forward hatch was about 4 gallons per minute, 2. Squeal in starboard shaft resulting from first depth charging, Audible through hull at 2/3 spced or greater. Probable reason for case of trailing us by sonic gear. Be Hum in main motor armatures, This also contri- butes to making us easily heard by sound. he Leak into negative through flood valve. Prob- ably require renowing gasket. Makes depth control during si: running something of a problem. Lack of blue prints and instruction pamphlets hinders ropairs on station. 6. Sound head cannot be trained by hand at deep sub- mergonce, hence conning tower cannot be abandoned. ‘ith follow- up system to sound gear in conning tower cut out when IC board is secured, tracking by sound is difficult to say the lsast un Jess hand training can be used. Te Leaks around packing gland to clectric cables in control room, Useless cable should be remo plugsed, others properly patked to prevent loaks. 8. Trim pump sound like a rock crusher yinen working against head of 300 fect. Its usc during silent running is out of the question. PART X = RADIO RECEPTION is Radio reception was reliable throughout the patrol. Last consecutive serial sont was 181835 June 1942. Last received was 192300 June, 1942. -8- LOSURE (A) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: PART XI - SOUND ConDiTIONS During entire patrol heard sound distrubances previously reported in this area, Hed characteristic sound of an outboard motor. Most noticeaole and annoying Sound did not come from sampans, they having ent sound. True bearings of sound disturbance: did when changing course. Otacr disturbances had a cheracteri squeal, probably fish. Sound picked up propeller noises ranges of 4000 to 8000 yards. PART XI1.- HEALTH: AND BABITABILITY 2s. Habitability was excellent, due lerzely to air conditioning and vapor stills. Sun lamp and vi pills were used freely. Average frosh water consumption » Gelions per man por day with no restrictions on showers or other uses. 2. Meals were served et 0730, 1130 and 1930 daily. However, there was an opon ice box and cating continued for 24 hours a day. Tho latest naval appropriation bill will just about cover the cost of the ration. Dives were made at 0345 and surfacing daily. “This was about one hour bvefore and after su sunset. he Awatch in throc was maintained throughout. Two officers were on watch at all times, altornating bot peris- cope and diving. On the surfaco onc was stationcd forwaré, one aft. 5. Health in gencral was exccllont. There wore three brokon car drums after the gun battle on 10 May, two on one man, one on another. All healed satisfactorily. 6. News broadcasts wore roecived nightly from TOKYO and SAN FRANCISCO by short wave broadcast recvivor. This plus a count of the urgent and urgont priority messaccs on the Fox Schedule kept us postcd on the course of the war. @ 100 gelions of coca cola syrup purchasea by wolfare wore woll received, also canned fruit juices especially cider mixed in syphon bottle. 8. A completely new ships library is recommended for each patrol, arrenged by swapping. Papcr beck dctective stories purchased by welfare from thc Baso Ship's Scrvico wore vory popular. 296 CONFIDENTIAL - Subject PART XIII - ¢LES sTE2=D Miles steamed enroute to station 3604; from station 3710. PART XIV = FUEL, EXPENDED Fuel expended 99,000 gallons. PART XV - FACTORS OF ZNDURANCE REUAIN: TORPEDOES FUEL PROVISIONS (DAYS. ad 7000 unbalance: PART. XVI - GOVERNING JiWDURANCE ¥ACTOR a Patrol was ondca after 28 days on station, 3 deys before the maximum time permitted by the operation order, in order to be in position to intorcopt the remnants of tho Japanese fleet retiring from MIDWAY. Lack of fucl or armament would have necessitated onding tho petrol in about one week. Andther depth chergo attack with prolonged decp submergence would probably have onded it sooner. PART XVII - COlNENTS AND RECON EXDATIONS 1, SAMPANS During the entire time in the area we had sampens in sight. During the day close inshore as many as twonty or thirty were visible. To attack was obviously out of the question since we were well within sight of towns on the beach, At night they very obligingly carricd white lights. Those too were scrupu- ously avoided since we could hardly hope to climinate ell the Sampans sightea and gun fire could be heard by patrol vessels in areca. Tho arca scoms to bo covered with fish nots, ospocially close inshore. 2. SOUND GEAR AND DEPTH CHARGE INDICATOR The depth charging brought out tho desirability of a siuple hana operated sonic gear for use during silont runnin This would pormit securing the supersonic goar and abendoning the conning tower. Also it would be highly desiravlo to know the goneral diroction end approximate distance of depth charge oxplosions. Some sort of indicating dovice would bo of value in evasion tactics. -10- ENCLOSI CONFIDENTIAL U.S.3. SILVERSIDES - Report of First Wer Patrol. PART XVII = COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS (cont'a) “INE SCHED It is recommended thet the 1100 subuerins sch NPM be changed to a later hour. At this time of ycar schedule commences before it is dark enough to surface (2000 I) when sky is not overcast, 4, TRAFFIC ‘Thore was heavy traffic close inshore boticon end SHIONO MISAKI. The majority of the ships steamers with occasional ocean going froighter: The traffic is never more than 2 miles off shore estimation very casy. With the exception of 1 ot no conbatent ships wore sighted during the lanes are patrolica about 1000 yards to st oy smeld vessels of 75 to 100 foot, stationed approximately 4 miles epert. Aircraft wes scun’on 3 occasions in the ar. was no positive evidence of patrol activitics by surf or aircraft at eny distance off shore. We wore undoubtedly sighted many tincs in the bright full moon but no action was taken egainst us. One or two destroyers in this area would considerably chenge the complextion of the patrol. 5. EXTENSION OF AREA It is recommended that the area be extended to include entire point around SHIONO 7 light merks castern odge. We were reluctant to operate of light because of proximity of other arca, espce after hearing depth charge attack on 21 May fror point. Time :Let Date ‘Lone 0805 1333-14 10 May?150-58? Trawler 1000L 233-03 tlieaiun 12000 1106 K:33-20 :Patrol 12 Mey?1l,0-52 :Boat 1630 1:33-52°:Submarine 1000 13 May?137-0 t 1635 1:33-25: Small DD:6500 1530 1:33-27%:Medium 11000 16 Mey!135-38:Freighter 1545 1233-27 :Smal1 +1100 16 Hey?135-3¢:Freignter 1600 1:33-27 :Small 11000 6 Mayi135-38:Freighter nrious: :Siniler to Nenyot iaru (Photo #353: HPomnare about 350 :3"/50: Inland type, about 6000 : tons no war paint on tupper works Similar to old sub chasers 2 hich masts 3 +:Poriscope sighted: 1 18 :Similar to Momo (DD) or : :Uji (PG)Cless 10 5000 ton coal-burning ifeciprocating enines 10 1000-1500 ton coastal i freighter 10 :1000-1500 ton coastal ifreighter !Set on fire Topside de- tmolished i Turned avay ton seeing tburning traw- ter. +Patrolling off Hachijo :Jima Periscope disapneared tefter torp. explosion. Explosion at 3" felt thru. tout the ship. stern at about 20 knots 6500 in- in- in- URE ( ENCLO! iInitial Bat Kenge. 3000 39528, Medium 3135-33*freiehter 2x8, eres, 5-23; Tre iphter 1709 1:33-27 Meaiun 8000 AL May2135~33 roighter! Course: 280 Eat 215) Epa Bep- orp: th :Track: Desorintion..__iFiraaifiet: Sinilar to our constal + : nine svieeps about 750 tons 1000-1500 ton coas freirhter, ing enaines 1500-2000ton coastal freinhter,reciproont- 5000 ton island type freiahter 5477 exoss photo 1/36. Reciprocating enrines. :¥lving call and merchant: ‘Lae, 9000 ton freighter similar to aS0Si HMLRU 8600 gross Photo 1#263.Turbines. Flying icall and merchant flag 180:5000 About 5000 tons. ? 2 ‘Enroute KOBE bout 8000 tons. Angle on tow about 120 when sighted Remark: Tn oven for mext 2 days shore start- ed approach got cauzht in fish net Ship blew up after head - ine for be-ch Went deep be- fore hits seen. 1, explosions heard after tor- edo exploded (a) NCLOSUR: Time Lat Data _iLon 3-29 Three 22 Nay? 135-26: Freipnte: TInitial:Est +8000 to: 120 39230 ‘Patrol :500¢ .35-27:Vessel T143 1:33-30 :Nev.Aux +4000 22 liny?135-27 & 33-33 :Patrol 135=1,3:Vessel 1330 1:33433 :Tanker 26 lay? 35-13: :Torp :Depth Track: t_sBat 2 iGvro. sorints 8 and stacks only iphted Pima 35: PART VII - ATTAC! tAbout 750 tons.Similar tto coastal mine sweeps 32 on bow iSimiler to PELIAS: 2 ‘Flying man of wart iflag.Dark war col: r.Similar to OSHIN MARU 9600 gross Photo (/35 or? STHTKAWA MARU’ 6853: gross Photo 762-65 8 Similar to our PC boats: tone mast and stack Medium tanker in ballast? enroute KO32_ rounding SHIONO MISAKI Hits :Romarks *Could not close range tas ships twell past twhen shiehted sonic gear tand depth icharges fst hit blew iseen at 45° tangle going idown fast ‘Conducted search for tus for 2 hrs +Turned in- tshore just before we SURE g a nl 4 4 4 Tims Lat Deto _:Lone 2230 1333-13 26 Type ‘Travler Freighter HIndtda sRanzo 5000 jesoriotion aro travler at +Sirhted running Lishts : tof small ship in bripht: noonlinht. liot over 500 tons at most sLarge sampan type, 2 imasts end stack. No inunber, About 350 tons Small, well deck; one stack, two masts, abou 1500 tons .Reciprocatin; oncines: ?Probably twooden 111. .Run= ining with- tout lights iTrailed us n surface 3 nr.Evaded at $18 knots Equipped vith sonic ear and tdepth char- iges.Patroll- ting lanes. tBelieved to ye one who ater depth hareed us. ighted masts :0F 3 other mall steam ters at this ime.Kange 12000 LOSURE (A) Trawl 0527 1:33-25 :Two small!1000 11 3139-40coast tFreie er al hters Mat Speed :Deseription route KOBY.Bs corted by patrol ¢ thoat. Similar to PITACREAVA LRU 10, 100 gross, Photo #890. Sampan type, 2 masts, 1 stack, about 400 ton ?One stack, 2 masts, tAbout 2000 tons Sot 5 iBat 2102 p:352 iMring iGyro:Rango :Hits 2340 2 1 emarks :Did not ob- tsorve domage Depth charge $commenced :Patrolling tor trolling off ‘ASHIZURT 3SAKI 20n course Howard : TOKYO. Range tand angle fon bow too eroat for ipursuit. ¥B5-101/A16-3 SUBMARTIE DIVISION 101 Serial 0121 Fleet Post offic! Cali. June 22, 1942. QONFLDENPTAL From: ‘The Commander Submarine Division ONE HUNDAuD ONE. Tome The Comander Submarines, PACIFIC FLEET Sub ject: U.S,S. SILVERSIDES (SS236) - First var Patrol; Report of. 1) The first Var Patrol of the SILVSRSIDS extended from April 30 to June 21, 1942, Twenty-eight days were spent on station. The SILVaNSIDES was forced to submerge only three times.enroute to station. 2. The patrol was aggressively carried out, close in~ shore, in an area where anti-submarine operat ions were extensive. The ship was well handled in the face of these cperations. The use of small coastal steamers for anti-submarine work is noted. ae Observation of officers and crew of the SiLVER- SIDES upon return from patrol indicuted an excellent state of morale. bee ‘The Commanding officer, officers, and crew of the SILVERSIiES are to be congratulated for a well conducted patrol and for the damage inflicted upon the enemy. R. H. KING, By direction. Copy to: Comsubron EIGIT C.0. SILVEKSIDZS NCLOSURE (B) ~ FO5-6/A16-3 SUBUARINE SQUADRON SIGHT SERIAL 055 £ c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calit CONFIDENTIAL June 22, 1942. From: Commander Submarine Squadron SIGHT. To Commander Submirines, Pacific Fleet. Subject: First War Patrol, U.S,3, SILVEKSID on report of- ne It is manifest from the report first war patrol that tiis patrol was conducted aggressive and able manner, The Commanding Off ice personnel of this submarine are felt to be deserving heartiest congratulations for the effective employmn ship throughbut the period of the patrol. 2. Particularly gratifying is the high p of torpedo hits, thirteen torpedoes having been fired for @ otal of etent hits, or 61.5% hits, This performance is the here remarkable when the comparatively long firing ranges on most of the attacks are taken into consideration. 1! long anges were imposed by enemy patrol boats patrol. i Line approximately one thousand yards to seaward of the traffic lane. 3 Favoruble consideration is recommended for simple’ hand operated sonic gear, for use in evesi tH Sdvoeated in the report. It nay be feasible to provide s sevice wateh will indicate the direction of explosions, such Gs the one recommended by the report; it is questionuble Sfether such a device could indicate the range to explosions of varying intensity. be Material defects, with the exception of main motor hun, will be corrected during the current refit period. Correction of main motor hum sust await avaiicbility of new min notor armatures. 5. SILVERSIDES is credited with the following losses inflicted on the enemy during her first war patro 1 350 ton trawler - damged. 2 Submarine - sunk. 1 5,477 ton freighter - sunk. 1 8'é00 ton freighter - damaged and probably sunk. a a 9600 ton Naval auxiliary - sunk. 107100 ton tanker - damaged and probably sunk. Copy to: C,H. ROSE C.S.D, 101 C28.D; 102 CO SILVeRSI DES BNCLOSUHE (C) : HID 145, 8) Fh : - sears” peoussinen TAP" ee Subjects 15 July. 0930 VeWe 24 July i600 L. pak U.8-S, SILVERSIDES = a Patrols Period from 15 July, 1942 to __ September, 1942. PART I -. . NARRATIVE ted Pearl under escort for assigned area via Midway, Enroute mide deep dive for test of welded sections.of engine room hateh; no leeks. Usual training dives and battle surfaces enroute, expend- ing: ten rounds. of 3" ammunition in 3 drills, Moorea. outboard:of PLUNIER alongside FULTON at Mia- way, Received 7000 gallons fuel, Departed 1300 M -for patrol area,’ Sighted large trawler (about 500 tons) ahead, on 900 mile circle from Japan. Closed and fired shot across his bow, As he did not stop, opened fire with deck and machine guns, After about 50 hits at close range he burst into flemes, . Left him burning fiercely. To borrow an expression from the ae ee stare ee niles, Sighted msts.ahead, Submerged and closed to 1000 yards on small trawler (200-300 tons) armed with a twin mount 20MM AA-gun forward, machine guns, depth charges and what appeared to be a plane detector, As he was too shallow for a torpedo and too well armed for & gun battle enroute to station, we open- ea range to work around him submerged, At 1030 sighted another trawler about 10 miles north of first one and similer in outline and armament, Surfaced at 1200 with both patrols out of sight. Radar indication at 4.miles, sky overcast: Sub- merged for half hour to avoid, Patrol plane sighted on port beam, Submerged again to avoid. ENCLOSURE. (C) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: 28-July 0400 I, Submerged to get between HACHIJO SHIMA and INAMBA SHIMA, As ships bad been sighted-in this area on previous patrol, decided to remain submerged in vicinity all dayy- -At.0500 sighted tops-of 2 steamers ahead on,southerly-course; 17000 yard ratige and large angle on bow mde attacks impossible, At 1830 just before sundown, sighted large passenger freighter astern on southerly course; commenced attack, When ange had beon cjosed to an estimated 3000 yards fired 3 torpedoes, 3 hits, one under bridge, Be- lieve she sank immediately: because efter sccing 1st hit, searched horizon for'éscort or plans and after sweep could not pick up target.: Surfacod 20 minutes after firing; nothing in sight although full moon and evening twilight gave almost unlimited visibility. .. Identified as similar to TENYO MARU (Photo #154) - ° about 12000 displacement, 10105 -D¥T. 29 duly. , spas 000 I. | Commenced submerged patrol. Arrived in area during forenoon, 13 days-efter departure Pearl. 30 July i 1200 I, Closed 0 Shima island off SHIONO MISAXI to about 5000 yards, No shipping scon at KUSHIMOTOR, Two destroyers ‘patrolling off southern entrance. Ob= served’ considerable. constructibn:probably barracks on.0 Shima and. Shiono Misaki.: In working our way \ ‘back.out thru’ the destroyors!patrol lines thoy may ” nave picked us‘up since they started scarch tactics | + aiid let go ono depth charge. .After’3-hours of work- {ink our: way out sighted king. post masts of freighter close inshore enroute Kobe, but could not get back Ato ‘attack: position, Upon receipt of information of carriers operating in vicinity decided. to bead for center of Kii rather ‘thin investigate ICHIYE-SAKI, ‘At 0720 when 20 miles west of ICHIYE SAKI sighted destroyer and picked up pinging, Destroyer searching on westerly courses When ange had been.ctlosed to 7000 yards he speeded up and pulled away to northward, We continued west and north in hopas he was screening vesse! Several times during day distent depth charges were heard. Pibeaad te eee Ditmas gave) sient od no shite ping. Bee > ee ENCLOSURE (c) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: ~ UsS.8, SILVERSIDES - Report of Second War Patrol. 1 August 0610.1. While closing I SHIMA sighted large vessel astern, Coumenced approach but before arriving at firing position, identified her by markings and silhouette gs TATUTA MARU, exchange ship exempt from attack, Took pictures and continued on.northerly course, When about 8 miles from I Shima sighted 2 small ves- sels in line at about 1300, apparently mine sweeping. Intemittent depth charges through out the day, and @lso on following day in seme vicinity, 3 August hans . ie 0925 I. Closed I, Shima in thick surface haze. ‘Sighted small freighter off 0 Shim at range of 7000 yards. Upon coming to normal approach course he disappeared in haze. When next seon he was well passed us out of Fangs. At 1125 sighted freighter ani swing to’ fire atemn tubes but due to control error, in so doing he got passed ug, Did not fire, MiSsed an casy .. shot. At 1300 sighted two large freighters escorted by 2 destroyers, When they.pmerged from the haze . they_were at range of 7000.yards angle on bow 90 starboard. Could not.close; they passed out of sight quickly, At 1600 sighted another medium freighter on westerly course, angle on bow 100 port, He pulled away rapidly, Traffic sighted today indicates som ‘shipping being routed south of SHIKOKU around MUROTO ZAKI instead of Inland Sea. Due to unusual heziness in the narrows attack was possible and we muffed that. About 20 depth charges ‘during day. & dugidt 0400 T.. Made a:sweep between MUROTO ZAKI and ACHIZURI SakI : during “day and. night. Sighted nothing. 5 August : 0400 I, Patrolied in vicinity of MUROTO ZAKI, nothing sighted. Having covered entire area it is believed that if Qarridrs are operating they are inside I Shima and HINO MISAKI, “No aircraft sighted in area, Distant depth charging from direction of ICHIYS SAI. 6 August. é 1230 I, > While. Closing ICHIYE SAKI sighted masts of 2 steamers : One; enroute Kobe, one outbound, Continued closing Coast. At 1302 Sighted DD ahead zig zagging and pinging, Commenced approach. When range had closed to 2700 yards he zigged away increased speed and ‘progeeded east toward SHTOMO MISAKI, At 1400 sighted -3- ENCLOSURE (C) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: U,8.S, SILVERSIDES - Repart of Second Nar Patrol. 6 Augnat 1230-1. old-frionds from previous patrol, patrol. hoats #32 (Cont'd) & 63, on line, abeutIwile. offshore, Sighted sam- .. Pans} ons tig aad. 2°trawlers: insiors,"~At 1600 -"" sighted nodium,sizedstéamar outtound trom-Kobe. “He disappeared inthaze ‘which blotted out entire coastline even when 3000 yards offshore... : While -” attempting to, close we s{ghted DD'pinging. He “odrcled us range.of 3000-5000 yards but id not. pick Us-up:hor did.we get within firing range. ‘Heavy rain st in roducing visibility to >“ déro. Surfaced in a cloudburst at 2000, Inter~ mittent depth curelse during day. 7 aAugus' : : : 1040 Tt signtea eden off. Tent ye TSAI. at 138 sighted patrol plane flying low, ‘Patrol boats #32-& 63'in “Hight ontire day, “Visibility poor, Sighted. small inter islend freighter well passed us, ho, must’ have “put out from*some small ‘port to southward as wo did not sec him coming down toast. At 1600 sighted Amel. tanker OF self propelled, oil: Lighter, Too small for torpedoes. : ¢ 8 August : aoe Cia 101 I. < “Sightod PatroI boat #92 noar ICHIYE SAKt. Depth’. charging during forenoon, “None. closs. At.1130 = sighted four' ships coming out of Kobe, Closed shire to 1,6 miles and attacked largest and last in-cofumn, Adontificd*as ‘of LYONS MARU class,: hoavily laden, ‘about 12000 displacement, 10100 DWF 7000 gross. Fired. 2 torpedoes at range of 960 yards, . One itt under stack. Ship buckled in middle, down by bow ~~ and stern, Before I could take socond’ look patrols wore.on'us, Depth charging commenced immediately _ and lasted until after we surfaced at 2015. Two’ patrol boats and at least. thrae DD's, later using echo ranging. 57.depth'cliargsg. Upon surfacing, signal lights 6f several “ships, sighted astern. Lett ‘area at 21 knots. Patrolling offshore in thick surface haze, . Position! by bubble sextant fix, 100 miles off DR in two-days. Continuous depth charging thru out: day: trom. vicinity of. ICHIYS 's .about -50- charges, . ENCLOSURE’ (c) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: 11 August 0530 I. 12 August 0400 I, 13. August: 0713 I. 14 August 0843 I. U.S,S, SILVERSIDES -.Report of Second War Patrol. While closing coast sighted 2 destroyers just at sunrise on westerly course, angle on bow 160 port. They passed out-of sight quickly, Closed ICHIYE SAKI. While still some distance off- Shore, Sighted masts of several ships outbound from Kobe. At 1545 commenced attacks on passenger freigh+ ter outbound from Kobe, close inshore. ‘hen range had been decreased to 1700 yards, he evidentally sighted us as he turned towards us, Swung for stern shot but when periscope was raised he was less than 50 yards away, all’ I could see was grey. paint. Pa- trol boats came up fast. Went deep to avoid depth charging ami being rammed, Patrols searched for 2 hours and then gave Up. Sighted’ seaplane off ICHIYE SAKI, At 1015 sighted 2 seaplanes and 2 patrol boats, At 1154 sighted DD, 8000 yards to north of. us. At 1220 sighted 2 other DD's coming up from SHIONO.MISAKT. They commenced a supersonic search lasting until 1500, Passed 2300 yards from us and continued on towart Kobe, At 1515 sighted 3 planes to west coming in toward ICHIYE SAI. ‘During search by DD's we sighted 2 fretehters enroute Kobe. Could not gct within torpedo range. Pickod‘up seaplane patrolling offshore, .at 0915 sighted another sedplanc, both flying low, Sighted masts of ship enroute Kobo. 1055 depth charging» commenced, several single charges and 2 patterns of or 5, none particularly close. At 1115 sighted DD to northward echo ranging. .He closed to 3400 yards then.withdrew to north, “During afternoon Sighted 3 mote planes, At 1545, 2 DD's commenced supersonic search from direction of SHIONO-MISaKI, 2 patrol boats in Bight all day. Destroyers mde another sweep'at 1700 tut did not come closes at 1805 sighted medium tanker heavily lgden zig zageing enroute Kobe, Commenced attack. At 1535 fired 2 torpedoes at range of 1800 yards, As they both missed (one ren erratic as sound followed 1% down-our port ide) fired anothér torpedo. It hit.with loud ex- plosion but as poppet valve had stuck open, depth 3 5 ENCLOSURE (C) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: Uy August ogye I, (Cont*a) 15 August 1215 Ts 16 August 1004 I, 17 August 1128 Te 18-19 August. U.S.S. -SUIVERSIDES ~ Report ‘of Second tar Patrol. Sontrol: was' lost ‘and before we could take « 1dok the patrol boats mere “on us. Depth charging con- menced at 1849." At 1905 two charges went off very close with more concussion than has been experienced to date, 2 patrols trailed us for about 1} hours, — stopping’ periodically to disten, Upon surfacing at + 2000'we left area’ et 21 knots. “Many lightca small boats were. seen,: two-searohlights wero traincd on water,.an‘airplenefler was’ dropped ani several fast moving ships, ‘probably destroyers wers observed in attack area,’ Also, for’first time on this or pre- vious patrol in this area, the entire coast line was + lighted.. 1 believe. that rescue of survivors was in progress, ‘The: tanker" was not seen, although it Could easity have been in ths searchlight glare, as we were less than three ‘milés from attack position upon surfacing. Tanker identified as similar to SEIKO MARU, about 7000 displacement, 5/00 tons gross. (Photo #420), ae Five/difforent destroyers have been sighted within past 2'days, 2 er KAMIKAKE Class, 2 SHIRATSUYU Class ind oho TOMOZURU. Upon closing MUROTO ZAKI-éightod ‘masts of steaner loge inshore,. AB“we were-Well abaft His boam, could fot attack. 90! + Sighted small inter island steamer rounding Muroto” Zaki. Too Siel1 t6-torpedo; ie Sighted: coastal steamer about 2000-3000 tons round- ing Murote Zaki. CYosea-to “3000 yards of shore and - fired 3 torpedoss, :rango 900 yards, All missed. Torpedoes may hove run up o1i‘beach, Target epparont- iy ran ‘agrouni-ds his stern was down, hoavy list to Port and heavy ‘black sick’. During afternoon nine Planes were sia Searching area, one flight of 6 ‘nedium bombers, -two other medium bombers and one seaplane. 2 = Patrolling off ASHIZURI SAK, -Many sémpans but 0 ~-shipping. im ss =6-- ENCLOSURE (c) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: 20 August 21 August 31 August U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - Report of Second War Patrol. Sighted inter island steamer at 1120 and small steamer about 500 tons at 1320, Both two smali to torpedo, Surfaced at 2000 with sampans on both ‘vows and both quarters. Heavy rain squalls, At 2022 sighted unlighted destroyer on starboard beam emérging from ‘rain squall, angle on bow 90 starboard, Shes about 6000 yards. Pasaud out of sient quickly “to: southeast. Closed MUROTO ZAKO, ‘Upon arrival Muroto Zaki sighted coastal s about 2000 tons rounding point ahead of us.” at 1145 sighted freighter..2000-3000 tons coming south zig zageing, Attacked and fired 2 torpedoss when 3000 yards off beach. Both missed ‘although set up ehecked for 5 minutes with T.D.C. Did not explode when hitting beach, This is 6 torpedoes which have been fired inshore at range of 3000 yards and all have failed to explode. Attempted to close ICHIYE SAKI but due to set and low visibility, could not pick it up. Patrolled line across entrance to Kii about twenty miles offshore in chance of intercepting man of war enroute southern islands, Full moon practically all night made close inshore patrol impractical. A typhoon of moderate intensity passed west of area. Heavy seas caused roll of 20° at 80'. Caused vessel to broach when about 7 miles off Muroto Zeki, When making turns for 10 knots we made 6,2 knots thru the water and about 4.5 knots over the ground. Departed from patrol area, after 31 days on station. Patrolled line between HACHIJO SHIMA and MIXURA SHIMA for two days and one night, Only ship sighted was small wooden boat about 500 tons, Spent extra day in area in hope of intercepting Southbound traffic from Tokyo, Commenced running on surface. ~ ENCLOSURE (Cc) CONFIDENTIAL Subjec: 31 August 2255 K, 1 Sept. 0030 K, 8 Sept. 1000 W.W, U.S.S, SELVERSIDES - Report of Second War Patrols Sighted lights ahead and closed trawler ‘of about 250 tons; opened fire with deck and mactine gun: Closed to 50.yard range and hit-him twice with 3", raked him for 4 hour with machine guns, As ‘tainly no one was left alive on board and trawler had heavy list to port, was settling rapidly, and smoking heavily, we left area and resumed course. Sighted unlight ship on horizon, - Closed and opened fire on trawler of about 350 tons with machine gun fire, He replied with machine gun or possibly heavier automatic gun, hitting our superstructure several times; no damage or casualtics, Made three passes at him, raking his bridge and topside; dam age unknown, although he did not catch fire. Did not use deck gun as it is of little valu at night except at point blank range and also our 3" ammuni- tion was almost exhausted. Resumed course after expending about 500 roundS of machins gun ammunition on him, Returned Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor, 1.1 ENCLOSURE (C) . CONFIDENTIAL PART II - ‘sEATHER Weather excellent except for period 25-26 :. soderate typhoon passed to west of crea caus heavy Seas. PARP TIT - TIDAL Dvomarton 1. Average set of 1.6 knots, 116°T, expericnced offs streau. Set inside the Kii depends on tide. PARY IV - i.vic. TIOuAL 4.2Ds 1, ICUIYE SKI burning at prescribed visibility vith following characteristics; flash, derk for & scconds, flasi, dark for 2h, seconds. 2, ‘“UROTO ZAKI burning at prescribed visibility siowing white flesh every 20 seconds. 3_ Steady white light, very bright on shore to 1°/ of 1UROTO ZAKI. 4, Steady white light on eastern tip of .SHISURI ZAKI. PART V - CONTACTS See tabulated list appended. PART VI - AIRCRAFT Time Lat. Type Est. Alt Est - Date __Long. Zange Course, 1] 0830 | 33-32 a | 2| 27 duly) 33-31 15000 | 1000 UWy2-43 5000 | 500 Patrolling off= shore between IcuIYE S4kT and SHIONC :TSKEL, altitudes about 500-1000 feet. oe BUCLOSUEG _(¢} 1 PART VI AIRCRAFT (Zi) (Cont'd) Ho. Tine Est. Bst Date ___Long Type Range Alt Corse Remarks 5\ 0713 | 33-21 | Seaplane j | 13 Aug.| 135-23] 1220 33-26 | 2 Sea— 13 Aug.| 135-20] planes 1515. | 33-25 | 3 Sea- 13 Aug.| 135-21) plenes 0848 33-23 | 1 Lana- 1, Aug.| 135-19] plone 1320 33-31, | 3 Sea- ii Aug.| 135-22] planes 3515 | 33-27" 2 Lana- 14 Aug.| 135-24] planes 17s 33-21 | 1 Lend- 14 Zug.| 135-28] plane Luks 33-20 | 1 Sea- 17 ‘Aug. | 134-20] plane 15000 | 1000 520-~ | 33-18-42 neaiun| 17 Aug. | 134-20] Boers [16000 | 1000 | 140 1610 | 33-16 | 6 Kedium| 4000 | 1000 17 Aug. | 134-20} Bonvers PART VIT ~ arracks See tabulated list appended. Firing interval 10 of air was niddle of target. % PRP VIII - AMIEL ROE Zs _ On the previous patrol dn this area conducted by this vessel, only small patrol boats were encountered. On this patrol honeves: We Were greeted by destroyers and patrol bocts, Jive different a == 10 = SuOLOSyRE (¢. Somer Subject: U.3.S. SILVSNSIDES -'Report of Secone destroyers were sighted within two days. They usually conducted & super sonic sveep offshore and shead of the lcra steaming close inshors. Frequency of echo: rang: 18 to 24 KC, Periodically. they would shift to and frequently would hold: their keys coun for t Several times. they passed within 2500 yorés of us hear thoir return echo bouncing off their own hull © evidently. did not pick us up. 2. The destroyers and patrol beets dropped depth ch time to time, probubly for their nuisance valuc. ‘The nuaber varied frofi about 50 on the day following our sinking a freighter on 8 August, to fivo or six charges on slack cays, ‘Tho nuisance value is high, ,sincc all traffic is close inshoro and the sub— marine has tog with the patrols nost of tlc day. Hence we could never be sure that the random depth charges vere not the first of a long series. 3. Three depth charge attacks werc expcricnecé, only onc of wich twas a sustained nature. This one occured in the afteracon of 8 August after the torpedoing of a merchantnan close instore off IGIIYE SakI light. As I was sure the vctrols would pick us up uc swung around to west after firing, instead of south, the logical escape course. ‘wo patrol boats worked us over Sro:: 1don until about 1700. Then echo ranging was heard and et locst throe destroyors Joined in, Using a frequency of 21 0 they ranged constantly until wo surfaced ot 2015, passing clo: or two occasions, Thoy éoncontrated largely on the cree to the southward of us, however. 4 total of 57 dopth cherges wero droppod, sonc quite far off sone close cnough to knock off a littic cor’ bulbs an@ Jar wronchos and loose gcar out o: However judging the range of a depth charge burst is an art in which I am not and have np desire of boconing en icked up:shortly thereafter and 2 Ships:comienced. to search. -Instead of pulling south I hed come east -to parallel the coast and take advantage of the current. ‘Several otlier-chaxges were cropped, one causing nore jar than any expericnced to date. I believe that the patrols were probably short on depth cha-ges after the days. expenditurs and were strailing us until ¢! Stroyers arrived, so at 2010-ve surfaced and oltared the area at 21 knots.’ The patrols Were still hunting astern. 5. On previous: patrol, the area ves covered wit samans and fish nets, . This tine nous were encountered, except very close inshore. However only one destroyer.ivas sithted offshore at night and judging from his spocd, he vas not searching for submarines, PART EX - WAJOR DEFECTS 1s The nost serious defect-experienced is te loud noise in the ‘propeller shafts. At first, after renewal of tie bushings with wood, the noise was present only at speeds in cxcess.of 20 RH but as the patrol progressed the noise vas clearly aidible at tines even-at dead slow speed subuerged. Tis probably accounts for accuracy and rapidity with which patrols picked us up efter torpedo attacks. 2, ‘Ice machine circulating water pump field coil burned out. ‘There were no spares on board; in fact tuere are practically no electrical spares of any kind on board. Repeated attempts to Get them from the building yard both beforé and after joining the fleet has thus far proven unsuccessful. 3. Defects listed in last patrol report aucbered 3,5,6 and 7 have not been corrected. Especially inportant is tic dctective trim nunp which is now practically inoperative under any sud= merged condition, 4. The SD radar vas entirely unreliable. Only onc indication ~° vas registered, that at i, niles -and.I belicvo that was-a flule since, under.the visibility conditions provailing I am surc the lookouts would have scen a plens long before it got in to that range. The radar aid not pick up.islands of 2500 foct at ranges of less than 20 miles andonly & suali fraction of the nuscrous U.S. planes. sighted around :Poarl.and lidway. igs * Hictosuns (¢ + CONETDENTIAL Subject: U.S.S. SILVE-SIDES ~ Report of Secon: PART X= RADIO 2GEPTIO:" Satisfactory. Last despatch scnf 052132; last received 061901. PART-XT - SOUND corDivTe:s Average. PART AIT - HAL! Excellent. = PART ITE = 10LES sii Liiles.steamed station 3604; from station 3700. PART XIV - WEL 2ceanEp Total for patrol: 84,900 gallons. PART XV = FACTORS oF » TORPEDOES © FURL, PROVISIONS (DAYS) 1 ww at 14,800 PART XVI - GOVERNING Nc ZACTOR 1. ‘The patrol was ended at tho maxinun tine allowcé on station by the operation order. PART XVII - collars Incendiary /suunition. The conmon projcctilos now furnished for ths do ineffective against wooden travlors and saizans. 1: with the: many sholle havo passed completely thru tho hull with out exploding.: Even those that oxplode cause no appreciable Ganage. ‘Wo dircct hits at range of 50 yards failcd to break up or Seriously. damage the topsidé of onc travlcr. On onc Occasion 50 shells wero oxpondcd without onc cx,losion boing observed. As these ships Will not sink without cxcessive ctpendi- ture of anmunition the best moans of destruction is-to sot then on fires It is therefore recomonded that at lcast 75,5 of the allowance of 3" aumuunition be:ineondiery. ven anti-aircraft shellsarc, preferable to comion. Inccndiery a.twnition for 30 .ané 50 calibre machine guns is also rccomuonéed. ‘Tac cost destructive ammunition now on board for vor! st travers is the 50 cal, traccr which riddle tho hull anc ave sono incendiary cffoct. -b-- BNCLOWTE (C) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: PARP -XVIL - collins 2. @rin During Deop Subsicrgénce. We ran into the ‘rather unusual cireunstance of to floc. in 7000-10000 lbs of water in going frou perisco»: to test depth during depth charging. At first it was atuributcd to the fact that sinee wo tere s0 close inshoro the surfacc layors were relatively fresh’ from rivor watcr but the sanc condition obtained in the open sca. Duc to cxcossive noisc and malfunction of trin pump previously reported amd noisc of drain pwip, thc only noans we had of adjusting trim vaen patrol boats were within sound Fange was to blow safcty and Plot negative. As the ship decane heavier duc to loaks, vo would blow safety to J:oo» our tri, This had tobe donc only when a depth ‘charge had yonc off in order not to rovoal our position .by the sound of blowing. Tho trin pump is uscloss écept when on the surfaco. ‘ic did not uso nogative in gctting dowm sinco the bubbles fro: bloving it give avey the subiiarincs position dnd incicats in rection fran the firing point the boat is trying to cseanc. Of coursc cir- cunstanées can bo such that rapidity of doscent outicich these considerations. Bubblos arc omitted vicnever negative is blom, evon"though it-4s not-blown dry.- Tiis is attributcd to shallow cpth of negative which por-tits*sone igh prossurc sir to blow thru tho water scal. 3... Wining. This erea presents cxesllent possibilitics for nagnotic aining. Tho traffic to and from Kobe passes closc inshore in vater of about 25-100 fathous, about a ailc off the beach in uost places. Several nino ficlds across this path vould inflict hoavy éanage. Becausc of the hcavy currents, the conventional anchored nine - would not be as effective as magnctic mines. 4, Torpedoes. Tho torpedo perfoxiianos vas oxratic. On tho first targot vith a renge in oxccss of 3000 yards andia 1° sprcad, cll three torpedocs hit. On the sccond attack at 960 yards with a 1° spread only 1 hit MOT, although at that range and track tho sccond should have hit 50 fect forvard or abaft the J:0f, Tiis shot wes fired inshore whon 1,6 uilcs fron‘ths beach and did uot cxplode on contact with tho shore. Qh.the third attack onc orratic run was followcd dovm our port side by sound, Ca the fifth ong sixth attack, tho stern tubes wero used. Both firings weré inshore at a distanec to the beach of 3000 yards. 1 aissed the targot but nono. oxploded ‘waca they hit tho beach. firth attack was at rengo of 900 yards, bearings and ranges _ Sune (Cc DENTIAL Subject: U.S.S. STLVSRSIDES ~ Report of second Te for after. Torpedoos foot, cstinated draft of targct and + poritted by Cousubfor despatch 022301 of Aus attack was similar to the firth oxeept that Depth was sct at 7 fect for shallow draft +: failed to hit. I bolicvo that somo of the torpodocs thesc two attacks pesscd under the target. T bacy Gia not explode on eontact with the beach artor a 3000-1000 yerd run indicates defective firing nochenisr torpedoes fired close inshore which ‘nissc have been recovered by the Japanese. 5. Dumny Periscopes. The use of dummy periscopes floated in: have been very successful on this patrol in ‘: and patrols engaged. ‘Thoir uso is recomicndsd for other submerincs in this areca. 6. ashing Gachinc. It is urgently requosted that this vesscl bo sw ashing machine prior to the next patrol. 7. The performance of duty of all officers and mca vas of the highest order. Tho abscnco of nervous tonsion on the part of sofic mcn on the first patrol was cspeciclly noticcablo. rook: :Firine: Hist. iGvpo:Roneo iHitat Romorks 0500 I. 33-21 Two sala 28 July, 130-50 Steamers giz I 33-21. Pasconpor 28 Niy . 139-24 Froighter Vessel Destroyer Destroyer 2500\ton trav tor. 800" photo tand skotch. Two 200-300 ton traviors, 10 ni. apart armed with depth chores, twin mount 201%! AA Gun end prob- able plane éct~ cctors. Sightod tops only Sinilar to TENYO MARU (i#154,)10, 105 tons Dil?, 7500 gross. Sinilor to PC 451 Class prob- ably longor. 1000 + lurst into to 200! 35 :rlams, tyards tt Rance ana anelo on bow too ereat to make attack. Fircad by psriscopo durine oven- ine twilieht, Patrolling off SETONO MISAKT & © SHIMA, Patrolling off SHTONO MISAKI & ) SHIMA ?inging. Tino Dots 0610 I 1 ane. 1390 I 2 Aves o925 I 3 sue. 1125 T 3 Aug. 1300 T 3 Aug 1600 T 3 Ave. Int Lon 33-05 Initial Typo Rongo Passenrer 10000 Tyo ‘Trawle: 8000 Small Freighter Small Freighter Convoy of Z's & 2 larae Freighters 7000 Med iun. Freighter 6000 ‘Two Mea- ium Frei- ehters. 10000 Destroyer 7000 Two patrol boats. 5000 Torp Depth ‘rack Firing Firod Sot Est, Gyro Rongo Hits Romnriks_ Doseription TATUTA MaRU Small trawlers possibly mine sweeping Both single stack. One had king masts fore and aft. ‘Two stacks, one tripod mast. zig zag & ping- ing # 32 & # 63. Steel hull, 125' trawler lines. Armed + ENCLOSURE, (C) Tine Initfeal Ust, wet. Torp Depth Track Data Tony ___Tyne Range Course Snead Desorintion Fired Set Eat 1600 I 33-32 Medium 120 & 3000-4000 ton 6 tue. 135-26 Frotenter 7000 14010 Staolk antashipa 2 masts, (c) 1248 I 33583 Medium r Siip buckled Biug. 135-23 nger E ° 9 4a middie. One 136 to J hit under stack. (#390) Tils was last of 4 ships in column. 0520 I ‘Two Des- ‘ingle_on bow 1 aug. troyers 160° Fort, passed. out of sight quickly NCLOSUR) EN 100 I Three Sighted only 12 aug. Steamers tops. Unable to 5 identity or close range. aeoo About 12,000 Probably sirhted 12 Aug. Transport tons. us 9% range of 1700. Turned to- vari us and trina to ron, When raising periscore to fire he was al- most on top of us. Condicting super sonic svieep. Condusting Super sonic Sweep. Destroyer 8000 Two Destroyers 9000 Initial Depth Track Firing Dyno Range 91 Sot Est, Gyro Rango Hite Remarks ‘Two Both about Passod, close Freiphters 8000 8000 ton. dnshore during supersonic sweep One Freighter 14,001 of sight quickly. ENCLOSURE (C) Cedaucting super- Destroyer 8000 sonic sweep. Minimmm vange 31,00. Tio Conducting Destroyers 8000 “super sonic sweep, Minimum range 7000 Yas. Similar to Fires seen SEIKO MARU 15 140 314 2030 upon surfacing 5400 gross. port et 2010. Sev eral lighted vessels in vicinity. Rounding i 134-31 Freighter MOROTO SAKr, too far ahead to attack, & | Simtaar to \ #32. 