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Hanger Clamp

for Cable Applications


HS-WHC1841 98004488

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Hanger Clamp is designed specifically for wireless applications. These stackable space saving clamps provide versatility in all applications reducing material and installation costs. Hanger Clamps are manufactured from a durable weather resistant Long Glass Polypropylene which exceeds the recommended temperature parameters for coaxial cable i.e. (-40 to 185 F).Thermal, chemical, and UV resistance ensure long term integrity in extreme environments including mountain tops, deserts, coastal, and industrial type applications.


22mm cushion insert

7mm cushion insert

HS-WHC1841 H+S Article: 98004488 Will accomodate (3) 22mm & (3) 7mm cables

Standard Cushion Inserts

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Standard Cushion Inserts provide a weather tight seal around coaxial cable or elliptical waveguide when penetrating building walls or equipment bulkheads. Standard Cushion Inserts can be ordered individually, in boot assemblies, or with cushion hanger assembly kits to meet any application requirements. Standard cushion inserts are constructed from UV-resistant EPDM rubber which is durable in extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, hardware 301 stainless steel. NOTICE Installation of this product should only be performed by trained, qualified and experienced personnel. Installation instructions for this product should be read thoroughly before installation is performed. The manufacturer and supplier of this product disclaims any liability or responsibility for the results of improper or unsafe installation practice.

H+S Article: 98004488 HS-WHC1841

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