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Setting up a Queue in C5 for the DTG Printer

1) To create a new Queue in the C5 Select QUEUE and Manage Queues, Then Click on ADD QUEUE.

2) Then Select from the Printer Drop down list the type of DTG printer you have. IE DTG VIPER, then Choose from the drop down menu under PORT the EPSON 4800 option.

3) Choose PRINT MODE and select the resolution or printing style this Queue will have. For Example if your images are more animated in their color or mimic a print job that a silk screener would do, you will want a heavier amount of ink deposited and so you would choose 1440 x 720. If your image has not fine detail like very thin lines in the art you will want to choose 1440 x 720 HS which means the printer will print in Bi-Directional. For images that have very small lettering that need to be seen, you would want to choose 1440 x 720 which will make the printer print only in one direction. Other Specialty options would be WHITE ONLY which would make this Queue a good choice to print on darks or black shirts and all the colors of the image to be converted to white ink. 1440 x 1440 is a great choice for anecdotal sayings or basic shapes. 1440 x 720 would be a great choice if you were printing a cad drawing that was in gray scale and you needed to capture the heavier and lighter shades of gray and have them transpose to lighter and heavier white output to reflect the dimensions of the drawing. Choosing HS always means Bi-Directional printing and the RW in any choice means the printer after it is done the last page of printing will reverse the platen back to the front for easier extraction from the user.

4) Name the Title of this Queue. Title this queue in a way that describes the uniqueness of the settings you chose.

5) Choose the Media type TEMPLATE. And from the drop down list choose the Viper 2 Up and select NEXT.

6) Select NEXT under the Layout Mode and choose HOLD for OUTPUT Options, then select FINISH.

7) The new Queue will be listed last on the Queue bar and can be navigated to by selecting the left or right arrow buttons to get to the queue.