33-14 Coastal About 1500 \ 134-23 Freighter tons. } 3313 134-f1 Patrol Time Dato 149 T 17 ug. 1000 I 20 ug. 2045 7 20 ing. 1000 I 21. ug. 1ys T 21 jue. o9o2 T 30 due. 2255 K 31 dug. 0030 1 Sept. Lat Tone 33-17 134-12 32-12 133-3 T82— hi, 133-15 33-12 134-12 33-12 13-12 33-17 139-28 33-52 149-39 3-10 150-5 Initial Tyne Rango Constal Freiphter 10000 Three Constal Stenmers 8000 Destroyer 4000 Small Freighter Sma. Freighter 7000 6000 Small inter island boat 8000 Trawler 5000 Trewler 8000 Tat. Ust Course Speed cs Depth Track Firing Sot Bot Desoription Gyro any about 3000, Vory delapidn= 3 10 80 ted, londed with Port ssonrers on dock. 345-900 411 under 3000 tons. ‘Two stacks. About 2000 tons ‘About 2000- 3000 tons. 500 130. Port 196 163 Port ‘About tons. About tons. 250 About tons. Hite Romerks 0 ALL missed, Tar- ext may have run aground in evad= ine torpedoe 411 torpedoes missed, Wrecked him with deck and machine gun fire, Raked.his top- side with machine gun fire, ENCLOSURE (C) FB5~102/A16-3(3) SUBMARINE DIVISION 102 Serial 012 Gare of Fleet Post Offic: San Francisco, Ca: September 9, 1942. CONFIDENTIAL The Commander Subuarins Division Oe Kundrea Two. The Commander Subuarines, Pacific Plect. Subject: U.S.S. SILVSRSIDES (55236) - Second Vcr Patrol - Conuents on. 2 The second wer patrol ef the SILVENSIDES attained abeut the sane. degree of success end v ucted with the scie high stundard of performance w'iio! the first. “Jork= ing in Close to the eneuy coast, the Commanding 0:Tic edly found and patrolled the Host profitable lmating ure his area. 2. The three cua actions against two patrol ves- sels and a trawler were well conducted. essive expendi— ture of ammunition was cue to tie fect that +: m3 and annu- nition available were not the best tyne for ct Bult desired. To ny I.o\ledge, there is no such amin 3#-50 calibre incendivry, nor do I believe that 3-50 celibre 4.a. emuaition would heve produced better results ticn tic comon used. Calibre .50 incendiry armnuaition is -vailable now in moderate amounts and will be loaded during SILVER refit. Every effort will be nade to supply the SILVISIDIs vith one 20 1m gun and annu.ition during rorit. Bs It wes unfortuncte that poor und crratic tor: do performance seved tho two suall freicuters fron certain ce- struction as described in the fifth and sixth ttacl he Tt is noted that no attacks were made on any of the destroyers waich aypoured in the area, ioluctcncc in attacking vell-equisped and heevily-arned anti-subacrine vos- sels 1s understandublo. Neverticless, tiese vesscls sould be considered valuable targets since it is certain ti strvstion will cause the encny fur sore concorn struction of the average freighter of wiich the Jevancs to have an overabundance. Adverse critician of thc con of this patrol is neithcr ueant nor inplicd by tic tors. ag noting in the report indicates that a sition on a destroyer was possivlo at any tine. oe It appears that u11 subnarinos enrovte to cad frem the area in W.ici tis petrol was conducted could s3c.d -1i- BUCLOS (3) ARIE DIVISION 102 ¥35-102/A16+3(3) Gare of Flest-Post Offics; San Francisco, Califoraia, Sorial 012 Septenber 9, i942. NFIDENTIAL Bubject: U.S.3. SILVEASIDES (44236) - So ‘ler Patrol, a profitablc day or nore in the pass botwoon Haciijo Shine en Incuba Shima. 6. MATERIAL Tho noisc in storn tube and struts Vill esti- ated and corrective neasurcs, including real. mucat Sery, Gill de ecconplished during réfit. This nilitery dcficicney vhich roniscs to beco.ic coimon to all vosscls of this Swiadron will be sudjoct of furthor correspondence vith sho Jurceu of shi unless the eorrcetive nousurcs curzontly being applic sucecssful. ‘The capacity and design of trim pups in vos: tis class constitute a serious military coficios Tne procurctiont of a ore rugged pup of higher ca. < Zceonmended. Only by the fortunete cirounstance of incr vater density with depth wis this vessel able to cor patrol. In other arccs an inoperative tria 2p nic cassia far loss happy result during depth chervinc. A washing machine will be installed aur: suituble typo can bo found in Oahu. F05-10/A16-3(FB5-102) SUBMARINE SQUADRON TEN dn Serial 016 Gare of Flest Post Office, San Francisco, California, September 9, 19424 CONFIDENTIAL The Commander Submarine Squadron Ten. The Commander Submarines, Pacific Fleet. U.S.S, SILVERSIDES ($8236) - Socond War Patrol - Comments on. ‘The Commander Submarine Squadron Ten concurs in the remarks made by the Commander Submarine Division One Hundred ‘Two. 2. The material defects noted during this patrol will be corrected during the three wooks' refit period, 34 The Commander Submarine Squadron Ten congratu- lates the Commanding Officer, officers, and crow of the U.S.S. SILVERSIDES on a well-executed and aggressive patrol in which the following demage was considered done to tho enomy: SUNK 1 Passenger-freighter . « 7500 tons 1 Passonger-froighter ,,...22.. 7000 tons 1 Trawler .......+.+-06 tee 500 tons 1 Trawlor cbs 250 tons TOTAL TONNAGE SUNK . + 15250 tons DAMAGED 1 Tanker . + 5400 tons 1 Trawler + 1350 tons TOTAL TONNAGE DAMAGED ...., 5750 tons ENLOSURS (A) FF12-10/A16-3(5) SUBMARINES, PACIFIC FLEET Serial 01075 Care of Fleet. Post office, San Francisco, Galifortiie> September 15,'191,2. COMSUBPAC PATROL-REPORT NO. 68 U.S.S. SILVERSIDES ~ SECOND-WAR PATROL, CONFIDENTIAL From: The Commander Submarines, Pacirie Fleet, To : Submarines, Pacific Fleet. Sub jeot: U.S.S. SILVERSIDES (38236) - Report of Second War Patrol, Enc\osure: (A) Copy of Comsubron 10 Conf ltr FC5-10/ 416-3(FB5-102) Serial 016 of Sopt. 1942, (B) Copy of Comoubaiv 102 Cont itr ¥35-102/ Al6=3(3) Serial 012 of Sept. $, 1942. (C) Copy of sub!sct war patrol. 1, The U.S.S. SILVEXSIDES made a thorough seareh of nis entire area and-conducted an agerossive war cateol to the face of continuous anti-submarine patrols. ‘Guns wooc used to advantage. 2 Twenty millimctur anti-airorart guns will be Supplied to all submarines at an early date when cxpected to become available, 3. It is desired to stress the importance of the qoutine cheek of fire control systems, torpedoes am tubes Guring oxtended war patrols to insure’ satisfactory yortorm= ance of torpodoes, he Submarines are now being supplica 30 and 50 galiber machins gun ineondiary ammunition, ani 20 ni1limvor incendiary ammunition will be available in tho near future, ‘iary ammunition is not available and it docs not contemplate ey The SILVERSIDES 1s credited with the following damge to tho cnomy: ve ets tenan 986 SUNK OCT Gateee 1 Passonger-froighter - 7,500 tons novi tue 1625 1 Passenger-freighter - 7/000 tons 5 1 Trawlor = “500 tons bsybens Up Wie Nie. ZL 211 Trawler 5538 ome 2 tine. Ne. ie ae Total .... 5,250 tons ae Ne__2._ at aN ee ae FF12-10/A16-3(5) SUBMARINES, PACIFIC FLEET ay Serial 01075 Gare of Flect Yost Office, San Francisco, Cslifornia, September 15,1912. COMSUBFAC PATROL REFORT 10. 68 U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - SECOND WAR PATROL. Subject: U.S.S. SILVERSTDES ($5236) - Re,ort of Second Yar Patrol. DALAGED iTanker = - 5,400 tons 1 Trawler - $28 tons Total 50 tons List I, Case 2: P1(5}, S88. Special: EN3(5), Comsublant (2), ComsubSowespac(2), Comineh(5). Le Se ee 5, R, S‘INBURNE, Flag Secretary. 98236/AlE=3 Seriaiy 26, S-2-1 From: To; Subject: Reference: Unelosure: as U.8,8, SILVEKSIDES Fleet Post Office, gan Francisco, culls, bg November 25 1912 « th GLASS us, GROANS oR i WGP re te fa wy. The Comminding Officer. ‘The Commander Task Force Forty-Two. Third Wer Patrol, 2 October to 25 November, 1942. CIF - OPOKD Serial 01133 of October, 1942. OF 7 - 210157 October (SUASON). Comsopue = 220022. Comsopac - 231212. CF 42 ~ 270703 (#24). OUR 42 - 080907 (221). CLF 42 - 101213 (234). OTF 42 - 140442 (294). (4) Report of Patrol. The Third War Putrol of this vessel vas conducted .in eccordmce with references. inclosure (4) is forwarded herewith. , CONFIDENT ve WERSIDES 5 THIRD WAR PATROL ~ PROLOGUE TO Arrived Pearl on Seppember 7, 1942, after 2nd war patrol, Commended refit September 8, 1942, by Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, UsSi8. SPERHY, Relief and Ship's Force. Refit consisted of dock- ing, eboring’of stern tubes to eliminate shaft squeal, renodel- ing’ of forward bridge structure to permit installation of 20 mm gun, removal of propoller guards, install.tio of SJ radar, in- stallation of U-type antenna on SD(a).Reder, in addition to nor- mal rofit items. Roagy for sea October 1, 1942, Training period of three days, 10 oxercise torpedocs fired. Doporming ond wiping not required. as Poriod froti 2 October, 1942 to 25 November AVRey 1” oe A “Hoy PARTI = NARRATIVE 2 October - Departed Pearl at 0900 Y.Wi. for assigned area. Enroute conducted training dives, cxponded training ,anmunition in battle surfece drilis and night firing, tested new 20 MiMi mount. 9 October = At 1047 Ki whon 70 miles north of OTJZ submerged for ono half hour on radar contact with planc at 8 niles, At 1602 M when 18 miles saath of TKa atoll subnorged one half hour when tro ongine bonbor sighted astcm, distance 3 miles; altitude 2000 fct. lar did not pick up this planc. 10 Octobor- At 0622 L sighted tops of trees on WwOTHO atoll. One hour thereafter sightca three towers or tanks on northwestern island of atoll. Ab 1505 L picked up radar indic'tion at 25 miles dc- creasing to 16 then oponing out again to 25. Did not sight planc. Did not dive. 12 October- Submerged at daybreak to cross PONAPE line a@ enter arca undetected, Entcred arca at 1500. 13 October- Made landfall on LOSSAP Island at 1555 K. 14 Octobor- At 0650 K sighted patrol boat, a lerge trawler, off SALAT poss, TRUK atoll. This vosscl patrolling wost of TRUK ali during day. Inspoctcd atoll fron renge of about 4 miles from roof. Nothing sighted but ETEN Anchorago not visible fron cast. ‘At 1745 K sound picked up scrovs on starboard bow. Sighted ono-stack largo destroyor range 9000 yards crossing to port on an castorly coursc. Crossed a- head, minium range 6300, spcod 16 imots and dis- eee CONFIDENTIAL 14 October =. (cont'd) 15 October = 16 October ~ 17 October - 18 October - U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Third War Patrol. appoared to cast. Patrolled during night on an east- wost lfo-sduth Of ‘TRUK to datorcept:.any TRUK-SOLO- MONS traffic, Rain, squalls ane low visibility thru- out day and night. 3 Sot 30 milbs to cast during night. Wheat was bolicved to be South Islend turned cut to be NAMA Island. Nothing sighted all day. Sporadic depth charging in late aftertiom at sone distance. Overcast all night; patrolled cast-wost line 15 niles south of South Is- lond, During night poworful sccrchlight on TRUK swopt horizon at 2200, 2300 and 0400 K for 5 to 15 ninutes oach tine, Closed atoll to wostwara of OTTA sighted plano over TRUK. ist 1105 K s: passenger froightcr inside reof, re on oastorly coursc. Single stack, guns ‘ountod word and aft. 1130 K sighted another plane atoll: Picked up masts of ship in OPT. pass, ho south, closed and identified it as patrol vessel, converted trawler, with gun mounted forward, two masts, single ste¢k anidship, tall with white ba at top. This prtrol stood out to scx about 15 r then west about fivo then roturncd, At 1330 K sightod smoke in sovoral placcs inside atoll but no ships cano out OPT. pass. Retirod to southwerd in lato afternoon ani prtrolled east-west line south of south islend during night. Patrolled cast-west line 15 miles south of South Island in hope of intercepting stcancr sighted in- side reefs Nothing sighted. Just after surfacing at 1932 K, sighted flere closo astorn. Cane about and investigated bat sighted nothing. Closed PIANNU Pass, position doubtful. at 0628 Ke Sightcd destroyer ¢rossing head miniun range 6000 yards on northcssterly course toward TRUK. ct 0745 XK sighted obsurvation scaplane on castcrly course. At 0749 K sighted tops of what later proved to be a large converted trawicr on patrol to wostward. at 0810 K sightcd tops of ship to Ni, idcntificd it as eruisor of KINUGAS. Class. Corcnocd attack. Gruiscr 2igzegging on south wosterly base course, spocd 24 Knots 240 KFM. When rengc had been decreased to 1500 yards steadicd for 120° starboard track for -2- Period from 2 October, 1942 to 25 November, 1942. PART I - NARRATIVE 2 October - Departed Pearl at 0900 V.W. for assigned area. mroute condt:sted training dives, expended training ammunition in battle surface drills and night firing, tested new 20 wt mount. 9 October - At 1047 Ii when 70 miles north of WOTJE submerged for ono hai? hour on radar contact with plane at 8 miles. At 1602 I when 18 miles south of TAKA atoll submerged one half hour when two engine bonber sichted astern, distance 5 miles; altitude 2000 feet. Radar did no pick up this plane. 10 October - At 0622 L sichted tops of trees on WOTHO atoll. one hour thervafter sighted three large towers or tanks on norshwostern ialand of atoll. At 1505 L picked up radar indication at 25 miles de- creasing to 16 then opening out again to 25. Did not sight plane. Did not dive. 12 October - Submerged at daybreak to cross TRUK - PONAPE line and enter area undetected. Entered arca at 1500, 15 October - Made landfall on LOSSAP Island at 1555 K. 14 October - At 0650 K sighted patrol boat, a large trawler, off SALAT pass, TRUK atoll. This vessel patrolling west of TRUK ali during day. Inspected atoll from range of about 4 miles from reef. Nothing sichted but STEN Anchorage not visible from oast. At 1745 K sound picked up scrows on starboard bow. Sightod one-stack large destroyer rango 9000 yards crossing to port on an easterly cours. Crossed a. head, minium range 6500, speed 16 knots and dis- appeared to east. Patrolled during night on an east- t linc south of TRUK to intercept any TRUK-SOLO- S traific. Rain squalls and low visibility thruout day and night. 18 October - Set 50 milos to east during night. What was b.lievod to be South Island turned out to be MANIA Island. Nothing sighted all day. sporadic depth charging in late afternoon at some distance. Overcast ali night patrolled east-wost line 15 milos south of South Ts jend. During night powerful searchlight on TRUK swept horizon at 2200, 2500 and 0400 K for 5 to 15 minutes each time. = grace CONELD iitetines™- ‘ropowt of mira War Patrot poriod from 2 October, 1942 to 25 November, 1942. 16 October 17 October 18 October 19 october PART I - WARRATIVE = closed atoll to westward of OTTA pass. At 1050 Ke Sighted plane over TRUK. At 1105 K sighted lerge passenger freightor inside reef, range 15000 yards pesjasterly course. Single stack, guns mounted for- gud ond aft. 1130 K sighted another plane over a= toll. Picked up masts of ship in OTTA pass, heading gouth, closed and idontified 1t as patrol vessel, Qeaverted trawlor, with gun mounted forward, two Gosts, single stack amidship, tall with white band ME top. This patrol stood out to sea about 15 niles, then west about five thon roturncd. At 1530 K sighted smoke in several places inside atoll but Ships came out OTTA pass. Rotirod to southward in fate aftornoon and patrolled cast-vost linc south of south island during night. patrolled cast-west linc 15 miles south of south Tsland in hope of intercepting steancr sighted in- Sido reof. Nothing sighted. Just after surfacing at 1932 K, sighted flaro close astern. Camo about and investigated but sighted nothing. Closed PIANNU Pass, position doubtful. At 0628 K- Sighted destroyer ¢rossing ahead minium range 6000 yards on northoastorly course toward TRUK. At 0749 F sighted observation scaplano on casterly course. ht 0749 K sightod tops of what later proved to be a large converted trawler on patrol to westward. At 0810 K sighted tops of ship to NW, identified it fs eruisor of KINUGASA Glass. Commenced attack. Gruisor zig zagging on south westerly base courses Gpoed 24 knots 240 RPH. When rangehad been decreased $P°%S00 yards steadied for 120° starboard track for bow shots, van up periscope for final check and DoNiscr had turned putting us dead astern range over $600 opening rapidly, 2 change of course of 70°. 37 the tine the now sot up with a 160° track could be put on TDC he was out of torpedo range so did not Pires As cruiser turned avay ho blinked bis scarch= Tight et our periscope, Eithor he sighted us in the glassy soa just prior to final periscope observation, Sve happened to hit a knuckle on a 70° zig. His frevious zigs wore about 30° cach. It ws a hard one to miss. During evening, we chased (a) two falling Efars (b) a white cloud on the horizon and (¢) Tol island in TRUK atoll. Chase futile. During foronoon off PIANNU Pass it became evident Prom attompts. to fix position on islands of TRUK that our gyro was out. Retired to southward to re= pair it. Heard one single dopth charge and one Barrage during forenoon, none close. At 2335 K. Sighted smoke on horizon to southward. visibility Spout 12 mies in 3/4 goon overhead. Ship could e U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Roport of Third War Patrol Period from 2 October, 1942 to25 Yovembor, 1942. 19 october 20 october 21 october PART I - NARRATIVE scon at 2840 so in view.of almost unlimited vis- lity docided to make a submerged approach. Sub- Drged and closod. No indication on SJ Radar prior diving. After picking up target in periscope, plonod up to put SJ antonna 5 fet out of water and trainca on proper bearing; still no indication at estimated 8000 yards. Repeated this at 4000 yards with no results. Came in on target for a 95° port track. Just prior to firing sound picked up a second ship closo to first one; sighted it. From relative size, judged this to be a patrol boat g tho target to escort it to TRUK, about 20 miles to northward, to enter at daybreak. At 1800 yards tar- get substéndod 5° in portscope with 90 angle on bow, indicating a length of about 500 foot, island type single stack, similar to MANILA MARU Glass, 11,600 tons. At 0032 K fired 3 forpedoos. One minute 15 seconds thereafter, one torpedo hit with 2 loud explosion which jarred me away from periscops. This was the second torpedo fired, the first having gone astern, ton scconds thereafter I sav second hit, with lesser explosion just under after deck house. On observa- tion oso minute lator, saw targct swinging right, down by stern. Targct screws stopped imnodiately efter hits and were not ho. about ten minutes a joud distur veo heard in targots direction with several sharp ads collapsing. Patrol Was huading directly for us. Final loo at target poop under water, coin 0° angi ship's sengeh, Six minutes to docp submergence toe void patrol. io eight depth chargos at us in single selvous, closer than 1000 yards. This approach wes conducted without o cyro compass and with an orratic pit log focding into the T.D.C. Target data was meagre and results reflect mich credit on Ticutonant Commanders R.L, GROSS and ROY M. DAVENPORT, the assistant ap proach officer end 7.D.C. operator resectively. Surfacod at 0200 K and cloared aroa. Recoived despateh at 2200 K changing patrol arca. De- partod TRUK vicinity at 2500 K for GUADACANAL, SOLO- MOUS Islands. Stecring by magnetic comp: a5 PLCRaD U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Third War Patrol. Period from 2 October, 1942 to@SNovomber, 1942, PART I - NARRATIVE, 22 October - Prococding on surface at two ongino s: to comuand of CONSOPAC at 1000 K without Gyro out. 25 October - Proceeding on surface as abovo. at 2050 flushed out # 5 fucl ballast tank which emptied of fuel. Gyro out, 24 October - At 0250 K recoived despatch changing patr from GUADALCANAL to north coast of ‘iW Im Change involved 580 additional miles stea Changod course for new areca. 1213 K 00D ¢ what he believed to bo conning tower of s ea horizon to southward and sounded divin, In periscope object could not be idonti glescd at full speed for olght minutes. é. ing, objoct could not bo sem or heard. f, KAVIENG the sanc or similar vessel was definitely identificd as diesol sampan ¥ house that has cxact appearance of cur $ marincs. Surfaced and resumod course. At mado landfall onFR¥I Islands off castorn IRELAND. Entered newly assigned area at 2 5 passed signal. dove and as been ol area LAND. mod. ighted ubmarine alarm. a, 80 fter slow- ater off n and th dock class sub- 2015 K ond of ay 100 Ke. 25 October - Continuing west along coast of WHY IRELAID, sub- morged during day, running botweon si jying islanas. Gyro still out. at 23 rough fix whieh showed us 23 miles of broakers off port bow and boan. Sound! fathoms. Next sounding was 15 fathoms and the fathomctor wont dead and romained so Fost of the patrol. Hauled out to north. of this area has following notation "ti is not to bo taken as a safo cuide What with the gyro compass, fthometer dnoperative and the pit log erratic, she vantage wo have ovor Christopher Columbus the Santa Maria couldn't back down with by ahead. The detachnont of the engincoring and tho two chief electricians mites just the patrol has beon keenly folt. 26 October - Patrolling along north coast passing bet jand ond TABOR Island. Nothing sighted. p and off gota ach. Saw of 115, thon for the reakers prior to n main= velded to Spené remainder of patrol off KAVITNG and off wose torn ond of NEW HANOVER since shipping would probably pass that way rather tia NEW IRELAND. Ban, ‘or RABAUL north of ONEIDEN Cl Vs ls. SILVERSIDES = Report of Third War Patrol, Period from 2 October 1942 to 25 November 1942, PART IO = NARRATIVE 27 October - Arrived and patrolled off KAVIENG. Six bombers observed lending and taking off at field behind KAVIENG, No activity seen in harbor or in Byron Strait, Gyro back in commission with variable errors up to seven degrees, 28 October = Sighted darkened ship at 0145 K to southwards commenced approach, When it was evident that we would be sighted long before we got within torpedo range due to the bright moonlight, continued approach submerged, When range had been closed to about 5500 yards target was identified as trawler type patrol vessel. Broke off approach in hope he was escorting some one out or meeting an ine coming ship, He commenced echo ranging at 0245 K Periodically stopping to listen, Kept him in sight until sunrise when he pulled away “in a rain squall, Certain ly he was not escorting, From his actions and time of arrival in our vicinity it 18 entirely possible that we had been picked up by” shore radar and he had been sent to invostigate, During day patrolled east-west line north ‘of KAVIENG and Byron Strait, Nothing sighted, 29 October Patrolling east west line north of KAVIENG.Sighted two planes near airport during afternoon,No shipping. 50 October = At 0540 K while closing the coast picked up echo ranging on 18 K¢ which lasted for about an hour, Smoke sighted from genoral direction but no ships, Sighted one plano landing during forenoon, At noon sightéd masts of a ship evidently at anchor at KAVIENG, 31 October Nothing having developed off KAVIENG, docided to investigate the western tip of NEW HANOVER in case traffic was being routed ‘around NEW HANOVER rather than thru Byron Strait, Proceeded along north coast at night and patrolled off wostern cape curing day, 2 Novombor ~ Patroliéd western tip of NEW HANOVER, nothing sighted, -s. U.sS.S. SILVERSIDES ~ Report of Third War Patrol, Period from 2 October 1942 to 25 November 1942. PARTI = NARRATIVE 2 November — Returned to vicinity of KAVIENG, Considerable air activity at airport, Sightod total of ten planes taking off and lending at fieta, mostly heavy Doubers, MITSUBICHI DaTSA 108, At 0750 K sighted fishing sampan and at 1425 sighted dioscl sampan, Still no shipping, S Novonbor = Patrollod off KAVIENG, No shipping,Heavy rain during night. 4 November = At 0410 K sighted ship bearing 260° closed for 20 mizutes at full epoca on four engines, at which time it was ddontificd as a patrol of thé trawler type, speed about 8, on southerly courde,ovidently rotusning to KAVIENG after ‘dawn patrol. Stopped and Picked up his ocho vanging, He discproared in heavy vain cqusit, Nothing signted during cay, At 2628 sightod ship bearing 240°T, closed and identified as travler-type patrol. on northerly course, speed. 2» stopping periodically to listen, but not pinging. Doubtful if torpedo would oxplode since he probably draws considerably less ‘than 10 foot, Br gttack, and openod rango, 5 Novembor = Patrolling off KAVIENG, Nothing sightca, 6 Novembor = At 0010 K heard distant pinging. at 0220 pinging ahead and at 0250 K sighted darkened ship bolioving it to be tho trawler sighted on previous nights, Decided to trail it until sunrico in order to positively identify. ship was conducting a poarch, stopping poriodically to listen, echo rang~ ing intermittently. Kept him in sight during remains gor of night. After diving, ship was idontified as a light mine layer, SHIRATAKA Class 1300 tons. Gomnenced approach but target mado wide sweep of our Position mininun range 8600 and returned © shortiy aftor sunrise. It is possible that the seme vessel identified in the dark on previous nights as a converted trawler, Tho ovorhoad mine or depth charge racks ‘on the main deck give it a dex Coptive arpoaranso. Nothing sighted during day except one sea Plane patrolling overhead in morning. 7 November - Patrolling off KAVIENG.Nothing sighted excopt six bombers over airficld at 0910 K, a scaplane on Petrol at 1046 K end another at’1250 K,No shipping, no sign of DM.Roplaccd badly worn downhaul cdbio s on #2 periscope with those from #1 pori scopes ~6- COMBIDCN HAL e U.S.8. SILVERSIDES - Report of Third Wer Patrol, Period from 2 October 1942 to 25 November 1942, . PART I - NARRATIVE 8 November = intercepted mossoge regarding presence of enemy carrior at RABAUL, Since I am certain no large ship has come thru KAVIENG or Byron Strait decided the carrier mist have rounded western ond of NEW H ANOVER, Proceeded again to that vicinity. Encountered strong westerly winds arid Seefopadn all night and day. Nothing sighted, t 2100 K received mossage regarding termination of patrol and rofit port, 9 November = noises to northward, As visibility was zero thru Periscope and range as ostimated by volume of found was too close to pornit surfacing we attemp- ted to set up a problem on the T.D.c, for a soann shot but the target passed ahead very close and Pulled out of sourid range before the T.D,¢scouid Solve tho problem, Surfacod but nothing in sight, Visibility 100 yards in heavy rain, A¢°2140 & Visibility had lifted anda dimmed white light was picked up to the wost, Commenced approach ‘nd after one hours run to overtako,identifiod target an a dostroyer or possibly a light mine dayer of the SHURATAKA Class whose silnouctte te almost tho same. Destroyer turned toward us at a range of about 2000 yards and his bow wake Clearly seen, Swung and fired throe stern shots at 2251:45 K, Ono minute and fiftoen seconds ight, roturnea to attack, approached to range of estimated 1500 yards and fired two torpedoos from bow tubes.One minute thereafter an explosion was heard, felt and scon on the target. Five minutes after fir Gnother oxplosion was “heard, either a dopth charge or intornal explosion, The ‘SJ radar again fatled fo function on this attack. While waiting for Girection, Underway and invostigated but o ton minuto search failed to reveal any ship«Retumned jorard firing position but target was no longer jn steht.H ad it boon afloat we would cortaisiy * revailing. Rotired to northward to ‘ contact proviously made, 10 “T= GON skit U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - Report of Third War Patrol, Period from 2 October i942 to 25 November 1942, 11 November 12 November 15 November 16 November PART I - NARRATIVE ‘At 0025 K sound picked up propeller noises to north ward and shortly thereafter a darkened ship was sighted, Sound reported it had an entirely different sotine from thet of previous target. It passed out of sight and’ sound range in rain squall in about five minutos, evidently at high speed, It is logical to assumo that it was a ship effecting a rendezvous with the DD and war retiring at high speed to north after having been warned by radio. Range and speed wore too groat for attack, Submérged off north west goast of NEW HANOVER during day, .t 2300 K received despatch directing us procced immediately to now station. Loft area on four engines to northward, ‘As we wore only 60 miles: from KAVIENG and had seen considerable seaplane patrol activity trom there andas the sky was overcast so that wo would be unlikely to see a plane until it was close aboard, decided to run submerged in order to avoid detect= don, At 1500 K tho sky cleared; surfaced and pro= ceoded on four engincs continuing at this speed overnight, Arrived on now station at 1100 K, Since a carrier force would probably have an air screen, we cone d nigh porisespe patrol on station during inder of daylight, During evoning intercepted e inéicasing foree pissed 1€0 miles to east of our assigned sta tion, Lay to overnight, visibi- lity exceliont, Maintained high periscope patrol on stator. Upon surfacing left station headed for Brisbanc Enroute Brisbaas, submerged during day. At 2000 K received mcssage assigning us a fifth patrol station for an additional week, is we were then 5 miles from the western edge of tho new station, changed course to east and entored new station at 130 Ky Covered southern end of area, Nothing sighted except one patrol planc at 1415 K, hoading north- west. Covered Cape Henpen, Nothing sighted. B= U.S.S, SILVERSIDES ~ Report of Third War Patrol. Period from 2 October 1942 to 25 November 1942, PART I - NARRATIVE 17 November = Covered Buka Passage, Nothing sighted except hoavy smoke arising from other side of passage. 48 suoke continued throughout the day it may have been a burning ship, 18 November = Covored area between Capé Henpan and Green Islands, Nothing sighted, 19 November = Covered Buka Passage, At 1002 K sighted two small vessels, ono stecl trawler, the other a native Antor island schooner on course from Buka to Rabaul, Plane overhead, Too small to torpodo. Trawler armed with gun, it 1142 heard echo ranging of fathometer, About an hour later sighted masts of a ship close in to west coast of Buka minimum range ostimated at 18000 yards, Eithor a froighter or a converted trawler from looks of mast, although only masts and top of stack amidships could be geen, \t 1600 K sighted patrol plane over passage, 20 November Proceeded south during day, nothing sighted, . sunset loft southwest corner of area enroute Brisbane. Just prior to surfacing heard vory distant underwater explosion, 21 Novembor Proceoding submerged during day, Sighted heavy bomber at 0834 on course 315° 22 November Commonced running on surface, 25 November = Entered Brisbanc, PART IT - WEATHER In general, sea conditions were oxcollent, bout “10 dcys of westerly wind and hoavy rains off MEW IREL.ND, Sea vas glassy ‘smooth off TRUK and off NW IRELAND oxcept for above Period. Off BUKA, rain and consoquent low visibility about half the time in’the arca, PART IIT ‘TIDAL INFOR! U.S\SESEWVERSIDES - Roport of Third War Patrol. Period from 2 October 19:2 to Bb November 1942, Pan? a EVIGATIONAL AIDES None. Due to 3. were unr ie oxceot when ciose in, GiXWgN Islond, off GAPE HENPAN, 1s about 5 niies northwest of charted position according to our star Pix. NAuA Island, southeast of TRUX is not in the como position on chart #5416 as on chart # 5424, The latter is believed to be correct, ow iand, tangents in KiVIENG and HENP.N area , PART V = coNTACTS Time Lat,’ Type initial Min Est —Doscription & Date Lon; Range Range Course SEO —Tatet = l0el4 152-048 Patrol 6000 6900 v 1745K 7-00N Destroy- 9000 6300 low14 152-05 er 1105K 7-06N Froigh- 14000 11000 Je stack 10-16 151-482 tor Guns forezaf! Incidé TRU Atoll. 130K 7-06N Patrol 12000 Largo conver= LOm16 151-498 trawler oe28x i Destroy C00 s CURE Class 10-15 or Petrok 12000 Large converte ed trawler Graiser 14000 KINUGASA Class Zigged away just before We wore ‘ready to fires Froight- 10000 151-50 er podco 5,2 hits, obs. sinking. 6r45N__ Patro: Delivers d 351-505, de9 $<508 Large 6000 155-308 Sampan Qn158_ Patro 1 21000 150-508 SiGe UC SRERERIE IN | U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Third War Patrol. Poriod from 2 October 1942 to 25 November 1942, No. Time Lat PART V o Initial Date Loi Type __Rango we OoR eso rol 12080 11-4 150-508 13, 2525K 2n128 * ee 150-488 14, 0220K 2-108 11-6 150-50E 15. 2251K 2268 11-9 119-368 16, 0025K 2-218 * 11-10 149-568 17, 1002K 5-308 * li-19 154-308 16, 1545K 5=55 M-19 154-318 No» Timo 10.9 1602M 10-9 1505L, 10-10 050K 10-16 159K 1-16 1az0K 0-16 o726K 0-18 8, 1500K * 10-27 9. 0800K ~ 10-28 10, 095K * 10-28, 11, 0755 10-28 Lat, “" Date Tong. Range err ON Madar Contact —16003-——> = —— 170-003 10-400 169-50 10-200 165-308 7=06N 151-465 ‘7=06N 151-485 7-030 151-495, 7=18N 151-208 2-278 150=408 2-278 150-408 2-278 150-438, 2-268 180-415 Patrol 10000 Light “8000 Mine Lays Destroy-10000 er or DM Unident-10000 iffed 2 small 10000 boats Unident 20000 ified PART VI. ‘Type 2 ongine bomber Radar contact Observation Soaplano Unidentifica Patrol observation Seaplane 6 heavy bombors Float Seaplanes Bomber Seaplane connicts Min Est ‘Description & Range Course Remarks. a Converte Trawler 4000 000 Converted Trawler s000 Vv SH IRATAKA Class 1200 Vv Too dark to determine class fired 5 torped~ oes,2 sures 1 probably hit 40000 000 To dark to ident ity. 7000 290 One native boat, 1 small trawler 38000 290 Only tops and stack seen AIRCRAFT SIGHTED Este Alt. Course 6000 2000 225 50000 - - 20000 20000 10000 8000 15000 8000 5000 000 CONEPENTIAL U.S45, SILVRSIDES - Report of Third War Patrol. Period from 2 October 1942 to 25 November 1942. PART VI. = AIRCRAFT SIGHTED Time Let,” ast Noe Date Tone, Type Range if osseK MITSUBISHI 97 10000 10-29 15 1015K MITSUBISHI 97 10000 10-50 14 O747K 2 Petrol planes 14000 12 4 15 o9aeK 2 Heavy bombers 10000 1-2 15 16 O957K 1 heavy bomber 10000 ne-2 17 0959K S heavy bombers 22000 li-2 150-88 Is 1004K 2-283 MITSUBISHI DAISAI 15000 11-2 150—188 108 19 1320K 2-278 Single Float 14000 1im2 150-428 Seaplane 20 O745K — 26288 Single float 10000 1-6 150-508 Seaplano 21 O91OK | 2-228 6 heavy bqnbors 20000 Le? 150-462 22 106K 24258 Single float 24000 11-7 150-478 23 12c0R 2 2 10000 24 5 a 5000 25 2 5 20000 26 e 4 22000 1544518 27 9-248 H eavy bomber 14000 15G~161 PART VIT = articxs ATTACK #L UoseK 225. a. 20 October 9 Novembor Latitude 6=45N 2-268 151-208 149-5 Freighter Destroyer 10000 20000 1800 1500 o27 60%260 7 Ee pained Tired 5 Hits 2 sure,l probable Sai (w) COMSSBENTIAL U,S.S. SILVERSIDES = Report of Third War Patrol Period from 2 October 1942 to 25 November 1942, PART VII = Attacks - Cont'd Attack gE Attacks #2 Dopth set 5 @ ‘Track Jingle 95 P 70 P& 1355S Gyro Angle 334° 165° & 015° Tube Bow Stern & Bow Class of Target MANILA MARU Destroyer or possibly SHIRATAKA Class Chit Point of Aim Stack MOT. Type Attack Night submerged Night ‘surface. TBT ate PART VIII = ANTI. SUBMARINE MEASURES A submarine patrol was boing maintained off TRUK by large convorted trawlers, No ocho ranging was heard fron them, Occasional random depth charges wore droppod probably for their nuisance value, Two destroyers wore sightod off TRUK but from their speed and steady course it is not probable that they were hunting. An air patrol was maintained, Neither surfaco or air patrol was encountered at night. Off KAVIENG, an active patrol was maintained at night by surfacé ships. One patrol was definitely identified as a light mine layer, This patrol echo ranged frequently, It roturned to port at dawn and was never seen during the day Tho one depth charging sustained by the ship was a rather half hearted affair following the torpedoing of a large freighter about 20 miles south of TRUK, Tho patrol vessel was never defin=” itely idontified sinee the attack was made at night by periscépes It did not echo range, Eight charges were dropped, none close. The usual evasive tactics were employed. PART IX = MAJOR DEFECTS The SJ radar was inoperative throughout the patrol, The shaft footed on the deep dive conducted in tho submarine area off Poarl but was repairod and ranges up to 8500 yards were reccived on the escort prior to her departure the first night out. How- ever repeated attempts to use it against targets were inoffective, Tho SD radar required constant repair to condensers and tubes and was not effoctivo against one of the three planes encountered enroute to station, Gyro compass inopcrativé for about one weck and erratic with variable error thereafter. =13- ENTIAL 0.8.5, SILVENSEDES = Roport of thira var Patrol. Period from 2 October 19:2 to 25 Novonbor 1942, PART IX = MAJOR DEFECTS cont1a Fathometer inoperative, probably duo to flooded projector, She 10g erratic throighout patrol. Some indication of Jn ck of Trek or seaming and ‘overhaul during rofit, but primary cause $6 i2ck of spare parts, No spares wore available on ton ler , submarine Base or Navy Yard, Pearl, wost working parts are fon sng mados ibis erratic performance has obtainod during aii ve" patrols, but 1s progrossivoly worso, eeR mevious patrols, tho radio antenna trunk flooded on the first depth chargo attack at deep submorgence, qertsgowe cable sheavos evidently out of Line, Cables on a faguired renewal aftor first patrol due to oxcoasive wear, On this Pore bose bes had to bo roplacod with those fron ys wocns they road teneut Peady to carry away, duo to parted strands: Complete Tanpssmont during next overhatl 18 indicated, & space cowPee cablos will be taken ont next time, As has beon reported aftor every patrol, the present trim pump $5 Bepettectiy tnopovative at doptns groater thin So och ee pee ee a ee re So oe ee Pump is definitely useless and if repairs cannot be effected it could woll bo romoved as excess weight, PART X = RADIO RECEPTION Reception was satisfactory. Moro interforenes fron sD radar experienced than horovoforey Last messago sent 210800 Novembor Last mossage received from CTF 7 210187 oeeatee (SEASON) Tast mossage received from CTF 42 220531 \evacoh) (R-BL=812) PART XI = _ SOUND coNDITIONS Excollont th¥oughout patrol, Contacts mado at ranges of 10000 to 13000 yards, PART XIT = HEALTH AND H ABITABILTTY Excelent, @ ssorst)/- NT }AL : U.S.8. SILVERSIDES - Report of Third War Patrols Period from 2 October 1942 to 25 Nevomber 1942. PART XIII = MILES STEAMED Enroute Pearl to Trak 3090 Tnroute Truk to Area E (N) 1oeL Enroute E(N) to Lat 1-30 S;Long 158° E 445 Enroute Lat 1-50 S; Long 156° to Arca D(w) 430° Enroute Area D(W) to Brisbane 1373, PART XIV = FUEL EXPENDED Total for Patrol: 72,215 gallons PART XV = FACTORS OF ENDURANCE REMAINING ‘TORPEDOES FUEL PROVISIONS (DAYS) Oe DAYS ps a ae 20,528, oO PART XVI = «GOVERNING ENDURANCE FACTOR Patrol torminated by despatch ordors. PARE XVIT > COMMENTS 1, Radarmen - It 1s evident from this patrol that a qualified radar Material wen should be assigned cach boat equipped with the -B3 radar, The only subsiarine so equipped whose roport was avail~ able prior to our departure on this patrol, stressed the point {hat they had radar mainteinance man aooard, Our radiomen had Ettended the rado> schoot at Nevy Yard, Pearl H arbor during both -pefits prior to this patrol but no instruction in submarine=type Fadare was given, The instruction book doscribes the instellation af the set but is vague on repairs, If trainod mon are not avail- Qbie it 1s recommended that picked men from the rolicf crows Be given an intensive course in radar maintainance and operations Tt fe obviously uscless to iustall such cquipmont unloss it can be made to function properlys 2, Training of Relic® Crews: Somewhat in line with the above, it'fs Mesmmebded that members of the relief crews bo given ine it jive training in one or more of the following, prior to sending tonsiW. on their first patrol: (1) Tockout dutics day and night, (2) sound operator, (3) radar operator for SJ & SD equimont, @ ei oeRtramer capable of taking over the watch occasionally to eitove overworked radiomen, Our one first class radionan is res= ponsibie for maintainanes of sound,radar,redio and fathometor, Poneqaittén to being radio operator fo® cight hours a day and school at Navy Yard. Poarl H arbor during both * pofits prior to this patrol but no instruction in submerine-type radars was given, The instruction book doscribes the installation of the set but is vague on ropairs, If trainod mon aro not avail~ * able it is recommended that picked men from the relicf crews Be givon an intensive course in radar maintainance and operation, It is obviously useless to iristall such equipment unloss it can be to function properlye ‘ of _vollot Somewhat in line with the above, it to MonuiGRded that sOdbere of the relief crews be given ine tensive training in ono or more of the following, prior to sending thom out on their fired patrol: (1} lookovt dutiss day and night, (2) sound cporator, (5) radar oporator for SJ & SD equipment, (4) radio striker capable of taking over the watch occasionally to reliove overworked radiomen, Our ono first class radionan is rese ponsible for maintainance of sound,radar,radio and fathoneter, in additié being radio operator for eight hours a day and sound operator during gencral quarters,While it is roalized that this training would be at the expense of tHe manpower available for efit, I believe 1t would be well worth it, 1D -15— CONEWBENTIAL - U.S.8. SILVERSIDES -‘Roport of Third War Patrol, Period from 2 October 1042 to 25 November 1942, PART XVII = ~—«COMMENTS = Cont'd Se Communications: Wo did not have the strip climinator for the eyphor used for all submarine traffic from CTF 42, This made each message a problem in oryptanalysis, which reflects credit on Idoutenants Keegan and Nichols and their assistants on the coding board. It is strongly recommended that messages to submarines be ropeated the following night, especially where the messages in~ volve changes of area, otc, The reason for this is that boats may be submerged or making on attack with radio not mannody Achigh percentage of our messages woré badlo garbled due to faulty tranamission,reception or enciphering, The exact cause will be determined uron arrival, A wider deasimination of information regarding location of eneny shipping based on air reconnaissance and other means 1s recommended, Some means of direct transnission between attacking and reconnaissance planes and submarines might be worked out, utilizing ioud speaker and direction findor antenna similar to inter-submarine communication in Empire waters, 4, Anti Submarine Patrol off TRUK: The ships used’for this patrol were large converted trawlers, 500 to 1000 tons, The two observed at close range had a small king post mast in the waist with a bed springs arrangement suspondod thorofron, If this was a radar anterma, which soems logical, there was evidently no means of traine ing it in azimuth; the ship was probably swung to accomplish this. No echo Fanging was hoard from those patrols and thoy wore not seen at night, On tio occasions tho patrols wore sccn roturning toward TRUK at sunsot. They wore armod with a ddck gun forward (about 3") and small calibre AK on aftor dock hous. 5. Magnotic Compass: Tho magnetic compass was romoved from the pridge Incident te installation of 20 WM gun, and was mounted on chart dosk in control room, without magnots or quadrontal sphorese Although deviations wore as high as 35° on som headings, a good sino curvo was obtained and performanco was roliablo,It was put to the acid tost whon the gyro was inoperative for one wock during the trip from TRUK to KAVIENG, négotlating tho islands and reefs off tho SOLOMANS and NEV IRELAND, Operation of mein genorator and other eloctrical equimont had little offoct on the compass but raising and lowering the poriscopos introduced an error amounting to 15° on somo hoadings. Attempts to componsate this compass will bo made during the noxt rofit, ES - Royort of Third War Patrol. Period from 2 October 1942 to 25 Novomber 1942, RT XVII = COMMENTS Cont'd 6, Miscellancous: Red goggles for “dark adaption wore used by all oneoming tFideo watchss to good effect; their use is highly recommended. ‘The forrox plastic applica to bridge and lockout platform: deck end area around deck gun was highly successfiil in reducing slipporyness Yitamin pills and sun ldmp wore used by only threo or four mon without noticcabic résults, It ts bolioved that their value is largoly psychological. ‘One half the crew and six of the officors havo completed thoir third war patrol, No marked docreaso in cfficioncy was noted although the sx wooks on stdtion and the lack of targets made the patrol monotonous and boring Te was espooially oxasporating to intcreopt mossages indica- ting prosonce of cnomy ships in arcas wo had vacated sovoral days before s SUMERY OF SUB LGTE ATH.CKS SUZP STLVERSTUIS Gy 2 GB) (C3) attack 1 2 0032 K 225ik Date 20 Ost. 9 Nov. Tot.) 6-45 We Locution (Long.) _151-30E tage 383 “pedoos Fired ou euch attack 3 = 2 oer tain its 2 1. probubl, Numer las Sunk (Comare) 11,600 ___1300 Hunvor Demaged or probubly sunk = = Type of Pass Frei-Destroyer Target ghtor. __ or Dil Range 150 Yards or Luss - 1500 Range Hore then 1500 Yards 1700 = Periscope Depth (ight) _= - Surfuce Wight = Deep Submr gence E Estimated Diet forget 10" Torpedo Depth Setting s. : © Bow or stern Shot Bow oth 95 OPPort Greck Angle _poxt 135 tb Gyro angle 334° 183 & 358 potinated Turret Speed an Firing Interval 10 Spread - anount 1°piv. TF42/A16-3 FORCE FORTY-Two Serial ( 00125 ) Care of Flect Post Office, 1 San Francisco, California, GekEar ' December 2, 1942: TOL bine The Comminder ‘Task Force Forty-two. The Comminder-in-Ciief, United Stutés Fleet. The Commander South Pacific Force. : U.S.S. SILVEXSIDES - Third Var Petrol - comment on. @nelosure: (A) Copy of subject report. Enclosure (x) is forwarded herewith. Ba The Third Wer Putrol of the SILVIASIDIS covered @ period ef fifty-four days of which ten days were spent patroll- ing South of Truk under the operational control of Commnder Submerine Force, Pacific Fleet. On October 21, 1942, SILVIRSIDES was directed to proceed to the Solomon Island Area with operational control pessing to Commander Task Force Forty-Two at the Equator. Thereafter, SILVE.SIDES patrolled for seventeen days in an area North of New Ireland, spent four days attempting to make rendezvous with an enemy force known to te fucling st sva which was unsuseess- ful and six days in en area Vest of Buka, SiLVI.SIDUS then pro- ceeded to Brisbane for refit, arriving there on November 25, 1942. 