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The OSDF was founded by like minded patriots in the wee hours of the morning on Sun. 23rd of June 2013. These men and women are God fearing, red blooded American patriots through and through. With todays current events and the tyrannical government that inhabits the white house, the freedoms and constitutional rights which have been the supreme law of the land since 1776 are being infringed upon on a daily basis. Our civil liberties are near extinction. The president is planning on signing a weapons treaty with the United Nations giving them the authority to disarm America and her citizens at their discretion. The affordable care act really isnt that affordable! We are being force fed unconstitutional so called laws and are expected to accept it. America, I say to you...wake up. The lines are being drawn in the sand before our eyes and We The People are doing nothing but sitting idly by. Together we will stand shoulder to shoulder, brother to brother and with your dedication and devotion we will preserve the very freedoms we have enjoyed as a nation for many years to come. The times may change but the constitution does not. We will not falter. We will not fail for we are in the right. We do not condone any animosity towards our government nor do we wish to stand against our government in any way shape or form. What we desire is to preserve the constitution and educate those around us to the infringement of our civil liberties as well as uphold and defend the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the great state of Oklahoma. By doing this, know that you will be labeled by our society as a right wing extremist, a fanatic, a militant terrorist, a criminal and so on and so forth. Please my fellow patriots, do not allow these labels to sway you in your decision to protect our country and state. These are the tools of the enemy to persuade the general populace to resist you. Remember what history has shown us. Our forefathers are remembered as heroes. Let me remind you of what they were labeled in their time as patriots. The same patriots that paid for our freedom with the blood of their loved ones and the courage of great men. The news papers of their time wrote that they were traitors and criminals and heathens and so and so forth. The likes of Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry. We know from what history has shown us and the principals we were taught growing up in our schools that these were great men indeed. Criminals? Hardly. Patriots? It would be an insult to any American to say otherwise. These men were the III percenters of their time. Do you have the intestinal fortitude to be the III percenter of today? The decisions we make now will forever make the difference for tomorrow. Stand with me Brother. It`s time we train to do what our forefathers accomplished. Let us take our freedoms back! Stay alert, stay alive. Listen to your commanders and your chain of command. They will groom you to be a valuable asset to the OSDF. A rifleman first is our motto. You will be trained physically and mentally tough and ready for anything that may come your way. I commend you for standing up and making the decision to get off your butt and do something about this. YOU will make a difference. Welcome aboard and let the training begin! Yours in Patriotisim, Torres, J. Col. Oklahoma State Defense Force Commanding