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START OF REEL JOB NO. 4 63-80 LX tu i: orerator MMonrye we (28 Wet. i be DATE Mote, le THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES Nelo tal oN MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION UNLESS --AWD Visas Wan \ Noes Rens Ro irene Nw tas Weer \s TRASHED Foulveck (no. Fenounss AA-Decewase PAS Cansver Weranie Bosaies Maten lite Gentes, rds and History Section HISTORY OF USS PLAICE (38 390) Battleships, cruisers, destroyers, or transports- difference what they were, the submarine PIAICH a type was to feel the crippling, paralyzing sting frc torpedoos. In five war patrols, over 30, tons of Japano. sunk with 45,000 more tons dam this one subr Unheralded, unsung; sho is just anothog: subr illating subn "silent Service 411 this grief to Japanese ships had its inception whon ti for 58 390 was laid at Navy Yard, vortsmouth, Mew Hampsh! Uy July 1943, The subr acquired its name at the leuncl on 15 November 1943, when M leanor Fazzi n honoring her brother, Vicky F Pirenan So: ost his life in the si Commissioned at Portsmouth on 12 February 1944} PIM: TGR, hed Lleutonant Commander 6: 3 mand ing Ohtte By 28 Fobruary, the undersea rade: underway for tho first timo for trail runs. Accepted by the d of Inspection and Survey, the ship reported for duty the Chi ral Operations on tho First of March, For twenty days PLAICE conducted trainin, 2 out of Portsmouth before moving to Newport, Rhode Island for fir i various types of torpedoes, On 30 March, the sub reported to the Now London Submarine Baso for another two-week training period. All preliminery training comp the Panama Canal Zone on 15 Ap out of port, W rged off the Virginia C a 8 of distant underwater expl ons was heard. A dispatch tory ship in the vicinity. On the following day, w Yo, the Officer-of the-Deck sighted a peris eported echo ranging. The crow hustled to batt: o further contact was made, This was believed to be the first contact of many with the enemy, Arriving at the Canal Zone on 24 April, PLAICE transit canal the samo day. Voyage repairs for the submarine and four days rotation liberty for the crow at Tanama City, preceeded ture for Pearl Harbor whore she arrived on 13 May 1944, A training period in dan Waters marked the final tune-up for the submarine before sho to meet the onemy on 3 Juno; the start of her first war g the 52-day patrol in the Bonin Islands Area, three attacks de which rosulted in the sinking of four ships, The t on 30 June, when PLAICE closed in on two froighters with vessel. Four torpedoes wore spowed from the tubes tol ub di undor faco to av sots of breaking-up noises wi