3. ‘Two attack opportunities were presented to SILVERSIDES while in the Truk Area which resulted in the sinking of one freighter of the MaliILn MaRU class by @ well-sxceuted night submerged attack. The attack on the Haru wus successful despite the complications of an erratic gyro and pitomter log snd an inoperative radar, The other approach made on the iIHUGaSa class cruiser on the morning of October 18th appuars to have been detected, which unfortunately permitted her to uscupe at the last moment . he While under the control of Commnder 7 Forty-2o, SILVEKSIVSS made no contacts with any lurge vessels. On the night of Movember 8, 1942, however, @ snap sur- face, stern-tube attack aguinst an’attucking destroyer oF light minelayer so damged the vessel that the SILVERSIDES was able to return to the scene twenty minutes later und complote hor aus~ truction with torpudovs. 44839 FLMeD an ® (Se e “TASK FORCE FORTY-TWO an Care of Fleet Post Office, ‘San Francisco, Calirornia, December 2, 1942. U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Third war Patrol - Comment For over five weeks the SILVERSIDES operated in poorly-charted waters without the aid of a gyro compass, but using an uncompensated magnetic compass for navigational and attack purposes. The regular binnacle had been removed during the previous refit period to uake room for installation of a 20 MM gun on the bridge deck forward. Despite this handicap am the fact that neither the pitometer log nor radar were operative, the patrol areas assigned were thoroughly cov- ered and toth torpedo attacks were successful. The Commander Task Force Forty-two congratulates the Conmaniing O7ficer and Navigator for this excellent performance. 6. In several instames, submarines have reported that a signal searchlight had been trained directly upon their periscope by a Japanese Naval vessel and it was assumed that the submarine had been detected. All evidence so far observed of this phenomenon indicates that the Japanese use a very high- powered, all-around signal light which appears to be a search- light trained directly on the observer. 1 Material: ‘This report again emphasizes the urgent need of men for duty in submarines wio are specially-trained in the maintenance of SD and SJ Radar. These men should come from regularly-organized shore-based radar schools since the faci- ities for providing this training to members of the relief crews in tender-based squadrons are, at best, meager. SILVERSIDES refit will be accomplished by SPEARY. 8. SILVERSIDES is credited with the following dam age to’ the enemy: sunk . + One freighter of the MANILA MARU Class - 11,200 tons. One destroyer or SHURATAKA Class Minelayer - 1300 tons, Damaged . + None. < DISTRIBUTION. a Cinelant ,Cinepac, R. We CHRISTIE. swe, Comsublant See as pac 08S 9, "csp 102, Sonsubsowes: 2 Pate, sf Saamary FL as 88 Heig cr To be Eaton te s6a ~ Bum) UAri ia fie omglodo yee « ‘COMSOPAG mp} ft; DENTAL. FORCE 416-3/(21) ‘OF THE UNITED STATES PACIFIC FLEET Serial 00142c HEADQUARTERS OF THE COMMANDER iry { r Fume lst Endorsement _on PULECs ComTaskFor FORTY es Seoret ltr. TH)2/A16 4 1942 Serial 00125 dated December 2, 1942. The Commander South Pacific Ares and South Pacific Force. The Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet. U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Third War Patrol - Comment on. Forwarded. This was an exceedingly well-conducted patrol from every point of view demonstrating thet a capabl determined commanding officer will not pernit deter him in his search for and attack upon e: In this case, confidence gained from previous and successes undoubtedly played a prominent 3s Particularly commendable wes the commanding officer's handling of the situation on the night of November 9th when he returned to the scene of the damaged vessel and de~ liverea the "coup de grace." Copies to: ‘VoNo Ginepac Cinclant Comsowespac OTF 42 Comsubpac Comsublent Comsubsowespac Comsubron 10 Cousubaiv 102 0.0. SILVERSIDES FUMED ONFIDENTIAL S ‘ e DECERSSIHED Wiggs -cILrensI33 vs. JILVERsIDG5 - Repovt of Fourth iar Patrot # riod froa 17 Decemder 1942 to 31 Januar 1943. PRoLocus : eG Brisbane Australia on 25 Moveabor; 191.2 Conmenced refit on, 25 Wovesber, 1942 Sy U.s.+. sate. Compicted refit on 9 Decenber, 1942.. Readiness for sca on 16 Deceaber, 1942. Dopartura delayed one day duc todfects in neral ‘@nnouhGing systen which wore nob apvarciit until day of icpaxture. Mot déperaed mor wiped; no training period. (ieee fitted lo roby = 1 6: Anos Minus cleveh unless otherwise designated. sted Aastra! : fourth wa d dive to test destroyers after they nad Bi. hour, Conducted t0 battle suxfacc @ay and one at night. Compensate2 ac snctic compass. 21 Docerber = Gonmenced subacrged* rua at 0530 off Louisiades. Bichted low wing monoplanc at 1015. 22 Deccaér = In the forencon it vias roortod +t “a #30 waa suspected of abncndtcites. 3y noon it vias ovident that he had 22 acute attack. At 2100 it was dcolded to opcretc. ..t 2152 submersed in.orde> to provide: stoadic: onoration commenced, beinz ably Peas,’ PUIG: 23 Deconber - Surfdccd at 0150. cicited a.d ship ahead at 0305. All hangs topside agreed that it vas a sub= maring and aafforc close to the vestcr: boundary of one avon, thought srovably it wos Triondly. to'vork around it to westvard 9325 wh erossod the toon slic’: he si. tovard us. At 0340 he wes 0 at 20 knots so dcoidc hance he was Tricn sichtod any way. a Srcca light Slaship in ‘the tiorse Co 0957 Tiro Stern. tubo alow opecd, 150° yz, trac’ a he first vas a pra Tosida chout 200 pris eparn it having porpoisce during carly 3art of°run. The “second was aot obscrved. Subnorcce to ovoid depth charge attack co it wes readizoc as t closer thet hé was not a subnarinc after diving,. the first baz: gcegwent off astern. Thc t. over us, let ‘CONFIDENTIAL Subject: ‘U.5,S, SILVERSIDES - Report of Fourth War Fatrols 23 December 24 December 25 December ~ He then stopped and listened and when we started up to periscope depth at 0507 with attendant noises - of blowing and venting safety, he commenced another run but aid not drop. Finally at 0600, got to Periscope depth. At 0630 sighted target, a two stack destroyer; commenced approach but. his minimum range wes 3900: yards as he was. covering the area to southward of us. Broke off approach when he went gut ef Sight and resumed course. At 0856 having Just finished ‘ periscope sweep, a plane @ropped three bombs directly on top of us in rapid succession, Every light in the forward torpedo : oom and conning tower was knocked out, men thrown out of their bunks and knocked off their feet in the forward torpedo room, several being cut by flying glass, both barometers wrecked. I thought the conning tower was being wrenched loose from the pressure bull. Started deep and found bow planes were jammed on hard dive. The diving officer, Licutenant R.K.2. /ORTHIIGTON aia a reo markable job in getting to decp submergence in record time and holding the depth. After about 15 minutes, managed to get control or bow planes by hand operation. As was to be expected, the destroyer cane over, made two runs at us, dropping four br five charges and finally pulled away to north west. Came up for a look at noon; all clear, Resumed course, Surfaccd at 1942. Found that vent gasket on #1 MBT was blown out, bridge loud speakers on 1 MC were ‘wrecked, starboard antenna carried away, shear pins on bow plene rigging shaft in superstructure carried away, prism in #2 periscope cracked, At 2030 radar picked up & plane coming in, so at 2033 when range was 4 miles, mde quick dive to avoid: sur= faced at 2050 and’ commenced repairs to topside, At 2325 made Jand fall on FENI Islands. = Entered assigned area at 0100 between PENI Island and N@y IRELAND. Mede run up north coast between mainland of NEW IRELAND and off lying islands. Effected repairs to bow planes during evening. = Arrived off KAVIENG at dawn, commenced submerged patrol at 0530 when flashing lights obsorved over airfield, Sighted 2 patrol plancs at 0712, -another taking off at 0738 and a bomber at 1526, Sighted smoke in STEFFEN Strait during day, no ENCLOSURE (A) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: 26 December 27 December 28231, December 1. Jonuary 2 January » ECEIvES e WML bon OFS wy 5 SILVERSIDES - Report of Fourth War Patrol. shipping. At 1818 sighted large 2 stack passenger ship close in to coast of NEW HANOVER, range 7 miles, angle on bow 90° starboard. if was later identified as the TAKASAGO NARU, listed as a hos— pital ship but range too great to sce any funnel markings or painting. As we. obviously could not get in position for submerged attack w paralleled him and upon surfacing at 1948, set out on four engines to overtake him, having estimated his speed at 15 knots,’ course for TRUK. The chase was nade in the chance that he was no longer a hospital ship or that the circuit to his distinguishing lights was out of comission, As nothing was sighted during night, roduced specé to 15 knots after sunrise. At 1024 sightcd smoke on port bow and spent remainder of day working erourd 4% on the surface to gct in position ahead. Smoke coming from one stack froighter, not tvo stacker sighted off KAVIENG. At 1430 rader picked up plane dndication at 13 miles but as it did not close to less than 10° miles we continued on the surface. Tust et sunsot wo had worked our way around the smoking steamer when he disappeared into a rein squall, Tho squall became a gencral heavy rain and we continued on his base course until midnight when We reached the southern boundry of our area without Seoing the target again, Visibility very poor all hight. As we could not enter the area until 28 December we petroiled an east-west line covering TRUK - SOLOMONS route but sighted nothing. «after a day long chaso:in excellent visibility it was hard to lose -him in the rain, especially since the ST might have picked him up if the SJ would only work. Patrolled oast-west line just south of area, Entered assigned area just after dark and sct course for PIANNU Pags, TRUK, Patrolled line 4 to 5 miles west.of PIANNU Pass,, retiring to west during night. No shipping, patrol vessels, planes or depth charges. Searchlight on Tol-one evening about 2000, Commenced patrol off southwest side of rsef towaré ROYALIST Roof. On the first look after dawn at 0797 Sighted tanker with small patrol boat trailing it heading for AULAP- or OTTA Pass, ancle on bow 1208 port when sighted range 7200, opening rapidly. Eo attack possible. Patrolling south of squthern passes. Distant depth charging 411 day. Sounded more like systematic barrages than random charges. Nothing sighted, except a 4 engino bomber at 0822 hoa! south. ck rps . ENCLOSURE (A) Subject: 4 January 5 January 6 January 7 January 8 January U.S,S. SILVSRSIDES - Report of Fourth ver Patrot, Southwest of OTTA. At 1009 sighted small patrol boat én southeasterly course close into ROYALIST Reef, At 1128 sighted large ship coming out of OTTA Pass on southwesterly course closed ani identifica as hospital ship, properly marked, Took photographs; course 195° for KAVIENG.: At 1600 patrol returned along ROYALTS: Reef. Not searching. At 1648 heard several distant depth charges, While closing south coast of THUX at 0520 sighted ship on starboard beam, distance about 7000 yards et limit of visibility circle, course north, speed about 25 knots Attempted to close range on 4 engines but target passed - out of sight in about 10 minutes. 10 minutes leter searchlights from DUBLON Island opened up sweeping to south. At 0902 sighted patrol planc on southerly courses Proceeded toward position south west of 7. forenoon heard three distant depth c! sighted large enemy submarine on starbo’ range 5000 yards swung right to 120 port track and fired 3 torpedoes, One premature explos minute ten seconds about 1000 yards orf view of target. Second explosion one min seconds after firing. Targets prc: distinct and loud until that tire, after that, “Turned away from.firii deep to avoid possible aircraft screen comi: about five minutes later, Nothing in sight except flock of birds hovering over targets last position. Sound heard nothing after second explosion. No counter measures as would undoubtedly been the case had the submarine survived to got off a contact report. Tarest had large naval ensign painted on side of conning toware ‘Two people seen on bridge and one lookout on top of periscope shears, in same position as in photograph Qt. bottom of page 89, ONI 1h. = Patrolling in same general area as yesterday. At 1146 sighted masts and commenced approach, Identified target as tanker previously sighted on the first of January With destroyer escort astern. Large angle on starboard bow, When range had been reduced to 8400 he made two zigs away and passed out of sight. Range was too great to observe condition of loading. = Samo general vidinity. Sighted plane at 0900 on south westerly course. 10 January= hen southwest of Tol about 5 miles off reef, sighted two patrol boats, trawler type, and tvo sampans. Sam= pans were fishing with looout in bow with binoculars, Patrol boats were searching area, stoppire periodically to listen, They remained in sight until just prior to surfacing at 1950, one of then dropping 2 depth charges at @ range of about 6000 yards. saa ko ENCLOSURE (A) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Fourth Yar Patrols li.dafuary = 12 January - 13 January = 14 January - 15 January. 5 16 January - 16 January - Patrolling same area as yesterday just south of-reef. At 1324 sighted sampan and patrol boat, The patrol boat ‘remained in the general vicinity until 1930. While ‘closing south+coast of atoll sighted patrol boat at0527, Nothing else sighted during day, Patrolled about 40-miles northwest of THUX during day Gn route to NAMONJITO, Nothing sighted. Patrolling same vicinity as yestefday, “Sighted plane at 0735, (No 'shipping. Froceeded to southward during night of low visibility, , Patrolling about 10. milos south of atoll. Nothing sighted except seaplane at 1717 on southerly course. ‘Ab 0624 sound picked up fast screws bearing 075° F whioh quickly hauled to north heading ‘for THUK, A dark shape was seén momentarily in the very low vis- ibility to the northeast’ but could not-be identifiea. Hither a patrol vessel fairly close or a larger ship at high speed some distance off, -Searchlignts on TK trained of its bearing for several minutes at 0630. At 1110 sighted masts of patrol boat stands south from OPTA Pass close along ROYALIST Reef. He changed course to 120° T upon rounding SOUTH Island, At 1208 sighted second patrol vessel following in track of first. At 0103 sighted large tanker, Procceded to position head on his base: course 030° T and commenced submerged approach at 0219, Sighted escort, an Ali or small DD astern of target. At 0255'fired four stern tubes. 46 seconds after first torpedo fired it hit target in bow sompletely obscuring bow in column of spray. Second hit heard and felt 15 seconds thereafter but gould: not be seen because of spray. Third hit, 100 seconds.after first torpedo was fired hit target under stack aft, Tremendous explosion and pillar of black Smoke 200' hich, flame and sparks at its base and out stack, Commenced evasive tactics at deep submergence at 0258. Screws of target stopped innediately and he was not heard again.’ For the next quarter hour noises were heard thru the. hull which sounded like the tanker breaicing up. Escort came across stern and let.go 8 depth charges. This barrage blew gasket off ‘safety vent as we found later and knocked out 3 depth gauges. It beccz. necessary tc zut a bubble in safety but with the gasket gone this air blew to the surface, The escort cane over with the air bubble as @ marker and let’ go a barrage at 0343 which jarred our teeth. He made another run 10 minutes later but Was not a5 close. He then commenced a supersonic search until after We came up at 0700 to periscope depth. He was about 7000 yards to north of us, angle NCLOSURE CONFIDENTIAL Subject: 19 January = 0.8.5. SILVERSIDES - Report of Fourth war Patrol, n pow zero but. shortly thereafter he reversed course and pulled out of sight, Another barrage at 0817 when'he was out of sight. Retired on southerly course. Sighted 2 zero plane at 1102 circling our position, He followed us until 1145 when he dronped one heavy depth charge about 4000 yards astern. Upon surfacing that night we found an oil leak in #5 FST which aecounted for the plane, Transferred oil to #3 FBT. ‘A piece of the water compartment bulkhead of one of: ‘our. own torpedoes was found on deck, The bridge loud speakers were wrecked again ani the retaining lug on min induction failed to function so that shortly after starting up on 4 main engines the main induction slammed shut. This tore the air lock doors off in the after battery but the engines were stopped before any casualties Pesulted. Proceeded on 4 engines toward newly assigned position, Proceeding southeast on 4 engines, At 1055 dived for half hour on radar indication at 3 niles, At 1245 sighted masts ahead and identified as men of war. Commenced submerged aprroach. ‘Targets identified as three destroyers, Minimum range ettaines was 7000 yerds on westernmost one. They passed to‘the east of Us cn base course 330 for TRUK.. No pings © from their ucderate speed they-may have been cc: Gave up chase for main objectiye at 1915 whon it was evident that we would have little chance of contact until following morning due to visibility conditions and excessive distance caused by. dive for plane and approach on destroyers. This would have put us woll dowh into CUARDPISH's area, or possibly thru that into GREENLING's, Retired -toward TRUK at one engine speed. 20 January = Ran on surface during day. At 1250 sighted smoke whioh was closed and identified as four freighters, As glassy sca made undetected daylight attack almost out of the question we took station ahead to attack submerged at dusk, After a six hour run we had. their zig plan, speed and-base course. Submerged at 1818 nd commenced approach, keeping to cast of convoy to silhouette it in sunset. Two escort vessels sighted one leading, one trailing. freighters were in two Columns of two ships, the lending ship in the western column looked about 7002 + later attempts at identifica!) ship as sinilar to SETWA Max 61, tLe sthies similer to | MART, 5200, 5270 and 5822 tens ¢ iv elye They cowid have been considerably larger or consider= ably smaller, however, -6= ENCLOSURE _(A) GONRIDENTTAL 21 January. - At a range of about 4000 yards they zigged away; we Swng left fora straight dow shot as range was rest sere wuld not be determined with accuracy. This put oer SERS poke Déem of the leading ships and they were Bo aisposea that ths leading ship of the closer coluan peaoaes vow almost at the stern of the leading shir ef tho far column Ani the second ship of the far Shumn had its bow at the stern of the lesder of the near column thus presenting, three shivs, s Straight bow shot gyro’anglo 358° on all six shots, fback angle 86 port. Fired, six torpedoes and at 2-20 Sha 2-30 heard two hits, probably on near ship, three more hits at 2-k0°2-50 3-0 probably two on leading Ship of far column and ohe on other ship in far folnmn, ‘Ye wore then dead ahead of one oscort so wont deop immediately anc rigged for depth charge Attack, ‘The sound of ships breaking up was clearly heard tor next, Half hour, also sharp cracks which tay have been gun fir, luch scurrying about on part Br escorts, Sound tracked them without trouble and heard only one merchant. ship serew after attack, AIT four clerriy audible before firing, Thore' was $0 hue noise rom the vicinity of attack howevor that ‘Sound reception was not good. The five explosions hoard were definitely torpedo hits, both from the Bound of their explosions, times from firing checking very closely with estimated torpedo runs, the fact that cight knot freighters would not drop depth Charges and had the,sseort. dropped charges they would fave been much closer and louder: since he was at & Tango of abut 1000 yards when thy last torpedo Sxplosion was heard, Depth charcing commenced at 2048. A susorsonic search commenced; Six charges fere’dropped, last one at 2152 nonc.closc, It-is fortunate that he wasn't close as wo had developed an air lcak which was very. 1gu@ in sound goar and {abe outor Goor was jemmed open, Surfaccd t-2308. Put aun over side to dctemins cause of outer door jamming with no results, Left area at full powers He 0056, sichbed patrol vessel searching to southward; we duekea into a rain squali ani procc.dcd north. Commonoe subacrged Tun before suprise. During day {2 vecamc evident we had large air leak but unable to find where. Upon surfacing, just st sunsct put man beer side agein to look at # tubc. Tho torpedo was tuck in the tubo, half was out. Trica to pack impellos with eroase preparatory to firing but unsuccessful 80 Jacked emorgency and fired, While lying to it was Found we had a good size fucl leak; Source of air leak still undotcrmined, Shortly after starting shead, an Gxplosion ocourred in #1 main generator cause by salt -3-. ENCLOSURE (A) CONFIDENTIAL Subject: 20 January = 23 Jamary ~ 26 January = 27 January ~ 31 January = -¥.S,8, SELVERSIDES - Report of Fourth ¥ water which had leaked past the compensating water valve gland to #5 FBT and. dripping on the terminals to the forward battery cable, causing short circuits This gland apparerftly loosened by depth charging. . At the same time a break down of the main induction operating gear revealed a box of breakfast food under the, bell ‘crank lever, Thus with a dangling torpedo with war head attached, @ fuel and air leak an explosion in a main generator ami Cream of ‘heat in the main induction, all within two hours time, twas decided to leave the area two days ahead of, Schedule-unless leaks can be stopped. Submerged during day attempting to determine cause of air leaks. Upon surfacing, found three studs broken “off blank flange on vent to #3 FBT allowing fuel to escape thru vent. Studs apparently broken by depth charging. Ab 2030 it was found that a loose terminal on main excitation switch on auxiliary power board had heated up, Cannot be repaired at sea, Spare cables made up to by-pass.this switch, using degaussing switch in mean time, Loose terminals probably due to depth charging also, Upon taking stock of the situa= tion we found.that even though air and oil leaks eould be ‘storped we could not get back to TXUX and still eloar'the area by the specified date. Furthermore the amount of fuel of1 on hand would just permit return ontwo engines; the trip back to THUK, even if we made it would have necessitated returning to PEARL on one engine thru the MARSHALIS and edstern CAROLINES. Hence Zt was decided to leave in order that incoming boat mey not be delayed frpm getting into a profitable area. Set course for designated departure point. Left area, enroute PEARL. Ran on surfaco except for One day submerged when running between RONCELAP and KWAJALEIN Atolls, hen 240 miles northwest of WOTJE sighted 2 engine bomber, submerged for 3/4 hour to avoid. Mhen 410 miles from WOTJE radar gave indication of Plane at 1050, range 16 miles, closed to 15 and opened out, losing it at 19 miles. Reburned to PEARL: PART = CONTIO™S Dosoription mt, tin, 1, °- Crae.. Spd." Lome “Attriok Rrikd Rango Range Soar. ca “TH stare inonono 154-00 # Destroyor Typo 0 030% var, . 22 Yes until 1030 2-25 8 Hospital Taknsngo Tisted as 150-40 E(Passengor)lnru P5415 12500 280+ 0 15 No* Hosp.Ship 1-20 N Probable Snoko, tops Possibly 154-05 B Froighter of masts only 40000 16000 15 No Bane ns #2 7-01 N 2 masts,ono cngle on 15a-37 HB Tanker stack aft. 7200 7200 68% 12 No bow 130° when geen. eOL-N Mast of Trailing | 151-37 % Patrol smnll vessel 7200 7200 6 Tanker. ‘7H00-N Lareo tr-wlor Returned 151-32 BE Patrol about 750 tons 10000 8000 359 at 1600 L J01° Printod vhito > Yosina ¥ 151-49 8 Hospitel with anrkinzs 1,000 3000 349 Loans oto. , 6-50 N Probable Unable to Bonding 151-51 5 Destroyer idontity 7000 6000078 for. Truk 7-06 N Lorre Jap 151-17 B Submrino I-1 Class 5000 2500-000 flag on Om 741 N Rance too 151-17 8 Tonkor Sano as #4 15000 8400 131 great to 7-7 Insts ond Tscorting 151-17 B Dostroyc: strcks only seen 15000 8400 15 tanker astern. ane TNCLOSTRR (A) . | PARTY © CONTAOTS (Conti) Tino Int Tot ein, ot Pate ten Typo _._Dopertption Ranpo Range Ren, Orso, Spd. Tond. Attnok Rnkes =iF “Previor ~~ Sonrching 10 Jens151-30 & 2 patrols typo 8000 1000 096 - No in pairs. 1223 L 7-12 N Loree : : 10! Tan 151-33 B 2 sampens onri 5000 * 1000 178 No Fishing. * 132k L 7-10 0 a a 11 Jan 151-38 B Sanpen 5000 3000 2h1 No 1328 L 7-10." Sano‘cs, 7400. 4000 052 No In sicht i Inn 151-38 E Patrol #2. all days 0527 L 7-01 N Sane’as 22 Jnn 151-25 B Patrol #12. 4000 2500 go 8 No 0624 L. 6-50 N Unident- Propollor 16 Inn 151-90 B ifiod. noises - - o No 110 L 7-00 N Saxoas 16000 14000 140 10 No 16 Inn 151-50 B 2 Petrols if 12. 0103 L 6-21 N Gonyo laru 5 : 18 Jan 150-23 E Tanker Class Pe.262 16000 10000 030(8)13 Heavy Yos 3 hits. 0254 L 6-21. N DD,‘DM Not idonti- 18 Jon 150-23 B or PC fica. 16000 Ql. 1245 L 2-26 3 Dos- In _looso 19 Jan 152-46 E troyers column 20000 7000 330(3)25. 22, 1250L 3-52 N 4 troightors 5 tornedo 20 Jan 153-56 E Convoy 2 DM oscorts 20000 3000 140(8) + Toa nugaidn 3 onding froighters ENCLOSURE 0856 L _6-00 23 Dec.153-55 2033 L 5-35 23 Dec.1534+5h, 0530 L 2-40 25 Dec.150-55 o7iz2 Lb 2-0 25 Dec.150-55 0738 L 2-40 25 Dec.150-55 1528 L 2-46 3 25 Dec.150-55, 14h0 L 3-00 2867 Doo’ 152415 0822 L 6-50 2Jan 151-505 ogoz b 7401 5 Jan 151-43 8 0900 7-02 8 Jen 151-07 © 0735 L 7-31 Uy Jan 150-57 17A7 L 6-55 15 Jon asics 11902 L 6-06 18 Jan 150-20 Patrol Patrol Scouting Scouting Scouting Scouting 170 ny 240 315 195 258 SIDES ~ Report of Fourth War Patrol oR oT STC Dropped threé ‘t' Glose directly over us. at 25 g000 a ange. : plane 10000 over -eirficld et Tavieng. Coning out of Kavienge Toking off from eng. Landing at Kavieng. Picked up at-13 me closcd’to 10, then Kowes 8000 _souti Kaveanisi Type 97 12000 south of Truk. Low wing, singlé 6000 float monoplane. Single float 6000 >iplene. Single float 6000 viplene Low ving, !twi 4000 floct, zero trpe= Th sight for L0® hunting for us. ENCLOSURE (4) 3 r Potrolé PART VI AIRCRAFT SIGC"TZD Time Lat Date. Ton. -Typ6. i Cree ~~ bite +1055 L 2943 ¥ a S z 19’San 152-35 E Rader ind: - 6000-. Pickéd up 25 8 oS Ips Mo 12-32 1 Rogar did not Po 26-Ten-172=38 E Bomber | 180 1000 14000. nick it up.. 1050 17 13-48 5 27 Jen 176-15 E Rader Ind. - = 32000. Tot scons En U.8.S. STLVERSIDES - Report of Fourth ‘ar Petrol. PRE VIIE ETI SURGRINS 1=.sTas, I shéll preface ny ronerks rogerding ahti svbnorine measures the stetemcnt that the Jasanesc ere definitely invroving. In combat eres around the SOL! 0US, the destroycrs ‘sill not Slow listen, probably due to-thcir losscs fron sudmerinc attcck. On he sorning of 23 Deccmber a destroycr conductcd a ist for us at 32 ots without coio ranging. ‘Their ogcort vesscls in tho open gon” still use a combination of slow sped listenin: cha coho rong— ings T bélicve the formct is nore effective. .Cn uery thoir sould picked up our drain pupp es soon ‘as it wes startcd, at a” range of at least 6000 yards sinco thoy droppceé ecpth charges in- nodiately. 7 Their escort vosscls trail rathor tha lead. “‘hilc thet outs ~ ‘ea in a better position for depth chergo ettccks, it cllows tc subuerine freedom of novomont in iciing the torpcdo cttack. This was noted on three occasions. Off TRUK a petyoi is aintainéd by trawler type patrol boats. They stop to listcn pcriocicelly. Danis were soon in vicinity of these pstrols,’ tvo at close wore fisting, as attosted by the nct 'c ran thre nd rotricved that nig=t, Bach“hed a Yookout with sinoculers in tio bou. Due to tho cxdnpy sca, the surface cné netrol off TRUK geve us no troublc. Ort RBAUL, 2 plane picked ts up 5 efter @ tengle vith a destroyer during the night. “/c 2 cope ovservation whon io Ict go threc bonbs probably Gircctly overhead. as ie by for the closost any hcve conc te detc. Thc follo: ee wes donc: Bow planes jenmod on 2ara dive dnc to clectrice: dercngenent report) broken shcar pin in ko all bulbs, stcan tights, omerzcncy licht 1c wpertaonts, conning tover ond eftcr torpedo room. Cracked battery wetér gauge class in sterbocrd forverd tank. Blew # 1 NBT gasket. later in pump Troon bilges grounded distribution sec] and both high power efr compressors. Practically every voltactcr and omcter cn°ship read incorrectly. ‘attery ground of 240 volts upon surfacing. Cracked prism in j' 2 ncrisccpc. ncriod beronctcrs kmockcd off bulkhéads- Sridge loud speakers on 1 LC wrecked. ee : En Suajeet: UiSsSi SIMVERSEDES - Roport of Fourtn ‘er Patrol. PARE VITT = A7Y SUARTE tm.suS (conti). After torpodoing tho tankér’on 18 TJenuery tho cscort ct go 12 cherges on our impulse bubble. Had we fired bow tubcs ho ney hevo Gotten us With that berrags es they vere vor’ closc to-our storn, ‘The gasket on safoty tenk ves blown cnd latcr when 1¢ wes nocessery to blow safcty to maintein depth the cir esccncd thm vont to tho surfcco, With this as a nerker cad Aoisc of bicw= to assist hin he cance and let go another berrec. This caused following damage: 2 ir vont valve on hyéraulic linc to mein induction opcncd. This caused main induction to slen shut later whcn on four cngincs ~ on the surface. Blew out pipe plug on cngihe cooling water linc ané flushing dine end broke nipple on cir conditioning circulating wator pump, geuge linc. Aight bulbs. and onicrgoney lights aft broken. ii mupeurea head flushing wetor lino thru #5 HOT, ccusing fuel lcek to soa. GonPTENTTAL @ e Subject U.5.8. STLVTRSINS = Report of Fourth War Patrol PART VIII = ANTT SUBMARINE “MneuRTS 5+ _ Broke studs off blank ftange on #3 FBT which caused fuel leak when fuel was transforred the folloving day to that tank from 45_ FBT. 2 . S. Ruptured both bridge 1oudspenkers oh 1 Mc line again, 7+ Opened el sea valves and stops thruout the ship and a1] fuel tile ding end transfer valves from $ to 2 turns. Ree §. Loosened pipe plugs on sea valves between valve seat and sea. 3 Collecting tank discharge valve kmockod open. 10- Glands on,sed valves began leaking. One on componadting Line cause 8 short ofrouit on #1 main goneretor terminals causing expl and fire the following day. ji All meters, gauges, thermometors out of calibration. 12. Holding dom nuts on pilot cireuit for main con loose causing overheating and carbongation tvo day . 13. Rivets and nuts on athwartships partitions in off shoered. 1s. Blew gaskot on safety tank vont. Arter ‘the sttsck on the convoy at dusk on 20 Janunry, the egcorte wore not effective. What sounded like gun fire was hoard for sometion afterwards. 4 siporsonic search commoncod and charros vore dromed Deb Fone wore closes As tho firing rango was 3000 to 4000 yards and torseeo fapeks ditficuls to sce at nicht, thoy wore workinz under difficnl tise, although we v ore dond ahond of ono escort, about 2000 yards whon re fired. . PART IX = MINE SVERPING OPERATTONS None. PART X ATOR DEFReTS Prim Pump. I consider the defect in our trim pump an iten of utmost Importies. “rt cane Very close ‘to causine loss of this ship during fepth charging on 18 Jnnuiry. The first chnrgos blew out the safety vent gasked, unkown to us et tho tine. as: the ship becenc heavier it was Necessary to put a bubble in safcty since the trin punp ommnot be used. This bubble escaped to the surface thru tho vont and the eneay + could spot us even 4f thoy hAd'mt hoard the ‘noise of blovine. I only qish the designer of the trim pump hed been with me in tho conning tower then. I cannot too urgently recommend that imnodinte and positive Steps be taken to provide us with a satisfnotory pump. This defecs wee first roported eight months ago nnd no rencdial action hns been tnken to date. a Si Radar, icain tho SJ rndor failed to function aftor overhaul by tend= $r foree during refit, whother becnuse of faulty material or possonmen Tcennot say. I ropont my stntoment on the third patrol report. wat ia obviously uscloss to instrll such cquipmont unless it can be nade to function pronorl; Fit Log. This gave trouble within 24 hours after dcpzrturc due to Getootivo carbon goal sing, Of te IRELAND it was found thet the sword ern wns bont and could not be housed, probably causcd by striking de- pris nd logs in water during night.’: spre sword arn 7nd conplote Qverhnul of pit log 4s recommended, Sparc parts vould be of sssistence in neinteininec. This wis out of cofmission during Ist p-trel and BO. bonertony a Se 8. EMCLOcURs (4) CONFIDEITTAL ; Subjec: U.8.S. SILV#PSTORS' - Report of Fourth Wor P-trol PART X - MAJOR DEFECTS (Continued) + Gyro Compass. There is n defect in the gyro which is beyond the cap= / TERS SP Ehips foreo to repair. This wie evident during 1nst patrol and So reported. Sparking of Mufflers. All four nufflers sparked »t tines during patrol, Sipool diy sorious whon starting up niditional engines st night to give chase or avoid the encny. : Teck in #!5 FRY. Probably lenk in hend flushing witer connection: which goes this tank, Fuel oi] noted in hond rnd fuel ofl slick noted on surface, This leak plus one thru the blenk ficnze on “3 FBT vent onused a loss of 4900 gallons. : Depth Gauges. Al2 depth gauges require ovorhaul efter depth charging, Norio Tend the! sane ° Air Cenpressor. #2 air compressor has broken water cooling jrokot. Air Tock, A steady air leak enn be son thru the porisespe both on the Surfage of tho water and below periscope dcpth. Source e-nnot bo é2ter= ined. Vent Gaskets. Gaskets on vonts for sxfoty, "1 NBT rnd nogrtive inboard ¥eut blown off by dopth chargings. + reteining ring nirht be uso” on Bein vont enskots. #1 MBT vent grskct blew whon the vent‘vas closed, duo to 1 dopth chargo cr bonb fron unseen plnne ovorhend. Borpedoes. On the first two attacks ve hd a promnture explosion on the First torodo fired cach tine. On tho attnek on the convoy, onc tor— podo stuck in the tubc. Deep:submergence inmedintcly ftor firing, with Fesultent orushing-in of oxploder mechanism: and no innodinte depth: ehereing probably saved us from an explosion: of thst torpedo. Torpedo end tube.routines wero neticulously c7rriceé out and ~fter the first prenatuze explosion this:was particul-riy stressed. PART XI = “RADIO RICEPTION ¥as reception complete? Yes. Inet consecutive serial sent 272235. ase consecutive serial received ~101L0, PART XII = SOUND CONDITTONN AMM DENSITY L1YERS Sound conditions excollent. Keny fish hoises in aron. No inforiatiom: obtaincd, on density. layers. z PART XIII ~ HEALTH AND HABITASILITY : Fabitability oxeellent. Goce Colss sorely missed on trol. Health oxeéliont excopt for one caso of “ipuendicitis which wns suc— cessfully operated on by the pharmacists nate. The operation was Der- fornee ob night in the channol off-RiBiUL. We- submerned to“100 fect to provent surprise, operztion perforned: on wirdroon tnble. Spinal enesthetic adninistorod. \prendix hnd ndherfed to intestines and in ing to act it clear, part of the intestines popned out the cuts Ab =. BMCLOSeHR (A) os NPIDENTT e * Subjec: U.S.S. SILVPRSIDES - Rapart of Fourth War Patrol PaRT XiTt + HEALTH AND HABITARIITY (continued) At this tine the loeal anegthetio wore off necessitating administers ing other, following directions on the orm. This snesthctized the ~- % opornting staff as woll 1s the patient, Operation reanired four-hours,” Ono hour after corplotion we tangled with 4 destroyer, attack #1. The Pationt convalosced the morning following his anntour “pendectomy to tho tune of a torpedo firing, two depth charge attacks, two erash dives ‘nd an seriel bombing which knocko4-hin out of his bunk on the werdroon transon. The conduct of the patient, PLATTER, GH. F2c, USN wis ex= > enplary throughout the oporntion and the period following. He was beck to duty six days after tho operntion: The skill and coolness of the ~ pharmcists nate, MOORR, T.A., PhMic, is deserving. of. special credit. PORT XIV “tiles stenned enroute to aren F(N) 1697 Milos stenned enroute to .real5(8) . 560 Miles steaned from station 3080 Pat xv, : = Total fuel expented 92,000 gations. (10,900 Aris of totsl lost im lene Age 2 PART XVI ~ FACTORS RUNINING : TORPEDOES = FUEL PROVISTONS(DAYRY PERSOMRT (DVS) FRESH PareR 5 TOO ent. 1 i SLT Bale PART XVII - GOVERNING FACTOR Shortnge of fuel caused by use of, four engines on chases after ships and convoys, plus air and fuel lenks’ and munorous olcctrical failures apparently due to depth charging caused us to lonve arc one dry end a half ahond of maximum tine permitted by opernticn order. PART XVIII = REMARKS -Eroffic at TRUK. During period of this patrol it is firly certain that =N iss WAS not in use. Incoming high speed tr-ffic secns to be tined to nrrive fron the south at the southorn pnsscs, OTT, 1nd probabe iy -UL\P, just at daybronk. Searchlights on DUBLON and Tol are turned on about 45 minutes before sunrisc, probably to “ssist in gotting thru tho passos. Tho imnedinte area south of the atoll is p-trolled by trawlers day and night. .n SJ radar in the prevailing low visibility Would hove been a grent help in picking up incoming tr-ffic. Tho only south bound traffic scon wis the hospitel ship which e7 earet off: Pass during devlight and took course 195° for Im” INL ND. ~ Tho aron about 30-40 miles southwest of PI“NNU proved profitable. Possibly traffie is routed to » point in this gencrnl vicinity before sturting north or south. One bont rttempting to covor the entire south orn aron is like a cat witching » hnlf dozen rt holes -t the same tim. @ lin ENCLOSURE (A) CONFITENTIAL _ - erie Svbjoctt tisisi Add Report of Fourth Vinr P*trol PORT XVITT = RUTRES (Continued) Aron South of $15. Tt: 49, recomsented thrt 9 bont be cssirned to the Aron botwoon 5° North and the equ-tor-south of TRUK. This would seen to be a. very profitable aren. It shoul? be preeticnble to pstrel on the surface and pick up smoke of their shins in tine to cet in posi— tion prior to diving. Close to TRUK, with constant vir covernge, it 4s often necessary to watch good chances go. by because. of, subnerzet speeds SiTAT Pass. This was not investigated? because we hd plnnned to ‘save ire until tho inttor part of the prtrol when tho noon's phase was more edventrgeous. But uring the Intter part our nttention was focused elsewherce ss - Porsonnels This is the fourth consecutive ‘patrol for six officers and $ronty-one non, During tho first throo weeks of the inactivity around TEOK the monotony was beginning to tell on peoples nerves. But the su cess of the Intter part of the pntrol wns like-n tonic. Tt was rename. eble to see the difference. is Wike Fenno said, the best music in the world is the sound of your own'torpédo explosions - when they are nob premature, or stuck in the tube. = BNOLOSURR (A) ¥B5~102/A16-3 SUBMARINE DIVISION 102 Serial 010 Gare of Fleet Post Office, Sen Francisco, California, LASSIAED = OFRAY INST 0030 e go aN WS Py February 2, 1513. CONFIDENTIAL — Pi From: The Commander Submarine Division ON HUNDRED TWO. ‘To The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleets Subject: U,S.S. SILVERSIDES ($5236) - Fourth Yar Patrol; Comment on. 1. The Fourth War Patrol of the Silversides was merked by the usual good judgement, aggressive acticn and determined attack of war-scasoned officers and crew, Unfortunately, it wes marred by material failures due in great part to depth-charge damage. Radar failure also and aerin limited the effectiveness of the patrol, 2. Verification of damige inflicted on the large sub— marine attacked on’January tweatieth is lacking in the report. While one to four sinkings ars quite probable, it is recommended hat damage alone be credited. 3 ‘Tho recommendation that a submarine be assigned ta area between 5° N and the equator south of Truk has some mer- nd the initial result might be profitable. Initial success, ver soon would be countered by diversion of traffic. Conti’ air reconnaissance thereafter would be the only means of in- suring conteets, In genoral, therefore, our subuerines should be kept close in to enemy points of departure and destination until such time as air reconnaissance over the open sea can be established aad maintained. In the meantime the hazuids of eon- centrated enemy anti-submarine activities, which is to bo expected close to enemy ports, must bs accepted. 4 Material: Silversides will be given 2 regular Navy Yard haul at Pearl Harbor prior to next patrol. 5a ‘The Commanding Officer, Officers and Crew are gratulated upon a well conducted petrol and a fine exemple courage and fortitude that gets results. ENCLOSURE (B) FO5-10/016-3 SQUADRON TEN rs Serial 02 Gare of Fleot-Post Office, San Francisco, California, February 3, 1543. CONFIDENTIAL From: The Commander Submarine Squadron Ten, Woes The Commander Submarine Foree, Pacific Fleet. Subject: U.S.S.