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What is an Interactive Notebook?

An Interactive Notebook (INB) is a spiral bound notebook, at least 70 pages, but can be more.
The notebook is used to collect data and materials throughout the year. Every student should have an INB and bring it to class EVERY DAY.

What is an Interactive Notebook?

An Interactive Notebook is set up to:
Enable students to be creative & independent thinkers. Become successful note takers Get systematically organized Create a portfolio of individual learning for historical memory

Who uses Interactive Notebooks?

Every student!!!!!! Every day!!!!!!!

When are Interactive Notebooks used?

DAILY in class and for homework
Parent/Teacher Conferences

Some quizzes, projects, and assessments

Where are Interactive Notebooks used and kept?

Students keep their own Interactive Notebooks in their possession at school (lockers, backpacks)
Students are responsible for their INB and all the materials in it. When a teacher asks for the INB, it needs to be available. Forgetting it is not a good excuse.

Why use an Interactive Notebook?

1. Its very easy! 2. Data collection: Notes, graphic organizers, tests, quizzes, journal entries, etc. 3. Great for reviewing and studying! 4. Organization!!!!! 5. Parent Teacher Conferences- all the work is in one place

How do I use MY Interactive Notebook?

1. Decorate the front cover make the INB personal.
2. When taking notes, use highlighters and colors to accent key words and events 3. Glue or staple maps and graphic organizers in so that they will be accessible when needed.

How do I use MY Interactive Notebook?

4. Write the standards in the notebook.
5. Include charts, timelines, study guides, pictures, research information, primary source documents, and summaries. 6. This is an interactive notebook so it will always be changing students will add to it weekly.


NEVER ~EVER~ EVER Tear out pages from your INB!

End of Year
By the end of the year, students will have all the standards and support material in their notebooks. Great resource for studying for the CRCT or any other test!
Great resource for the next school year!