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Attracted Opposites Chap3

Attracted Opposites Chap3

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Published by CeCe
This is the third chapter As you all know Riley has ran away but will she get far???
This is the third chapter As you all know Riley has ran away but will she get far???

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Published by: CeCe on Jul 24, 2009
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Chapter Three I was dreaming,I had to be.I was in a lushful green forest surrounded by life.

I was in a meadow,wearing a white dress, barefooted,my silky dark brown hair flowing past my waist.It was so beautiful I just wanted to dance.Then my dream took a turn.Standing there was Mannie and half the pack all bloody with black eyes.They were trying to tell me something.It looked like they were speaking but no sound or words came out.''Mannie?''I asked very un certain ''Riley'' Mannie mouthed''Yes?''I answered shakily "Wake up and run''Mannie mouthed''How?WHATS GOIN-"I suddenly snapped into consciousness.Some twigs crunched half a mile away,(werewolves have sensitive hearing)whatever it was it was coming fast real fast.It was only one thing that I knew.Him!!I gonna take Mannies advice,so I was running full speed really silent.Then suddenly he blurred in front of me."You didnt you'd get away so easily.You belong to me!''he said with such possesiveness it scared me.A sharp howl in the distance caught our full attention.A large animal,NO a wolf my future dreamy mate!!!While he had him 'the bloodsucker' disracted my mate said in my head''Run,get the hell outta here go to Jasper's house!!! He barely got the last words out before I was running again.What the Hell,I thought as I ran upon my other pack mates fighting other bloodsuckers.I had to help them,as I looked around I saw some broken branches that was sharp at the end.I grabbed it,and lurked in the shadows.I leapt out to help my pack mate (who,apparently,was gonna die)and staked the vampire who was gonna end his life with one last blow.He fell apart(LITERALLY.Thats what I hate staking vamps,they dont turn to dust or burn up.Its just blood & guts everywhere.)I dragged my pack mate in the shadows and lept into action again.A vamp spotted me and jumped towards me while in mid air,I also jump in mid air and caught him by surprise by staking him.As I landed I was showered in blood and guts.Ewwwww!!!All I need to do to help them is take 2 more of those bastards.After I took out two more vamps I kinda snuck back to see my mate,the suspence was killing me.He was there crouch over on the forest floor.JUSTIN!!!!I ran to him.''Its ok babe.I think I killed him."he said weakly.I looked around for any sign of the vamp."Uhh,Justin I dont see him"I said doubtfully''Come on Justin lets get the fuck outta here.''I was trying to steady him and keep him upright when he the bloodsucker,the bastard,the abomination,the vampire that had the most sex appeal."You're not going freaking anywhere.If my memory serves me correct you've ran away twice FROM ME!!!The way he said from me freaked me out,it was said with again possesiveness,superiorly,and filled with hurtfulness.What the fuck is this,a vampire with a tone of hurtfulness.Unless....Oh fuck NO,heres my options.A he cares for me B I remind him of a human he loved in his past life C He wanted to own me body,soul,etc.Ok Im gonna rule out A.I think it might be B,now I remember(its in chapter two)when we argued and I said "How does it feells to know you're sucking someone's life away"I morphed and Justin followed suit.We started talking telepathically and I found out the rest of the pack or the 'survivors' hadn't morphed back to humans.Great!!!I thought.Damn!!Justin he can read our thoughts.I said anxiously in my thoughts. What THATS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE!LECHES DONT POSSESS THAT KINDA OF POWER!!! "I think you and your whole fucking wolf community should learn more about us and yall would know.Yeah I know what you're thinking and if you tell Riley to run, and she does I'm.......... Ummm let me think.I'm gonna kill you so slow and painfully,Riley's gonna regret leaving you.OR ME FOR THAT FACT!!!!" Haul ass Rye I'm dying anyway, Please just let me die knowing I did what I could for my pack and lovely one of a kind mate.Justin thought pleadingly,he was dying his thoughts were like being sucked up in a black hole.Run I can't hold him out my thoughts any longer!! What,you're blocking him out you're thoughts!! YES,now RUN DAMMIT!

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