° SILVERSIDES, Comments on Fourth War Patrols ie The aggressiveness with which this patrol was conducted 48 noted with approbation and the Commanding Officer, officers, and crew are congratuleted on their success, 2. It is regretted that more positive proof of sinkings could not be established ami appropriate credit given. ae The successful appendectomy, porformed under most adverse circumstances, by Mooro, T, A,, Pharmacist's Mat= first class, is to be commented, While such operations by other than qualified medical officers are not encouraged, it is believed that the urgency of this case allowcd no other alter= native, The rosults verify the splendid capabilities of the medical personnel attached to our submarines, ENCLOSURE (A) reso SUBIARINE FORCE, PACIFIC FLE: 2 serial OLA care of Fleet Fost Office, - San Fraheisco, “California, CONFIDENTIAL February 3, 1943 COSUBFAG PATROL RE-OAT NO. 1 U.S.S. SILVERSIDES FOURTA WaR PATROL. From: ‘he Commander Subrarine Force, ecific Fleet. Den Submarine Force, Facific Fleet. Subject: U.8.8. SILVERSIDES (SS236) - Report of Fourth jar ratrol. Enelosure: y2 (A) Copy of subject war patrol and enclosures thereto. _ le {The SILVEASIDES' fourth war patrol was conducted trom December 17, 1942 - Jamusry 31, 1943, while enroute from tron eo rmeet. forty-saven days were spent on patrol of which ‘twenty-eight were on station. ee Fifteon torpedoes were fired ané nine bits were made for an excellent hit percentage of 60%. 30 tt is of interest to note thet during this patrol pettes attacks resulted when clear of the arca that is heavily oo Petrelied by air and sufface craft which prevents surface FuRBtN patrestter chance of contect. This .substantiates the good resis ont other submarines in the same area who have operated likewisess les It is noted thet this vessel agcin had SJ radar” trouble, I is hoped thet this will not kecp the STLVERSIDES econing rader mindod, Many submarines of this force have cece this equipmsnt very successfully. One Subucrine made 6 mig eee ok on convoy ina snowstorm using reder only during entire Gppreach enabling hid to get in to adventegoous range wieB sub- Soquent sinkings. The SJ equipment must not be belittleds it is @ far too valtable silitary weapon to overlook. é Ones again the SILVERSIDES nade an aggressive and suseessful petrol. ‘The Comcaniing Officcr and ell bands On one SUIVERSIDES aro heartily congratulated on o job TELL DUKE: oe eee (oem, 65 FEB 20 1943 tei 16 0 tm ve > —— 19-20 /a16-3(5)" SUS: ARTKE FORCE, ACIFTO FLEET 12, Serial o1s, Care of Fleet Post office, 2 Francisco, California, COKPIDENTTAL : ruary 3, 19/ oi SuBPAG 2ATROL RE: 1 U.S.S, SILVERSIDES FOURTH WAR PATROL. Subject: U.S.S. STLVERSIDES ($5236) - Report of Fourth lar Patrol. ‘The STLVERSIDES is credited with naving inflicted the following damage on the eneay SUNK = 10,010 tons 1 AK - 7,210 tons 2 ak - 5,155 tons (I-1 class) - 1,995 tons Damage only on the above is assessed b: of lack of suf= ficient observation, It is probable t! e submarine and the two cargo ships. werd sunk, 3. H. BROWN, Jr., Acting. - DISTRIBUTION = easyer List Tit, $8 Special P1(5), ENB(5), 21 Comsublant (2), Comsubsowespac’ (2 eee 2a eh & PO eek si cae Flee Secretary. i a oe ere Ms mas ($5286) - 0% one. ¥712-10/.06-3(5)/(12) seri: 43. on CEIVED SC PILES Boom 2086 HOMME TO: OS 21 FEB 1946 File No. (SC) AYE F23YS 2 3 5 Doe. No... LB a Distribution on nent PORE, PACIPIC FLEET DECLASSIFIED - DOD Di 5200 82505 see yoado/ U.S. S. SILVERSIDES Fleet Fost Office, San Francisco, Calif. ae 43 DEGLASSIFIED Fran: Commanding Officer. To Camander Task Force SEVENTY TWO, Report of Fifth War Patrol - submission of. (A) Origins and two copies of subject repart, (B) Track Chart of movenents in area, aS Enclosures (A) and (B) are formarded herewith, The formes followed in submission of the report is that prescribed by ConSubPac./” come U.S. S, SILVERSIDES ‘U.S.S. SILVERSIDES ~ Report of Fifth Wer Patrol, Period fron 17 May 19l3 to «= JUL 1945 Operation Order # 62-43 of CIF 17. PROLOGUE Returned to Pearl Harbor 31 January, 1915 tron fourth war patrol. Underwent Savy Yard overhaul at Pearl arbor 1 Februaty to 16 larch 1945, lajor work itens aco- onplished were replacing 3" deck gun with "-50 cal gun mounted foreard, install— ation of additional 201M gun on cigarette deck in place of .50cal machine gun. Shock mounting and attonpted silencing of trim and drain pumps, installation of TNO pump @ in tyarautic systen, replacenent of steel insert battery jars with laminated and reballdeting. Period 17-21 March devoted to making ready for sea. Period 22-26 March devoted to independent exercises underway and training. 29 March underway for patrol. Returned to port following morning with escort due to failure of pit log and gyro compass. 31 March undermay for patrol Returned same day due to failure of gyro compass. 3 April underway for patrol. On 5 April at 0520 shunt field on #1 min notars opened due defective lead, causing fire in maneuvering roo and burning out armatures on those main motors; proceeded on port shaft. At 1108 moared to dock at Jobnston Island. Left Johnston at 0730 April 6, 1913 on port shaft to return to Pearl to effect repairs, Arrived Pearl 1530 April 9, 19/3 and renewal of all main motor armatures commenced by Submarine Base,EAR-force. We now have undisputed claim to title of Reluctant Dragon. | “Repairs completed 10 May 19133 completed post repair trails sane date. oo ‘I-16 May devoted to loading and final preparations for sea. PART I - NARRATIVE, 27 May. Underway from Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor at 1115 WW for fifth war patrol. Conducted drills and training dives enroute. 19 May. At 0945 Wmooredat Johnston Island. Took on 11,016 gallons deisel oil. Departed Johnston for assigned area at two engine speed at 1505 W. 20-23 May. Conducted training dives and day and night battle surface exercise firings. Our four | inch ammunitaon is not repeat not flastiless even though the can says 50. 2k May. At O75 M submerged for one half hour on radar indication of 3 miles. No planes sighted. 25 May. At 0550 sighted Apamama Island dead ahead. Submerged at 0610 and commenced reconm @issance. Ho shipping in lagoon or outside the reef. A lookout tower is located om northern tip of atoll. Four engine boaber, type 97 sighted three times during morning, =- CONFIDENTIAL, U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U,S.5. SELVERSIDES ~ Report of Fifth War Patrol, Period from 17 May 19b5 to =f JIJl 1943 Operation Order # 62-13 of CIF 17. PART I - NARRATIVE circling over atoll, possibly 3 different planes although only one sighted at a tine. Ieland checks fairly well with sailing directions although tangents will not cut in exactly. vestern most island believed to be one mile to east of charted position. Except for the bonber, no signs of activity, not even native boats. Retired to west ward, sighting KURIA Island to southward at 162). 26 May. Ran submerged in order to arrive off NAURU in morning. Crossed equator at 1600, longitude 1699-39" East. 27 May. Sighted NAURU. Commenced submerged reconnaissance at 0611 M approaching from westward, Sighted formation of three sero fighters at 073i M taking off from airfield. Wo sigas of shipping. Several native boats pulled up on beach between jetty and phosphate works. Mast of small boat sighted tied up to inside of jetty. Phosphate works not in operation. Radar mast reported on northern end of island not sighted. Three massive nests sighted there possibly radar but not of bed spring type. Cantelever and build- ings of phospuate works are intact. In fact no visible sign of dasage from recent air ‘attack, Huge white concrete building just inshore of cantelever is best landaark on island, Took photographs from distance 3000 yards. Retired to westward, Passed to operational control of ConTask¥orce 72 at 1200 M Surfaced at 1953 about 15 miles ‘west of NAURU, Searchlight on island was seen sweeping sky. Cut in SD radar just prior to surfacing and secured it after about 10 minutes. Shortly thereafter search Light beam was trained directly on our bearing for about five minutes. Light then resumed sweeping the sky until about 2050 M. 26-29 May. Proceeded on surface toward assigned position. On the 28th a frigate bird made a hnigh level bonbing attack, scoring a direct hit on the bare head and beard of the OOD, It, Bienia, No indication by radar prior to attack. 30 May. Submerged at 0800 and continued submerged during daylight as directed by CIF 72, 31 May. Proceeding submerged. During morning and forenoon watch passed thru considerable wreckage, two improvised life rafts, both empty, sae lumber and about ten ail drums, Iat 01-30 S Long 152-50 E. Upon surfacing, sighted searchliphts at KAVIEM, distance 100 miles, sweeping sky. Searchlights contimed for about 20 minutes similar to Procedure at NAURU. 1 June. Made landfall on north shore of New Ireland just prior to diving at O605L, Identified North Cape and closed area between New Ireland and New Hanover, Sea was dead calm with oily surface, Wo skipping sighted at KAVIENG or in Straits, Patrol plane over airport at 1510, Saoke from vicinity of airport in back of KAVING all day. 2 eee U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - Repart of Fifth War Patral. Period trou 217 ay 191 to 1 JUL 1943 Operation Order # 82-l3 of CIF 17. PART T - NARRATIVE, Lookout or radar tower on SALAMAPIU Island. Area apperently clear. Retired to ass- igned position to report results of observation. Upon surfacing, three searchlights from KAVIENG swept skies for about 20 minutes. 25 June. Continued on westerly course, submerged during day. Reconnoitred Tench Island night of 3rd. Sighted light on island or on small fishing boat on the reef. 4 Jane. Commenced subaberged approach on area for mine laying. At 0610 heard echo rangings ‘at 0905 sighted mst ahead; identified as 500 ton patrol boat similar to our PCI50 Class. Very trim ship with guns forward and aft, Evaded at periscope depth. Patral bost skirted reef north of New Hanover disappearing to northwest. At 1912 sighted nightly searchlights at KAVIENG, At 2019 surfaced just north of Steffan Strait. At 2054, commenced laying. Two floaters of twenty four laid. At 213i upon completion of mine laying, headed north on 3 engines until clear. Then northeast to report results, 5 June. Proceeded to newly aseigned area and conducted submerged patrol during day. Nothing sighted. 6 Jane. Proceeding to center of assigned area, At 04,20 sighted large merehant ship in a Lightening flash, Vent to battle stations and commenced approach. Radar finnaly Picked him up at 10,000 yards. Chased at full power on four engines until 552. Original base course was 210° speed 15.5 or better. Base course was changed just before dam to 165°, Target used constant helm method of sigcing at times, other times short legs. When it became evident that we would not be able to overtake him before dawn in the ordinary course of events, a contact report was sent out. In the hour and a balf chase we closed the range to 3850 but that gave over a 6000 yard torpedo run, 180° track. The range would have further increased when we slowed to open the tube doors, It then became touch and go as to which was coming first, his firet salvo or the morning sun. Our top speed was only 17 knots which ™as a @isappaint— ment, In fact the whole approach was a disappointment. Our second unescorted target since the war started and with another hour of darkness we could have gotten him.But When further chase was out of the question we swing amay and submerged just as a plane put in its appearance, evidently an air screen making dawn contact. 7-9 June. Continued uneventful submerged patrol. 10 June, kt 0750 sighted ship bearing 526° T.range 16000 yards. Comenced approach. This s- CONFIDENTIAL U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIUES - Report of Fifth War Patrol. Period fron 17 May 1913 to 1 JUL 1943 Operation Order # 82-13 of CTF 17. PARTI = ~—_NARRATIVE developed into a convoy of one large passenger freighter, one ship never clearly observed, one escort vessel about our PCl51 class and one small merchantman about 1000 tona armed fore and aft and evidentally a decoy or auxiliary patrol. The ‘convoy was on a general southerly course although sigs were radical and last course was 270°, The closest ship passed at a minimm range of 5000 yards, speed 9.5 and ‘then the whole convoy disappeared into a rain squall. In the belief that a southbound convoy was more valuable than the northbound one we were expecting, decided to surface and end around so at 1030 surfaced and sighted one large ship and snoke emerzing from the rain squall, range about 15000 yards. It then becane evident that this group was northbound, whether the same convoy I do not know, Set out on four engines and spent the day working into position ahead ‘on base course zero. The flat glassy sea made an undetected daylieht approach out of the question. At twilight closed target which now appeared to be 2 coal burning single stack pagsenger freighter similar in outline to one seen this morning. Heould have been any of the following: KATORI MARU, gross 9875 pe 80(most probable); HAKONE MARU, gross 1000 pe 88 or YOSINO MARU, gross 8990 pg 59. The fact that this single ship had two escorts and was evidentally carrying gasoline as later events showed, suggests the possibility that it was a converted AV or other naval auxiliary. Two other maller ships could be seen but not identified. It mas then evident that it was too dark for @ periscope approach and too light for a surface approach, The SJ radar did not function at sn estimate range of 10000 yards, the SJ having been out of commission for four days. Decided to make a surface approach by guess and by God ‘at moonset. 20 Jun Went to battle stations and commenced attack at 0030. At 0045 SJ made initial con tact at 10000 yards, target on port bow, course north, speed 10,5. This is the first time our radar bas picked up a target and functioned properly during the current mr. When range had been decreased it was seen that other two ships were escort vessele, small DD's, corvettes or mine layers. So decided to concentrate torpedoes on big ship since 4t must be especially valuable with two escorts. No other ships seen o contacted in SJ sweep, At Ol0 fired four torpedoes, ten second interval, no suread, straight bow shot, 80° starboard track and then swung right to clear formation. First hit looked to be & magnetic explosion, ship seened to jump out of water and streak of flame twice ships length on water line. Second hit inder bridge, large column of water and smoke. Third hit heard end felt throughout ship but not cbserved; we were concentrating on getting clear at that time; fourth missed. One escort vessel went dom tarpedo track and not finding us they opened with searchlight, Just at this ‘time an explosion occurred on the target, evidentally gasoline as a bright flame shot up 200 feet in air and completely enveloped the ship. Also lit us up like a church. We could even see the camoflouge on the escorts. One escort at least opened fire at us and picked us up in the searchlight, ranre closinc rapidly even at our est speed. About a half dozen shells hit around us. We ducked at range of 1700 yards at (118 and fired one stern tube at the trailing escort as we went dom, “b= CONFIDEWTTAT, U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U,S.8. STLVERSIDES - Report of Fifth War Patrol, Period fron 17 May 1913 to] III 1943 Operation Order # 62-13 of CTF 17. PARTI = NARRATIVE ‘This probably saved our necks as later events indicated that he had to maneuver to avoid and thus lost # golden opportunity. We probably made the all tine record fron surface to 100 feet but the planes jamed and we set mother record for coming up to 35 feet, Finally got control in hand power and went dom again. As we passed feet one escort cane overhead and let go a close barrage. This kicked out main moter overload relays but we regained power imediately, Also opened valve on fresh water system and angle on the boat caused about 1000 gallons of fresh mter in $ 1. FWT to run aft into # 3 FWT, thereby messing up the trim since this mas not dis- covered until surfacing. ‘he after bridge loud speaker diapiragn ms ruptured as was also discovered on surfacing. The usual cork paint, gauge glasses, meters, depth gauges and loose gear were knocked about but no serious damage. Ke then let go another barrage ahead of us, Not so close. Two more cane ten minutes later further away. The escorts then pulled out of sound range so we surfaced at 0235 about 8000 yards fron the burning target. The fire on the target 1it up the sky. About every half hour another explosion would occur with flames and sparks shooting several Imnred feet in the air. These mst have been gasoline druns, We worked our way around tho burning target to the southward, sighting one escort circling the target in the flanes. At 0510 @ violent explosion took place, plainly visible to us 25 miles off and then the target wis seen no more, I an confident that this was the last of him because he had been plainly visible to the naked eye until that time. Submerged at usual time. At 1220 sighted a patrol plane searching the area at altitade of about 500 feet. At 2525 cut in four main engines and commenced run to newly assigned position, 12-16 June. Arrived in newly assigned area at 0130 June 12; nothing sighted. Conducted submerged patrol in center of area on east west courses. 17-18 June, Proceeded on course 314°r. toward newly assigned position. 19 June, At 0115 arrived on station, changed course to 324°T, At 0230 changed course to 52° toward new station. At 0510 sighted submarine bearing 36°T. exchanged recognition signals with 55 GIARDFISH, She advised that she was in contact with convey 15 miles tern on base course 150°T, speed 9. We got on convoy's track and opened out to southward from GUARDFISH who submerged about 0800. In order to increase range of visibility and be in position to comunioate by radio we stayed on surface speed 5 knots, on convey's track until 1300, Radar interference noted on SD screen #0 sub merged on course 150°F,speed 2,5. Nothing sighted all day. From 1725 to 1830 heard very distant underwater explosions, first 4 of which were louder than rest. Still nothing in sight with 15 feet of periscope out. Surfaced at 1913. At 213 changed to full epeet to intercept convoy, course 220° for renainder of night. s- era U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U.8.8. SILVERSIDES - Report of Fifth Tar Patrol. Period frm i7 way 195 to 1 JUL 1943 Operation Order # 62-15 of CIF 17. PART I NARRATIVE 20 June. Submerged on base course of convoy ahead of his 9 knots position. Conducted high Periscope patrol but nothing sighted. Upon surfacing after sunset proceeded to newly assigned area. 21-22 June. Patrolling east west line in center of area, high periscope patrol during day. 23 June. Received message to return to base and set course accordingly. Sighted searchlight and possible bomb explosions or lightning over KAVIENG at 0100. At 0545 and at 2010 searchilights sighted from there, left area at O60. 25 June. Sighted searchlights at Buka Passage sweeping sky at 0525. 27 June. Commenced running on the surface during day. 0750 exchanged recognition signals with Lockheed Hudson bonber with RAAF maricings. 29 June. ‘At 1650 while 20 miles east of Fredrick Reef sighted empty corley raft. Took it aboard for identification. 2 wuly. Arrived Brisbane Australia. 10 June 152-19 , 7s COSI * fio Sune 152019 & b {2 O51 W 4 10 dune 152-19 165 O51 N 10 June 152-19 E 0 ouF P.O. 450sAbout 500 tons. 10000 Gatte Tergey TBTS Wi __to ddentify. 10000 Fass, Similar to KASTUX Cargo MARU 6000 ‘Too hazy to identity, ‘Noout 700 tons. 30. Tass. Cargo DD or TB Larger than FC DD or TB Too dark to identify USS_GUARDFISH Trobably sane as contact # Exchanged Recog, signals. "11 dune 152-11 8 T. 00M 11-305 2] dune 156-12 B Radar contact; plane not sighted. Four engine bonber, type 97. Sane or sinilar plane sighted twice later in morning. jeros in V Yormation taking off trom NAURU, ae Patrol plane over KAVIENG, ‘Ar escort for large Maru naling dam contact Searching scene of previous night's attack, RAAF Lockheed Hudson; exchanged recog.signala, CONFIDENTIAL, U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES ~ Report of Fifth War Patrol. PART VIT = SUMMARY OF SUBMARINE ATTACKS #2 fe 21 June 21 June (Let) 2-47 H 2-47 N Location (Zong) 152-00 E 152-00 E Torpedoes fired on each Attack 4 Hits 3 Number Sunk(Tonnage) — 10000(about) Number Damaged or probably sunk. e Type of Target. Fass. Freighter Range 1500 yards or less. Range More Than 1500 yards. Periscope Depth Surface Night. Deep Submergence Estimated Draft Target. Torpedo Depth Setting Bow or Stern Shot ‘Track Angle(average) Gyro Angle (average) Estimate Speed Target Firing Interval Spread - Amount and Kind. ANTI SUBMARINE MBASURES Nothing new. MINE SWEEPING OPERATIONS None observed. carters U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U.8.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Fifth War Patrol. PART X — MAJOR DEFECTS 1. Vapor _stilis. “June # 1 still became noisy and upon examination the gear end compressor bearings were badly worn causing lobes to score. These were replaced with spares, On the following day # 2 still also developed scored lobes but 23 no spares were availsble, the still had to be put out of comission. n 23 June, leaky coils developed in # 1 still, causinz salt in the distillate. Fortunately the battery water tanks had just been filled and this lasted until the end of the patrol. 2, Radar, ‘The SJ vader was out of comission intermittently throughout the patrol. Constant repair and improvision of parts was necessary to keep it in operation, Even though it did function during the one attack made, its operation is far from what may reasonably be expected. Tz was out of comission entirely for seven days on station, The SD radar is not reliable and should not be accepted by the sub- marine service as the last word in aircraft radar. Kith the trenendous strides nade in radar for surface ships since the start of the mar, every effort should be nade to provide as effecient an aircraft detector as practicable for submarines. Our SD was about 50% effective against US planes in vicinity of Pearl on departure. Tt failed to pick up an Australian bonber which cane in and circled us at about 1000 feet altitude, On two occasions, indications appeared at about 3 miles. In both incidences the visibility was such that it was practically impossible for a plane to have gotten in to that range undetected, 3. Trim Pump. “he trim pup was silenced during the Yard overhaul just before this run. While its operation is a vast improvenent over past performance, this too is not the final answer. The pump will now function at test depth, which it has not done on four previous patrols, but the silencing feature is accomplished by trial and error and when first started up it still knocks to such an extent as to render it useless mhen evading search, I consider the trim pump to be the most serious defect on board vessels of this class. PART XI - RADIO RECEPTION Was reception complete. Tes. last consecutive serial sent June 2700330 Iast consecutive serial received fron CIF 17 May 250825 Iast consecutive serial received fron CIF 72 June 27130) Strip Serial 70. Radio station VIM, widch relayed all our radio messages was especially proficient, receipting for all our outgoing traffic within fron 2 to 15 minutes fron first call up. This is by far the best radio service we have experienced in five patrols. We were jamed once in transmission and the Bell schedule ms jammed once. PART XII - SOUND CONDITIONS & DENSITY LAYERS No unusual conditions encountered. PART XIII - HEALTH & HABITABILITY Excellent. ~~ CONFIDENTIAL U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U,8,S. SCLVERSIDES ~ Report of Fifth Wer Patrol. PART XIV - «= MILES STEAMED Total 8405 PART 2 - Total fuel expended 78,670 gallons. PART XVI - ~—-FAGTORS REMATNING PROVISTONS( DAYS) PERSOMMEL(DAYS) FRESH WATER “1 FUEL 23,809" T7000 gals. PART VII. - GOVERNING FACTOR Patrol terminated in compliance with despatch orders of task force camander. PART XVIII. - —-REBIARKS. 1, Mine laying, Ene TA THS following notes regarding mine laying may be of assistance to other submarines: Fourteen Mark X-1 mines formard were arranged for laying fran Babes $2 and 3, ten aft fron tubes #9 and 10, All mines were stowed on the level of ‘tube fron which layed, abolishing time loss due to vertical sifting of mines. ‘Thies facilitated the laying of 2 mines in 33 minutes by an inexperienced mine crew. Since successive mines were invariably fron alternate tubes, the maximum time was allowed for mine dashpots to flood, minutes and 30 seconds being the Teast tine to elapse between successive shots fron any tube. Nesting of eapty ‘skids is reduced to a minimum and can be perfarned most expeditiously. An agile and alert crew is required, particularly formard. Wine torpedoes forward and four aft could be checked in the racks or withdram fron tubes sufficiently for checking except for those in tubes #5 and 6. Wo empty skids or portable skids required, Two additional fish could be stowed in after roam, but only one additional is recomended for convenience. The ship was in the awash condition and conned from the bridge. Only safety was blow on surfacing, planes being used to maintain minimun bubble during the plant. After Ut hours submergence at 1/3 speed and 12 minutes at 48-56 RFX on the batteries during the plant, battery gravity was still 1.205. ‘To reduce trim changes to a minimum, tubes should be flooded from sea and drained to trim tanks. Blowing dom in a hurry results in a large part ‘of the water being blown to sea, The diving officer preperes a schedule af tank yeadings in advance and floods in additional water if less than the 1760 Ibs necessary to replace each mine in going into the trim tank. Torpedo ros also check tank readings, flooding tubes from WT as necessary if boat is getting heavy. XJA phones provide communication only between diving station, tube ready Light panels and fire controlman in Conn. The latter times and fires the tubes. Poppete were not used after tle first salvos, being inmonrentent and having little benefit. alc CONFIDENTIAL U.S. S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - Report of Fifth War Patrol. 2, Coordinated attack, ‘pack tactics are to be employed it seems imperitive that some rapid means of communication be established between submarines, Instructions Prescribe the use of a common frequency for this but at no tine on the patrol aid we hear anything on thet frequency. We also guarded the ship shore frequency but the only despatches intercepted were encrypted in a channel which we did not hold. The use of the T.B.S. suggests itself for coordinated attacks. Its lack of security does not outweigh its obvious value in attacks of this kind. 3. Condensate tank, ———___I€ is recomended that # 1 lube oil tank be made into a fresh water tank for condensate. The tank capacity for lube oil exclusive of # 1 is more than ample for the cruising radius and sone means of storing condensate fran the air conditioning systen would be used for washing, thus reducing the deaands on the vapor stills. 85256/A13-5 U.S. S. SILVERSIDES Serial e Ra SUSU 8 rg or ONE ne Hew ~~ Fr Commanding Officer, To Commander in Unief, United States Fleet. Vie Commander Submarine Squadron & Comander Task Force 72, Subject: U.S.S. STLVERSIDES, Report of liar Patrol nunber six. Enclosure: (A) Subject Report, (B) Track Chert, 1. Enclosure (A) vessel conducted in U.S.S. SILVERSIDES Report of SIXTH WAR PATROL From: 21 July, 1943 - To: 12 september 1943 {wot to be taken to sca by submarines - BURN) SHGBIVED SCRILES Ream 2055 8 OCT 1948 MUTE TO:- Op Pete. @Q.. peo, Me. 26210. Copy Me... Ofna PRM casee —_ 88236/A16-3 U.S.S. SILVERSIDES Serial 6 Fleet Post office, San Francisco, calif., September 12,1943. CONFIDENTIAL Commanding officer. To Commandér in Chief, United states Fleet, via: (1) Commander submarine squadron EIGHT, (2) Commander Task Force SEVENIY subject: U.S.S. SILVERSIDES, Report of var patrol Number six. Enclosure: (A) Subject Report. (B) Track Chart. ae Enelosure (4), covering the sixth war patrol of this vessel conducted in SOLO!ONS - BISHARCKS - NEW GUINEA area during the period 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. 3.8. COYE, dr. _-U.8,8;. SILVERS DES CONF IDENT IA at U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of sixth war Petr Period from 21 guly.to12 september 1943. (A) PROLOGUE ‘arrived BrisYahe, Australia, on July 1, 1943, from Fifth .» War Patrols “Corimenoed refit July 2, 1543. Refit conducted ; by U.Si8. FULTON ed subdiy 82 refit crew. Refit crew did ran exeéllent Job. ‘Dosked during refit. te investigate cause of: slow’ spéed -:found to de mainly due to-fouling of pro- ; Pellers. Durlbg refit installed MN radio trensmitter and receiver’ for use in wolf pdek tacties. wiped during refit period, é On July, 20,1943, Lieut-condr., creed C. BURLINGATE, USN - who in the rirst five patrols of the SILVRASTDES hes seb an outstending record-- was relieved by Iieut-cocdr., 7.3. COYE, Jr-, USN. Ready for sea july 21, 1943. wa training on perioa. 5 ere ioe 2s (B) NARRATIVE -- all tities King (=10). uly 24-1943" : *.0900 Underwry ‘trom alongside USS FULTON Tor ‘sixth war pat- : rol, in ‘qceordance’ with CTF 72. Qpord Sul=43 of 20. July ©2943. T0wage unrestricted warfare in the SOLOMONS - BISMARCKS ~ NEY GUINEA area, operations to be control- ‘ea by despatch. 1134.’ Commenced fiting 16 rounds of ‘rinunition from 4” gun and test fi#ing of 20 i end .30 cal. ceohine guns at “towed target. 1316 ‘Conducted sound tests’ in Moreton Bay. 2800. . Rendezvoused ‘with"UsS COUCAL and USS TUNA. 2225” Conducted trin“dive. Noon Tat 27-21 s Fuel used 200 Position Long 153-10 E Distance Run 25 July 22,1943. Conduetéa” special night: tréining exercise two sugar, U.S.S. COUGAL target. * 0815 Made"dive to tes¥.depth. No bad Leaks, minor leaks An weld around newly installed 1m eericl stuffing box. “Tater attempts to peen-were unsuesessful.. During the day" contlueted submerged approaches on USS COUCAL. special exercise one stgar. During’ the night eondue— ted approaches on USS COUCAL, special ‘exercise two Suger~ USS GROWLER Joined up during the night. "Noon" “Tat “" 25-07 5: Fuel Ysed 2220 Position ong 154-26 ¥ Distence Run 202 sic CONFIDENT TAL U.S.S. SILVERSIDES ¥.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of sixth war Petrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 september 1943. (B) NARRATIVE July 23, 1943- Underway in.eruising formation with USS COUCAL, USS TUNA and USS GROWLER. During the day conducted submerged approaches on USS COUCAL, special exercise one suger. 1420 Conducted exercise #8 (simulated depth charge attack’ by escort) for 90 minutes with USS COUCAL. ‘Manbuvered at deep. submergence and.drilied crew in rig for depth chargeaad silent runnjng. During the night conducted approaches on USS COUCAL, special exercise two sugar. Woon Tat 2208's" Fuel Used 11,50 Position “Long 154-32 E Distance Run 217 Taly 2h, 1943. : . Underway in cruising formation with USS COUCAL, USS TUNA AND. USS GROWLER. 0640 COD(Lb. J.P: BISNIA) sighted periscope 200 fas on ster- board beam, bearing 090 T, painted black, periscope pulled down after about 30 seconds. Turned away, went shead emergency, notified other ships in fornation. U.S.S. COUCAL conducted sound search which ‘failed to re~ veai anything. Did not, fire torpedoes due to proximity of USS DRUM and stipulations of operation order. 1600 Commenced special "wolf pack" exercise. USS .COUCAL target, USS TUNA, USS GROWLER and this vessel Deing the wolves.’ Can comminicate readily with Uss GROWLER on MN, assuredly at 10 miles, end up to 20 with favorable ‘conditions. Noon Tat 19-23 5 Fuel Used 1560 Position Long 154-08 E Distance Run 220 July 25, 1943. Continuing "wolf paekn exercise. 12h0 Dove to make, sinulated attack. 1325 Simulated attack, after attack went deop and sinulated depth charge attaek 1421 surfased, commenced end around run. 1707, Dove to make “simulated attagk. 1823 simulated attack, running at 42 foct using redar, as could not, ee target periscope. 21830 gurfaced, conmensed end eround run. 2215 Simulated night surface attacks on target. Noon “lat 18-55 5 ~ Fuol Used “1495 « Position Long 154-14 z Distence Run 267 CONFIDENTIAL UsS4S." SILVERSIDES V.S,S. SILVERSIDES = Report cf sixth wer patrol. Poriéd, from 21 guly 1943 to 12 sébténber 1913. (3) NARRATIVE Tuly 26, 1943. g tinving “Wolf pack" exercise. 0814 ‘Sighted USs CoUCAL bearing 135 T, commenced and around Tun to get ahead of target. 9852 “submerged to make simulated ettack. 1012 Secured approach, terget had made-a redical change jc 2nbase corse and could not close et 6 kts. 1045 ‘Surfaced. Cormaneed end around run. 1340 Dove to make simulated attaok. 1555 Surfaced, targot hed again mede a radical change in base course. Glosed terget for instructions. Told to continue exereise end rendezvous at noon tomorrow. 2109 Nede simulated night surface ettack on target. 2140 Made sinulated night surface attack on target. Noon Tat 15-07 §. Fuel Used 2720 Position Long 152-55 E Distance Run 265 galy 27,1943. 0658 Sighted uss COUCAL béaring 225 7, conuenecd maneuvering for position ahead. .- 1011 Dove to conduct simulated attack. 1122 simuleted attacking target, + 2126 ‘surfaced and fell in astern of ss coucAL, molt pack” exercise completed. About 1500 ontered JoK:ARO-ENTRANCE in the LOUIS&DES in\company with USS COUCAL, USS TUNA and. USS GROWLER. USS CQUCAL ‘stopped und, USS GROWLER went ziongside to port. ae ee USS TUNA went alongside to starboard. YSS. GROWLER reported a rader ‘pip, went choea 11 kts and eireled formation, dt a distance of about 3 miles wonducting: radar search, search négtive. USS GROWLER: underway.” Went elangside Yss refuel. USS. TUNA. UndSxway,. While clongside pounded considersbly. In the tuturg, more sheltgretl area should be used, better fenders provided, “or'fueling should be dong.with way on. USS COUCAL was most us fresh water. send= ing © welder over to work on lead-in stuffing lend, and furnishing us a-spars ‘set, of coils for distiller. Noon’ Tet 12-01 s 4 pucl Used 2385 + Pesition Leng 152-23 F Distance Run 267 CONFIDENTIAL U.S.S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth war Patrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 september 1943. (B) NARRATIVE aly 28, 1943. Alongside USS cOUCAL. : 0400 Wnderway in accordance with CTG 72-4 Routing order 43 having received 15,900 gallons of fuel from Uss COUCAL. It was found we-had been set considerable to wostward while lying to refueling. ‘The night was dark and islands difficult to sae. At 0200 cleared the ARUHI- PELAGO, ‘passing between CONFLICT. GROUP and LUNN Islend, instead of betwoon LUNN Island and ‘TORLESSE Island as had been original intention. Navigated with caution, using sJ, fathomster, and coho ranging on reefs. 0538 Submerged. During day MISSINA Island visible to south. 1852 ° surfaced. Woon’ Tat 10-15 5 Fuel Used 1665 Position Long 152-45 Distance Run 165 July 29, 1943. 9030 sighted LaUGHLAN Islands bearing 318 T, distance 5 miles. -Rased out to eastward then headed for point ROE. 0529 Submerged. 1840 surfaced. Noon) lat 8-06 s Fuel Used 184 Position Long 154-03 Distance Run 1695 July 30, 1943. 0325 “sighted BUXA Island bearing 082 7, distance 30 niles. 0509 subuerged, headed for passage between BUXA and GREEN Islands. 1054 Hoard distent depth charge or bomb.” Could sce nothing. 1310. Sighted MITSUBISHI Type 97 (sally) bomber distance 8 miles, altitude 500 foet bearing.140 7, -plano course 050 T. AIRCRAFT Cowracr # 1. 1850 surfaced with C. HENPAN bearing 155 7, distance 12 miles. set course 045 T speed 17 kts. : 2000 c/e to 000 T, slowed to 15.5 kts. * 2155 ¢/e to 320 T. iy Noon: Jat 5-01 3 Fuel Used 1690 Position Long 154-14 E Distance Run 193 July 31, 1943. 0340 “c/o to 320, increased speed to 20 kts. 0540 Made quick dive, as it was by now broad daylight and @ large searchiigh’ oh NAHUR Island had flashed « challenge at us. MAHUR Island bore 255 T, fistance 18 miles, Ren at 2/3 speed. CONFIDENTIAL U,S.S~ SILVERSIDES, U.S.S, SILVERSIDES + Report of sixth. yar Patrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 september 1943. (B) NARRATIVE 0715 sighted smoke bearing 288 T, conmenced approach. SHIP CONTACTS 2,3,4,5 and 6. Detormine bearing to be @rawing to the right, closed at approximate normel ‘approach course. at 2/3 speed. Sus fairly ealn, no whitecaps. Sighted masts of leading ship, angle on bow about 30 stbd, true bearing .232, est. targut course 020 T, range about 8500 yas. This was the farthest right he over cane. ‘ Went shedd-6 kts on course 310 T, at 100 fvet. Could distinguish four targsts, 1 ned. sized AK loading and shoking, 1 large Ak about 100 yds astern and @ destroyer on vither bow of second 4K. Could also ss¢ at least ‘two float type biplenos, similar to NAKAJIMA 95 (Dave) providing air coverage. ATR- CRAFT-CONT/CTS # 2 and-# 3. Leading ship now bore 242 T, range 6000 yards, course still 020. Went to 90 fest and incruased spaed to 6 kts to closa.. .Flood- ed all tubes but-did-not open outer doors. Took another look. Convoy had made large zig away. Base course now abdut 315, whereas befora 1t had been about 000. Range increasing. Kept on attampting te _ close range at 6 kts. Secured approach; oolivoy ‘going over the horizon. pid not surface an@ close dus ta proximity of enemy air ~ bases. Trailed.éonvoy. This one was a hard one to miss. would have tbven in perfect position if had Tun on thé -surface another 15 minutes. 1845 surfeced, went ahead 17 kts. : ‘Noon. = Let 2-333 Fuel Used 2235 * Position’ Long 152+44,£ Distance Run 214 August 2, °2943~ ‘Underway on. surface at 17 kts. A 0611 ‘Commenced adjusting course to make retiring search curve on thé KAYTENG =-TRUK route. 0940 Distinct indication on Sp rader et 20.niles: Did not tome close, finaliy‘faded. out.- AIRCRAFT CONTACT # be 1610 géourdd rétiring’ seareti curve..and clianged course to northward. Noon Jat 1-42N Fuel Used 3990. Position -“Long’151-03 B. Distence Run~ 313 Aagust:2, 1943.: Z 0656 while on. course 1207, sighted’ target’ dead ah cad emerging froma squally backgroung. Dovo end commen- cod approach. ‘siTP’coNrseT f 6 ATTACK # 1. ~ FP 5m! CONFIDENTIAL UsS.8. STLVERSIDES U,S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Patrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. 0709 0727 0747 079 0750 (B) NARRATIVE ‘True bearing drawing to the’right, and angle on the bow appedre stbd. came: to course 220 T, incréased speed to.9 kts. Angie on the bow was 35 stba, range 6400: yds, could only see one ship, was the 2 in column sighted in the mora- ing of July jist.’ Went to.9 kts again. Had him in a fair position, range 2400, angle on bow 70 stbd, gyro angle 350 coming on to zero. Raised periscope to put in firing bearings - target had zigged away angle on bow now 130 stbd. Decided to ac- cept change of track and. go ahead-and shoot. Fired four bow tubes, 9 sec. firing interval, using speed spread of 13 to 16 kts. First two torpedoes fired.were definitely prematures. Target saw these and maneuvered to port, evading last two torpedoes. Target ‘then dropped a-depth charge and opened fire with bis deck gun at the periscope. Surfaced to-make end run, target still in sight, true bearing 270 T. Went ahead full speed, 20 on course 225. o/e to 300 T, as it appeared it would be ‘shorter to get around his starboard. side. - Lost sight of target in ‘heavy rdin squall. -At first thought this‘wduld sa4@our-end’run, but wheh squall per- sisted throughout the day, it was"in his favor as the target took ddvantage of it to make a radical change in course and contact was not regainéd. SD radar contact moving in from 20 to-12 miles ind thea disappearing. May have been due to the rain squall. Kept SJ manned searching for target. Continued searching at high speed during remainder of day until nightfall. Search greatly hampered by heavy rain squclis Set course to assigned area covering:the T2UK - RsBaUL shipping lanes. Transmitted message to CTF 72 informing hin of 4 appointment. No trouble. was experiencea in getting this message. through. Noon > = Lat 4-§8.N Fuel Used 4360 Position Long 148-31 E Distance Run 360 August 3, 1943. 0855 Underway on surface on TRUK - RABAUL route. Took DF bearing of Japanese ship on 500 XC- band,- bear- ing 209 T. Could have been GROWLER attack on trawler and barge. Surface patrol entire day. Noon Lat 4-20,N Fuel Used 2750 Position Long 150-20 Distance Run 319 ~6- CONFIDENTIAL U.S.S. SILVERSIDES W.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Petrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 september 1943. (B) NARRaTIVE August 4, 1943. Underway on surface as before, covering TRUK - RA shipping lane. 0942 submerged to conduct high periscope petrol. 1800° gurfaced. 1856 Procesded at 18 kts conducting scarch of TRUX - RsBAUL shipping lene. 2315+ Slowed to 17 kts. Noon. Lat 4-29 0, Fuel Used 1250 Position Long 152-57 Distcnce Run 218 August 5, 1943. = Underway on surface at 17 kts. 0547 Sighted masts bearing 021 T, distance cbout 20 niles, SHIP CONTACT #7 ATTACK # 2. 0554 Determined enemy course to be 170 7, incrensed speed to 19 kts, maneuvering to get ahead of hin, as he ep- peared to be making good speed. 0900 Had masts ‘bearing 350 T, submerged on course 170 T. - Wont to battle stations. set torpedo depth et 15 feet. 0918 Sighted mésts through periscope, angle on the bow zero. “By-0934 his angle on the bow was still zero, Tenge decressing rapidly, from bow on »ppeored to be a destroyer. Ordered stern tubes set et 8 feet. Be- lieved-he might be running ahead of cs nore valueble target I could not see, so c/o to 100 7 to open out on track ‘and better identify hin. By 0940 his angle on bow was 15° port, renge 3200 yas, speed checking 18 kts,. still looked like « destroyer or destroyer leader. By 0944 his angle on bowwes 30° port, indicating zig 0.184 7, spparently not a destroyer, but hod e long flat deck'betwoen his two masts and single stack enid- ships. Sea wis glassy calm, periscope oxposures of necessity brief. standing by to fire four stern tubes. 0947-00 Fired #7 tube. 0947-08-Fired #°8 tubs. 0947-15. Haard expiosion, premature # 7. 0947-22 Fired # 9: tube, 0947-30 Fired #10 tubo. 0947-38 Heard and sew explosion, premature ¥# 9 torpedo. 0948-33 Saw explosion ebout amidshipts near the target, but it had appsarancs of exploding between target end sub- nariné. “First {mprosaion was that he wes throwing a CONFIDENTIAL U:S.S.° SILVERSIDES U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - Report of sixth’ war “Patrol. Period from 21July 1943 to 12 september 1943. (B) NARRATIVE depth charge, at ys (or.toward promature) with c side thrower, but ‘this may well heve been s hit with torpedo. it this time his ongle off bow wes obout 90 P and’ he took up shtire fiéld in periscope in high power. From,his appearance later identified hin es a submarine tender, TiIGEI class. sound could only heer ons torpedo running, which further? indicates #10 wes a possible hit. 0948-33 He was, swinging rapidly: toward us, so 0950 0951 0952 Ordared 300 fost, rigged for depth chatge. First depth cherge, passing 180 feet. Second depth charge, 0952-30 Third depth charge. 0953 0955 Fourth depth charge. 