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FIMRC at CSULA aids disadvantaged individuals in developing communities. ALL MAJORS are welcome to join!

WEEKLY GENERAL MEETINGS beginning October 10th alternating Wednesdays, 3-4 pm in U-SU 206 (Cross Cultural Centers) Please attend for more information!
Benets of Becoming a Member: Major discounts and safe traveling as a group to countries such as Peru, India, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uganda and many more! Hands-on experience working with professionals and underprivileged families in a variety of elds, from education to business administration to medicine. Highly interactive volunteer and work opportunities with populations on both a local and global scale. The opportunity to create events sponsored by FIMRC CSULA. Registration fees for events may be paid for by the organization, if needed. Membership stands out on applications! Contact Info Email: Visit us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @mrc_at_csula