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Patients Name: Rosalie Seludo

A SUBJECTIVE: "Gusto pa nga ako salinan ng dugo eh, pero pinapirma na ako ng waver dahil wala ako pera" as verbalized by the patient. OBJECTIVE: RR: 27 bpm Laboratory result:RBC Diagnosis

D Fatigue related to stress after pregnancy/giving birth.

P After 8 hours of nursing intervention the patient will be able to report wellness of feeling and will be able to walk along the hallway without having shortness of breathing.

I E Position the patient The rationale of into Fowler's position positioning the patient into Fowler's position is to make the lungs expanded and encourage more air for the body.
The rationale of High iron diet coordinated with the having a high iron nutritionist diet for the patient is that iron helps in increasing blood components.

Blood transfusion ordered by the doctor

The rationale of blood transfusion is to replenish blood lost by the patient.

Charting Received patient conscious and coherent and in her gravida 3, 7 months pregnant with an IV line of D5LR 1L at KVO infusing well with blood pressure of 180/90 with edema on her legs and a Foley catheter was inserted and hooked in a urine bag for urine output measurement. at 4PM the patient complained pain in the nape and vertigo. the roll over test was done to assess the probability of PIH. the patient was positioned in a lateral recumbent position for 15 minutes, until BP has stabilized, then roll over to back position, BP is taken 1-5 minutes after having the roll over test. The patient was diagnosed positive for PIH and was given Methyldopa 500 mg, BID, to be given PO.