5 Fifth depth charge. While’ tho churgos all sounded hgavy, none vould be desoribed as felosen, ond ell ep- peared ‘to be on starboard quarter.” 0955-1020 Menouyered to! keep screws astern. Hoe would’ stop oocasipnally, but appeared to: have lost us,énd did not arop.any more. “Bathythermograph' indicated ¢ lsyer ct 175 tact, which we wars wall below.” He:dia ‘hot ocho range. Sounfman heard cracking’ noises, which he attributed to ‘terget brecking up.. Howover considering egcressive a tions of target. efter firing, this 1% seriously doubted. It is believed thet there was a possibility of one hit in the. target. Screws were no Longer heard. started up to periscope dupth, cvuld, hot. get ctove 200 féet without pumping and sbeeding up. ghould have started up sooner. it periseope depth, nottiing in sight, decided to rencin subnstedd remalndés# of dey due ‘to probability ‘of inten- siye air search for us. Mainteined high periscope pet- rol. 5 surfaced heeding for newly assigned drea vieinity of TRUK. #3 fuel dellest tenk now empty. ‘Removed dlenk flenges from vent to as a normel’ ballast. tank. Noon Lat 0-57 N “Fuel Used | 3870 Position Long 153-51 B Distance © 279 August 6, 1943. Underway. at 15 k¥s Heading for assigned’ ares. 0519 Dove. to further flusti out. # 9 ballet tank. 0546 ‘surfaced and continued as before. 8." CONFIDENTIAL U.S.S, SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Patrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. 0745 Sighted masta and upper works of a large AK bearing 260 T. He appeared to be on a basé course of about 190 T, speed 13-14 kts. Commenced maneuvering to make an end around fun and get in position ahead of him. SHIP CONTACT g 8 Sighted a "DaVE" type fhoat seaplaia in vicinity of target. AIRCRAFT CONTACT # 5. He apparently did not sight us, so we remained on the surface. Increased speed to19 kts. The sea at this tine and during the veainder of the day was glassy, visibility unlimited. Decided that best chance of a successful attack on the target would be a night attack. So far we have had 50% prematures. This should be more than our share, but felt that in case there should be more, a night attack would still be the best bet. adjusted course to ake end run around target, get ahesd of him and then drop back on him and pick him up prior to sunset. SD radar indication at 20 miles. Fron appeared to be a large plane. AIXC2. Received message telling us to proceed at best speed to form a Scouting line south of TRUK and drop what ever we were now doing. Did not like to drop large MaRU. However, hoped we might get a crack at Jap battle fleet as it appeared events are shaping up for a major engagement. At.this tine we reversed course and proceeded at 19 kts to assigned ‘position in scouting line. Sent out contact report to CIF 72 and informed hin of the results of yesterdays attack. Hoped the GRESNLING who is south of us would be able to get in on the large MARU. Japs tried to jam our message and it took over a half hour to get it oft. Noon Lat 2-36 'N Fuel Used 2980 Position Long 152-45 E Distance Run 276 August 7, 1943. 0230 0530 1115 1526 Underway at 19 kts. proceeding to position on scouting ne. At aSsigned position; siowed to 6 kts maintained radar and sound search in vicinity of assigned position. Headed west at 10 kts in accord.nce with search plan. Received message telling of new Scouting position. Re- versed course ind inore2sed speed to 15 kts. Sighted submarine tearing 063 T. distance about 12 miles. SHIP CONTACT # 9 ~9. CONFIDENTIAL U.S.S, STLVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Patrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. 1530 Dove, .ngle on bow of submarine about zero, believe that it i8 BAIAO in next sector and thit he his’not yet re- ceived word in shifting of seirch sectors. 1555 Subm-r ine true bearing had drawn to 018 T, indicating he was miking good speed. Last ingle on bow 180. Exercised crew ct battle stations. 1645 Surfaced and respmed surface patrod. 2130 Arrived in newly assigned scouting position. Noon Int 4-57N Fuel Used 4519 Position Long 14-49 B Distance Run 347 August 8, 19434 k [iets surface patrol on scouting line. 1505 1509 Indicatiag on SD radar at four miles. Dove to 150 feet, . plane not sighted aIRGRAFT CONTACT #.9, Hoard bomb explosion not close. The weather at this ‘time was overcast, about .7 covered with low lying cleuds, 1706 Surfaced. ‘Increased speed to 15 kts to cover assigned sector before darktoss, Noon lat “4-57 N_ Fuel Used 1815 Position Long 150-43 Distanee Run 242 August 9, 1943. Cunducting surfage patrol on scouting linc. Noon Lat 4-28N " Fuel Used 1235 Position. Long 150-42:B Distance Rua 214 August 10, 1943. Conducted surface patrol on scouting line. 1305 00D sighted what was believed to be a periscope on port beam, bearing about 9) T, went ahead omer- gency and'c/e to 180. “Later decided thit hhis "Periscope" was a stick. 1315 Resumed course. 1725 Sighted smoke béaring 027 T, c/c to 207 T and tracked, bearing constant. SHIP CONFAGT # 10. 1734 Dove and commenced approach. 1750 “Lost smoke in rain squall, last bearing 030 7, camo to that course, continuous seareh throug cope for target, but woithor:romined squ:ily. 1900 Surfaced and stirted search for target :t 12 kts. 1910 c/d/to 270 T. 1944 ¢/e to 000 T. 2005 Sighted smoke emerging from a rain squall be2ring 045 3. 2007 c/e to 226 T. to start tracking, =10- CONFIDENTIAL U,S.S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth war Patrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. (B) NARRATIVE 2014 Reversed course to 040 7, as range wis rapidly ancre:s~ ing, target going very slow or stopped, rader could not pick up. 2022 Identified target as a small patrol voit making 3 lot of smoke.‘ ‘Appeared to have another sm211 boat “ith him, Similar to MTB, Reversed course to void :nd speeded up. ‘Night was fairly bright with a hilf moon, squclly, moon coming in ind out of clouds. Hezded for rin Squill and tried to koop it as 1 backerouad. Patrol boit appeardd to spood up and vi:s closing range. Pagsol boat challonged us with flashing light, with letter "i". Made quick divo, runge 3 to 4000 yds ‘closing, radar never picked up patrol "boat, no doubt duc to his small sizo. Rigged for silent running and wont dcop, oxpec- ting he would work us ‘over, At 175 fect there was 2 marked nogative temperature gradient 2nd we could no longer hear his screws when we were bolow thit depth. Game up to 150 feet, sound could he-r nothing but rain. Started up to periscope depth. Surficed. Patrol boat not in sight, resused surfzce patrol. Believe patrol boat suspected that he saw us, but thit we dove before he wis certuin. ‘Noon Lat 4-59 Fuel Used 1185 Position Long 149-46 B Dist:nce Run 221 August 11, '1943. Gonducted surface p2trol on scouting line. 0558, Sighted patrol plane KAWANISHI type 99 (Cherry) bearing about 090 T,'dist.nce about’ 5-6 miles, flying very low. Made quick dive. @D not in use. AIR¢RarT CONTACT # 8. 0623 | Surfaced ind resumed surface patrol,. increased scouting speed to 15 kts to make up for lost’ tiae. 1141! Mede quick dive on definite radar indic2tiom at 6 miles. SD had been in uso because sky was xbout .7 overcast. Plano not sighted. AIRORWT CONT.CT # 9. 1410 | Surfaced and resumed sufface patrol .t 15 kts. Noon Lat 3-56N Fuol Used 1475 Positions Long 149-59 £ Distance Run 177 August 12, 1943. Conducted surfaée patrol on scouting line. 1410 Made quick dive upon sighting pline bve.rin on course 300 T, alt. 500 feat, distznco engined 12d bomber, simil=r to MITSUSISHI | He apparently did not sight us. Te CONFIDENTIAL U.3.S. SILVERSIDES U.3.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth Wer Fatrol. Period from 21 July, 1943+to-12 September 1943. {B) NARRATIVE * e 1526 Surficed and..resumed surface ‘patrol. * Noon Lat 3-00 N Fuol Used 1245 Position Long 149-43 2 Distance Run 208 pugush 13, 1943. Conducted Surface’ patrol on poe ine 1105 Lookout on high periscope watch sighted .object. over the horizon, dove. and proceeded to investigate. Bearing remiined 2bdout stéady, from 2 distince ob- ject resembled conning nd periscope shours of > Sukmirine. Hopod it was the Jap who had been DF'd close to us during.the night and that we had caught him on the surface. Identified object as a iarge tree, floating roots upward, Surfaced .nd resumed p-trol. Noon Lat 3-OON Fuel Used 1265 Position . Leng #@-50 E Distance. Run 233 August 14, 1943, Conducting surfage.patrol on scouting line. Noon Int. 4502 N - Fuel Used 1200 -° Position Long 150-39 B Distance Run -235 August 15, 1943. : Conducting surface pitkol on scoutihe line. 1815 Made trim dive. 1832 Surfaced. During the evening # 5-ballast tank went dry, it 48,4 norm.1 ballast tink ‘Noon Iat 4-01 N | Fuel Used 1150 Position Long 150-50 B Distince R ssugust 16,1943. | - : Conducted surf.ce patrol op scouting linc. 0540 Dove to: flush, out # 5: ballast; tank. 0606 surfaced. Noon’ Eat 13-05 N Fuel Used 1185 Position, .Long“150-41 B; Distance Run 228 - August 17; 1943. 2 Conducted surface patrol. on scouting line. Noon: Tat 3406 N Fuel Used 1125 Position Leng 351-45-B Distance Run 221 August 18, 1943. E Conducted surface patrol-on scouting line. 0505 Made-trimdive. 12 CONFIDENTIAL, U.S:5. sTLVERSIDES U,3.3. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Ptr Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. (B) NakRiTIVE 0532 Surfaced. 0600 Bove to grind in negative blow vilve. 0817 Surf2ced. 1052: Dove upon sighting two plines bearing distance about 7 miles, type of planc termined. AIRCRART COlWw.cT #11. 1157 Surfaced- 1301 Dove upon sighting plane bearing 160 7, dis- + tince about 7 miles, pl:ne on course 090, + altitude 1000 feet.’ Type not definitely de- “terminéd. Both of the above sightings were ith #1 periscope, SD not being used. To void.disclosing scouting line, we 2rc divi immediately upon sighting planes, r: waiting to identify thom ind risking detection. AIROR.wFT CONTACT # 12. 14lo Surfaced. Noon’ Ist. 4,00 N | Fuel Position Long 150-13 3 * Dist. august 19,i1943- is Conducted ‘surface patrol on scouting liz Noon lat 3-58N - Fuel Used 1270 Position ‘Long 148-$1 B « Distance Run 212 august 20,°1943. Conducted surface p=trol on scouting: line. 0515. Submerged for trim dive. 0525 Surfaced. if Noon Int 4-57. Fuel Used 1260 Position Long 146-37 E Distnce Run 243 august 21, 1943. Conducted surface patrol on scouting lin Sighted red light be-ring 068 T, proc: investigzte. Shortly afterwird could a green light underno.:th red light. TaOT # 11. Morning twilight commencing, subaciged to :void @etection, Ship: identified as.a properly’ ship; the BUENOS. .IdHS. MARU, on course spsed 15, heading from TRUK to WEU.K, 22k 192 RP.’ Took pictures, apperred to be well loaded. CONFIDENTIAL U.S.S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report: of Sixth Wr Patrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to-12 September 1943 (B) MRRTIVE 0712 Surfaced and resumed surface patrol. Noon Tat 4-45 N Fuel Used 255, Position Long 148-45 2. Distante Run 1 august 22, 1943 Conducted surface patrol on scouting line. Noon at 5-02N Fuel Used 860 Positien ong 15-402 Distance Run august 23, 1943. Conducted surface patrol on scouting line. 0305 Sighted wnat appeared tobe = green flare. In- creased speod and hoaded toward flare for six Nothing further sighted, probably a falling st. meteor. 0510 Made trim dive.’ Worked on hydraulic cecumulitor remove noise. 0640 Surfaced .nd restined surface patrol. Noon Iat 4-00N Fuel Used 875 Position Long 148-58 = Dist:nce Run 2 august 24, 1943. Conducting surfce patrol on scouting Tine. 1045 Dove upon sighting pline bearing 080 7, 4. 13 miles, plano, on course 000 7, altitude feot, pline type not definitely determined GRsPT CONTACT # 13. 1131 Burfaced ind resumed patrol. Noon Ist 3206 Fuel Used’ 865 Pesition Long 150-43 Dist nce Run, 202 gust 25, 1943. Conducting surfzce patrol on scouting linc. Noon Lat 3-50 N Fuel Used 1030 Fosition Long 148-46 E . Distance Run 220 august 26, 1943. : Conducting surfuco patrol on scouting 14: 0430 attempted to transmit.despatch giving results of * patrol on scouting life. Could not raise iny stdon.. 0620 Finally cleared radio message. Loft’ scouting linc as directed and proceoded northward to assigned area, clearing vicinity transmission xt 15 kts. , ty CONFIDENTIAL U.S.S. SILVERSIDES U.SsS. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War =3trol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. (B) NRRaTIVE Dove to conduct submerged p in tho scouting line souding off this ao: chinces of fitehsive sir search good, do . now area undetected. 1823 | Surfaced. sae Noon phat 4-26 W Position "Long 149-52 B august 27, 1943. i patrolling assigned area: 0532. Submerged conducting high periscope pst. 1325 Sighted two floit planes, type 95 (D:ve) DCT # 14. 1445: Sighted two flout planes, type zero (Rufe} GONT.CT. ¥ 15." 1555, Sighted two flozt planes, type 95 ( BCT. ¢16. 1831 Surfaced. 1848 Sighted ‘soarchlights in ‘the direction of TRU: Noon Lat 6-02 8 Fuel Used 510 Position, ‘Long 150-57 E Distance Run 130 august 28, 1943. = Patrolling assigned area. 0512 Submerged gondlicting nigh periscope p.trol. 1612 .Sighted float plane, “typé 95 (Dave) sIRCRST CONTOT #17 1837 Surfaced: Noon Lat 5-57 N Fuel Position Long 150-48 B Bist august 29, 1943. * Patrolling wssignéd ares-. Decided p. affective if remsined on surface to and receive contact reports from recen Decided best spot would be in Lat 4-30 N RABAUL route. Sighted smoke beiPing’077-T, dist nce Wont to full speed ind comenced comes in puffs at About-10.minute inter CONTACT # 1: : Dove with target tearing 000-7, dist:ncS bout 15 miles, previous tracking indicates his base course 180 7. Sea calm,’ visibility unlimited. silhouctted 2g2inst® the sunset: favorzble day shot at him decided would shot. ni5- DONZIDENTIAL 5.8, SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES ~ Report of Sixth War Patrol.. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. 1916 2237 2250 (B) NaRR.TIVE Surfaced, Target had changed base course did not-attain fdvorable firing position. appears to be the Fata. RU (0% P'165), speed'9 kts. Two escorts seen, one ahead of target and one astern. Bseorts similar. to PO boats. Picked targetup’on radar, range 11,100 yds, 28447. Commenced ‘ond around run. Dove to conduct approach, target bearing 004 T, 8400 yds. Could see target through binoculirs cl at 12,009 yds. Woather was clear, partisiiy yno moon, many stars visible. Picked up target on radar, berring 046 7, r yas. Trseked continuously by radar, Could ing in direction of target but pinging w2s n Went to periscope depth when range decre2sed High speed scrows of eseort were plainly herd low speed screw of target. Escort. crossed stor closs 2bosrd. Kept try: up target’ through periscope, could sce not! Sighted target through periscope,. but it past the firing bearing for 2 zero gyro Swung ship left with full ruddor and in but target wis going by, too fast to citch up wi ing. Held fire and make a night surf + -attack-as it was too dark to see him through cope: Should not havd gone below radar depth had him picked up in the periscope. Picked target up on radir rango 7600 yds, be.ring 192 T. Surfaced ‘to make another end around run. Noon Tat 3-58N . Fuel Used 1359 Position Long 150-33 Distance Run 197 august 30, 1943. 0043 Making’end around run in preparation for ni, attack. With target bearing 048,7,, range 11,500 yas, st-: approach. There were now 2 few more clouds difficult to see targét through, binocul. in excess of 6000 yas. Radar.did not pick up escorts until their ranges were about.-6000 yds, one escort ws loc:ted on target ‘port bom, ind on-Starbo:rd quarter, Decided ‘test shot a 50 starbo‘rd trick and muncuvered for th: as this ship appeared losded wad wa on a full Salvo of six, depth setting 18 f mize chances of premituros. =16= 5.8, SILVERSIDES U,S.S, SILVERSIDES ‘~ Report of Sixth Wr P Period from 21,July 1943 to 12 September 1943. (8) SLRRATIVE ” 0106-12 Fired '¢ 4 tube: 0106-22 Fired # 5 tube. 0106-31 Fired # 6 tube. 0106-50 Fired # I tube. 0106-55 Fired # 2 tube. 0107 “Started Swinging left. 0108. Gould plainly see the trabks of four of Three of: them appeared to run ‘under the tx expected to see some hits as TDC hid been cheek Jon during the entire run with rx nd Jooarings. Spread was at joast 150 5 of target [length. “at about this tine target started tooting {whistle rapidly to attract.attention of escorts 2nd fired bursts bf 20 MM ‘tracer firing not xccurste and appoured to be toward apposite side Shortly afterward the escort astern fired sever 1 shots from what-sounded ‘like 2 3" gun, but firing w: atie and don't beliew'we were spotted. 0110. Increased speed to full ‘power.'‘on four a:i O11 Engines started to smoke, slowed to 4 engines: 0111-30 Heard hoavy explosion: o1i-55 012-10 o1r2-25 o12-40 These were: probably hé:vy depth ch beon torpedoés exploding: =t ond of run. 0113 'Steadied on courss 250 7,’ range.on target opening. 0144. Lost radar: contact, 0146 c/e to target base course, slowed to 1 ced reload, « } ‘0245 Dove to check trim, giuges on forward tris 0302 Surficéd; startdd, Séarching for target. 0900 Started retiring Soireh eurve. 1038 “Hoard 'threo-distant. depth ¢hirges, could E° tion or seo -anything, 1130 Sent to OTF 72. .Kessac 20 minutes. 1251 Sighted pline bearing 000 7, dist_n 1000 feet, course 115 T, twin engined a "Betty". aIRCRAFT CONTACT 7 18. 1252 Dove to avoid detection. + 0196-00 Fired 4 3 Tube. - t CuNPIDENTEAL U,8,S. SILVERSIDES U,S.S. SILVERSIDES ~ deport. of Sixth war Patr Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September: 1943 (B) NARRATIVE (Continued) 1333 While preparing to surface sighted same plane bearing 065 T. Apparently we were fairly accurate DFd on last transmission, Decided to remain submerged. 134% Sighted formation of 7 planes, type undetermined, ange 11 miles, on course 051 T. AIRCRAFT CoNTact i 19. 1550 Heard pinging on sound gear dead ahead, bea: 090 T, sighted possible smoke in sams direction, 1706 Pinging and possible smoke drawing steady to ri “ ¢e/e to-160 T to intercept . 1845 Surfaogd..Pinging had ceased at sunset, last 120°. weather on sustacing was squally. 195 c/ 120:T, stopping about every hal? hour listen.on sound-gear. 2000 c/e ta.180 T," 2235 Radar .cdntact, range 12,000 yds, bearing 222 1 Started tracking, 2240 Commenced end around run, Went around ‘targets port beam keeping-outside of 10,000 yas, as wosther was very clear and could see him clearly through binoculars at 12,000 yds, #rom appearance of target and escorts this is the sume" target we shot at last night. Noon Iat 118" Fuel Used 2060 Fosition Long 149-41 5 Distance Run 233 august 31, 1943, Underway’ of surface ‘tricking target in preparation for a night attack: 0257 submerged.'on conduct approich, visibility too light for surface attack, Target bearing 022 T, range 7250 yas, Heard target Pinging; pinging appeared to be consistently in our direction rather than searching as he hud done the night before, f 0330 pRadar “picked up ‘target bearing 115 1,-range 6700 yds, could not pick up any escort, Radar sorcen indicated nother ‘radur. Sound Kept reporting light fast scrows of escort on 3 steady boarding, closing. inging oame from tho “direction of the slow specd scrows 2nd he seomed todefinitely havo contact onus, Could not sce target or oscort through periscopc. =1e= CON#TDENTL. U.S.Si SILVSRSIDES ~ deport of Sixth ‘iar Poriod from 21’ July 1943 to 12 Septeaber (B) NAKRaTIVE (Continued) 0345 Pinging still directly on us, could 4 from him. Riggud for silent tunning 4 uv ative tompersture eradicnt 75 foot, ren at 200 fset. ator » gradiont ho app2reatly lost s¥spocted that this ‘the following reson! (2) facet nado much shallowor araft araneg would indicato. Puf2s ‘cf smoke appeired to s: If. wo had bosn DF'€ in our-mornin he -cpparontly ‘had- headed for th of avoiding it. fcod, nothing in sight. . Sicnted 4 smill ring 178 T, five miles. It'was just -starting to wore trying t6 aike iim out, ho ippor. flashed 2 efedn light; Docided it boat 2nd submorged. R had be: Jup.- Ho @isappeared over the. horizon after |SHIp conmact #13, 1850 Surfacod. as our preserco-im thi .s known od for 2 new spot southwest .of Bi re tho DRUM haa iroported -good hunting. Noon Tat 0-02 N. Posititn ‘Long 149-37 5 September 1, 1943. Conducted pitrol in assignoa ure, 0536 Submerged. 0607 Sighted one float plano (Ds we), boating 165 T 275 7, «ltitude 1000 fect... alRCR.°T CONTACT 7 1845 Surf iced. 2230 Wont hoa 17.5 kts on course 330.7. oon at 1-30.S..” Fuel Position Long 149-00 D Soptembor 2, 1943. * Conducted .surfice patrol in 48s 1300 Slowed .to.11 knots. Noon "Lat 0-52 N Position Long 147-30 E SES QONF IDENT IAL U.5.S, STLVERSIDES U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Patrol. Period from 21 July 1943 to 12 September 1943. (B) NaRRaTIVE Soptember 3, 1943. Conducted pitrol in assignéa area.: 0532 Subnorged. * 1915 Surfaced. Left’ patrol area tonight in a despatch orders of CTF 72. : Noon Lat’ 1-29 8% ©" Fuoiivsca Position’ Long 148-43 B Distance Ru: Soptombor 4, 1943. Underway on surface, crossing’ TRUK -' Rab. anos. g 0804 00D sighted pline coming through cloud bank, i type 99 (Chorry), distanco, 5 miles, bs plane course 090 T. Made quick dive. Tor ¢ 21. Surfaced in heavy rain’ squall and resumed patrol of shipping lanes Noon Tat 0-46 § . Fuol Used 2290 Position Long 152-16 B Distance Run 242 September 5, 1943. 0035 Transmitted position roport’in’accotdince with instructions from OTF: 72, 0607 Submerged. 1816 Surfaced. Noon Tat 2-18%s Fuel Used” 1940 Position Long 154-598 Distance Rus 253 Soptember 6, 1943. E 0517 Submerged. 1808 Surfaced. ‘Noon Tat 5-02S Fuel Used 1805 Position Long 156-33 E Distunco Run 195 Septembor 7, 1943. a2 0456 Subnurged. During tho day, sighted oight bombing various times.’ Those close ‘onough’to identity wore illied piinos, ~ * 1807 Surfaced. 2015 Sighted USS Gw0WIER bearing 250 T, distance 2tcut 6 miles on x parillol gourse, Noon Lat 6537S’ Fuel Used Position Long 158-512 Dist.nce Rui =20- CONSTDENTIAL «S. SILVERSIDES U.S.3. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth Wir F..tro Poriod from 21 July 1943 to 12 Soptembor (B) TIVE Soptember 8, 1943+ 0340 Gontacted and exchanged recognitio: Zeal :nd corvette TUE (our oscort) Rendezvous, 5 milos west of Cars Started proceeding on course 227 T, =t 1 TUL.GI, SaVO ISLAND 2nd GU.D.LC.N.L and S.atT IS.BEL on the starboird. During t Sighted many aircraft, mainly liber tors fortresses. ulso sighted sever .1 pitrol fricndly DD'e 2nd many landing craft. Reloased escort, preceeded on surf=co USS GROWLER. on. Iat 9-19 S Position Long 159-20 £ September 9, 1943. Underway on surfaco in company with 0639 GROWLER reported plzne over LIN be Gs it could be enemy and own planos unfricndly 1stely in this xre2. PL GROWLER remained on surfaco, oxehing: signals and informed planes we wore CRAFT CONTACT # 22. 0655 Surfaded. Noon Lat lgc1s S Position Long 157-33 3 September 10, 1943. Unéerwsy on surface in company w During the afternoon conducted dr ing while Ga0wISR had slowed to cor go. Noon, Lat 20-03 S Position Long 157-04 2 Soptember 11, 1943. Underway in com Noon Position September 12, 1943. 0800 arrived Brisbano, «3, SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War P.trol. (¢) WS..THER Normal weather for this 2re2 was experienced. Normal. was cilm, often glassy, winds light and variable. This broken by tropicsl squally weather when in the woxthor front. (©) TIDAL INFORM..TION While lying to refueling at night north of Joi i 2 knot sot to tho westward was oxperienced. While running submerged ne-r BUK. ISL.ND betwoon and GREEN ISL.ND a 1 knot set to the east oxperionced, which was opposite to tht found on the provious occasions. Betwoon 3° N and 50 N, 150° 8 and 1520 g, current of 0.8 knots setting 090° was found during the period fron 2 to 26 wugust. (2) NaViGaTIONL ..IDS Searchlights on TRUK cin bo seen over 100 miles ind 2ppears to bo on FEFAN ISL.ND. Searchlights fron KIT. were seen 90 miles. Tongonts of MUSSsU ISLaND are usoless for plotting unloss close in. (f) SHIP conT.cTS Time Lat Initial gst. How Date Long Typo Range _Crso&Spd Cont:otsd _ Remarks. =03 Periscope sight- July 24 154-18 28S 200 Sighted ed _by COD.2os- 8500 12 kts, 1,5 2-3 ar July 31 152-49 3 XV 7000 12 kts 0745 2-13 5 Var, July 31 152-49 B DD _7000_12 kts 5 2-43 Var July 31 152-49 B DD 7600 ___12- kts 30 T aug 2 149-25 B XW 12 miles 14 kts O547 I-55 N 170 T aug 5 153-39 2.S 12 niles 18 kts CONFIDENTL.L U.S.S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVRSIDES - Roport of Sixth War Patrol. (F) SHIP contacts (Cont.) Time Lat Date Long Type oe 538 2 38 ak 1330-505-1 «ug 7 150-45 1725 4-50 uglO 150-33 OL5% 5-00 W aug 21 149-50 TOI2 G=30 W aug 29 150-48 Initial Est. How Range _Crs&Spd Contacted a0 12 miles 14 kts Sighted SS__12 alles PATROL 15 BOsT ailos Var 222 T 15 kts. Hak 15 ailes Bak 25 ailes Var. Rezarks air escort also present. ost probably USS_BaLsO Snoking nezyily. Kay havo had TB with hic. Hospital ship BUSNOS .s1a3S 1aBU, stback #3, Si- ailar to Palla 053, 0-07 S Patron, Var sug 31 149-48 Z BO.T 5 milos ot clearly seen orning twi- light. *(ONT 208-F Flos) (c) sIRORF? Initial Rani conn.cTs Time Lat D.te Lon Tul, 050/180 Porise: IOKE=! 30 154-16 B ‘Sclly"miles Ops 240-5 - s"Dave" 2 miles a Tr 3k 152. im =! ONS 2 July 31 152-508"Davo" O94 =2h N Un= sug 1 151-308 known 20 Var. __Poriscope 2ailes Var. Periscope miles Vnknown Radar 3ISLD Uscorting Oy. iy a large trol plane to 03-39 N 152-445"Dave" 5 aug 6 7 O91? K 03-28 N Un- aug 6152-443 known 1505 4-59 N Un- eug 8 151-032 known Unknown Ridar 0558 4-00 W 6 sg 11_150-445"Ghorry" milos 5th See oe sug 11 150-008 known 6 ailos 270/120 Lookout Unknown Radar 255) U.S.S. SILVERSIDES SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Ptrol. (G) sIRCR.FT CONT.CTS (Cont.) Initial Est. How Typo Range CrséSpa Contzcto aug 12 150-04B"Betty" 7 miles 300/150 Lookout 1052 4-00 N Un- sug 18 150-162 known miles Var. Lookout determined. fs01-3o58.NUn= 907 UR routly ai aug 18 150-@73 known niles known Lookout 1045 3-06 N Un- ‘000/Un- sug 24 150-408 known miles known Lookout. ‘1325 0-OL N / parently did aug 27 151-00E"Dave" miles 180/120 Periscope petheight us. e tras 6201 W ntly aid sug 27 1! 38 "Ruf ol miles 120/150 Periscopo not sight us- ‘1505 6-01 N é ug 27 151-062"Davo" giles 180/120 Perisco) “L6l2 6-02 W sug 28 150-40) miles 270/120 Poriscope n 1251 1-10 N aug, 30 150-048"Botty" 7 alles 115/150 Lookout 1347 1-09N ug 30_150-038"Botty"1¥ milos 051, Per isco; Sept 1 148-/ Bave" § miles 275/120 Poriscore 0804 0-47 N 3 Sopt_4 153-52i"Chorry" miles 090/120 Lookout Bz, Ot = Sept _9 157-458 "B-25" 6 ailes Var. MN (H) a?T.CK Dat. U.S.S. SILVERSIDES © TORPEDO .TT..CK No. 1 No. 6 Tm 0750.K. . DTS august 2, 1943 Ls 4-36 LONG 149-20 2 TARGET DaTa Contact was mide with the targct visually a squally background, shortly after sunriso. sky almost completely overcast, frequentlyeavy rai Range was closing rapidly, from >,pearance masts the bow as hearly zero, submerged before he sichte: commenced approach. Target was later identific to Kalil MaRU (ONI 14 P.63) and probably was converted to an XV as it hed only three goalposts instead of four, closely resembled the picture shown on the converted 4. GS GONPIDENTIAL U.S,S. SILVERSIDES U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth TaRGET DT (Cont.) Closed track at-9 kts. on normal approzch course. while standing by to-fire, target zigged away, a2king track 150 instead-of .90.. Changed satup and commenced firing, using 9 Sec. interval and a speed sproad of 13 to 16 kts. First two torpedoes were prenatures, target sighted these ina avoided other :two: torpedoes. - Target then co.ienced shooting 5" gun in our.goneral direction, -dropped a and-headed away from us. Surfaced with his in started chase and ond around run at full spe: ducked into 2 heavy rain ‘squall - We ‘searched for him until dusk. SHIPS SUNK NONE SHIZS DwiaGSD NON DaMiaGE DETERMINED BY: Saw no danage. ‘TARGET DRAFT. 15.f¢. Course 270, speed 14, range 2200-2320. OWN-SHIP Data Speed 2.7 ,- Gourse-245°, Dapth 641 angle FIRS CONTROL ..ND TORFSDO D. TYPE aTTaGK --Subgerged periscopo attaék. During firing kept periscope trained on MOT and kopt bearings fed into T¢ continuously. oTRcK # 1 Tubes fared 7. Ll #2 Track-angle 1488 150 8 Gyro angle, 21) 353 355 Depth: Set iz iz Power. High High Hit or iiss _-Preaaturo Premature Brratic * Mark Torpedo XMV-3, GV-3n Serial No. 20333 22321 Mark Exploder © VI-1 VI-1 Sorial No. 9245 5672 actuation Set CONTACT ND IN + ,ctuatdon “nctual,: Premature Preaature Mark Warhead XVI. XI Serial. No. 1381 1384 Explosive TEX TEX =25= CONFIDENTIAL U.S,S. SILVERS IDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Patrol. aTT.cK { 1 (Cont.) #2 #2 #3 Firing Interval --- 9 sec. 9 sec. ‘Typo Spread Speed spread 13 to 26 kts, Sea Conditions: Calm — ae @veriiiul activity USS. FULTON - on REARS, Firing position wis not idoz1 by ahy hens, but was -2cgepted and -a spread of-four fircd fecling-that at least one 2nd ‘possible two would-be hits.° Preaytures onthe first two torpedoes dofinitely put the odds on the Jar side. U,S.S. SILVERSIDES TORPEDO sPTCK No. 2 Time 0947 K. DATE august 5, 1943 La? 01-53 1. -L T.RGET DT. DESCRIPTION at 0547 sighted masts of target bearing 021 7, estimated target course 170 T. Increased speed to-19 kts and worked into position dead ahead of target, keeping his masts in sight. It was clear“and sunny, sea alnost 2 flat caln. 4t 9900 having worked into position ahead, subzerged ahd stafted cpproach. Set torpedoes 1t 15-fect.’ ..t 0918 sighted masts through poriscope, angle on the bow Zero, By 0934 his angle on the tow Was still zero, rango docroasi: rapidly and his silhouette resembled a destroyer. Set tor- pedoss at 8 fect, changed gourse to get off the track little so could see if he'w.s escorting a larger ship astern of hin. By 0944 ho was identified is 4 naval auxilizry, should have reset torpedoes deeper but he was coming fast ana was concentrating on not-letting Hin get by. 0947 fired a spread of four from the stern tubes, # 7(1st) #9 (3rd) exploded prematurely # 8 missed, 2nd # 10 possible hit. ator identified ship as H.1.J.u1.S class, ONI 1, P. 177). He: turned toward-to ran, and hé dropped five depth charges about a minute first ons exploding as we passed t80°fect, none of close. SHIPS SUNK NONE SHIPS D.iaGED © NONE D.MAGE DETERMINED - ..boitt- 0949- an“explosio n wes scen about anidships near the target, but it had the appearznce of: exploding betwoen tar- get and submarine.--First ession was that he was throwing a dept. at us ~26- CONFIDENTIAL U.S.8. SILVERSIDES U.S.S. SILVERSIDES - Report of Sixth War Patrol. Daii.GE DETERMINED -with a side thrower, but this may well (Continued) have been a hit with #10 torpsdo. Sound could only hear ono torpedo running (#8), af 1020 thé soundaan heard crackling noise which he said wore sicilar to nodse he had heard before of shizs broaking up. Sorews wore not hdard after this. Tt is folt that there is 2 strong possibility that the targot suffered ono hit. TARGET DRAFT COURSE 18, SPEED 16 R.NGZ 1440 OWN SHIP D..Ts SPEED 2.7 COURSE 100 DEPTH 65* .NGIE 0° FIRE CONPROL ..ND TORPSDO D..7.. Due to glassy sea, periscope exposures wore of short dura- tion. While firing kopt periscope up and fod bearings into TC continuously. Used 2 speed spread, ding from 17.5 to 20 kts. ATEACK ¢ 2 Tubes fired Track angle Gyro angle Dopth Sét Power Hit, or, Miss Erratit Mark Torpedo Serial No. Mark Bxploder Serial No. actuation Set actuation actual Wark Warhead Serial Nos Explosive Firing Interval Type Spread Sea Conditions. Premature 2-3. 20298 VI-1 5621 Premature XVI 9579 TPx #8 102 P 162 at High Miss No XAV-30, 25070 vi-1 14797 Foss. Hit No comct ap aHPLvat diss. WL 5210 Tex 8 SPEED SPRE.D 17.5 to 20 kt: Flat Caln- Overhaul activity USS FULTON. REMARKS It is roalized that torpedoes Gooper. However’, it is.folt that calm soa; that’ 50% promtures wi: expected ‘percentage of presaturcs. 27- CONFIDENTIAL: © «nHeS.S, SILVERSIDES. U.S.S. SILVERSIDES: ~ Ropert pf Sixth War Patrol U.S.S. SILVERSIDES TORPEDO .TT.CK No. 3 ROL No. 6 TIME 0107 K _DaTB august 30,:1943 L.T 0240 N. Lowe 150-00 2 TROBT D. ‘DESCRIPTION v3, Original contact with target azdc tho previous day and had: beon stalking and track: continuously since that timc. One day submorged. night. subaerged approach had. been sade previously but no torpedoes fired as was nottin favorable firing position. at 0043,K, with target, bearing 043 T, range 11,500 started surface approach. Radar working woll, ty picked up at about 6000 yds, one on port bow, one. o: board quarter. Game in on a 50 starboard track, : a small silhouette and using Slow speed to reduce wake. Radar ranges and TBT bearings were introduced into TDC Dearing of convoy. Sighted submarine bearine 177 Ty cusnecs, Cote aeert itched contact with 2hLA0 on Fike Reget. Soe evby. Betimeted convoy must be clase on its 1900 position circle. Evening stars shoed vo vere robebly te south Eyorint *Tetiring, saarch curye et full speed 0 nor ti oat on an cohtzct sath BALAO, Radar voulé not F Btarted checkin it carefully. con, It, Vorthinaton, sighted convey, on St hoard 00D, TEs 10 wiles, Reported thie to MSAO vie ¥ilze range of ould start en end run to nortiner® © Convoy bearing 150 Ty STxo no Longer sctisfactory. Tris art and was goinr to weit unbil noonlt Cetuscope attack. Sonstime within te next Pipht ab convoy and Found oursclves #31 siohon, Iieht was Bark end overcast. sntside redar rence of escorts. Fail felt. october 19, 1945. 005 Redar picked up a pip at 20,000 73s. veecked nicely at 15 kts, course 11. fey eplit up and convey commender he ahead, , a Range had closed to 12,000 yay could Seb nothing. Do radar mist have becn trackine an ionize? cloud. Do had overrun convoy. Changed course to 235 7. Sighted convoy on port bow repidly cmergin= 2ron bright moonlicht, Sloved down and started to reverse course to track. Escort sterted shooting 20 5! tracers end headed for us, Our radar etill failed to function. Wont ahead full spsed, 18 knots. Escort still closing. 2elieved a PO oat too stall to nit with 2" down the throat” shot so submerzed and went deep. During the next half hour escort searched and echo r=ngcd unsuccessfuly. When could no longer hear his ecrexs, up to periscone depth. At periscope depth, Could see rothine, but uecther heey. Surfaced, 211 clear, started searching 4s visibility imeroved durine tuilieht, »! uaste of convoy decring 153 T. Opened cut At ful) to avoid boing sighted end started eni run. In position ahead of convoy. Sent 2 centect r blind on 2860 KCS. to SaLA0, weather noi cccessionelly lost contact with convoy mas in a.rain squall. Submerged for approach, convoy be=ring 289 T. Di believe chances for daylight ror ach t asmich as we had missed out last nicht a crack at it. Hoped to e&teh.. him in 2 rain sq visibility and sound conditions would be unfava him, eather now bright and sunny, sea calm with slicht Headine directly for convoy, convay headin: dircetly for us. There are only tuo eclumns not en? only fcur chips in- stead of five. Picked out tenker leadin= left lv as best terget and stertod over tor One escort dead ahead of convay. Convey zigred te left puttine bow of taraet, oscort heedi though the stip missing fr: Convoy zigged to right. Nov 30° Escort shifted to hand koy Escorts screws epecded up, Tock a vas charging in with his at a Us0-30 Escort dropped a patter: z range. 411 sounded zs if they vere det s' been unceafartably close if ve iad beon at ps Comneneed evasive tactics 2nd runninc Fortunstoly hed 2 density layer of 2 at 2/3 speed to cet evay fron spct as the litt unusually persistent today and aro shovine imor the trainine wo haé given then, Could no longer hear escarts screws. Could hear echo rancing, but they had apparently lost us. Sterted up to pcris st periscope dopth, Ine heavy rein squall, visibility yards, If we tad been in this squall during the attack mizht Inve had better luck. Weather cleared, nothing in sicht, surfaced, lent ahead full speed along convay's lest bearing. The night vas very derk and squally, Tt would have been ideal fer a nicht surface radar attack, but unfortunately the radar vas still out :f commission, October 20, 1945 Underway czasing convoy, weather still szually. Several tines during the night thought vo hod sighted convoy, but never made definite contact. Decided to go te his estimted dain position and wait for him. Submerged; estinstine vo vero about 20 niles = Pagition doubtful ac we had not had & fix due t> cqually veather since previous mori: Sighted smoke on horigcn bearing 060 7, sm ting farther avay instead of closer. This cur egnvay 2né ho had avparently speeded up during night talcing advantace of rain squalls tc make good more speed 2long his:track, Dobated surfecinz and c'asing but in vier of ountimed recent reports of anti-submrine float plane patrols in vicinity of MiSSaU ISLUW decide? chance of gott= ing ahead of convoy wes prectically zcrc. Sighted NsUN. ISLAND bearing 206 T. Sighted fleat type seaplane (DAVE) bearins 090, distance eicht miles, apparently patrollinr. AIRORIFT CUNTACT # 9. Lat 1-51 Long. 148-25 E. Surfaced. Set course to area nortinest of #USSAU ISL.AD to conduct surfaco patrol of PELEW- RAUL shippine lene, During the night ricced } 3 fuel ballast tenk as a norscl ballest tank. This gives us another knot at full spsed whieh is October 21, 1943. 0629 Dave te flush out # 3 fuel ballast tank. 0707 Surfacod, durin day concuct=¢ surface patrcl shipainr Jane. 5s 476 Dove on radar indication running in fron ly to) mils Could not see plano, sky overcast vith low clouds. INCRE CONTACT #10 Lat. 0-0, S Long. Wi7-2h 2. 1922 Surfaced. October 22, 1915. 055k Sighted possi“le ships in marnine twilirht bearing 075 7. Dove to investigate. 0645 Surfaced, contact vas folso and hed been dark clou hsrizon, Durin: day conducted hizh cpecd retiriny curve on RatiUL - PSLEW stippin-~ lene, Sichted suburin. cn surface bosrine 057 1, Lat 0-09 $ Tong. Us7-1h E. frsbably BALA. Attexpted to raise hin on Hike Negat, but rd no success, co at 1535 submor-cd t close him. Surfaced having identified him as 3kL.0, Resuned scorch at full speed on four encinos. Closed 3.LKO and exchanged information. He had no contact. greed te continue pre~ sent retifine search, stayiny about 10 miles apart to ine crease effectivences cf search. Sighted large plane earinr 161 7, distance 8 mile identified as to type but probably a. CONTACT # 11, tet 6-07 S Lone 1b7~: avoid detection. Surfaced and resuacd scarch at full speed. forced dam by plane = Sichted smcke bearin: 129 7, chanced course to clcs?. SHIP CONTACT #3 Lat @-10$ Lon 147-39 3. Dorine © ‘tracked convey. Uonvoy 2 RATAUL te PELE. ¢. and consisted of seven, possibly eigh corts thich vere PO poets or mrbcate, medically, tracing done most’ wes acrecd ve would rc @ similtanobus attack at midnirht. 2.140 telcin= port ang SILVERSIDES sterdcar¢ sido, firin= on tracks 1 90° if possible to aveid hitting cach other. 2347 lient to battle stations, flooded down to ecoks started in on attack, slichtly on starboard bev besring 165 7. Might clear and dark, Octover 25, 19h3. Gonducting night surface approach on convoy, 012 Made radar contact boaring 188 T, rence 8959 yds. Sound Teparted could hear BALLO's torpedoes running. 9016-30 Hoard oxplosion, probably 2i1k0 torpedo, -lo- 0027-00 Heard explosion, probably SALk0 torpedo. 0019-30" D ie a 0020-30 & 35 Heard explosion, either torpedo or depth charce. 0021 Range now 5775 yards, bearing 197 7. 0023 Wie lad been detected by one of the escorts tho was heading our ani one of tho ships in the convoy vas firiny his deck oun at us, Submerged to 12" to continue attack. Started deep as escort was cominz in fest on steady bearing of ive, Pinging on short scale, Gould see = dark in periscope ou vas very limited. Escort passed! us en estinated 700 yds. have sound contact. ct ant could not close to vithin rager ranse ‘ithout good chance of veine sighted. Submerged for moonlicht periscope epproach, bearine 156 7, on course 15 T. Target mas difficult to see throurh periscope and range vas underestimated. ATTACK F 2. 0600 G-ne to course O40 for stern tube shot, x ood shot as indicated by TIC generated ran- 0623-00 Fired # 7 tube. 0823-08 #6 tube. 0625-15, #9 tube. 0825-31, # lo tube. 0523-35 Sxplesion. Say: and hoard premture. 0823-18 Ex-losion. Vould not see explosion. 0628-1)5 Explosion. 0626-16 Explosion Range was excessive on thi: about 6° arc, led convoy specd ac: for talc: care of course errors. Gyre ancles Should have held fire but kevinc missed earl ahead and shot. Prerature 0629 nent deep as escort would no doubt our ty. 0702 Back up at periscope depth. 0709 Sighted smoke and stack bearing 268 7. =u Surfaced and maintained contect with smoke of comoy throuz= out the day, making a grada} end run aroun? starboard side to be in position for nieht attack, weather unfavorable for day attack. Sighted airplane bearing 340 T, type unidentified, distance 1C miles, dove to avoid detection, AIRCRAFT -CONTLCT # 12 Tat, 1542 W, Long 146-34 B, Started te surface, but had steady. intication jobher radar on SD, Remeined submerged. Indication disappeared. Surfaced arc resumed trackinn con voy, smoke still in sicht, Contacted “ALAO on Kike Negat. ‘old hor bearin= of target fro: course 2nd speed and that xe pl to it midnicht sna stervoard track, Could not sce TAO by reder. commplection with BaLh0, ct with comay, ite dark, tracking by ri azn yards, Flooded doxn and conmenced approach, @ark, stars out, no moon, sea calm. ATTCK Ootober 2h, 1943. Conducting approach on convoy, when it appeared thet ve coulé get in no closcr vathout starbo:rd escort detecting us, fired six bow tubes, aiming three st leadins ship in starboard column vhich appeared to be larcest ship in forration end three at a medium ck astern of it, Tines of firing vere as follows: 0-02 Fred dine on with T:? bearine: radar renees ané in additon tarcet srocd imom, In sitftine to secon’ tarret, rador-s! escort by mistake and this ran” DC between fourth and fifth shots, It is believed bat this caused us to got one or two hits into encine aft AK on far column, as the tro Ate x at hed stacks amidships end later re vere te find ¢ crippled ongine alt ik) 0045 Dove end started deep ‘as it appeared xe would be any minute and being flowed down rekes turnin: for 4t untendy. se 00-15-26 Heard explosion. 00-L5 eh = 00-L5-hi7 00-16-09) 00-815 (00-1:9-25, 00-L 945 Of the chove explosions, onl depth charce, 0058 Heard crackling and rumblin= noice of = ship br through full in ell conpartwents. Escorte wer a in constantly but were unable to pick us up. ‘ac 2 h° density layer at avout 275 feet. also heerd high speci serews of sounded like 2 moterboat. Eveded on 2 steady norzal escape course at 2/3 speed. Surfaced when could no loncor hear escort's screws, dut could pleinly heer pinging. During renainder of ni ntoined contact wath pinging, ewcitine daylight to sec how « vere left. eerd explosion, counted Lik depth char-e. Heeré explosion, sounde? Like depth cherce. still on the hunt. Dove to cvoid bein sizhted in mornine tril! Sighted escort end masts of severcl not rough enous for periscore apm: night for further attack. Becort cropzed one depth charce, inadvertently broached to 551 .ith suspected he sa. us and suifte? in cur direction. nent do: 0845 back at psriscop2 depth (90h, Heard explosion, probably depth 0905-20 " * ‘ During morning closed convoy end found tio chips whieh ws engine aft aK listine with bow blo: medium 4K. Osulé only soc three other hij around not cn aoy definite course or sp patrolling all around convoy and érogpinr occasinnal dep! Could only see five ships aside f hee counted six before successful cay atteck an’ decided in favor attack. Convoy ws nox fully alerted an¢ ell ing far periscopes on torned: « ismout 11,00 ships ane 2 escorts) steadie’ on course 20 7 an nt this ship, noted tie other ship doa? in water fire. “3 Could sec no sign of lige on fire! aft 2K and from life rinr later picked up wos K.d. ient to battle stations surface and at Surfaced about 1500 yds, from KAZAN UaRU, Tt hed its Sow blown off and there yas no sicn of any lite on doar’. It seened to ve slowly sinkin: so xent to investirate burning ship which wes snout tvo miles cistant. sank, stern first. 3y now col? soo ternin: # ship was abandoned, so roverset course ts investirate debris of KAZAN YARU, Fortunetely the top of tho pilot house floated ené on this was vicunte? ¢ 20 27 gun. After mech « Intact with mount, which up 2 packinn case thet vas founc t- yeautdful nov; scientific instrunont be metesarclorical iastrunonts. aatrieved whet app te be a coast pilot. Loved far charts Imt coul” find nono. Pickoe up'tro life rinrs 2 souvenirs, 166 Headed over tovard burning ship. as re pot closcr could eee he had a larce holo amidships on sterboerd eicc. The ship exactly resembled the JUHOE 1u@IRE or ite sister ship NAG. 1.2U, It led a larce "1" paintes on the stack. Hit had apparently flccded envine roon. It was a passoncer freighter end superstructure sas burn~ ing furdously but it di¢ not a pear to be sinking. 5 at opened fire vith deck gun, initial renve 1500 ye, then closet: to 500 ys. Fired fe rouncs which aprecre have little efvcct ac for as sinking was concern: Opened fire vith 201%, F anesé 2 mill, but apparently azine on fire as shortly after that it sterte plod, It still dié not apreer tc be sinlin-, an tanted to start closins rorsinder o conv-y £0 fo finish the job mith a tarp: 70, GUW: 1el9-15 Fired one torpeo cro stern nest, 160 range 1050 yer’, 110 starboere track. AT 1el9-U5 Torpedo bit amidships, in precti: as first torpecc hit. Thousht t tho, but she continuce te flat, her hack broten, gradually settling anidships. allowed most cone topside to see tonpece Mit and wetch ship si Realized this wo e sit iesrcous, but we vere far fron eneny bases. Tne morale value fur the erev ias hich ae they liad a clance to vdtncss Une result of their effurte. JOHRS RU broke in two ené sank rapiédy, Lat 2-05 1 Tong. Uh-39 E. Cruised arcund throurh domris Lo=kis for sovetiting to identify saip, vut apparently th: hat destroyed nost of the ear that usually f-a 1932 Went ahoec full spest cbasine rensinder af convey. Dekh Transmitted SLVERSIDES # 2 to OMP 72 givin: results of patrol to date, The weather during the niet sar dar and squilly Stoned dovn about once an hour to Listen for echo rene! October 25, 19lz 0937 Si ted smoke bearing 027 7, distance about, 20 niles. Tracked an? found convoy to be on course 265 T instead of 260 T and gigeins radically, Tracked curinr day awaitiny favorable opp- Srtunity for night surface shot. Convoy now in sinle coluan of three ships. Ae ve only tad four torpedoes aft, decided voulé shoot tro fron bow tubes et 1 tvo’more from bow tubes at nid’le target, tien swing a1 tio stern tubes at last tarcet. toner 2, 1913. eae ‘Trackinc convoy, avaitin~ favorable Licht contitions for nicht surface attack. \ient to battle atations and startcd approach, veather too rough to floce down, sky about 50% cvercast, no moon, Convoy bearing 095, rance 700, conine in for starboerd track, ‘ound leading eseert to be on starboard bow, rane port track. T ailing escort sas not as fer astern ae te 9h0y yas on port quarter,r enge 200 yds, anzle on bow Jere breadsize to him. ho were not yet in ical shooting p Tat decided 4t ves just 2 question cf tine before he spotted us 80 went ahead and shot. Fired all four of bow tubes at lead= ioe ship instead of splitting between first and second chip to Hive a better spreac. 01-10-12 Fired # 1 Tube. ci-10-20 " # 2 tube. 01-10-30 " #3 tube. 1-10-10" #4 tube. ‘Then stung wth rient full rudéer to svi steady onthe last ship. 01-13-00 Fired # 7 tube. 01-13-12 Fired } @ tube. vent aheed full an? started about tis tine ané headed ou Heare explosions as fcLlovst 01-15-07 Hare explosion. o1-15-08" . abs" ; o1-15-l9* eI 1-16-28 * e ci-1e-30 * . Sav a bright flash and much snoke from last chip in column hich did not have appearance of gunfire, Believe ono of stern tubes vas a definite hit. Radar tracked 2 terzet out on @ steady bearinr of 350 T tc 6300 yards when it lost contact. This ship Bppeare? to be dead in the ater and encking. Gould no Longer seo escort astern, slevio’ dow to listen, thinking we bad sheken him, but radar coon hin up at 3100 yards, closine, liont hea" exorzeney ani tr. Fairbanks Worse whipped us up to 19.8 knots in 2 rouch and statione? € listening stations, nz further chance of at! teve only one torpedo left, and are saving that for the cripple, 2 grins. During tho of the night staycc in vicinity of attack t thoroughly investigate in daylight. Sighted what appecre” to be © small eoarciilivht in ir- ection of scenc of attack, Set course 090 T to return t> acsigne? ares, levine vestigate vicinity sf cttack fcr possible er: Transeitted STLVERSIDES # 3 t @ repartine th:t ds ney be its 72 serial infornine us oe to return t: PERL HRSOR instead of returnin to lished this nows to crew, the Brisbane and 5 dncy comenéses not boing too hippy over it. Set course to Mow prescribed routinn, runnin: on Surface at tio ine speed. October 27, 1913. 0819 Dove te flush out # 5 fuch t tonk uhich » rigec norral dallast tank curine previous ni: 0722 Surfaced. October 28, 1913, O6L5 wade trim dive, 0705 surfaced. 1325 Dove ton reader in“ication cloudy, plane not sight 1-04 8” Lonr.152-0h, Surfaced. 130 Dove upon sichtine four congine petrol plane (1%:VIS) onereing from cloud bearing 3221, cistance § nilec, lt, 1000 ft, plane heading tovare us. ARORLFT CONTIG? } 1k, tat. 1-Oh Lone 152-0 &, Rempinec submerred renaind: £ afterncon due to Tow tanging clouds an® possivility thet we te’ been spotted. 1902 Surfaces. Gotober 29, 1945. 1510 ove on radar indication of @ niles. sath sec plane. AIRCRAFT CONTACT # 15 Lat, 0-08 © 150 Started to surface, but SD inticated presence ~ rader, remaine? subscreed 1526 Surfaced. 2000 Sent SILVERSIDES sericl # h to CTF 72 civin= cstinat of arrival at 0° Lat, 160-00 October 50, 1945. 0959 SD in‘icated another radar. 1006 Radar indication 12 miles, cauld not sce viene 1009 Siphted plane, radgr rapco 9B niles. vove. Flane > appeare.” tc de a B-2h on a northeasterly ¢ urse. iT CoMRACT #16, at. 0-37 K Lone, 150-2 2 295 T, et 1052 eurfaced. 1120 Sighted plane lor 2n horizon, beering 125,11, Cistance about 20 miles, apparently sexe plet ‘range wee 2ponine an? in @ few nimutcs disappjerct over horiaon. . Uctober 31, 1943. 1200 Operational = 2 2 to CIF 17. Task Unit cotenati Ccnmcnec” copy: Seiiocules. Daring forenoon bee 1 SD, out no plane wae sirhted. bor 1, 1912 0535 Kace tris 0604, Surfaccd. Nowenber 5, 1915 (0000 L. Sct clocks ENOLOSURE (A) COMPIDENTIAL Novenber 3, 1945 (Con't) C981 M Mace trim dive, meg! Surfaced. Nevenber 4, 1915. 1500 Started battery cischar-e, 1700 ¥ Crossed 1€0th me-ician, nov Kovenber 3, 1913. Age Y Conzleted battery elschar~ case wherein a Dattery Ais pleted the precodine day). tranasitted 1630 Z position to Corsv>pec. Hovenber'5, 1915. 9400 X Set clocks ahead one heir te $ 11 (3rey) tine zone. @0L X “ade trim dive, e612 1 -Surfaced. Hovenber 7, 1915. 2000 X Set clooké ahead ono hour e+ Nevenber 8, 1913. W Exshangadsignals with escort SS Pi Company’. Woared Submarine Base, Pearl (C) sBATEER jsather norzel Sor area, charactertzcd by flat caln sca, and sqvally weathor when in weather front. TIDAL TAPORIC.TTON homal for aroa. NAVIA Ds Yiothing nev noted. (Soparate page) AIRGRAPT CONTACTS (Separate pace). KPTACK DATA (Separat YTNES one. ANTI-SUSEARING 12.30% ‘The, escprts of the southboun: tian the escorts of the northboun? bound eseerts were apzarently equip; they picked us up at nicht beyon? the nornal visual range. The nortrboun? escerts wey net h redar as they did not detect us cn tro night appr-aches, although they did pick us up cn a@ nicht surface approach shortly after 34La0 Tired. fg both sets cf escorts eppesred to do mere echo 2/3 3 fron the attack Tnercases starts 2 run, y the tine he drops. (3 ain Cisadvantase is noiser than sl-w spes? runvi! Liable to be picked up by an esc only. WAIOR DEFECTS AND DARAGE. ayeraulic Systent Accumuletr piston hac mer esp scores and lax spots on it, causing excessive leakage of hydraulic sil, Packing +i11 not stop these leaks, Danare inflicted by incxpericnce? rel crew renewing packine Curine last refit. Oil thie patrol - 65 gallons. (1) RABIO ae (F) SHIP CONTACAS: No. Tino Tate 1. 233310 8 Oct15 150-53 B Uaé 0-25 N Oct.17 12-03 £ 1e50 0.10 § vet. 22 147-3) B (0) AMoRAF? col TACTS Tre lat. Tete Lone. WEN TI-25 Oct. 9 15806 E 0803, G12 5 Oct. 11 158-21 E 1501. 5-16 S Oct. 11 156-55 E mB 515s Oct. 12 153-12 5 0658 3508 Oct. 13 153-10 E Oct. Uy 152-50 B 1630 1-398 Oct.1y 152-51 E Unknown Unknerm avis? Initicl Range 20 wiles 25 niles 6 =tles 6 wiles 7 niles 6 niles 10 niles 6 wiles -20- Jeb. dourso ‘ant Speod, contacted Est. Orec.ASpd. fio: Contactod Untmem, Uniencim 180 9/119 kts. 330 / 200 370 3/125 000 9/10 120/17 180/110 Loskout Porisecpo Fopieccpe we plenss of cane ty Submerged. suinerzed. Periscope FI low clouts, (0) dreonary conn ) Tine Tat, TypoInitial Eot.cree, tn Dete Longs Rango & Speod. Contactod 0758 151 § Var/125 Periscepe Oct, 20 UsB-25 ans m Uy niles an Redar oct. 22 E 1225 om 10 niles oct. 25 1 1. kout 1525 1-05 N Drknoin 6 miles Unknam Rader Oct. 26 152-05 E ago H "VIS" 6 niles ao/1.0 Leokout oct. 26 pporently eqeipce’ aie x Uninam 6 niles Radar SP eae of +29 USS SILVERSIDES ‘TORPEDO ATTACK # 1 FATROL } 7 TLE 0539 L DATE Oct. 18, 19h LT 1-00 N LONG 115-15 B ‘TARGED_DK2i ACE INFLICTED Description: Target was in convoy in fornation sf three eslunne, line abreast. Two ships in rivzt hen’ colusn, tro ships in center colurn enc ine ship in left hand esluan, Two escarte cf 70 boat typ>, or thead 9€ foracticn and one astern, te consist cf three AK ané tr: £0(or cncine aft LE), Kane of ship attacked fron life rings recovere? ‘WIRIN @ been sighte? WAS L previms day and -tracke” continuously since th conditions céln, feirly bright moon. Ship(s) Suns Ono, Alf, estina ship as 1 t of KOBE, CHT 206-J does not List thts ship. It aprearea tc be larrest ship in for-ation, Bemice Neternine’ byt Sar: ruch twreckare torpetses hit en? heer? oi were four lenéine ye ee eonvey Inter sno sip: Target draft 22" (est) Course 075 Night subrerre? perisccp: appro Licht. Woon tos bricht to rerain Convoy hee aigced offer TosFiree #2 #2 Hk OS Track Angle 68S 7s “Ts Gyro Angle 3565 000 002359 Depth Set 15 15 15 15 Power High High High High Kit or Miss Miss Mes Prevature Hit Erratic B Bosoibly orratic pres Yark Torpedo XIV-34 XIV-3A MIV-34 XIV-3A HIV-3A XIV-3A Serial Wo, 41953 Li7h2 23525 2078 20287 Merk Expld. VIEIk VIM VIEL. Viel, Wi-Lé VIAL: Serial ¥. 17987 17966 17945 9390 10, 1e001 etystiion Set CONTACT dnd SGhETIC Getual lose Hone pre-etuo Prob. Prob, Cont. Cont, 22. (1) 2TRCK DAtA (CONT) A 2 XL WI 10176 3913 1X aPx Sondiitdions Overhul fctivity USS FULTON Renarket Tyo hits and one pre deult to detersine « misses or the prescture, above is -est estizate, Neodlose prenature zreatly increased convy opportunity for evasive cction, Recovere piece of warhead frvy prenzture on om sock. UsS STLVERSIDES TWRPEDO ATTACK f 2 PATROL $7 THE 0625L DE oct, 23,1945 WT 1-03 S LON 1,7-05 2 URGE Dts, Doserintion: of sixshipo, p: be in three columns, in line cbresst, tio in eceh column, Tix's-ell escorts, Pé cles: or gunbonts. Une Gscort atroLliny astern, i: ‘visibility cot, fairly bric! corning tuilicht wes in its ecrly stor: Ship(s) gunk Probsbly nono. ship(s) Duracee ar Eobebly dunk: Probably non: Ucrene Determined by: bid not ese any 4: pedoes oxplote, Tergot craft 18+ (est) course 320 Speed SHIP D. Specd 2,8 Curse O40 Depth 60 FIRS COMIRUD /.uD 1. ‘Type ictteck Zan? ggvered an Poriscepe. Renlia (#) ATTACK DAT. (contT) plotted and convoy ae overlapping went ahea” and fired. Should have held fire. ‘Tubes Fired 7. 8. Track sngle 3S Gyro knale 186 Depth Sot Power Ht or Miss Brratic ctuction Set Vagnetic an? ietuation Letucl Gne premture seen, Mark Horho>¢ 2Vr, wT XVI S 10355 102 uao Px i ‘Px None Sec. Vonditions — Cele Overheul Activity USS FULTON - - The prowcture put the convey on this long rance in one of tho fer colu=ns of the conv USS STLVERSIDES TORPEDO ATTACK #3 © PaTROL 7 TEE OOk5 L BATE vet.2h, 1915 LAT 2 TARGET DTA = DAAC T Description: Convey cf six ships corts, One Ak apnecret lerger then leading vessel of sterboard eclunn, to be patrolling on either bor Ship(s) Sunk: One AK cotirated 7000 tons. One AK nave 1893 Tons. Shipis) Seneged + One passenger frcic! (ORI 208- RU sink next in water. Lat about ten sinutes after atiac Target draft 20' (est) vourse 270 Aly CH) ATTACK DATA Typo Attack: Might curfaco radar atte stars cut, n> noon, of appreeche? convey until escort appeere? in eid not bevo reder, or are, firiny thry at cocon’ 4 Tat be: né ter-ct epee? xe accurately knoin In s:iftine to scoon! tte" to osecrt by © Antrofuce® into THC be! curth for ‘Tubes Firee Track -wnrle BuO 330.5 325.5 35 32 20558 3998 ead 2370 re ee 251 10035 5085 srobebly Uontact NI WD wi WI 9658 10475 5658 10035 3 ™PX PX TPX PY Firine Intervel 10 ‘Type Sprea’ Sca Concitaor Believe thet attack sterboert eseart if dark to “Avs an? fire on 7. bearings. USS STLVERSTIES ‘WPS ATTLOK PAIROL } 7 DAIE Oct. 2h, 193. (H) arTACK (con*T), Attemptee to sink with qunfir little effect an’ rcs ‘to tarpet ship so we sould be free te pursy Ship(s) Sunk: This ship rocorble? P. 65) of its of 180, Stuck. Tubes “iret ‘Track “ngle Gyro “nele Depth Set Power dt on Hise Brratic Merk tarpoc> serial tio, Yark Explocor Serial aetuation Sot netuation Lotucl Yorke Yarhe Serial Wo. Explosive Firine Interval (Cone tions ctivity USS STLVERSID: :@ 0110 L Becoriptiont Vie soo, te no rants, = # 2,33 on? # hk on af An colu-n f3r-ztiza, patrolline chee? en’ -ne oscart < Ship(s) Sunk Ship(s) Lenaced or Probably ounk Texan? Dotor-ined ‘ergot draft 20! eh OP 358.! 5 sav regain noon of Oct, 25th, con*iti: faverable for day ati light comtitions surface attack. Wone. Unc Zetiue LK, estivated at 5000 t torpe lect an? suokine. Return’ +. scene five hours lator en¢ ship vas geno, cith sunk of be? been able te vob uy four re at the lectin ter~ terpe ces aft et 1: Sreiling escort terre zecepte" Lene ranze pedoos at lead fired tis torpe t lest tervet, tirine on surface. a iB eh HH 65.5? 66P° 5%.5P 5 356 5 Serial Ho. 21,807 Hark Exvlseer VIEL Sorial ie. aig Zetuaticn Sct ctuction ictual Firing Interval, ~ Sproad IL Din Overhaul activity 2 1200) 5178 Sontact WE 5196 aPx 10 Ve DL svcll en’ ch Us VULTOH (#) ATTACK Det (CoxrT) Tus dark te see thrauch periscope, have guungrge™ t Vos SILVERSIDES 24, 195. LAT 2-05 0% TKPLIOTSD, ERU (6072 tons) De-ege Detersinc” by: satehe* sholls hit. pathy OF 221 ‘Tide ship hall boon aby a tenpe Zt bee deo no! en* superstructure not sinkins, ittocpto’ ta sink by shell fire, 4" 50 cal at ranges iro: 1500 to 500 yer*s. stale? Curine last refit vere unsetisfzc jerre? 2 at clos not ine: foult t2 sink: sank ship) © interferones F F, slfter t0 i at 1000 1, 51 vot. 19lg, one hour oarlicr ‘tuan ardsre* as Jellesn 2 Loner readable, 2880 KOS ves quer“e? ct 211 tines onroate en? in but results vero not setisfactary. V-ice trans~isst omc be tare erstanisble. 1. contact report sent 4: siao on 18 October. It Ses sont cut blin*, cuble en* ropested. wyparently the 4L.0 ©i* not reeiv this, report. The 5.0 sont 2 contect report to us on 20 October widch ve “A* not reecive ce we Aa’ qu scree” avov" a planc. SJ - the SJ functi.ona? hon it ves the tho exmys 14,000 an 9,500 Sf reper input £ sufitetent p. dtter. .. explete check slactriccl nt e the next refit EXLOSUAE (4) DENTAL, RADR (Cont?) The TOSAY tw ith thie equip-ont. reine meres 1 vera. ties ro uire” r: io Installetion i: kere unsble to re Yueh crowit is Cus the radar tochnician CR, te: SUUHD OB. ski) SUUND CUNDETIONS Soun? eonxtiaes were everage thr-ughsut t Sere neises wero picke® up at averaro ran” ane coho renzin~ emlé ¢ beard fer ebunt 20,000 1yth J: 2000 y: f scun? oat of the tice the env din- cou” (0) DENSITY Lams caity layers y.cre note Date 10S 3or-1ho 101-290" 10/5/45 zea 0-115 151-190" 10/12/53 ost 2£51=200" 10/18/13 o-7or B Tot~1g0" 10/22/l3 1yoo sor 10/28/Ls SNOLeuts (4) PL (P) ESALTE, FOOD SILITY (coNn'T) supsly =fficor effet t da the uris) AM not flour Babite ont e qellent jo) as acs RILSs STULED - FULL USED saree 157 Bigs faliind"E5 tat 3-159 LougLaBS"#%) ro 3915 miles to 3179 miles Tat. 0 Lonz 150 B to Poarl rkin ratin=. itl for voice on 2680, EFS ENCLOS ome TD: (U) R@RKS (coNtT) ¢ cverfinato® ate: jerfuct tiving. he ‘the ALLO attack t: quo Ca, TF12-10/41.6-3(6)/(16) SUBMARINE FORGE, P:CIFIC PLSET Sericl / 01672 Gere of Fleet Post Office, Sen Francisco, Gelifornic, SONPIDETL 13 Wovenber 1543¢ ‘TEED mDoN SILVSRSIDES Report of Seventh Wer Petrol. CONSUBSPAC PaTROL REPORT 80. 306 = 0.5.8. SILVENSIDES - SEVENTH WR P.TROL. Front ‘The Cosncnder Subm-rine Force, Preific Fleet. To 1 The Conncnder-in-Chief, United Stctes Fleet, Vics ‘The Comcnder-in-Chief, U. 8. Preific Fleet. Subjects U.S.S. SILVERSIDES ($8236) ~ Report of Seventh licr Petrol. (5 October to & Novexber 1943). 5 ‘The seventh wer petrol of the SILVESIDES ws conducted 1: the operctions] crocs of Tosk Force Seventy-Tro «nd enroute Pecrl Errbor. 2 This short pstrol wee ogeressively cnd succossfully conducted. The SILVASIDES c rried out tno tenceious pursuits of convors, one of wh of sixty-four hours dur:tion, cnd the other of eichty-five hours. Both pursuits cn? the successive attocks inflicted severe deme ot the enemy. Be This petrol is considered successful for Conb:t Insientc ier. A Tho Comwnder Submarine Force, Pecific Flect, congretul-tes the Gormendine Officor, officcrs, cnd crow for this cegreseive nd successful wr petrol. Tho SILVERSIDES is crcdited with hcving inflicted the following 4: ‘upon the encayt sin rg ws suey oe 1- Freightor (TAIR:N MRC clcss) —-:__-7,000 tons 1 = Freiehter (clces utinom) ~ "7,000 tons 1 + Freighter. (Ki2iN MARU cless) - 1,893 tons 1 - Froighter (JOHORE MARU cles) - 6,182 tons Ypod a¢ noni 22,075 tens DAMaGED* 1 - Freighter (cl-ss unlnow) 5,000 tons * NOTE: <11 of tho wbove denrgo wce inflicted under the oper: tion:1 control of Cormender T-sk Fores Soventy-Two, who is requested to 10 EWTERING F2ROL «RES. D AAV td = LASS IED AAT. OMS, ORAUINS Pog Hl wv Oyo Dar 8.3, SILVERSIDES - Report of Eighth var Fatr Period fron 4 Dec. 1915 to 15 Januery 191i, (a) RRoxceu derived Pearl Harbor, T.i, en ilevecber 8 Patrol. Narmal tho woeks refit senduotec by Tz. Majer jebs accomplished ware tie © ballast tanks and installation af FPI and new 5 readiness fer sex, Sound tested anc ceperned ( refit). Two deys trainin” during which two exercise sh: exereise, with outsound cenvoy, HECK, USY. Two day loeSing peried, .eccy for sea (3) BARRATIVE i Devarted Swbmarine Base, Peerl “arbor, Ig t0 con (soutemast).. task Siroute IIDsAY het at Tedsb n end all machine cune at d.ily battle srovlens axé fire control eri 8 vicinit, OAR and several, ou. Sichted escort planes. Koore¢ alonesive USS SUSHIL: sisted of (1) Tunin’ an. adjui of 8J ower sual; x SJ motor -enerator. (3) hydraulic acculusator caused b: ing. (j) Winindtion of efi ieak i (5) Installation ef sp (6) Various’ minor items, cooperative. Denartore < devender 9, 1943) 1600 (1) Underway onroute Donker 10, 1915 500 (Z) Set clecks ahead 2 hours, meicin: 913. x Li, 1913. te Deconber 13, 1943. December 1 0619 (2) dust as we were b bombed » axcerently and expected they mizht ave a radar eonta: = Ton AL 1.5.8. STLVERSIDYS - Report of Hicth iar Tatrel. \AKS on oourse 070 T. ted vater tower bearing O71 T. Sighted maste of doached. freighter. During tho day circlod th islencs in Wee ine onc to tro miles off #1 Plas, but acne wore si: weather, ac could not he described as bad. « were gutted by fire a: or not ie not knom - it certainly anpears to be en tie ke:ps. Tro trucks wor: sccn in opcration, Yany cun o mare noted, The drcésc in th: lagoon wee iclc. Groups eded to th: nortimcetarn whore At stoopsd and appeared to bo on ploturos of the lagoon aro beached so: Set cloeke back ono hour Sieht-é soareblichts on eiX3 ap, 16, 198. Surfacce. i, WB. é clocks back onc hour to 10 (K) tine. Surfaced. Slowed to “ne engine éruisine spe 28, 1915. ‘Tranenitter SILTRSIWES scricl on reecips of scrial 20 as requested. Goulé nob reisc Ny paesee aesse NPE. Reeions Eezicult to copy. CoNFr: U.8.S. SELVERSTIRS — Bichth tar Fatrol. ele (K) (on't) é deen DFte v2, 40 transxisri 5 sec. on, Dove to wisek trin ané Surfaces. sot vlocks © hour to “9 tine, 2609 (~). nerretity

be sdeut O52 T, If conv. ISD, ve e-wld possivly intarcopt, no stip Jondin~ ture, ountact becrins O16 T, rage 20, lucky ranber) ATTAOLS # 295,75 .h0507, of ~ TONG 13005) 0058 Mine pipe vere noted un PPI sercon, ostim ith throo cgearts. Mkt ie derk, mere cecerts, Owtesned r. Wis repartee te would be une ve Us Mis position lk vile % in @ expbiead actin, ricd t tion uf anther SJ 0 redsr @ercen, «: tected to rede Sont, KUSKLIUH Lctest peodtion, ear pt. Senucry 9, 19lbe Trecking convey 5 C3. Roder inieatce ¢ 25,9 feilee. acliew bach & by oplurcin: one drepeia Jonusry Wc, 19lds, CLO? (X) Sont SaaTRiG rs ctcam pleci doubt Ftd it our: Ol5, this cvurse to bé steered until routing frea ares 10, Jemery 11, 19h. to Janus dives pen demery 15, 19h. Iho (¥) Stabbed escort planes, 3500 (Y) Arrivee 20D. : 5+ (Cc) WEATHER Normil for the season, vhich vas the season of ti (D) TIDAL INFORMATION ‘The following currents were observ: EB, and 3. of ANGAUS IS. Sw of PALAU AW of TOAIEL MLUNGUI Ni of ANGAUR IAT 2950 W. = eo om. PONROLEES BUD (8) mavTuatroma, £ps As note? in previous vatrol revorts of ti BABELIHVAP is vea"Aly “le tin-visusble. “All 790 ico ‘a small house on top of it wich cute in rel peak on BISSLTEUP also cuts in vell, The lighthouse ab TOAGIL MLUNCUI euts in vell. so na lighted et night, Tne SJ radar was uce” at nirht in (F) SHIP OONTACTS P - Periscope SD ~ Surface day civ:tin R-Fadar SH ~ surface nicht stcnting. Mo, Tine Ist. Type ——Inftdal _" date Loni Range 1, 1505 . 06-40 H Sul) 10 miles Dec,01 135-12 & _Travder Ogle H Pat, 4 miles ieee hy st enempe nie 9300 5 Wl 8 0613 7-48. 23 Vie Ts 0855 7-35 Dee .23 134-25 0838 7-35 2 Bec.25 154-27 5 No. Time "Date Long Tl 090k 1-07 5 Dec.18 47-53 2 Gm) armas 0.7: 5.8. 5: Tine 208-5 7 211(5L50 tons). It Ship's Sunt Ship's Dar: on the reo. only tie sound operat Courss 2h5° Dis Tenth Hormel submered daylight approach, using contin firing, ee interval sweat 1 aul actinity WSL 0156 (-9) bee. 2, 1943 RGST Dit scription: Gonvoy of 5 LK, 1 a0, an to scatter. Torn-focs aime’ lieve passe! unter tanker cue our high spose, p's Damo or Frovevly Sunk Bue aK or escort. St jomeine: On escorts ime! Libtack. U.8.5. SULVSRSIESS - Levort of Highti: wer Petrol. (H) ammack Dut. (covet) Tubes fired fl rack angle BS Gyre angle 130.5 Dipth set ar Power igh Hit or miss Ono hit ~ not on t Contact, Contact, VE Torpex iran interval 12 sec. 2h ately rough Overhaul activity Sub. Jase, Pearl U.8.S. SHIWSRSIOZS ‘ime 0203 (-9) Descriptions Skip's Sunk 5.8, STWR (a) amACK DA Tubos fired ck ingle Serial Wo. uation set ation actual Firing interval ‘Type spread Sea conditions fod y ouch Overhaul ectivity Sub, Jase, Poarl Hervor, 7.4 Remarks U,8.8. STIVERSIVES ‘TORPEDO ATTACK NO. 2h (-9) Dec. 29, 1913. = Seiten a pe ieee Specd 10 kts Type Attacks Tubes fired ‘Track eng GJro angie Depth.set| Poucr sit or miss CONPID NILE U.8.8. SILVERSIDES - Report o: Peer] NORPaDO LT 0K 5 Dec. 29, 1945 Descriptions Ships Sune Ships Damaged or Probably Sunk no idk or escort. Demage Determincé 3y Dlosions, one 3 min 32 59 see efter firing first tor fy ships in lin: with ter: these vere hits in these snip any terget except hi ons Course 210 Spee Possibly two hits Wo 5st esort tankor in one escart : about 1 nours Seas were too rough Ship's Suniet Snip's Lomaccé or Frobably Sun Wonc. Temage Doternin: U.54S. STLVERSTDSS ~ Report of Lichth war P (5) armox nat ATLcK $9 (cour?) ark torposio 15. ricl ho. 25020 ark xploter i Sericl xo. 6689 iictustion set Contact Actustion ectu: — rk a XVI Scricl No. 11515 plosive Hiring intervel ‘Type sproad arratio iio. (2) ames Won sizhted. (3) .arT-stBi In gorerel, we escorts beeen: confuse", tie yen our attecks, Tho mirol bot ishich eperctes off TO. nuisonce value but cid not attrck effectively after freichter noar the ro prompt en¢ well orgenia: attack could have becn enberressing es our esonp’ sir patrols vers sichtec in vicinity of convoy caver: < hie souneed sf sweeps off PALAU vha 2 once by © submareine well now relying mare on submarine the Leck 92 petrolling is conducted, 2 (8) YauaR DaFBoTS axD Aliary “nginet = Crenksteft is frozen, hs Aout that 7 8 or thrust becrin srovec unsuccesstil ue hours this petrol - 160, unzine tine the genarctor arncture had bi ~~ cousTDBATTI, U.S.8. SIDIRSIN% - Revort cually Tallin the lest refit, Suba rine Ba Control Cubicle: - ie noted under * are Wileh should Be rencvet. Tue mainly te ac conine meré frequent ss are envine fue as goo’. to 2nd. fron jamming fefinite hanticap, fay out of MIDNA, Durins ovenin= an aorain was very poor on 211 frcquonei=! ‘nile ve sere betreen BALAV and TRUK, Cosmniestions were fair on 450 its etetions transuittia, aw a frocuency in the ts or area frequency. i11 sericls + (H) RAR The porforsanee of the Sit fe petrol. Senses btcin « Dee, 28th at 20,000 ye: experienced in icestdfyin: the ‘the PrI scopo, cnd the "Lusay" crininetion vs good. The dncreased power cf th: by a contact at 1000 altitude wore picked ‘Te equipnent peretion fer + tot“l tyo meteriol fedlures were exporience’. (1) LF. about 50%, Tro 2 6i07 tubes sere replace’, recti but an intermittent chert in one of th be lost on? burne? out < 500 ohn plate iso the tub: an‘ resistor corrected the trouble. ( much reduced in euplitucs, sll echoes 2 guige, an¢ EV rectifier current archos bias voltages sere being conernted on showed coll 1(1) 1 in the 607 tube vr! svived clthouzh instruction dso se cull + the 800 » COND LAL U,8.8. SILVIRSIDUS - Report of ichth mr Fatrol. (u) RaDuR (cont?) peared sith cane syzptons. Hi the coil this tive ¢ ifter catensive checkinc, conConsers 3-10 and 3-22. icre SDRADR: - The Sb radar functhonet norvally, « 13 niles. Tb vas usc? 5 soc on, 25 sec cif beses, (0) DENSITY Litas. ‘Tino. Date Position Depth of Iscther-nl (cor) dayer O30 ief5fig_BA-B2 W 260" 158-20 sete i TOS BSI ~~ Bag — 1-H Tyo ~~ > PTS BTS W ~~ Ba 1-15 se asypesng ~ “eae eg ‘BOO — — “12/207 6-38 NH ~~ Te 135-39 3 pogo" ~~ apm ~ YEN ~~~ Too 133-50 3 200 ~~ TIB/2B7UZ Po Ne <2 Vle25 Ba Tyas ~ ag A ~~ TY ee Rig ~~~ mut Bag ~~ Twyesnis ~~~ TOT e wep 2 BIo ~~ BETIS Sots es -~-wyems eT ~~ np ~~ fas — 1 aT fy FOOD .diD SiBITASTLITE Excellent. lio sick ‘cys. Frozen feuds obtaii duty appreciate (Q) PaRsoMEL Excellent. The © 1a the officers ent cro only regret sas ‘thet ue ships encountered, ao SUBMARINE DIVISION ONE HUNDRED FB5e102/116-3 Care of Fleet Post Offices PIRS? ENDORSEMENT San Francisco, California, Berlal 0S 24 Jamary, 1944, CONFIDENTIAL Fro Comander Submarine Division 102. To Commander=in-Chief, United States Fleet. . Via: (1) Commander Sumarine Squadron 10. (2) Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet. (3) Comander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet. Subject: U.S.S, SILV.RSIDES, Eighth Wer Patrol; coment on, 1. + Silversides! Eighth War Patrol covered a period of forty- nine days with trenty exceedingly busy days spent in arcas fron Palau to Truk, While enroute to the area, one full day was spent making sutmerged observations of Wake Islands 2. Itch useful information is contained in this well prepared and modest report. Items of particular note are: (2) that ATOKAKO Channel in Palau is extensively used by medium ships; () that the Palau-Truk area appears to be at least partially drainod of its former strong aircraft protection and (¢) that Jap subs are definitely being used in the anti-submarine campaigns 3. Attacks and Trailing Oporatién A single day-periscope attack was followed three days later by a furious three-hour, night surface torpedo battle all of which expended 20 torpedoos. The remaining four torpedoes were in the stern tubes and ten days later they were fired in a rough sea at a large escorted tanker. With all torpedoes expended, Silversides began a skillful and tenacious trailing operation on en important tanker convoy which lested for 7 days and covered more than 1400 miles. : : Attack No. 1 This day-periscope attack against a mediun freichter proceeding close to the reef north of Toagel !dungui resulted in misses due to unavoidable long range and a torpedo a excessivoly throughout its run. z SUBMARINE DIVISION OS HUNDRED THO FB5-102/B16-3 FIRST ENDORSEMENT Caro of Flect Post Offices San Francisco, California, Serial 03 24 January, 1944, ge L Subject: U.S-S. SILV=RSIDES, Eighth War Patrol; Comment on. Night Battle - Attack Hos. 2) 5, 4, 5, 6) 7 and 8. This battle was preceeded by a one-hour approzch on a six-ship and three-escort convoy which accidentally plc Silversides as Noe 2 ship in the convoyts starboard colum, Skill= fully oxtricating hinself from this unfortunate position the command= ing officer made a snap, two-torpedo, stern tube attack on 2 tanker at close range. Both torpedoes fortunately missed the target and accidentally hit a ship in the far (left) column. This lucky hit confused the entire convoy and Silversidos shortly discovered thet she was acting as escort to a froighter astern. ‘Two "dow the throat™ stern-tube shots failed to hit so the commanding officer drew off to study the situation. An intolligent analysis of the PPI screen showed that the convoy was scattering with all escorts furiously dopth charging the vicinity of the torpedoed ship. left Silvers sides within radar range of the three ships of starboard colum with each ship on a diverging course and without escort. Working against time of approaching dawn and hampered by froquent squalls, Silversides delivered five skillful torpedo attacks which sank all three ships before daylight. Attack Nos 9 After 14 hours of radar tracking of a tanker convoy, this four-torpedo, stern-tube attack was delivered on the surface at night in an extronely'rough sea. No hits worc mado. It is practically certain that tho rough sea conditions causing erratic torpedo per= fomence accounts for the misses. From hindsight, it appears that this attack should have been delayed another day or two awaiting modoraion of the woathor. Trailing 3 ‘The seven-day convoy-trailing operation was marred by communication failures and delays. It is belicved that immediate FBS-102/A16-3 SUBMARINE DIVISION HUNDRED TWO FIRST ENDORSEMENT Care of Fleet Post Offices Serial 03 San Francisco, Celifornia, 24 Tonuar CONPIDENTIAL Subject: U.S.S. SILVERSIDES, Eighth War Patrol; Coment one steps should be taken to provide our sutmarines with sone type of ship voles communica’ “with at Teas ce eITEAEL 4s Silvorsides will be rofitted by Sperr cause of. the fire which occurred in the maneuvering room cork sheathing will be investigated and corrective moasuros will be cpolicd. This, all other defects and the usual refit itoms will be completed in the normal refit period. Se For aggressiveness, intelligent conduct, tenaciousness and courageous and determined action, tlis patrol leaves nothing to be dosired Commander Submarine Division Ono Hundred Tao congratulates tho Cormending Officer, officers and craw on every phase of this splondid performances FO5-10/a16-3 % SQUADKOK Ta Serial 022 Care of Fleet fost Office, San @rancisco, Californie, 25 January 1944. CONFIDERTTAL SBCMD ZADORSEAENT to EO StvERe Toes Hesore. of Eighth war Patrol dated 15 January 1944. The Coumander Submarine squadron te: The Commander-in-Galef, United states Fle (1) the Coumander Sutwarine force, facific Fleet. (2) The Commander-in-Chief, United States cacific Fleet. Subject: U.5.5. STLVERSIUSS, Higath Jar Patrol; Coument on. lh Forwarded, heartily concurring in tae reuarks of Commander Submarine Division One iundred Two. 2. It is desired, however, to et couments in the foregoing endorsement: (a) The actions of the so-called i plying in and cut of Palau may well be 111 signed with oriental cunning. (bv) the alertness, cuio action by the SILVARSIDES upon th attacked by an eiemy subrarine deserves tie h commendation, It undoubtedly prevented danaze, if not loss, of the ship. (c) There appears to be a scarcity craft in the valau area at this tine. (ad) @he skillful intelli convoy by the Hore de Uonbat "SILVaRSiDES" is a superd exaaple of courage and tenacity in itself. 3 I desire to particularly exphasi for reliable voice communications ia our sub operations are in close proximity and tor iu sueh tides, radio takes too long and tie codes are too complex. I feel taat we can well afford to reduce security slightly in order to simplify our intri communication system. Reliable voice communicatio means to accouolish this. #05~10/a16=3 KING SQUADRON TSN Serial 022 Gare of Fleet fost Office, San Francisco, Calirornia, 25 January 194. COMFIVE TIAL SECOND ENDORSE to GQ SILVEnsSIbsS Keport of Bignth nar xatrol dated 15 January 194. Subject: U,o.S. SIAVSKSIDES, Sighth var Patrol; vomment on. 5e with great pleasure, the Coamander suonarine Squadron Ten congratulates tie SILVEksIUEo on its excellent patrol and recommends that damage be assessed as follows: SU ak (type unknown 3000 tons unknown, 3500 tons (type unknown) 5500 tons unknown) 7900 tons DabinGeD AO or ak (type unknown) (unknown) a C. F. BRCA. FP FP212-10/116-3(25)/(16) SUBMARINE FORCE, PACIFIC FLEET a” :Gaiiey Serta crse Care of Fleet Post Office, im Sen Francisco, California, SOIDENTISE 27 January 1946 Fue Poona to SILVERSIDES Report of WOTE: THIS REPORT WHLL BE Righth Wer Patrol, DESTROYED PRIOR TO BNTERING PATROL AREA, COMSUBSPAC PATROL REPORT WO. 252. U.S.S. SILVERSIDES ~ EIGHTH WAR PATROL ‘The Conmander Subearing Fetes, Pacific Fleet. ‘The Comnsnder~in-Chie?, United Statos Flect. ‘The Comnender-fp-Chtef, U. S. Peeifie Flect. U.S.S. SILVERSIDES (88236) = Report of Eighth War Patrol. (4 December 1943 te 15 January 1944). The eighth war patrol of the STLVERSIDES was coniucted in the vicinity of the Polou Islands. 2. Fighting aggressively throughout the entire patrol, the STLVERSIDES succeeded in inflicting severo damage on tue enemy. The passeges to important em= treices to Palau wore Closely guarded, and thus my contacts vere forthcoming. Attacks Noa, 2 to 8, mado shortly aftor miditght on 2% Docontor, on = atx ship convey wore exoeptionally aggressive and productivo. Tonacity cnd aggressiveness disy"ayed were outstanding. Although only three ships were observed to sink in this sorios of attacks on the convoy, it 18 vorg probable thot ono or tre others may havo been sunk, 3. In addition to all of the attacks mato tho SILVERSIDES porfermed e- splondid Job on trailing © two tanker convoy for over four days ond soning in valuable contact reports, cS It $s of note that this is the socom tim that c hospital ship may possibly have boon used as a decoy rhen convoys are oxpocted to locve or enter Peleu. This fact mey bo token advantage of in tho future. 50 It is also of note that tho Jcpancse epperently cre nor stressing the use of their submarines in enti-eubmerino warfare. Duo procautions must be taken whon running on curfaso, 6. 411 possible steps must be taken to invostigcte the cause of the electrical fire occurring in the mancuworing room in ardor to prevent similar eccurroncos. 1 This petrol 4s consideted sucocasfvl for Conbct Insignia avard. 8. ‘Tho Comnender Subnerino Forco, Pacific Flect, congratulates the Commanding Officer, officers, and crow for this sccond succcssive, eggrossive, and outstanding wer patrol. The SILVERSIDES is crodited rith having inflicted ‘the following damogo upon the enemys SUuS 1 = Tenker (clase unknown) = 7,000 tons (attcck Fo. 4) L=zoighter (clans mimom) = - ~—*5,500 tons (attack No. 6) zle FF12~-10/a16-3(15)/(16) SUBMARINE FORCE, PACIFIC FLEET heh. Serial 0198 Cere of Floct Fost ofties, Sen Francisco, C-lifornia, CONFIDENTIAL 27 Jonuary 1944 THIRD ENDORSEMENT to STLVERSIDES Roport of NOTE: THIS REPORT WILL 5B Eighth Yar Patrol. DESTROYED FRIC2 70 ENTERING PATTCL af SEG EAS Seta e wh Ramon, Subjects U.S.S. SILVERSIDES (58236) = Report of Eighth ier Petrol. (4 Cocember 1943 to 15 Januory 1944) 4 S$ UNE (continued) 1 = Paseengor Froighter (cless umknom) - 64000 tons (i:tteo': to. €) TOTAL - 18,500 tons DAM4GED 1 - Freighter (class unknomm) 4,000 tons 1 = Freighter (class unknom) 4,000 tons TOTAL €,000 tone C. he LOCKWOOD, Ire Intel. Con. Pac. Ocean be Conservpec (adv. Base Plen. Unit) Cinclent Consubslant 8/M School, NL Consopac Consowespec Consubsovespac OIF 72 Comorpac Consubspac SUBAD, MI ConsubspacSubordeom 411 Squadron ond Div. Conmendors, Subspac Consubstrainpac 421 Submerines, Subspace CG A Titty, aa Fice Scerotary. ort Distri butlo: car “Leb. 56. Preicic Fost U.8.8. SILVESSIDSS ($8236) — oport of Zi:tt: 12-10/a15-8(15)/ (25) ‘The Comending Officer, The Connander-in-Chic?, Via: Official Channels. Subject: U.S.5, SILVERSIDES (38236) — REPO: Enclosure: (A) Subject Report. (B) Track Chart, a Enclosure (A), covering the Ninth vessel conducted in the vicinity of PALAU ISLANDS, 15 February 194, to 8 April 19h, is forwarded herewith, 85236/A16-3 U.S.8, SILVSRSIDES (95256) Gare of Fleet Post Office; San Brn cisco, Cel ifcrnia. CONFIDENTIAL uv, SULVIRSIDES ~ REPORT OF IDK (a) PRotoouE. fevived Pearl Harbor, 7.H., fron Hichth lar Patrol on Jamery 22, 19k. Commensed nernal te week rei Heft conducted by USS follow ne alterations were acvonslis (1) Bridge cat dorm. (2) JP stalled. (41) after torpedo (5) T.D.0. night Mohit Anew type trim pump vas 2 of tine. Not docked due to Gepemed or wiped. Three Trio period, (2) NERATIVE. Feb. 15 BET wu Submarine Base, Pearl Earbor, 3 d by PC 602 until darkness, ining dives and drills Feb. 19 0736 (2) 1039 (x) wioored ct 5 letter fonards accomplis!: v ative tan’: #2 Undermay enroute assigned erca, escorted by planes u ness, cruisin at ti speed, held numerous trai ris AIRGRAPT coNTACT Pil plane on Feb. 26 Om) tell (i) 2210 (K) Feb. 29 1608 (x) 1610 (x) OS Tk) 1e52 (xk) WTR) 1915 (I) Mer, 3 oi) U.S.S. SLVERSIDES (33236) Gare of. Fleet Post Office, Sa Francisco, Califor: SHIP @HTAOT fi. Sighted submarine on surface. Icenti fic friendly by silhouette and by interference on SJ screcn wen it ves tumed on, Frobabiy U.5.S. TAIG, Both avoided on surfz e. Tat, 19-45 Hl, Long. 152-32 B, Entered area 1.. Sighted PAGAN ISLAND, bearing 260 T., distance 5 ciles. Dirk: the evening converted 4A and 43 to ballast tanks and Wile ti ary. Passed between PAGAI! and ALAKAGAN ISI =Ds, Surface patrol, Two dives made in morning, ore to flush md om to wark on hydraulic pump motor controlkr. CRAFT CONTACT #2. Sighted "EKILY" bearing 000 7., cisteme 16 wiles. Lat. 15-56 Long. 13-578. Dare to periscope depth to avoid detection, Plme cid not sight astern bout | miles. Surfaced and resuned surface patrol in area west 3f SAIPAN. Dove and conducted submerged patrol, Sw faced. Dove and conducted submerged petrol. Surfaced. During night cundueted igh speed patrol ac TRE-SAIPAH route, center of search ct Lat. 15-12 Noted indications of another radar an SJ bearing 340 T, Changed course and proceeded to investigate at 17 knots, ENCLOSIRE (i) U.S.S. SIVERSTIES (58236) Stil) had indications of other radar, but it appeared te & great distance and submarine wes northeasterly ecurse. Siiieved if he had been in contact with a coro seed at dam, Other radarwes probably NAUTTLIS ores nn area to West of us. Slgved ari o/¢ to 2 jon@Ar? comAc? 3, Dove upon sighting a "SLVIS' tearing, 090 tee Hae orton. aly G0% overcast. 1at. 15-22 ¥., lens. UA-Oe ‘Surfac ed. Divea wpon sighting plane ezain, eae plane es aircraft contact Bp. started to surface but spotted plane throxh periscope, headin: toward us, wont to 120 fect. Sound and JP reported echo ranging, bearti Picked up nasteat tm large shipe besrire 205 T., G50 Tey eistance’ 10 miles, Comsenced hieh s: 2 Gecasienally could see plene in vicinity GWinte two 8,000 ton transports, led br a FUBUS Soniler escert folloving, provably a 10. Si Securéa frjm battle stations wien found eauld «cn 2 130 port track. Set curse targct at 6 knots. lost sight contact with target on besring 111 T, Coulé stilt see plane occasiomily Started to swface, picked up plane beri y subne Suefaced and started search for target oF 6°) speed. Head sea end oattery ol Started retiring search course, ve \ere not on comeys 10 em seerla, ibich me Geir estiaated spacd, as anwcd £2 on engines, —— EICLSURE (A) 88236/216-5 STLVRSTIES (85256) ITAL, CON IDE: Subject: U,8.8. StLvm, 0619 (i) Had covered courses to south and nert to 160 to cover speeds less tian 10 knot: 0849 (K) Dove upon sighting a "MAVIS" bearins 350 7. on course 090, 1335 (K) 1736 (8) 95 {Kx} distonee 8 miles, As it ~ esecrt far a eonvey, headed north and éonducted su track. AIRCRAFT COFTACT #1. Surfaced, We were nav on convoy 5 knot circle. Set o southeast in event convoy?s destinstion tes If convoy bad headed tovard GUA, we could still intercept, Bet course for GUI. Dove and conducted stbnerce’ patrol off AP HRAR. Mn planes vere sighted during the day, At tines Plmes vere in the air crer the ferbar, Host Conti micas periscope patrol, bub ab tiaes ent ono of tao plans approached too close, Vater was running, bub in the lee of the Zelané 3% 7 comet $s ited two ships mowed in APRA Yarbor, The: medium freighters and cid uct @peer to be 2s 1. ve vere chasing. Cut tien in and four! tisn t: reef and (ROTE pennisula, Did not dec: rere worth the expenditure of torpedoes. y seck fron station, vith torpedoes to syzre, aclance, SEIP CosTAG? #3. Sighted sncke to south of 2850. Surfaced. Upon surfecin: noted five plaxs all vith their running lights on, Watotee then 1 flashed sone sort of recognition sizrel be: each cese it was a different sicml. 9236/2165 COUP IDEMTAL Subjects Woul have liked to harbor, but ou Sichted two patrol b dha bean cbrut 2% height they had jumped over tio nted is 2 tribute Dove upon eightine "2 on course 25, Sky completely 0 Surfeced,after reiting for rain squall to clear imedinte vicinity Entered area .-, Lat, 9-00 il., Long. 131-56 Set clocks bade one hour to -9, (I), tine zone. AU) tii mrrative fron now on vill be ~9 unless stherrd 3h ond 33 te noel Sighted patrol boat off berbor entrance, Sighted hoepitd ship bearing 258 7., ¢: course 120 T,, speed 15 knots, hoade inller to KURO TARU, to © 95296/a16-5 US.S. SULVERSIDES (33236) CONFIDENTIAL, U,8.8. SLLVRRSIDES ~ Report of Winth War Patrol. Sighted "MAVIS" bearing 10 7. distance 6 niles, on course 160 T. AIRGRAPT comict #7. Swfacod, During the nicht patrolled Uy15 nil HLUNGUL, Sighted signalling ashors, possibly signalling to patrol boat. Screws heard on sound gear bearing 310 T, ent chead full speed on four engines on cxrse 3107, othiny sivhted. P: a submarine, Bright full moon, Resumed normal patrol. Dove to conduct submerged patrol, TQGEL iIUNGUI bearing 135 Fe, Gistance 9 miles, Sighted patrol boat. In sight most Sighted "DAVIS" bearing 171 T., distence 12 mis, on course oO T. AMGRAFT comuct 46, Sighted small freichter, 1500 to 2000 ton, or ATWOKAKO PASS to TOLGEL =20NGUI, Comones’ a: not close closer than 8,000 yords, SIP Gct Sighted DD standing oub TOLGEL IDINGUI, true bearine 157 Ta, course 305 T., angle on bay 30 starbard, range 1,000 yards. ds sea yas oan, DD sigged tovard, passin 2 umble to turn fest en-ug 1G Stern tubes to beer. DD making at least 20 Imots, not. pining. DD swung left, bearing 261 T. Appar stieop of chentell entrance, Subjectr Repart of i ed two additional ™ sta: out To suiser, Tator identi ficd as NACHT clees, yeering Lh Te, distance about 10,000 yards, angle m bor 30 stameua cane t, normal pre 2, Gruiser zicged to right an yerds. Sbghted soconl eruiser, E e left zig, Angle on bow 70 starboard. Cruisers were in column farmaticn, ahead and one on either bor, Trp DAVE planes + Coverace, AIRCRAFT co.wAcT “9, Forward tubes ready, Depth sotting 12 feet. Obtained closest renge on last cruiser ~ 200 yards, Held fire as chence of hitting was slim due to excossive rans in calm Tier, ani speed estimate had vericd fron 11 to 25 knots. Gmiisers vere probably chanzin: spsed and speccing up as’ they Gloared the harbar entrance, Test bearing of cruisers vas 265 T, Sase course apparently 215 7, Sighted mast, bearing 025 T, SEIP cumact d high speed approach, Hdenbified as torpedb boat or minesreeper icading in towards TOAGEL MLUMWI, Mintmun renzo cbteinsd wee 9,000 7 tro DWE planes, proba 238 AIRCRAPT CO:rz-07 49. Sighted to "RUPE" Sh nes which landed in “ALMGL kexbor, AIcRAPT Contact a9, iVIS" plane over BIBELIUAP » ATRORAFT ComTact 411, bio "DAVEY planes over HALAKKL Harbor , wie. ENCLOSRZ (4) $5236/A16-5 e U.S.S, SI LWRSID Cone DENTAL 2053 Yar . 10 .S, SIW RSIS ~ F Sighted a "RUFE" plane, coine vestverd fron 1.JAKKL Harbor. Probably duck patrol, ATRGREPT COITKGT #13. Surfaced. Sighted red lichts on radio masts in harbor, Good indication night flyine ic in progress, at 10 knote to aveld lerviac weke im bricht ‘Transmitted contast roper > of tw cruise roceipted for by UPH ani cane back cn schedule minutes. UZ Sighted patrol bost on stebion off TOAGH “0HSUT obo 1227 1510 1906 wis Dove to conduct submerged patrol, TOAGEL MIUNGUT bearine 125 T., Gistence 10 miles. Wirrtoa "Dave", pearing 060 T., distame 1/2 rile, comin: out of cloud heading toinrd periscspe, went deen faxcnars Cormact als. Sighted mets, bearin: 265 T., distence 6 miles, commenced approach, SiIP COWTACT i710, Identified as tro patrol beats, PO class, patrollin: in form ation about 800 yerds apart, 13 1 10 in, ofe/ to get off track, Very Likely vw vero IFté in the ferbor, AMCRuF" petrolling off MMCSL :AUUGUL, aTRORPT CONTACT 6 Dove to comiuct subs 120 T,, distance 8 miles. no ship there, then pstrolled aff TOK Stunted and heard © sveoping clannel inside reef fren TOl Harbor, 88236/A16-3 U,8,5, SILVRSTUES (35236) COPTDEATTAT, ob pick up oon givin P torpado kes 5 sould have been vindotroals . Sighted be ir Sighted Micht of 12 “ZMBS" in fornation, PAU shom = marked imrease si) Suefare 8236/65 @ is.s, scumsrss (58236) e CONFIDENDTAL, Subjects U,S,S. SILVERSIDZS - Repeat of Minth ler Patrol. Mor. 15 ol ker, snip cont tod) and several "DAVES". anay, nd port cusrtor escort, ley to several hundred yercs & aimed ct periscope dept and shite caps, Saw him signalling to loading cscort ex rosuncd his pee in tho comoy, PC did not ccho r: they apparently only doubitul contact, Conve, 3uK, 1 CHIDORT and 3 PC plus usual air covercec in Line of bearing with largest aK in ecntor ( ¢ aft AK), vith tro 3000 ton aK in wing positions feverable firing position. Convey =ppoer RISAUL or WRGK, Treilce ct eix knots suba Convoy bore 18 T., esti-nted renze 15,000 Surfaced ith 2 Low battery ond started pars U2de radar contact beerine 123 7., distarce 14,000 neneed end around run. Soarchlirint on BABELTHUAP aede a & Tent to Battle Stations. ittery 0 attack, but aocn starte: ng positicn. Slatted to cther houctted. 38236/116-3 U.5,S. SILTRSTES ($8236) coNPIDEMTIAL Subject 2317 Bscart speeded up ant He bad either sighte: Depth Sharge. Screw sounded weak, started up to peris Depth oiaree- Surfoced and pureed, Sighted tratling escort, vorked eround hin. Yiade radar contact with convoy ani ©: Yade tubes reat Flooded in rapidly and got tom to periscope not hold at 2/3 speed. veard an escort spec be canine in on constant true bearing, but periscope being umier. Sereus close, same bearing, went deep. Bee put dd not drop. Periscope depth, convoy in sicht Surfaced and commenced end aroun’ min, Dave upon sighting 2 "BSTi on 2 parallel course. AIRCRAFT © Surfaced and resumed end sround run. red to 37 fects depth but eoulé end appeared to net see dus te 3236/65 @ v5.5, scxmsross (95036) e CONFIDENTIAL. Subject: U.S.8. SILVRRSIIES — 1558 Dove upon sighting tro "Divs" vere apparently air oscart fo cnnvoy track, AIRGRIF? 00: of target. Convoy 72 vith CEIDORI about 1500 dof U Planned te fire three at ip in tho conter, Bverythin- ves until convoy made an une a aie ship inside 500 yards. let hin pass and at 1621355 Fired #f1 tube at center ship, aimed « Fired $2 tube at center ship, ainoé Fired #3 tube at center ship, cined Saw and heard torped> hit under favard mast. a be tnsig ee eea PO wae seat) 900 yards the torpedses was scon to havo lefts trail Heard torp th 2 third torp. tyrpedo pro Five depth Screws vere feint, could bser only e gover, #6 som as re “ot through speeded up and pincin> becene Localize under layer egain. ENCLOSt 8236/1165 U.8.8. STLVERSTIES (88236) U,8,S, STLVERSTIES - Report of Ninth Wer Petrol At periscope depths One FO in sight in vicini seerchin: for survives. Surfaced and resumed purse Yade radar contset Worked zound him yerds, Closed to 10,000 yards there vas only to ships ia con: there had been three, Sent message to Consubpac reporting contact with convoy. During evening hed received ward to enter area 10 WW, Believe this nossage cic not cot through, eitiough At wee receipted for by IPG, Dove tocontuet mrrcech, iteed of convoy, rence to ship Us000. Pange to leading excart 12,000, Decided t> exnaict entire reach et periscope depth, of nosnlinht ve ricat, and telieve last night cscarte picked up our shocrs by rade. Then aboub 1500 yards on starboard bo ddenly tumed towards end speeded up. luring entire sparaech but gevo no indie: up by tle usw method of to short scale. ntire ap: using jeri Started deopyhen there ts no Antenti ons. Four depth charges about 30 sccende apart. Escort 7 Gircctly overhead but fartumtely lad started cro Depth clarge. * At periscope depth, sidibed PC beerin: 10, distenc 3,000 yards, apparently lying to, listenin: 95256/116-3 0.8.8. SELVRSTIES (58256) U,S.8. SIIERSIDES - Report of Minth PC specded up, heading on course 170 T. Lost sound contact with PC, effectively prevent tur wes beconing h UP hoard high pe 072 T., dut Sichted *ESPT", boarin 254. 7., distance 1502, Probebly air escort Pr conve Surfaced, hoading back to assicncd area, Sighted "BEST! disteme about 15 2: Homined on surface as ran‘e to plane Lost sight of plane. During evening received Oo would pass to operational contr ‘Transmitted serial four ecknovledgine receipt Elving convoys Lest position, Reported ere returning to arca 10 Na, as it secne sorial tires h Dove upon si AIRCRAFT CUF Surfee ed em resused patrcl, During afternoon received nessé informing us we wuld pass te 2 jetiately, Remained in vicinity Tranoritted soricl five to Concubpec info CIF 72 rep thet would “shift téBéticonnon:échedwle ~£ 1500 © roll. Picked up in¢iceti.cns of ancther SJ ra Possibly GAR. S236/a16-3 U,S.5. SLLVERSIDES ($8236) DBTUL, Shifted to Bellconnen sc control cf GIF 72. Received veleone ness: seouting Line. Cmnene center is 5-15N., 135-2 center on 025-205 axis. Dove, weather overcest ani Lowlyinz Surfaced, Dove, lor visibility. Surfaced, During evening lac £ radar in vicinity. Patralling on secuti: line, Dove upon sighting e "HELI". RCAF 0 While submerged sichted ansther plave , probe AIRGUFT #28, Surfaced axl resuned petrol. Patrolling on seutin: line. Dove upon sighting 2 "SET", MIRGAFT cut. Surfaced. Dove upon sighting 2 Surfaced, Patrolling on seoutin line. U.S.S. STLVERSTIES (55236 Dove upoh sighting a "3! ig out of a cloud. #e possibly saw our diving slick as sca vas clase: ? COMMCT Sa. Surfaced. Dove upon sighting + heading toward, Das AIRGRAPT cust Lest sight of plane, Sighted petrol hont, bearing 145 7., speed 3-1, knots, on course 515 7. Closed to inves 2 con ti small fe a torpedo, too ve Surfaced. Patrolling on scouting line, Dove. Sky overcast with Lov hangine clouds, Sighted two FOSTEY" planes, about tures PALAU, AIRCRAFT CONTACT 733. faced. During evening converted 5 7.3. tank t Patrolling on scout: clouds. Sighted one "EITY" plane. Surfeced. Dove upoa sighting a "D coming out of cloud, ARG2ArT T 88236/M16-3 45.8, SIIVERSISES (55256) During ev: indoctrimse 2, pols Dove to conict $5236/a16-5, U.S.5. SILMRSTBES (33236) GCONFIDSITAL Subject U.8,8, STLVIRSIDES - Report of Ninth var Petrol, 1300 Ship bare 126 T., distance 1200 yards. Aypeared to be an en aft freighter or oiler, estimated tonnere 3000, 177 mith saierforn bow ani eruiser stern, diesel propelled, in escort ves astern, and was seen to be in tow, Hecert was of converted travler pe and camouflaged with trees“lashed to its nast. During last twenty minutes af approach, target steadied on course to enter barber, Fired #1 tube, Fired #2 tube. Fired i73 tube. Fired i, tube, Saw torpedo hit amidships, The ship's back was broken and it started to settle rapidly, Took a look st escort and several men on it were castin: off tox line, tm others vere ranning aft, and snoke was starting to coe out of its stack. Suinging left, preparine to take pictures, sien sound reported escort's serews starting up ani heading toverd, vent deep. Explosion, Did not sound Like dept charce. Corld Lave been air— craft bonb, explosion in target, or 2 dept Beard trealdng up noises. Jelicve target took its final plunse at this tine. Started up to periscope deptir, Ab periscope depti:. Target had disappeared, Sccort and several sampans were milling around vicinity of sinkine, proba:ly picking up survivors, iiany personnel had been seen on deck of target rior to firing. Sighted a "AVE" searching the area at a loi alti tide, AIRCRAFT couTACT #39. ENCLOSURE (A) 98036/A16-3 COWPIDEMTAL Subjects 000 tons, tio PC escarts on quarters, one ag Pe eight Dice Gee et et ca ct treet. ee apparently cone fron north of BIAK or north of NOE7O@: and vas giving @ Vide berth to the vicinity of ou atteck tvo hors previous, SilP C¥SAC? jf 2: Gbtained closest range on target, 6,000 vards, on bearing 317 7. Secured approach, Surfaced, Dove. During day patrolled abut five miles off the coast narth of EMIOKART looking for traffic huging coast. Several sampens were sighted diring day, aprarently fishing. Sighted a "DAVE" bearing 262 T., which appeared to land in harbor, ATRCRAPT COLACT if 40, Surfaced. Searchli. bt drill at hi were pointe: six beams « During evening made high speed search of JAPEN SIRAT?. Sighted tro seall saupms, not lichted, avoided, After conducting search for traffic bh proceeded ‘Encroswa (a) $5256/116-5 @ vss, omvasmes (ex) © Sighted 2 mast bearing 299 7. Commenced epproach. S COrZACT #16, Contact Aovstoped into a fleet of t edb: U1. 2s Devated chances sritab Sighted plane, landplane, nko AIRCRAP? CMe? 75. During afternoon heard a series o z lesions. Tad net sound like depth cherzes, b can yoleanic activity ar blasting asi Surfeced. Fatrolled between NOBIFOOR and SOEP Feccived despetch Uirecting us % Scorentickt oa extinguished, ‘Trensaitted contact report of Reversed course and started clearing enroute KILN JAY, spi:cionced radar interference on SJ. This + night and 1s mentioned because it seoncd Ik scope Looled like sat *eecth” 5,000 yards, thro yas sharp ani it only could ble tint tus is sox Dove upon sigeting a "KATE" coins lnites heeding toxerd, slcy beoor 95256/A16-5 cower nE Subject: 1907 + STLVERSSEES (35256) STLVERSIDES ~ REPUCI of Minth lar Fatrol. Surfaced. During evening transmitted daim oo Enroute ILM BAY. Passed throuch debris fro: a sunien shi) Zone. 139 598. Dove upon sighting an unicenti fied aircrat ourmact #6, id Surfaced, Set clocks ahead ne hour to ~10 tine, Passed SCIP in safety lane on opposite couse. ScIP GUAT #17. Dove upon sighting unidentified plane, AIRCRAP? COMTACT # LT. Burfaced. Dove upon sighting e plene, possibly a */ETTY". He. Surfaced. Sighted SAS end SRMIT 1s, Dove upon sighting en unidentified plane. AIRCRAFT Surfaced. wade extra -uick dive when SD radar indicsted = Wet sighted due to low Iyinz clouds. Prova? contact. Decided to renain su working properly. a nonth, eri it aperently attr: At a scret until theytre on Surfaced, weather having closred. 88256/165 U.S.S. SILVERSIDES (55236) ConFIDBT IAL ‘Sub jects U,S.S. STLVERSIDES - Report of Minth lar Petrol, April 5 7 510(K) Sighted U.S.S, COUCAL on peralte? course, OSUT(K) -Rendezvoused =: point PIFE with escort, $0703, Dari 2 trensited VITUZ STRAIT, sichtin: mny friendly aircraft. IlA(K) Released esoart, proceete? in commnay with until duak, tpral 4 0250(K) Passed U-S.S. CHR: and escort on opposite course. 0948(K) Rendeavoused with PC 112), at point FLTE. 1510(K) — Moored Longside US.S, BURYALE at MIME BAY. Tok on board fuel, veter, end provisions. dri 5 0626(K) —-Undervay from alongside U.S.S, BURY enroute escort of FC 112. 1200{K) Released escort. Sighted several friendly ships during passece, ‘eather in general was rourh end heavy head seas prevailed. gril 8. derived BRISBINE, AUSTRALIA. 88236/A16-5 CONFIDE TAL. Normal. for aress TIAL TSaiancan During the 6%, 135E., + (2) PAVIGATIONAL 23 As noted in previous patral reports, TOAGH, IGUECUL beecon, the lichtho EIL WACK all cat in well, In tue 7 and the veri gente (®) SHIP coumacTs —_P - Periscope R ~ Radar Ho, Time Tat, Date Tong. TO 1eh7) _19-T5i Feo.27 152-325 2.350 ie. 3 errr) 3. 0910(K) Port Apra, 2 AK Yar. 5 Wad 1, 1736 (K) Of2 Port 4 Kar. 5 APRA, 5. 0931 (K) 13-01 Mar, 6 110-138 6. 0805(R) off 20KGRL Tare a 95236/i16-3 U.S.8, SILvERsIDES (83236) @ Te oft) Besiato = iar, 9 PASS cs2e(1) Off FOACHL 20h 5 1. Yar.9 WUUSGUT 30D 13(1) oft TaKGEL Ear,9 KLOEGUE 21005(1) OFF TaKGEL cpa. () 7-181 Yer.14 134-33E 140 634. Anchored 1235(I) 7-12 Mar, 15 134-308 IBD 6-16 A Nar,22 yeie(1) 0-558 Yar .28 a hs (ir) oss yar.26 3lrleE ul5(K) 1-108 var ,30 98236/i6-3 cor DELL, (G) ATRORAPT conT. No, ‘Tine Dete a 3. re1o(K) 15-221 for. 3 UsA-O1E Remarks: Possivly sighted by plme. lar cover Remarks: 0706 (2) 9 1i-2OE Over Piiatt. 9. 0954(1) off Ta.cEL (2) DAVE 24 kar.9 LLUNGUI Renerks? Air coverage for cruiser: Yo, 1255(2) saa. ——(2)RUFE far.9 Herbar Reneviss Endod tn bashers 39236/i63 © v.5.5. smvmsives (s5256) ‘Us. 0918(1) LUNGUT DAVE sighted periscope, Over iar.10 Renerks? Lended 11ogI) or ELUNCOE 0838(I) 1251(1), ter. Uy _7-07H 32s mark st Vein ty HARAiad, 19. 1251(E 20. 1325 (1) Yardy qos (2)2ErE b> 15L-32B Reuerks: In form tion 8236/63 = @ v5.5. stumsmms (5235) @ CONFEDETTAL. Subjects U.S.8. SILERSIDES ~ Roport of Hinth ier Petrol, lez. 5 SETI 3 DWE Ronerkst Vieinity MALL HR 2. OB Ver.16 23. 1358(1) 43511 far.l6 136-555 DWE(2) 6 ia Remarks: dir cscort far SIIP CO.TACT } 12, 2h. 1050(7) belt Har.17 — 137-40E jie escort for SHIP comact #12 25. 1st) kw merry Yer, 17 137-318 27. 1605(1) r, 20 Remarks: Dove to avoid detection, 28. 1617(1) Yar .20 29. 0905(1) Har.21 Ranarkst Dove to 30. 1621(T) Yer.21 Remakes : “Dove 31. 0920(1) Ere Remarks: Dove 98236 /116-5 U.S.8, SILVEESTDSS (53 256) Mar.22 135-368 (2yeerry 6 EI” Remarks? Dove to avoid detection, 33. 16B(T) SLT Uar.25 135-503 3h. 1025(1) ier 2h, 35. 1525(I) Rar .2ly 5 avoid detection, 36. 0903(I) __6-16N Wer.25 135-518 BEMY 1014. Remarks: Dove to evoid detection, Romarks: Dove to avoid 38. 1003(I) 0-525 Ter ,28 15l-198 39. 1558(I) __ 0-558 Ia, 1010(z) 2-058 Har .30 13h-508 1 42. 1h07(I) Har30 s 5M. 13. 1MK(T) 1-005 Uniden- Yer.30 13h-308 tificd, 8 1, Verious Ronerks? [igh ving lend based monoplem . 89/236f416-3 je SILVERSIDES ($9236) CONFIDENT At. Subjects U.8,5, STLVARSIDES - Report of iinth No, Timo a Type Date. Long. ‘Uh. 0852(T) __00-12N Har 3 135-08, KEE Renarkst Dove, probcbly sighted. 15. 1250(1) 00-24 JL 155-138 RUFE Remarks: Probebly enti submarine petrol. 46, 1515(I) 00-188 Uniiden- 4pril 1 10-198 tified Remerks: Dave to avaid detection. 47. 064Q(K) _ 005818 April 2 15-008 Romrks: Dove to aveid dotecti.on. LB, 0615(K) 0-528 Possibly e dpril 2 U5-OlB BENT Romrks: Dare to avoid detection. oseh(K) 1-028 Uniden dpril 2 U5-16B tified (H) ihck DTA U.S.S. STLVESIDES TORTEDO LPTCK ie. 1 imc 1622 (1) Tate larch 16, 19h Lat. Lae TARGET DT. Description: Target wes the center ship of a convoy of bearing about 500 yerds part. A CHIDORI wes leading escort, and thrce a four PC escorts were on beans and quarters of convey. Convoy was bound fron to WEKAE or RIBAUL, 1 AK, Engine aft. Estimated tonnage 1500, ies lergest ship in convoy. 83236/306/3 CONFIDENTIAL. subject! penage Determined PY? sped 3 kts Dey submerged 2 petwoon shots at sterne gues fired ‘track ani Gyro angle Depth set Powr it or miss sprratic Terk Torpede Serial Hoe Yark Exploder Soria] Ho ietaation sot jhotetion 2ctue warhead Draft 15 ft. course Ti First: top’ y.8.5+ STLVERSIDES (38236) wer Patrol. ort of Hinth saw ono torpedo hit. Heard another torpedo Tite Goud broalcing up noises Taord tirourhout beat fF Toot ten mimetes. | Ship TSS ‘missing from Convoy abomt ontect wes reerinede Gomeaiaia| apeod 20)ENS- 750 yas-(et firine) own SHEP DIS. 75 Depts 6, foe P ingle 0 (et firine) ‘pre coMOL ism TORPEDO © nt of aia ‘Third torpedo eronoh: Fiyod three edo At HOT. perpodoes shifting P Becemitearpess © DOT Pee 109 P 329 8 High Hat No Ur3e 3916 GAB ® mF 321 8 R 10 P 528 High wt se 25 9322 ets 2201 10,819 GiB we Contact Contact Contest 16 ou, ‘Torpox 16 28 Torpex 16 of - 30% ° [anod spre cola subese, Pert © a erbar, Tse jut least one torpedo 8236/4165 U.8.S. SELVERSIDES (55236) CONFIDENTIAL. Subjects U.8.8. SILVERSIDES ~ Report (@) AriGK Det (Conte) 0.8.8. STLVESIDES TORPEDO LTRCK ¥O.2 tine 1510(Z) eto Yarch 26,19 Tat, 00558. Long, 131-15.5E UROET DiNh ~ Di2kos DELTOTED Description: Target ms prococding independently. One escort was mt, vhech fcr en unicist m bot, cruiscr stern, eetinebod at 3,000 tons. d BY: Saw torpedo hit aitiilships, brosk terget's wack, end it eomcnced to si Forced doop but heard target sink, minutes lector observed escort rescuing survivers. Terget Draft 15 ft., Course 280, Depth 10.5, Ren a iN SHIP DATA, Spoed 2,6 Course 180 inglo 0 (et firing) FIRE CONTROL and TORPSDO Dts Day aubserged apmroach., Firad fou torpedces shifting paint of aim, First tarpodo aimed 3 1c! ond of 102, Third torpedo ai Gorpedo ained 4 length ahoad of bow, but not int: saw hit ordered "hold firo" but firing key v pressed. tubes fired R Track englo 90s Gyro angle 025 Dopth sot 6 Power High Hit o iss Vaiss 98236/:16-3 CONPIDETLL. Subject: U.S.S, SIR (#) Attack Bota (Gon't) A Brratic No Uerke Tarpedo Sorial No. Explosive Firing interval ‘Type spread sud eproad. Sea condition Overheul activity Pearl serbar, T.He Ronerks: moule (1) icuEs Mone. On ono occasion whet sounded like wag heerd being used in HiiidL harbor. (3) ANTI-SUBEGRINE NEASURES 11°D BY.STOs 1.0 rir activity ims eine rls curd tins tendoney, 2 the ‘MLJOR DEFECTS AND DAMLGE (K) 1. Port Shaft: This Ine a very marked squcal which scaxs to be located in the Strut bearing. 88256/116-3 U.8.S, SILVERSIDES (88236) COMREDENT LL, Stbjects U.8.3. SILVERSIDES ~ Repat of Ninth ver Patrol. 2yjfl Vein Enginot mie mictpin nectlo boeing of 2 upper unit fas resuliimg in motel Todcing in tho conn rod beoring wid Tho piston skirt md tho bottom vil ring also carricd mill remire honing ring tie roiit. 3. Tein Pump: Tho trim pump wes nor type trim pump should be installed e ‘The operetion tho ent of the petrol tie swordarn: strokk 5, Piping: Selt water and circulating iping feiled incident te ages The next patrol vill be the sixth since yerd orcricul end it is felt that if continued relicble oparetion is to be expeetod this vessel sho-ld be given 2 mjor overieul. (J) RADIO Recortion of tho HAIKU schedules vas gonerelly gosd. The £ notes wore uade on reception. (a) 16,68 faded out west of HDi, (8) 9090 proviced a good signal 0700 to 1100 Ge? after which tine it bocane distorted ani faded. (c) 1525 was abreys good efter 1000 OCT, but wes subject to considerable 390 cane in well curing doyliy (e) 17370 was not used cn:ugh to drew conclusions Only scris] missed wes #h6-of February. Reception cf tho BEIGOINGN schedules wes gna, except for atnosphorie disturbmece onecuntercd viaigh in the GEELVINK BLY aré 12170 care in loud end clear during daylicht . €170 wes mod efter sunset. 5600 ves not used, Tiny transuissions vere mde during the patro all were cleared without undie delay although all vore jammed. ds usual, tic justrelian stati wore very pronpt in answoring end roceipted fer sur mcssavcs with 2 minim of reposts. y.g.5- STIVERSIDES (35256) nth gp Radar This reder 158 socurcd on errivel in tie Pt ol orea sod sean until in, Gricndly weters simee 258 cmof fenction, SPP Mee honing, pencen for farereft. Planes © hefare the 0 ace nae qo siles $ereguigect vith one f te early node) Toph cod ot thorouslly overteuled- sone Sap conte’ en & of 20,000 yerds, rene elec sere ee reve Be re ai Mymence we ton NObAeSAE argos ot Perfo gerds on 100 foot #81 jeras on 55 es 52 0Orines wero picked UB OF n-V subvrorence frm. ctner St unite vs noted (3) SOUND GER Ax SOUND conprTTaHs sound conditions witha JB, and ¥e Ter Siekoa up wetrel Dts | (0) DENSTEY LATS. ‘time (act) bm (0)DENSITY LAYERS (Conit) Tine Dato Position $5236/196-5 0.8.8, SILVRSIDES ($8236) CONFIDENT, HE.LTH, FOOD, ..! In goneral the aelection of c gion @aring the voAit ves electric tarpedo ox zg (Q) PERSOMMEL ne following is submitted in cor pruary 19). (a) Nunber of nen on beerd during patrol (b) Mmber of nen qualified ct start of petro (8) Huber of mon cuslified et end of patrol (4) timber ot unmalifiod nen mating thotr first petr (e) Horbor cf non edverod in r: uring petrol. Ae muh tine as possible wes devoted to treinin: TH cencrei, the qui‘ sy af the non recaived fron th to the previous hich stancard, Four unquelificd officers ¢ torerds queliying. 12 USED, Bese to area (Feari to Arce Uy) In arce (T.F. ag nd 10) In ares (1. brea to basi U,S.S, SILVERSIDES (85236) Subjects .8.S. SILERSIDES = Report of Hinth ier Patrol, (8) DuRATrOM enroute to erea in erea enroute to base Days submerco FACTS OF ENDURADS RELIING TORPEDOES FUEL PROVIBIOIS Wy 9120 6 ( 4t MTLNE BAY) LIMITING FACTOR HIS PATROL: ‘Terminated by despetch orders cf CIF 72. RImGGUS:— Blectrie torpedoes: No Mc XVIII torpedoes were fi as to their perlarmence was cbtained, 411 torpedoes wore ehereod the first treo charzes, all torpedss were charged in the racks, thon between racks and tubes, eter, those in the tubes then out to clocr tho lund hole plates and lashing ti found the specific crevity dropped -ff cbeut 1,5 Wo eanctor far the hytrogcn clin! aveileble then tho equipnent rms installed. Rosistanc 6 used a8 a guage of the correctness of tle cirant fl erently satisfactory, it is believed thet an ameter Te torpedoes were reecived in . Shmercus belts, muts, end pieces ff 1 cell tops, In two of t.c tarps insulation wes strii lengths of tho hydrogen clininater lead tire, and in wrapped alo: abcut elf the bare wire. In one toryodo lend wes run doin through the motor yoke, throw: the brash rig-in around the comuntetor. In gewral, host of the troubles cnecuntered wore due to your and earcless sdring of the torpedco: @ 8 SHES (5) CONFIDERITA Subjects U.S,8- SILYIRSIDS - Report of Hinth ¥ (U) REGRKS (Con't) ‘The prosent cher cinz despite the auxiliary charging comection. ettenpted to roplme tho micarta sh it into place with tho char cine Is is rot a that no electric tor: Despite tit above minor difficulties, we woul? like torpedoos aft on our next patrol. 7.D.c, NIBH? LicuT: In general thie is hard’to read and was corrected by tir adtition of an exter ship dial index mrk is Gfficilt to soc, There is an unnce error inroading this indox fron tho side. This dof placing the plastic indox slate closor tc the cinl wit: on the side tovards tie disl end exton@in: the full widt round headed dic] retaining screws would ieve to be replacod with flat headed scrows similar to those sccuring the other T.D.C, dials, BNCLOSIRE (4) 7 bo © FF12-15(72)/16-3, TASK FORCE SEVENTY~' Care of Fleet F Serial 0112 —~ San Frenciseo, Ca CONFIDENTIAL 17 April 194k. FIRST ENDORSEMENT to SILVERSIDES Report of Ninth War Petrol. Brom: The Commander Task Force SEVENTY. flo: The Commander in Chief, UNITED S' Vie : ‘The Commander, SEVENTH FLEET. Subject: U.S.S. STLVERSIDES (SS236)- Report Patrol - comments on. ly The ninth war patrol of the ducted in areas West of the MARIANAS, West orthwest coast of NEW GUINEA. . Nine contects were made of which two developed into attacks @ hospitel ship identified as similar to MURO were ships anchored behind reefs which presents for attac 2s Both attacks were well oxccut: climaxed 2 long end persistent chase in w planes interrupted the chese throo times. 3. The decision of the o ng 9 {tne eruiser tesk force is not upheld, s gots are worthy of t ort. de This patrol Insignia award. The Commander Ts nding Officer, offi : the followine demage on the sum *1-aK (cless unknown) Zs ,500 tons 1-A0 or AK (class unknown)... + . 000 tons Tonal 7506 tons ‘NOTE: Since this ship wes sunk in an erca under | tional control of Commander Submsrine: SIFIC FLEET, he is Pequested to assume credit accordingly, oper: FF12-15(72)/A16: Serial 0112 5.8.8, SILVERSTD Patrol = comment ScELIGE tmegedco, copies eel VONO (savanee copics - 2) WV (Op-23¢) st Flt, 2nd Tt, on. 3rd Plt. Consubs 1st Flt. Consubs 2nd Flt. Gogsubs 7th Flt. CSS-h, 6, 8, 10, 12, lay 18,58 is ana 26. csp-ai, 82, 181 and 18 War Fatrol Summary ne, Sf wie Conny (2) Fit, ’Redio Unit, ‘Melbourne All SS TF-72 (iy bo teken to sea,but BURN prior to passing 5°’South). CO SILVERSIDES (File) - HURRY, 7 force Seeretary. A16-3 (¥-3/td) Serial: 7702 SONFIDENTLAL an ENDORSEMENT to ‘report of Ninth War Patrols From: Commander Seventh Fleet. = Commander in Chief, United States Fleet. U.S.S. SILVERSIDES (33236) - Report of Ninth ar Patrol. Forwarded. OLS ake 0. L. LLvDAHL, By direction. STLVERSIDES Fleet Post office, Sen Frencisco, California. LecLassipeoe. BARC a 16 elit ee the Comenting Officer. @he Comender in Chief, United States Fleet. Tho Connander Submarine Division 15. The Commander Submarine Squadron l, The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet. The Connender in Chief, United States Pacific Fleet. U.S.S, SILVERSIDES ($8236), Report of Tenth Wer Patrol. (A) Subject. report. (B) Track Chert for Commander Submerine Force, Pacific Fleet. Enclosure (A), vovering the Tenth Wer Patrol of this vessel conducted in the vicinity of the MARIANAS Islands during the period 26 April 19k to 1. June 19L{s, is forwarded herewith, JS. COW, Jr. e @ 0.8.8. sTurmsioes 98236 /116-3 CONFIDENTTAL STLVERSTDES ~ REPORT.OF TENTH WAR PATROL (a) PRotocuz., Arrived BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, from Ninth Ver Petrol on April 6, gh, Normal two week refit conducted by Subterine Repair’ Unit, Docked, ajor alterations accomplished were: (1) Installetion of Mk.III, IF... (2) Install- ation of 40 18 gun aft on old 3" foundction, (3) Installztion of V-E.F. radio equipment, and most important (Jj) Instellction of new type trin pump, Two days loading. Not depermed or wiped, No training. Training to be conducted en route , MILNE BAY, (B) maRRATIVE. 401 times (-10) unless otherwise noted. Apri2. 26,29b) TRS Underway fron BRISBANE, MUSTRILIA, in accordance vith C.2.F. 72 gperation order S25-bk, en route petrol cree in iaNIANiS, Condr, C.c, BURLINGMIE, USil, on boerd as training officer, En route UILIE BAY conducted training exereises vith escorts. Hallie COLE end Huliens5. BOWUCh, Sighted several friendly plenes end ships. Conducted training exercises for Res.aF. plenes. Huli.4.S. ECHICH proceeded cheed end left fometion due to Gistilling trouble, Continued to carry out exercises with Hii.S. COLL, Moored <1,ngside U.S.S, BURYALE, Fueled to copeci ty. Tender wes very eccomodating, ecconplishing meny minor repeire, end giving overnight laundry services Condr. C.C. BURLLIGi2 trensferred to tender, - Underwey for sound test. Moored clongside U.S.S, BURYALE for further chock on bow pleres Witich continue to give trouble, Underway en route petrol erca, escorted by E.lis.S. Sill, proceed ing up safety lane. Conducted test firing of ell guns on toved terget. The new LO ii scens to bo © bocaty end was most accurcto, -1- ENCLOSURE (4) CONFIDENTIAL, U.S.S, SILVERSIDES — REPORT OF TENTH WAR P.TROL En route arce,. conducted training exercises. Pessed KINO on ‘opposite course. In efternoon escort hed 2 doubtful submerine contact. Decided /tor enain on surface for remainder of exercise due to many friendly plenes in air, reported enemy submarine contacts, end esgort eppeers to be itchy on the trigger. Daring evening trensited VITIMZ STRAITS and pessed 35H on opposite course, Releesed escort, now north of ADMIRALTY ISLANDS. Proceeding up safety lene conducting training dives end drills. Passed SEAHORSE on opposite course. Shifted operetioncl control to CIF 17 in eccordence with oper= etion order. Designstion now 17.2.2) instecd of 72.1.9, Shifted from BELLS to NPL. Entered southern boundary of crea 1k. Medo lendfél1 (SJ) on GUssi, bearing 083 7., distence 55 miles, Dove ebout 9 miles west of OROTE PT, to look into PORT sPRA. Sighted soverel plones over herbor. i/C #1. Throughout the day there vere usually cbout three planes in the cir, LILISS end 2EKES, They ppeered tot cke off and End fron tie field on OROTE, PENTNSULi. se Sighted seven-ships in harbor, Severel vere lcrge trensports, all wore fair sized, 8/C #1, Shot over recf eppeers inproeticel, Lerge sempan left herbor and stood to nortimerd clone eomst, During moming heerd six depth chergcs or bombs, all distent. SHIP cown.cT fe - #1 - ONE HIT. Picked up pinging md smoke boering O00T. Hocded tovnrd. Sighted msts, mgle on bow sterbocrd, conc to normel approsch course 100 T, z CONFIDENTIAL 1432-20 132-30, about on convoy track, between comoy and "ole in t PORT WPRK, Cane left and headed toward center of convoy on course 005. Convoy consists of six or seven ships in rougiz formation of three coluhns. Five escorts sig:ted, three of which were CHIDORIS or large FCs leading and on either bow. Several tices escorts had doubtful sound contacts on us end shifted to hend kerring. Range too great to fire. Convoy then made a larze sig to rigit leeving us on port bow, All tubes ready to ire. Could not sming to port without running afoul of port bow escort who already had 2 doubtful sound contact. Let escart pass by at cbout 1,000 yards, ewung right to 060 T., and got set-up for stern tubes on 5,000 ton AK in port column. Fired #7 tube. Fired #8 tube. Fired $9 tube. Fired #10 tube, Used aimed spreed, 1/4 length astern HOT, 1/; length chead 207, Yl, length shead 6f bow, 1/ length astern of stern, Several ships were in line, Torpedoes were «ll ieard to be running, ant were wakeless (#% SVIII). Heard torpedo hit. Had raised periscope but was ducked due to torpedonen being overly ambitious in holding poppets open. Went deep when heard escort screws specd up, still undble to get up to periscope depth. Three depth charges, Not close. Escorts aopaently did not know where we Were and were milling around ainlessly. Depth charge = not close. Sound reported bresking up noises, but it vas not as loud and definite as usual, Tergot screvs hed stopped after hit was heard. Started up to periscope depth, At periscope depth, convoy in sicht besring 173 T., and appears to be entering PORT APRA, my planes in the cir, one escort in vicinity of attacks Surfeced, CONPIDENTTAL U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - REPORT OF TEATE WR PATROL. Sightod sovoral plaios with running lights over GU ‘Transmitted SILVEISIDES first, reporting presonce of et least lever ips in PORT 4PRA, It vould be ch opportune time for an aiz i cike, ‘rile epjc0eching PORT APRA sighted six plencs aleed, plancs being picked up by flame of exhaust. £/c #2. Planes closer, dove with OROTE PP, beering 095%, distence 22 miles. SHIP CONTACT #3 -ATTACK 2 - FIVE HIS. Sighted CHIDORI or PC stending out of herbor, Headed toverds. Made out seven ship convoy standing out of herbor, with four or five escorts including 2 mall freichter type escort trailing. Escorts were milling aroufd, but ‘seemed to be patrolling mostly to northrerd, indicating convoy wes HIPIRE bound and placing us 4n a fevorable position for atteck. Made forvard tubes ready. ill seven ships appear to be good sized, and one 1s e four gos) poster, Possibly sene convoy 2x sighted yesterdey, Convoy took large sig to soutimestward, joining into three colunns. Hinimin range 3800 yerds. Held fire es renge was too greet. Contimed high speed approach hoping for favoreble siz. Secured tubes when range continued to open. Started trefling convoy at high speed submerged. Sighted « "LILY" bearing 072 T., distance 12 miles. Convoy smoke bears 252 T. Last bearing of convoy smoke on 213 7, Still « bit too close to CUAL 8 surface, Surfaced end sterted pursuing convoy. GUiii in sight ebout 30 miles stern, battery well dom. Rogeined contact vith smoke. Closed until heed masts in sight xith hich periscope. With ell the planes availeble at GUM it scons 2 nirccle this convoy had no air cover, ite Si U.S.5, SILVIRSIDES - REPORT OF TENTH waR PATROL &t sunset incrossed specd to geinrader contect. Rader chose this monent to breck down, technicians busy. iydrealie plent motor also picked this time to go out, stood by hand diving stations. Closed terget until they could be seen in bright moonlight (full moon) and sterted end-around run down noon. Lost contect, Sky hed become cloudy end vhen convoy made large sunset zig we hed epperently shifted to = cloud shedow, Sterted reitring seerch curve et full speed fron convoy's lest knom position. Hydrsulic plent beck in commission. Sighted convoy bearing 060 7,, distence cbout 10 miles. Sterted end around run, Reder still out. Radar back iin comission, Commenced trecking. Escort challenged us with en Ek . Conwy renge vas cbout 16,000 yerds, redar simlteneously picked up en escort at 9,000 yards. Put stern to escort, and increesed speed, ships in convoy turned on red lights, indiczt: sighted. Convoy hed epperently turned evcy. decrd quite 2 explosions, possibly gunfire but probebly depth charges 2s no shell spleshes could te seen. Out of retier contcet, turned eround end heeded toverd convoy, Picked up ah escort dead ehead et 114,000 yeris. Escort closing rapidly, changed course to southwerd end worked around him, Made contect with convoy bearing 302 T., 29,000 yerds, Still in contact with escort working cround to scuthvard of him. Cunvoy beers 313 7., 26,900 yerds, Sterted enotter end-cround, convoy bese course how about 220 T. Dove for atteck with convoy bearing 031 T., 19,l)00 yerds. Commenced submerged epprocch ct periscope dept. Mede bow tubes ready. sbout decd choad of convoy, twilight just sterting so em see convoy pleinly. Convoy in three-colums, angle on bow center column zero, CONFIDENT: ‘U.S,S, SILVERSIDES ~ REPORT OF TENTH WAR PATROL 411 ships hed just completed 2 lerge left zig placing us on stbd box in idosl position for en enfileding shot, 2s many ships vere overlapping. Sterted firing, using eincd spread,pcints of sim as follows: #1 i/l length aft of LOT of |, gol poster Jecding center column, #2 1/l; lengtn forward af ¥OT O, four gocl poster, #3 ct KOt of leading ship in port colum, #4 at WOT scoond ship in center column, #5 st UOT lecding ship stdd coluan, #6 st KOT secon ship std coluan, Times of firing Here es follows: HL -05-39-305 #2 5505-59-40; #5 05-39-50 Hh ~O5-W0-Obs #5— 05-40-15; #6 ~O50-27, Time of torpedo explosions were es Poldowms Osi 7-90) O-l2-15, 5-43-15, 05-45-30. Gi o> a fhirly close. Three depth charges. wo depth cherges. These were too close for comfort, screws were heard to pess over forwerd torpedo room end charges @ropped shortly after, exploding ner stbd bor. Iwo depth: cherges. Toul breeking up notses were heerd, one ship seoned to be bresk- ing up on 100 7, and eppeered to sink ct 0551, Another abip could be heard brecking up on 080 T, ond appecred to sink et 0623. - no depth charges. They zppecr to heve lost us, passed estern 2300 yerds reder renge end heeded toward Gull. i/C #4, Sighted another plane bearing 325 7., distmce cbout one mile, elevation 15+, not picked up by SJ. ove end hed an enxious mom ent when hetch jamed, J.S. RINDPUSS, Si3c, did en oxcellent job of gotting hetch closed, Do not believe pines sighted us as both were burning normal running lights. Deferred converting fuel. tenk until @ mre opportane:momert .. 5/C #5. Surfeced, Severel fleeting pips on SJ which ney heve been planes but no more were sighted. Wile cbout 20 miles mest of SLIPali, standing in to dewn divine position, @ plane, i/C #6, wes sighicd to port ent a signal Light waa blinked 'on our starborrd hend. Bove,but believe we were elready detected by reder. Picked up echo ronging becring cbout sme direction owe hed seen light. CONFIDENTLAL 1858 1959 2500 Mey 13, 19h. 0128 _ 0210 0500 io U.S.S. SILVERSIDES — REPORT OF TEWIH WR PiTROL us soon a8 it wes light picked up 2 DD borring 128 7. about 6,000 yerds. Sterted epprozch but he wes making « high speed weep end could not close, He signeliod tines wth en ell eround light to 2 FC beari PC wes pinging, but DD.wes not. Believe DD v: speed pre-dawn radar sweep off SiIPii! CKANVEL and herbor entrene, 8/0 Hl. Daring day petrolled off SkIPill end si vhted neny planes, too munerous to list individually, Pessed close to @ séspen who appeared to be ishing. about noon comenced 2pprocch on sone suoke and pinging, Terget wes found to be sone sort of a/S ship with tm high mests cccompenied by 2 PO who hed am extra fealthy pinger, §/C #5. Broke off epprech, this peir semed to wander eround the area'ainlessly, occasionally ménang much smoke of the cone hither variety, is 1520 they cppeered to soke con tect on something and dropped ten depth cherecs, bout 1630 five planes joined than and etched then drop sbout 38 depth boubs bout 5 miles ewey, Plenes wore BETTIS, and most of the tine they circled and tock tums dropping. Ste wuld make diving run end others wuld neke 2 flct approcch close to the water, Ferhape wo were in the. practice bonbing area, but it Seened like © Jot of live enmunition to wasted in prectice, ‘Three depth cherges. PC about five miles ewey. Surfeced, Both before end efter surfecing SAIPil! put on 2 seareh= Light displey with five searchlights, contrelly controlled. Entered new area in eecordnce bith PENTATHLON schedule. Lookout reported 2 Light beering 315 T. Went heed full speed on four engines on course 315. Nothing furthor-sighted, slowod dom cné resuned course, Doves Vetween LNGTLHiN and SAIPLN IS, During morning sighted mery planes, nostly "RUFESS Heard echo ranging, commenced epprozch. Identified es sate pair of 1/5 vessels ve hed seen yesterdry. Broke off epprosch, They were still vendering cround area, mad en unoxpegted reversal of course wes clnost enberressing, Believe this is possibly the Q ship thet SUNFISH reported.Sare 2s S{C #5. ENCLOSURE (4) Surfeced sbout 27 miles south of ANMPAK.N IS. Sighted péssible exheust of plene, cut in SD for 5 seconds, all clear, Bogen secon attenpt to comert #ls ballast tank. Sighted twih exhmsts of airereft, SJ picked it up ct 8 niles. WC #7. ie appeercd to be circling to get down noon en then started in, Got mon out of superstructure, ent ct Dove, or rather sttempted to dive. Hydreulic pump notor rould not stert, Made hand dive, Soat hung up et 30! severel nimtes when #2 vent clawed after being opened dt ated open on boerd, Finally got under; us foreibly with the necessity of prectici 7: up to now we hed ast done, Surfeced. Conning tower hetch wuld not open, nt out through conning tower docr end loccted trouble with hatch - one of the Dlenk flenges fron 4 vent hed wedced itself on top of heteh, In our haste of diving hed not been able to get all conversion gear below. Sighted red end green lights of piene coming in on beering 060 1, Dove, as we were diving, eat in SD reccr for 2 fer scconts ahd operctor picked up strong rader interference. as we were passing 601, JP operetor reported he could tocr plone passing overteed, Whether this is possible with the JP is no known, but JP operator swears it sounded like 2 plane. Was not in deaired dem-diving position, but reneine’ submercc cs we hed tempted fete several times tonight, These night planes keep @ petrol from becoming monstonous, but ere e very p-tenticl heseré unless we get a suitable detector. We heve not used the SD except for - £5 second steep prior to surfecine, or for 25 secon swecp whoa 2 plaevis suspected either by SJ of sicht contact, Daring the dey sighted quite 2 fom planes, but no ships. Surfeced, Diring the evening completed converting # into ballast, tenk, Usde short dive to flush it out, Hed interference of enothér SJ redcr in vicinity becrime 290 7., probebly USS TUNE. CONFI! UiS\S. SULVERSIJES - REPORT OF TEMH wR PiTROL Mey 15, 19) Bo Dove ‘north of SAIPiil, in southermost position of ere2, During approach to diving ’spot, kept at leest 25 miles fron islands, omall silhouette when possible, en! flooded dom, Do not belitve we wore picked up by rater, as our patrol boct did not shor’up, JA thet wes sighted in the norning were 2 fer plenos and one sexpen. Surfaced. Shifted aes in sccordence vith PENTATHION schedule. Dove Hest of SMIPiii, Sighted meny.plenes during the day, ad three’ sempans, Looked into TaUTaD herbor aé SiIPai CHANEL, Definitely spotted ¢ roteting bedspring reder nest ot Lat. 15 O6-12N, Tonge 1i5-5-1i 8, No shipping sighted in LLM Gr SAIPAN’ CHANEL, Surfeced. Rader interference bearing 200 T., leaded toward, probébly GIBTLai. dbout 0100 heard distant explosions. Made rader contect becring 299T., cistence 16,500 yerds. Com= enced tracking end made eni around run don moon. Too light for night strfece atteck, too derk for night periscope attacks Decided to weit until dam, S/c #6. Dove for atteck with target bearing 160 T., 15,570 yerds. as it got light, saw thet target consisted of ont 4,000 ton MA coun ter stem lightly locded freighter, with four escorts, 2 DB Type, 1 PC, end 1 snall engim eft trawler type oscort trailing. Best shot ‘could get mes 2 bow shot, 120 treck, 3500 yerds. In view of — Jone range, probable sighting of wekes in fcirly calm sea, held fire, Daring the end-arouni run 2 vessel wes seen to be following us, Tt stayed et ebout ¢ constent range (reder remge wes obteined once one smell pip st 11,000 yerds) ent wes mcking a aout sene speed, 19 knots, SJ interference wes evident, but was not on sene bearing. it one tine, e subnerine wes scen astern, After we dove eid were maneuvering to get into a etteck position, the escorts appeared to pick us up by sound, shifting to short sccle end three of then put themselves between ENCLOSIRE (4) U.8.S. STLVERSIDES ~ REPORT OF TENTH WiR PATROL us and the terget, while the target ecsed crouni. One of the excarts smt 2 simcl on his sount gecr, ie passed rithin 150 yards of one of the escorts who hed contact. It seens possible ‘thet the only rezson the escorts did not drop wes because one of their om submerines wes in the cree. Daring the day closed SkIPiN CHiNIEL, Many circreft, mostly SGILYS end ZBKES were sighted. Went ocrt wey into SAIPAi CHAimEL, but found no shipping or petrol bocts. bo evidence of sono-buys., Sarfeced end patrolled to eastward of SiIPiti. 0,0.D, end Qi sighted possible impulse bubble bearing 5 Tey @istence 1500 yerds, end simlteneously souni reported screms and high noise level ad in sexe direction, Mencuvered to avoid. 4 possible submarine contact is indiccted. 3 Sighted ebout 10 starshells in the direction of SAIPal, beaded toverd. Dove emi comlucted submerged petrol off LiliLi B&Y and SuIPLN CHAMEL, Sighted many planes but no ships. Surfeced. During night heeded south alone GU:N-SAIPii route and then essed out to eastward to comiuct a surface petrol south- east of GUM. Condieted surface patrol in eres stuthe est of CULM, nothing sighted. ‘Picked up interference on SJ from cnother SJ, Probably SsNDLAICE, 8/0 #7. Closgd, tracked for a short tine, and attempted to ex chage calla,’ knori ng thet she wes out of torpedoes end might be in contest, No success, Hoaded toward PORT «PRA, not in our area, but SUDLUDE is vacating it and adjacent crea to north- werd is also vacent. Doubtful redar contect becring 330 T., distance 29,000 yerds. Went ahead 20 knots on course 330 Ty Conteet wes not picked up Mey 26 _10-28E 1 ss Tye “O72B(R)~ ISON” SR, eB — Mey 28 Ush-05B 2 PC, 1 PO Tes “HORRY To=35N FR, 3 May 30 _ 115-238 1 70 Ty. “2I27(R) Tyo > = , Mey 31 Ua-298 1 s3 ‘Bol “1ST (RY I8-00N” “ergs ~~ Jane 1 UB-1E Convoy 2a, 1750(K) June 1 NOTE: Numerous saupens were sighted end ere not listed. Friendly shipping sighted outside of area not listed ENCLOSURE (i) CONP-IDEVITAL To ee U.8:8, STLVERSIDES > REPORT OF TENTH WE PATROL (G) alkcrsFT contacts. tine tet. ‘Bhpe ae Go oe Dete Tong. Rmge Est.Spd. tected May 8 PORT == Various rious ~ F _iany plemes sighted SERA throughout day over harbors OUSS(R) OF FORT Mey 9 MPRRUnknom SN Prevdawn sweep - sighted exzeusts. =r us-568 BETTY P Near crippled ship ae Bo May 11 U-178 Unknom 2(SJ) Might plane off Various Various Verious Ver ous Ver ous Veri ous, poe Ver ous, R(SJ) SPAN, ral Tie escart for Verd ous June 3152-258 _uiVIS 5 Wi. Various Taek) ear IO June 3 152-4OE MAVIS Various TORY 20-101 0 June 3 152-heN BaLy 101i, Various NOTE: Contacts too numerous to list were sighted when submersed off PORT 2PRL and SKIPAN, iA1 convoys had air escort, Friendly plenes are not listed. CONFIDENT IAL, U.S.S. STLWRSIDES ~ REPORT OF TENTH W.R P/TROL (A) aatick Dura U.S.S, SILVERSIDES TORPEDO STICK No. 1 PLIROL No. 10 Time 132(-20) Dete May 8, 19h) Let. 15-33 N, Long. Wi-34.5 E TARGET DAT - DiicGR INFLICTED Deseription: Convoy of six or seven ships standing in to FORT sPRA from the northwest. Convoy wes in three colunns with five escorts, Fired at 2 5,000 ton HFM freighter which wes lest ship in port column, Ship had masts eut down. Ship.Daneged: 1 4K 5,000 tons. Damage Deter= mined by Heard one torpedo hit timed for proper length of run. Heard possible breaking up noises. - Target Draft 2h ft. Course 210° Speed 8 kts. rge 1,300 (at firine) OW SP Dara Speed li'kts. . Course 060 Depth 65 ft. Angle 0° ( et firing) Type Attack: Normal submerged epprosch. During firing, used contimous peri- scope bearing and an eimed spread. Tubes fired H Crack angle about 150° Fort. 19 angle dale 165° 1th set 8 8 Powe 2 = = Hit or lites Ht Miss Erratic Yo No lark Torpedo ix wvIIT MK xvITT Serial Yo- 53708 Yeek Hploder uk 1-2 Sexi2i ho. 16619 icouction set Gontact ictuation ectual Contact Wark werheed 3IIT wwitr Serial Ho. 1099 me Explosive 1 Torpex Torpex Firing intervel © — 10 Sees, Type spreed Hamed spreed 1/h 1oncth: estern HOT, 1/1 1/4 length aheed of bow, 1/4 length U.5.S. SILVERSIDES ~ REPORT OF TENTH WR PATROL CONFIDENT TAL (#) ATTACK DATA (Cont.) Sea conditions Calm Overheul activity © Submarine Revair Unit, Navy %o. 134. U.S.S, SILVERSIDES TORPEDO ATTACK No. 2 PATROL No. 10 Time 0540 (-10) Date Hey 10, 19k Let. 11-26 N Long. Us Ee ‘TURGET DATs = DiN.GE INFLICTED Description: Convoy wes seen to lecve PORT PR morning of close to firing position 2 this tine but convoy was seen to consist of 1 iP similar to TAIUAARU MiJU end six ak everage size of cbout 5,000 tons, Tratled submersed, surfeced, trecked and attecked convoy just before dew, Reucifidor of convoy wes turned beck. an! returned to PORT APR. Ships 1 4P similar TATUMARU IL.KU (ONT 208-J (Fev) p.123)6,335 toms, } AP Adentified a MIKLGE RU #6 (OH 208-J° (Rev) ‘PAA 319 tons. Ships probably sunk: 1 4K, 5,000 tons, Ships deneged: 1 AK 5,000 tons. Denage deter mined bys Heard five hits, Hed sined at five different ships, cimine tro et lerge 4P, Heard breaking up end sinking noises on two dis— ‘tinct bearings. When case to periscope depth saw MIK:GE 1.80 burning and watched it sink, Saw sufficient debris in vicinity to account for two other ships sunk. Convoy wes turned back and when seen leter could only count three ships, one of which eppeared to be damaged, Target Dreft 2) ft. Course 183 Speed 7.8 kts. Range 3,100 (at firing) ON SHIP Dams. Speed 3.5 kts. Course 090° Depth 60 ft. ingle O° ( 2t firing) Type Ltteck: Submerged dawn atteck, Fired on contimous periscope beerinz Convoy closely grouped and overlepping, ined two eb lerze LP end one ct each of four other ships. So5. =: ab CONFIDENTIAL U.5.S. SILVERSIDES ~ REPORT OF TENT! Wak PATROL Tubes fired Treck anglo Gyro angle Depth set. Power Hit or Mes Erretic Hark torpedo Serel Ho. Mark exploder Serial No. istuetion set deutetion nobtal Mark warhota Seriel No, Explosive Firing interval ‘Type spread Sea conditions Overhaul cetivity U.8.8. STDVERSIDES Time — 1552(-10) Description: Ships Deneged: Danage deter= nined by: A ud 8 about 80 sterboerd. Ook-50 Oo, 35h, 353-30 353-30 8 8 8 é 8 High High = High = Eich = -HIBh Ht Hit Miss Ht it No No Yo Yo Yoo Yo Mr OT Tesh 33820. 33050 1317-25916 33766-33810 5 WG WS WS 5 ITS 399196328725 BTA dso 1969. Contact Contect Contact Contect Contact Contect. Contact Contest Contest ———- Contact Contect. Wie wre Wire wre Wie wie 2150) 1881 12567: 5725 12186 i700 Torpex Tarpex Torpex Torpex Torpex Torpex ——-. sec, 10 sec, sec. 10sec. 13 sec. ddned Celn Submerine Repeir Unit, Wevy 0.134, TORPEDO AITICK No. 3 PATROL No.10 Date 20 Mey 19h —Let.15-32 NN Long. 1-36 BL TARGET DATA — DuMGR INFLICTED ‘While submerged off PORT LPR&, sighted terget healed for PORT “PRA standing in from northwest, Target consisted of ATUTS AARU type trensport with at least four escorts ad possibly fone or, more lere ships well astern, Heintained epproximete Consbent true bearing on terget, let terset settle dom on 2 zig towerd, and fired four torpedoes. 1 GP, similer to ATUTA EARU, ONT 208-d(Rev) p. 52,7,952 tons. Heard tro tined hits, Heard possible brocking up mises, al- though sound gecr wes ceefened by the hocvy denth charze atterk which followed: ergot Draft 22 ft. Courso 190° Speed 10kts. Rence 1,700 ( st firing) ENCLOSURE (i) CONFIDERTEAL U.S.S, SILVERSIDES - REPORT OF TENTH 7.TROL (H) ATTACK DATH (Cont) OWN SHIP DAL specd 3 kts, Course 70 Depth 65 ft. ingle O° (st firins) Thre ittecks Normal submerged epproach, continuous firing becrings using aimed spread. ‘Tubes fired a e 6 ‘Bout 60 sterbocrd, Gyro engle Depth set, Power Hit or iiss Erratic - Mark torpedy Serial te. Mark exploder Sericl Noy dctustion set detuation actual Werk verhead Seriel No. Bplosive Firing interval Type spreed Sea conditions Overhml activity U.S.S, STLVERSIDES Tine 0154, Date Description: dbout 0° 8 Hise Yo sae 26875 ES uo79 Contact Chopey, 8 Ht Yo. XXUIT 3376 VES e729 Contact Contest wee 3399 Torpex 7 sec. 8 Hit Yo war 26902 v5 8625 Contect Contect XVI-2 2031 ‘Torpex 16 sec. Subnerine Repair Unit, Nevy fio. 13). 29 May, 19bh “TORPEDO LTTCK No. Let. 16°-25" 5 PLTROL No, 19 Tong. lii* 59* Be TARGET Duty — DGGE INFLIOTED Daring forenoon 28 Hey sichted snoke m¢ air cover of convoy of EXPIRE-SuIPiN route headed Sarit’, Trecked a in efter— noon submerged to close. Convoy consisted of two LKs escorted by four escorts. is sea was elm waited ly » Dub could not de ascertcin, Depth of veter, 160 fathoms, 93256/ia63 Seriel Oh3 GONFIDENTLAL SuBIwT: 1953 17 October 0608 3545 1835 18 October 10 19 October 0610 0615 9700 1856 1950 » SID ERSIDES Roport of Eleventh Wer Patrol. Dove for submonged petrol st 50 fost, ettompting to cuard WA on SD mst, but sima wes ved ARGON ily Signed @ Kisz, distance 6 miles. Surfzoed, During nicht the nevisational Livits of Si2UCHO KukU ad HOK., SHO wore burning dimly but wth nomel characteristics, Hopes this mont traffic wes moving. edo om 18 knot epprosch on Ki. SHO islend, Biscon Bxohenged signels with TRIGGER via SJ. Dove t> condact submerged petrol. TROON 5. Sichted four BEMYS, disteco 8 niles. surfaced, : Sighted derk spat on horizon bearing 240 7. He: Dove as our ba@keround wes repidly >coomin = licht, vas sighted, Derk spot wes dther e rein squell or check with chert endfoumi ourselves in 10 fcthons with strong tide rips, Headed out endnorth touerd 310M) KAT. Surféced, ‘ Received message fron TRIGGER via SJ rogerding four cruisers end 5 destroyers sighted earlicr in the day € TRIGGER proposed renaining vicinity of KI as 2greed upon am petrol stations assigned, Late in tie evening karcd the STMDN hed to-leave crea to trensfer a sick officer, Dove to condict submerged petrol. Sighted 2 prrevens adfift. It appeared to be very siniler to tee type used by ow own News Sigtted amino, cbout thre feot in d meter vith not readily bob up end down vita the waves, but i drifter, Lat, 25° 201 N. Long 121+ Slt B., 85 not in contest, decided to cloer this area to “IRGON $26 to #26. During the da sigited 22 plenes of veriow tynés. Surfeccd, Dring evening exchanged SJ nessa th TAT ative topetral erea for tosorrov, Tove to conduct submerged patrol. Brechod,scv dy dic to rough ieather, be 98236/:16-3 U,8.8, SILVRSIDES Seriel 05. ere SONFE MENEZ Subjects Report of Blevanth War Petrol. 1901 Surfaced. Daring evening exchmed SJ. end VE 22 october : 0605 Dore to conduct submerged patrol, m2 GIROON #27. Sighted e SALLY, cistence 12 nile; amo idRoOW 120, Sighted an unidentified bonber vith four fighter escorts, 6 niles, 119 Swfecod, During evening telked'with TRI ver VIP and decided to proceed to rogulerly. essigned patrol stetiors to the eestverd, 23 October 0530 Doubtful racer contest, Hiecded towerd et fill spocd, licthing could be found, #5 Kein engine blover feiled, connencad 0610 Dove for submerged petrol 10 hikes south of UOT: 35 ITROON f29, Sighted e SiLLY, distence an7 AERO 730, Siented a ULVIS, distence bie GIROON #91, Sichted 2 YAVIS, distere 1853 Surfaced, Daring evening nede 2 sweep to eestward searching for convoy contscted by SEAING, Contected TRIGGER by redio end SJ signels. 2 October A Dove for submerged petrol 10 miles south of UOTSURI AIRDN #53. Sighted 2 BETTY, distence 5 miles. Surfeoed, during evening exchenged SJ mcssegcs with TRIGGR, ren desvouscd, ead put over, rubber bost to exchinse inforaction, obtain a tube fot LR, end swap movies. Proceeded to me xt asciged erea during night. Condscted surface petrol in eres between SSKIBI SiO nd ISGIGKEL GIRCON 733. Sighted an unidentiiai' ple, distence about 20 siles. Dore to evoid detection. Surfecod and resumed petrol, Redio reports d day heve indies ted mejor mgagenent undermty cest of THILDPIIGS, Started heeding south t te in totter positin to intereest. Sighted a submarine, deering 110 7, assused to be TRIGR as we were entoring her aree, This wes léter verified. Fessod sctweon ISHIGAKI and uf. in bright moonlicht. is we vere cleering pessego ¢ shore stztion flesied ..., Sut took no ection, Procesding et best sped to essicncd pint to’ intercept retiring Jep forces 26 ootober 0257 ‘ade reder contact vith SLMUN, exchenced messoves with her Wie SI 01,00 it assimed position, conieniced scerch on course 075 T., speed 17 knots. 0930 Received TRIGGER eontect roport on tro 23, c/e to O40 T., to over tele , end inereesed speed to meximun. (Full pover on three, one eng= dnp out of comission) SaLvOl in sight astern, ss 27 October 0507 0616 0927 1109 U,S,S, SILVERSIDES TRIGGER in sight becring 059 T. G/e to 510 T., which wes mex course B3's wore reported to we stecr ing, .ttenpting to cot cf contact report but 2 EE ce any other stetion due to etzoaphert ¢ cond: MIYLKO Ji. clearly in sight on starbocrd box, miles, C/c to 20 T, Dy not velieve daylivzht pes: Possisle undetected am still ett Ut latest report B2"s had speoded up to 20 Kmaivered close aboerd $i Discussed situation and edo plens for pe During svening passed saith of I enroute casigne’ aren. Fogsible radar contect boering 070 T., rane 7150 yerds. Inestigeted ar proved to Le rain squall, Dove to conduct submerged parol in erce Tor. hmging clouds had lifted, surfeecd to conduct surfece “TROON (154, first indicetion of this tgins, cstimeted cleveti on 50°,, possibly he dd not sco use. night vhile working on © cantankerous drum controller Portsmoth Pride end Joy, Daring dey conducted hich specd surfece svocp of souticrn epprosehos Ge to Olly to bead for 30%. 135 B+ Sighted soverel hcevy ofl slicks, genercl & rection 330 toOlo 3, Turned down them to follow then up emi made up contzct repare to send out to peck. Hecdived gessege fron TOE stcting che hed stigited tops of in Let, 26-09 1i,, Long, 130-Li, on course 130 (epperently heeded toverd Q,G.PI SHI) and © attack, On essumption thet tops were better th headed full specd torerd TRIGGER, who wes vell to south of Received TRIGGER messaze reporting contact ¥ and suggesting gun cretion bt thet we were feedire Closor to us ami decided possible contest w units ves worth ell the sampms in Jspan, = A 98236/:16-5 Serial Ol5 1S, STLVERSIDES Report of Seventh Wer Petrol. Sighted possible oil slitks asein, but they Mtered course toverd BUIGO SUTDO, Sent dospaich t> TRIGSER end S.IMO essionts for tomorrow as pack had becone dispersed, oni assigned 2 rendozveus for 2000 tonorrbir, (Note: 11 times still (I). Received S.1M0IS report of two radar contacts in et, 28-13 He, Longe IB1-2 B,, course 050, specd 12, steting sho ves attacking port flak, laded to intercept. Het interference fr rodats. SEIPCOW #5. hted a ship end escort @isténce 1 Yave to stteck, a8 wo wore mppro:inetaly on toreit treck and our background rec dly' getting Light. Commonecd high specdsubeerged sxpm wh, ondeavering to ‘target's trac bocring constant. Texget mctoriclized into e large tenkor with ct least thros escorts, leal~ ing escort probebly e DE or frigete, Sea conditions ideal for per= istope attecks Terkcr wes Ui cht, set torpedoss & 6 feet which a8 ebout the ninimua the force 2 sea cllowed. In ideal position, WB 15 sterboerd, rengc 11,000, terget dus for Big towerds, hoeding betwen loeding md sterbocrd quarter escort. Target aigged avey and prosented’e 70 starvocrd .B. Torpedo run was not getting’ aller, erget’ ves stcady on course. Torped, run wes lercer then desired, but plot end 100 were checking, ad ve were shootinz wekcless Me18 tomecoos, Gomencédfiring bor tubes. Sired 6 torpodocs, aerege torpeds rum 3300 yerde, treck chout 100 S,, gyros mer sero, 10 secon! firing interval. uéing en aimed spreed which covered 150 per cant of terect Jength. Ten scconds after lest torpsto had bem find, heard md felt an explosion that jormod Sur best: tooth. a8 neerést caccrt 1200 e'rds: (Zenker hed no ei cover), Hed hopod to te sble to sates tho stem tubes on en escort but preaeture th t emi escorts so Kent Depth cherging started. Only fourteen charges wore <6 closo 23 cbure, apperently th gratient. Keord om explosion tit did not sami lik +t 3 minutes end ton seconds fter first torpom ‘tes om possible hit, but proacture ine to neneuver, Escort gcrevs fading out, Started up to jeriscop depth. §5236/i16-3 Seri cl 043 COMTDANT.L Subject: U,8,S, SILVERSIDES Report of Sleventh Wer Petrol, di periscope depth, 21 clear, Commenced rei chenging torpedoes in efter tubes ith those in rccl hhed boon flooded. Surfeced end started pursait, Sent out eatcct repuct to SLO, TRIGGER and WOGM'S WOLVES, During tho next few hours received contect reports from SLIM and TRIGGER. ulso request for informeticn fron W0G.ii'S «OLY-S (B39000 eni ROMQIL) and STERLI, Contect info metion res plentiful, but Feports of position did not ebrays egree es sone bosts hed teen able to get morning stars end others vere forced to go by D.R.. Te tanker was literelly surrounded by six subnerines,. icether wes heay, occeaional squalls. 3 Sighted tanker coming out of haze bering 315 7., distance 19,000 yerds, Sterted tracking, Sighted’ et least tio hits dn tenkor, Tenker took c biz up engle, Slowed dorn end finelly stopped. Scnt out ex tect report. (This ves TRIGGER etteck). Following the atteck heard severel vicious depth charge barrages. Hesded towerd tanker on surfece to drew off csomts.. Thg sev us and tio of the: turned our wey. They refuscd to stray very fér from tanker, Reperted this. menewvor severe tines. Dove in bright moonlight to mle stteck, efter smding out message “Diwire for atteck" end takers beer:ng end di stence, Sightod tenker bering 212 7. Eomd possible torpedocs ruming, boerine 1L0 7. Gmo to reder depth to cet 2 rengo to tmkor—~10,l00 yards, Sroacked to 30' duc to high seas, Hoerd torpococs running on berim of tak Board et loest two hits (Beliove this wes GIN0% attack) Hoard 32 depth charges, Rexcinod et portecope depth but could not 00 escorts, althagh fron tie sound of the scrots the originel tireo mist have multiplied, Could no longer sco: tenker, believe sek, heated out on ccurso 060, Sighted two PC boats beering 199 T. end 282 7. Keard over 15 depth cherges, sichted nerrest’ escort bering 280 7. 7 Sighted 2 ship a 305 T., thet does not look like 2 PC, possitly a submarine, leter proved to be SuliON. Sighted gin fire bearing Olot. Heard possible brecking up noises from direct, of tanker. Surfeoed. Hed et lecst six cscorts or possibly sare subnarines all around the horizon, bright moonlight, closest r yerds. identity tergets eniecl-ri ty Fedio acssaves Lcarmd SkIKON den: gun bettle, Koeded towerd gun fl escorts. : in cscort bearing: 270 T. started shootire ct us yerds, Ja" $5236/16-B Serial 01g, wPIDENSTAL 31 October 0037 00h8 oug U.S.8, SLLVERSIDES. Report of Eleventh ur Patrol Came to course 110, rene closed rapidly to 8,000 yards. Could not hold ranize open as two engines wre at of comissi cr Dove, ain fire was on in deflection, short cbout 200 yards, Hgneined at periscope depth end sming to. 000 T,, to get 2 stem shot, Escort would not oblige and kept his distance, sealed toverd gn course 290 T, Feerd five depth changes, Two srell PC of subchesers in sight bearing 310 1., aparently trackin: us. Distance about 3,000 yards, Put stern to then, Subehesers, still in sisht, rebting closer, ad heve solid sand contact, They are either prepering for a ereepin« atteck or are employins hold dom tactics. sent deop to sake Escorzs appoor to heve lost contect, started up kt je riseope dopth, sll clear. Surfeced on course 060 7. Recdived BESVGO nessare to rendesvous end froz ratio treffic appeared SKIMOH wes headin: for seme rendezvous. Excha ged calls with STHIaT. Received nesseze civins SAIC! position, course, cnd specd, + Procesded to intercept at full speed, th TRICO, During ° sare fron Gonsubpec ordering SHUN, TIGA, SISRLAT end SILVESIOES to proceed in close compeny to SilPalle Reccived position report fron Si0H stetine she vole Le to and at 2000, Direction of rader interference also civeny During text fen hours seerched on various courses ws inc reports of radar interference. 2000 pgsition garbled, Lt Started firing Very pistol as deosd eid in rendczvousing out— Weighed derger of revecling position, At Stopped in best estizate of SULMON position end trenenitted message giving our position end stating we wre firin: flares. Received message fxm STEFL-T stebing she ws in omtect with SuLWOW end TEICGHR,'P\gceeded to intercept, Received messaze fron thet she hed bean Tired om: by tz pedoss fron enmy subacrine end tiat gh iud seen © Pare bearin? 000 1, Commenced zigeaccing. ited tm inpulse bubbles ad torpedo wakes beering 205 7., @istence 2500 yards, Tuned ana’, Sighted torpedo weke on perallel'course bearin: 150 7., distance 300 yerds, Consed ai geegzing. U,S,S, SILVERSIDES Report of Eleventh Wer Petrol. Sighted S.LMON, TRIGGER end STSRLZ cheed, Stationed STEALE? on port bor of Silii0N ant STV: on starboard bow. TRIG ER scouting alped of fornetion to report pettol bocte, Hounted ll outonetic weapons, broke out extra gmmunition to essist S\JNON in repélline cir ated. Sighted circreft, distance 10 miles. Famed «ll cutomstic wepons, idreraft tamed out tobe 2 friendly Liberctar, tho provided weloone air cover emi informed us his squadron hed shot dom mother EGLY mar our position in addition to ons shot dom yesterday meer sae spot. ldr covereco exrived, During cay had as mony es nirie plenes in sight providing air Goveraze, dilso hal circoverage at night, Attempted to raise SilFali by radio to 8256/1065 Seri al ol CONFIDE TE AE. (e) SH carers Pe Periscope. NO Ture 20/10/l 1220 (1) 0019 (1) 10/12/l4, 0326 (2) 10/16/hh 1252 (1) 20/16/l. o6l2 (2) 10/30/ls 30-21 10/50/lis. 210 (1) a/b Lr, TouG . 2he30H 122-568 2ly-55 1 1259E 25-07H 122-098 25@p5N 12-095 29-0911 152-008, 30-2 132-558 26-278 36-258 U.S.S. SILVERSIDES Report TE Salt Schooner Seven Senpens Sra ‘Trewler Te Sexpens 1 Lerge 3 PC Six or Yore FC of Eleventh War Petrol INITIAL RAMOB COUR: 15 VAlgs” gppr, 5200 yds. 510 4000 yas. 000 6000 yus. Verious Verious 40 Ih niles 50 13 Verious Verious Various 2500 yas. 22 U.8.5. SILVIRSHES ~—— Report of Eleventh ‘ier Petrol. (G) sTRCRFT cORTAGTS j coNT.o7 NUMBER 7 Date 10/10 ‘Tine (Zone) I 3201 1, Position: Lat. 2b Tong. 12357 Speed Course Trin inutos Sime Lest SD Reder Search Number ‘Type Probebly iission g Ky Contented Initial Rerge Elevation ingle Range’ & Relative Brerins of Flee i Tt Detected S/i. ND State) (Bean fort 1 (Direction Reletive)225 Visibility(iiles) 15 (height it Clouds: Fi. (P _reent OPercest Beering Rel etive) DROHRHDZOG ingle Pereont uz ‘Type of S/hi Camouflage on titis petrol ~ Modified Grey. ee WEOHHHUZ0e ‘Time (Zone) I Position: Let. Tong. Speed Course Trin Minutes Sime Last SD Reder Seareh 9 Boney 12 W0/Us. 10/15 1330 os - tele AbhB. 28-35 25-1. 2 We BIW 121-57 1 10/5 10/15 ~1705 20 ieee 2.7 270 190 +090 090 unter 1 Type Probesly K,sson Pot. m Contested Initial have 9 Per Blevetion ingle a Emce end Reletive Zermins of Plane then Tt Detected S/; D BETTY 1 h af Unknsmn BETTE SLY Trens. Bosb Trans Signt 8 8 3 Be Fer Por baie (Beau- fort 2 Direction Relative Visibility (iics) Teche in Clouds:Fé, Pereort, Overcast. ¥oons Beering(Rel) ingle Percent Tun. Type oF NC UmontLeGe on UNS FETT = WES ORY 12 U.S.S. SILVERSIDES —- (G) sIRCRFT CONTCTS contr xen Date Tine (Zor ) I Position: Let. Tore. ‘Tris Himes Sime Lest SD Rader Search Munber Type Probebly iisston How Cont ected Initial Renge Elevetion ingle Range end Roletive Beerin: ¢ PEne thn It Detected S/it Report of Eleventh sar Patrol. 16 17 16 wv 10/20 5 19/20 3230 ~ 10/20 1257 25-20 25-15 10 122-08/ 122-05 3.2 2.6 030090 1 1 UeIDEH, FRICGES Fet, nD State (Seau= Sear fort. : Direction Relative Visibility (ites) obo w Cre at tr ‘Louds: Ft. Porcert, Overcast. Becring Relative inde 3000 6 Percent I12un, Type S/ii Canoufl ge on this petrol - Yoditica roy. 5- U.S.S. SILVERSIDES ——— (G) sTRoR.FT cownsc7s connor HEBER Dete Tine (Zore) I wan Position: Let, ‘Tong. Speed eta Course Tris Hinutes Sime Last SD Rader Seerch Report of Hb venth ier Petrol. 3B oh 10/20 10/20 Ug5 55 25-22 10/20 1738 28-20 122-1 2.6 090 Number ‘Type Prob ly “Assion How Yontected Tnitiel Rerge Elevation «ngle State Bea~ fort Direction Relative Visibility (files) REIGHE ar Clouds:Ft. Poroat Overcest. Bearing Moon: Relative ingle Pereant Tua Type of S/if Cenouflee on this petrol - UsS.S. SILVERSIDES --- woport of Bleventh ‘ier. Petrol. (G) ATROAAFT CONTACTS CoNT..OT NUSBER 29 30 32 2 Deto 102s 10/23 10/2 10/25 Mire (Zor) I 12h5 Who 1205 50 Position Tat. ‘225-10 125-10 125-03 25-L0 Tonge 123-35 1335 WHO lrLo, Speed 2.5 2.6 2.6 240 ao 2h0 Tin Per Por Per nutes Sime Last SD Reder S_erch Huser Type Probebly Wiesion Flow Contacted Initial Rege Elevebion ingle Renge and Relative Beeritg of Plme ten Relitive Visibility (iiles) Overcast. Besring Rewative ingle Percont Tun, OmOHNHUMOS ‘Type of S/ti Cmouflege on this petrol ~ lodi fied Grey. NOTp Wunerous friondly planes that were sighted enrout fron stetion are not listed, SD wes not wed et any tine, 5 U.S,S. SILVERSIDES -- Report of Eleventh ver Patrol TORPEDO AT2ACK REPORT + STLVERSIDES Torpedo Attack Wo. 1 Patrol No, 11 Tine: _ 0600(I) Dates 30 October 19h, Let.29-1811, Long. 132-065 Description - One 40, 10,000 ton, (80), escorted by 3 PC or DE trpe 4/S vessels. Contacted’by high periscope < 26,000-yards in serly morning hese. Ships Sunk: one, Ship denaged: Possible demage to one A0,10,000: tons, (Bc). Denege deter mined by: Explosion that sounded lile a torpedo hit heard et proper interval. This did not slow him dom, Terset Draft: 12 Feet. Course c25* Speed 13 knots, Range 3300 yards, Omi SHIP DT. Specd 4 knots. Course 310° Depth 62 feet. FIRE CONTROL 44ND TORPEDO DATA Type Atteck ‘Normal auhnerged spgroach bes Food #2 # ® ie Gyro sngie 1055 1078 1098 logs iL Gyro Angle 000 GOL*0! 00540" ~—005°50" 007" 30" Depth Sot fect 6 fect btemt Stet Greet Hit or Ves One possible hit — could not tell which one Erratic One preneture explosion Mark Torpeé «18-2 Bel Serial Wo. SLE $5868 56395 55193 55612 Merk Eploder 8-5 55 65 85 a5 Seriel No. 10473 QS 1ohé6l, 9797 se Contect Contact Contact Contact Cont act iso 6162 (ee ge “1-2 akg 3506 3436 356 2976 Torjex Tormx Torpex. Torpex °. 10sec —«10See—=—«(10See dimed - ‘kine himed = dro Sea Conditions Force 3, fired dom the sea Overhaul jotivity Subnaite Base, Peer). Karbor. Voltage 29 Oct, 162 163, 162 162 S.Grevity 29 Oct. 1271 a7. ae de Renerket Sound reported torpedoes runninz narsel. One pr approximately 10 seconds efter lest toryedo was Sir 150° T, 401 torpedoes were last inspected for decd rechersed the dey previous. a6 3256/1165 Serial Ol3 U.S.8, SILVERSIDES COMIDENTEAL Subjects Report of Eleventh ter Patrol (2) Epes ‘Two mines were sighted, one in Let, 2h° 59'N., Lonz, 122°-0918,, end the other in Let. 26° 30! N., Long. 1215ij!Z, Ero they Grifters fron e reerby field. One drifting perava sace vicinity. No ninesveepine activity wes chserve (J) MITI-SUBYRINE WEASIRES 41D EVASION TACTICS, In Aree 110, east of FOMOSa, enti-subrerine x tivity nil, However, this can be explained by the leck of treffic in the area, Daylight eir ectivity wes noted, about tio o plas day, but little night ectivity wes seen and it ves buming running lights. In the erea off the east cosst of KYUSHU, the setivity increased grectly wien a large tenker ues dave~ed end stopped, ‘The Japs epparently sent out consiterdle re-inforements to the escorts, wio were rey to palify for tie first tear, The con&ct of tre af the subehesers is not quite under'stood, They hed solid sound contert, yet only trelled md did not drop dept cher-es. Hither tha were waiting hr other bosts to sein ther, or intended to enploy hold dow tetics, ivaded by ging deep end speeding up Blorly. Nos 3 Wein Breiner - kt 20/5 October 22, 19h #3 nein ereine wes started, TE Oly October 23, 19bk, whiile nckine 650 Rp e loud Imoeking noie developed in the engine, at O55 the acine ves sec= ured, Texperatures em pressires were mrml, Prelisdnery inspection showed striicint of the implecior loves, The bell end cover mid the outier becrin: plete were rexoved fa further inspection of the impellers, This inspection showed thet one lobe of the lover Ampelle hed been rubbing @einst the outer bearing plete, tro deep cowes, om sbout 13" - 2" fr= the outer end of the lobe end the other cbows 6" from tie ond, muneroug sueller qouces and siena of striling clom the lobe for sbout’ 16" = 16" from the outer end, Oe lobe of the upp inpeller showed striking end the rot of the upper impeller thet etched the orn lobe on the Lover ime feller shored striking, The blovor housing shoved sons sicns of weer Sore aluinun worn f1om the inpellers ves fourri on tac ecsing emt on the outer bearing: plete. Wo foreicn netoricl ves found in the blowers ar $8236 / i162 3 0.8.8. STLVERSTDES Seriel ol z Report of, Eleventh ter Patrol. Te lobes were dressed down ani the blower reascerbled, « fifteen minute test wes run but the blower wes'very boisy en wbreted excessively, The engine wes put in comissim for enerzency use nly. On must 15, 19bi curing Kare Islend Nevy Yerd overheul post repair tricls this ‘blover hed develoged 2 loud noise end the asine wes secured, Inspection showed the igpellers strikinc. The impellers vere dress.d dom andthe bloxer reesserbled by lirg Islend Newy Yerd personnel, Thepe were nuncrous minor defects, However, in ceneral, it is felt thet the nechinery perfornence was better then expected curing the first petrol folloring e rajor overhaul, New Yerd Vere Islmd geve ws em excellent over! Ratio commnicct ions were satisfestory during this pa intensive janciing by tie ene:y on ell froquencics of the NPE "HLIKU" schedules wes feir, althouch t during the dem end early daylirht hours, The 1515 pover hieerd by ua while in the erec; while 6015 md Vided the nost cmsistent receptions. ie oxperionced little trouble in clearin: our =esse NPDY ‘The TL notor generator failed die to e cesuclty in the specd re uletor. It ie sugrested thet its present position (in this cles) ie undesirable, es it neles repairs enl neintenm ‘st inpossible. Wo ConStipPae serials wore missed during this patrol; the letest one received being Serial 2l} of Novenber. SD Radars - The SD reder wes not used during the petrol. SJza Retors - SJ-a radar performance weseverece durin: the patrol. Ranges of 100,000 yards were obtained on 4000 foet peaks; 60,000 yerds on 1200 foot peaks; 21,5009erds on a large tanker; 10000 yerds on suberines, in excessive nunber of materiel fei experienced, Jost of these were due to various internittent and grounds in the transnitter-receiver, The moduletion network develope oil leaks which caused the High Veltaze fier current to tise to excessive values, It was repleced returning cquipnent to ae~ $3236/106-5 U.Si8; SILVERSIES Serial oly CONFIDEVTEAL Report of Eleventh Wer Patrol normal operction, The nein power trmeforser, T-1, rectifier shorted in the prinary enc bured 0: were tsed md vhen installed gave approximete! gad equi poent opersted norselly, Verlous defective ti Gleced to keep ecuipsent operatir; properly, The trensitte should be repleed curing tho current refit end tre present one: complete y ovezhauled and recired. iuch neteridl difficulty wes éxerimect with the QC ent JK sound gear. Nuserous grounis en: shorts developed zt tl + of petrol, Lost of these were found emi. elinincted on errivel in areas tnd eouipsent operate satisfectorily, Listening ren7es 6-10000 yerds were obteired on petrol boats wth JK, md about 12-15000 yerds with JP gear, (0) DEVSITY LAZERS TDE-DAMTE Iet-Long. Depth WIND TRPRATES 2). Feth,’ Direct Fores Sez 50100 150 200 250 300 325 "ae 10/9/l 122-198 BOOT. 5 3007-2 83 83 83 62 78 0830 2ype25N O//k 122-338 83 8 & Os 2 lo 25~0eN Lo/lo/ly 123-0he & 8 SB 100 2l-35i 1o/ii/4y 122-128 82 82 2105 2b-0N 10/i2/ly 1e-l5B 3 2100 * aly-28n 10/13/u , 122-298 82 2030, B513H Lous 122-052 2050. 25-00N LO/As/id 22258 ssPR6/a16~3 Serial olg U.S.S, SIIVSRSTDES CONFIDENT AL Report of Eleventh lar Patrol. TTY LAWERS -Continued. TDE-DsE Let-Long. Depth «aD (2) Fath. Direct. Force Ses 100 150 200 250 300 2055 25-0381 NO/L6/lk 122-168 150 2> 100m 80 15 70 2115 25-068 10/L7/ik 12-218 300 2 r00m2 6 69 ais, 25-198 o/ie/l, 1a-595 6075 BT 7 G55 25-198 10/20/ldy 0601-3 cn allo 10/22/ui, coor 2n5 10/23/bl, 123-358. o20T-1L 2250 29-16n 10/29/lis 132-0l482000 ooo uao 30=16N 10/20/tls 232-598 2500 0007-4 (P) HELE FOOD, 2D GkbTRe Lay - In general the health vas gool except for two ees resulting in four sick days md one heed vound Usual minor lacerations, heet ~esh, ete. The food wes everege, but on ice box failure cous spoil ani if this hed been a long petrol the dic itonstonous neer the end, febitebility wes cood, as clinste wes nocerete Plant finctioned normally. 83256/116-5 U.S.8, STLVERSIDES Serial og ConRrDNiT ss, Sibjects Report of Eleventh far Patrol (P) PERSONNEL ‘The Conmendinc Officer hes nothing but tie hichest preise for the officers am crew, Morale remained ‘hich despite 2 lon: period of no contests, ‘This wee our first petrol with a novie projector ad this 4s 2 definite contribution, In adlition to mterteinmnt, the tréining file vere excellent for the new nen and es 2 refresher for the old hends, Nurber of nen on petrol B Number of nen qualified 53 Momber of msn malinr Ist patrol 0 (R) MILS STRAED - FUEL (BED Pearl Herbor to Setpan 3260 Hales 51350 Saipen to station i260 * 17ho5 On station e ho72 8 37350 Stetion to Scipen 17920 (s) BRerrat ‘ Days enroute Peart Sei pen to erea ——--—— Dey dn arca yee Days enroute ares to base —————— Days subnerced (7) FACTORS OF BNOUR, Personnel. Torpedoes Feotor 168 q 30 Iinitine factor this ptmls Ternineted by orders GonSupPec to escort SAIC to SAIPAN. 6/1063 Sad os U.5.8. STLYESIDES CONEEDETA, subject: Ropart of Bleventh ier Patrol (W) 3aDIO gi RApiR courmamismEs ae oe 3e 4 5. RADIO - JASMING BY THs 2NaCY Ship or Station: USS SILVERSLDas, Position when eneny radio signals wore observed: Throurhout petrol. Stron=— est rien nezrest EXPIRE, Position of trensitting stetion: Not knox, (Possibly in iiiSSI SH0TO or EWPIRE). Dete of Jamming: Continous. (iloted oxtrensly strone jmring fron 1100 to 3230 ccT). Frequencies jenred: 2006 Kes. Hot bed. 2102 Bed. 2160 Very bed, 2204 Very bed. 435 Kes. Not heard while on petrol 605 Vory bad.(Deliversts janire coneentreted on skeds fra NPE ~ 1100 ~ 1500 cor) 9515 Bed. 16730 Not nwh jemninc, Describe signal jamedt Delitorcte C.ii. jmminc, ealitrcted exectly ti frequencies. Use of cireuit: 111 circuits used tactically. Wes enmy jemning signal stable; Yes. That ves ratio of strencth of om signals to enexy jerminc sirncls Umelly about 2 to 1, but occasionally a powerful sinre stetion would up ad drom us at. ithet wes power output of om trensaitter at time of joing: Vericble fferent frequencies. From 3 to.9 s&ps, intenne output. Ioeztion of eneny Jmror: Unknow, assue from the streicth of © that most of it wes 1md based. = Rendon keying. ice = Not afte Verizble. fon to overeone jamin: Shifted 1), ent increesed power on our own trensnitter, Bmdridth covered by ceny Jenning si¢ncls: 10 kes. - Sy Did jenaing transitter appear to be monitored by & look On 2000 Kes. series, yes, Monitor receiver not noe. Tf frequency wes shifted, hay log before enemy Jared m short tine. Encoy mst heve jemed ell TP frequen Wo renerks other thah thet american ad 5 ~22- 95236/116-3 U,8.8. SULVERSTDSS Serial olg CONFIDENTIAL Subjects Repart of Eleventh Wer Potrol stations interfered considersbly on 9515 Kes., ‘The ixericm comercial stationnay be driftin: off its assigned frequency. Note: The dove is submitted in eccardince with PacFlt Confidential Letter 25¢I-W, Enclose (F) (oh! # D Forn 5 (Revised)), the folloving given concerned enmy radio jemings, No reer counterneesures, or evidence of DFtins of om radar were experienced. Japmese rater signéls wre detected on SPR intercept recel wer 8 follars: 2, Ih vicinity SIBIKI JE‘ on only neer epproaci: to islend ma dn vicinity YONGKUNI JUL, on four owasions y for ar tw hours efter sumet md tro tours prior dem, « 15h n 1000 cps. pulse repetition frequency, 15 =icro-: @uration, non-rotebine smal. 2, In vicinity KIWN, pmrently from str ture observed on FEITAU K.XU, a 97 ‘ndzecycle, 960 cps. pulse revetition fro~ quency, 7,5 mcro~second pulse duration, nonmrotating sicr Previous to this patrol the commending officer has alvg's been a "gineforvard” advocete, towover, after vitnessins the SMMO's gallmt battle and escape, it is fait thet there is no doubt as to the proper location of the gun — aft. 55236/PL6-3 Serial Olg OONFIDENTTAL Subject 10 Novenber 19h 1626 2130 TL Wovenber 1914 2300 12 Novenber 19/4 Bs 1915 25 Novenber 1914s 1050 Uy iNovenber 191} 1ayo- U,S.S. SILVSRSTDES Report of Eleventh War Fatrol - Addendum All tines Iten(=9); unless othervise noted. Underway from SAIPAi. es a unit of BIRT'S ; Senetion 17,2l4 Gomendor 2.5 KLNEI » yon boerd es O10 24, In company ere SAURY, TAMBOR, THIG: 2, STR, ROIQUIL, aud DUERETOM, “Map gromp ta'conauct’s aver? vad dostigy peek bosts in.accardmnce vith Consubpee, despetch. Escort, U.5-S. ChUTIGi, wes relecsed when entrance to safety Jane (FUNSELD wes reacted, Dring day sichted several friendly pla et cun drilis, Cleered northem entrace of safety les toward initial position on scouting line, Bex: did likewise, Order of ships fron esst,to west on waiting line will be es follows: SwURY, TaBok, TRIGCE:, SIWERSLOsS, STRICT, BURRFISE, end FORQUIL, AIRCON 36: 1007 aichted unidentified plax distance 15 siles, beering OW7°?, . AIRCON 37: 1105 si chted unidentified plene distance 2 miles, beerin: 080°T,, AIRCON 582 1146 sighted pla distmce 15 niles becrinc GOT. Fime tomed toward, Dove, Identified plem throuwh periscope es a "NEL". Surfzced, Bxcbanged calls with THIGG R on SJ eni learned thet there hed been a friendly tesk force in vicinity of TuS0k's lem. we had not been forewarned of this force. Comersed, serch in assigned lene, Start of search hed been delayed i hours due to rough seas. we were on the edge of 2 ‘typhoon, Searching assigned wee, weether inproved todgy but it is still rough, TROON 39: Sighted 2 JETTY, distmce 12 niles, Dove. i SS256fP16-3 Serial 043 CONFTDSNTTAL Subjects webs 35 Novenber 1915 * Report: of Eleventh wer Petrol ~ .ddendun Surfeced nd resined search, Searching essicned eres, Wecther cela today. SHIPCON 8: 0825 hich periscops sighted mest becring 319°T., Comenced tracking end getting into position cle ad, Vessel tentatively identified as a trexler. Sent out contact rezort to pack. Received report fin STIRIST sho would join us et 1045, Doctrine called for two closest subaerines to join contectine subnerine, Sent out eplifyin: contact report divin: estincted enaay course, 140, speed 10, ni reportin: thet we vere civ: Dove, Plennod to “et 2 close Look st hin subnsrced end etteck with terpodocs if fe wes bir cnawh, es sce conditions were favoreble for e sero depth sottin:. If be wre too sucll, im tended to bettle surfzee md surprise hin. ” Rance bout 6,000 yerds. Tarcct appeercd to be « petrol boct of the converted tune boc type, Decided to try 2 torpedo aparoceh, but target commenced to maneuver, end soon discovered the reason when et Sighted a submarine epproaching target on surfece, Reree opening on target, no cheme for « torpedo attack, ordered stationsfor battle surféce, Other submrine identified ss STERLET, Surfeoed ent sterted heading toward vercot, STERIST vas nar firing ler 5" et terect. Conmmeed firing 4" can et terget, rere cout 7500 yerds, STERLE? dove, Belicving thet sho hed si-hted = pleno, cleared topside ent tumed evey fron‘tarvct with rm ce zbout’5,000 yerdis and heving. expended 58 roun!e, For evi lo vc received his un divided retum fire end be streddlod sevorel tins, He seemed to have two 60 mn or 3 inch us thet had c cexinun rence af tout 8500 yards, ard vere feirly eccurste ct lese then 6500 yerds, i wes pliyine it casey md sevine his ecmunition until tio rane closed, and wes dodcine the spleshcs violently. Several Bits were obscrved Giri: this pire =2he 98356 /P16-3 Serial 043 CONFEDRVT IAL Subject: Bol we S. SILVERSIDES Roport of Eleventh war Patrol - iddcndum Pock qoamenier sent. sessae to TRIGGER end Ti230K to join the attack. STIRIBE, heving surfeccd, reported thet ste cove became terget wes straddling ter st 7500 yerde, Peck comunder comersed forme ing, the TRIGUE:, SILVIASIDES, ani STERLLT on c line of teerma Properctory to naldiy 2 joint attack, TRIG vhile joinine up Noneuverod radically end reported she hed scm 2 periscope. Peas= dbly this oxplein shy cirereft hed not cox to reseue of patrol boet, or else his ratio is shot assy. 421 three subsarines conenced firin on sicnel fron pack %, commander Henve zt tig tixe ebout 7,000 yards, 16 Noverber 19/45 cee With rmre out 1200 yerds, the petrol boct comenced stving us bursts fore and aft, port md stabocrd, ihich wre closes Geared bY erew off deck, reversed course, ‘md fired 40 == gun until rene wes outside of his effective rene, In this phese L5 rounds of 4" wre fireds By now STERLET wes out of 5" eumunition, but TRIGGR wes still shootin: . Reversed course end heeded in erein, Commenced firing acin, rmee shout 6500 yerdr. Ceesod fire, emunition low, renze chout 5500 yerés. 23 rounis vere fired in this phese, nekin; « total of 126 munds, Decided to meke ¢ submer ed torpedo cttack. Sent ord to STRLT to notify TRIGGER to keep tercet occupied me ve would end eround end pet in a dusk torpedo attack, Uneble to obtein position before derkness. This petrol bast hed probebly hed over 300 h" md 5" shells fired ct hin md wes dared by quite 2 few hits ond heedinc toverd tc EIPIRE, Peck comuender sent messere to TRIGGE? aml STHIoT to resunc patrol. TRIGGER requested pemission to try a nicht torped> atteek end wes civen permission, Searchine essicned orca, TUABOR gent out contect report of a petro] boct, Continucd to search om assigned moe, 2s doctrine celled for only two ad Jecant bozts to attenpt contect. =e 88256 /P16-3 Sorial ob5 CONFI DBNTL Subject Report of leventh ier Petrol ~ iddendu gunfire in si ht, S’RY hed not yet reported « rendezvous with TuiBOR so beaded to attcck which wes chout 35 miles south of us. SUDISHU SELL wes in sight end etteck wee ten ailes wet of TORISHDS. Reccived revert TUSBOR hed sunk the petrol vesscl, hed two prisoners, end one nen badly’ rounded, Shortly