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Bailey Waltman Period 3 The portrait I have chosen depicts Napoleon Bonaparte dressed in heavy winter clothes, and

looking wary and defeated during his retreat from the Russian empire. Napoleon appears to be very uncomfortable and cold as evidenced by his expression (a wary, sidelong glance) and the snow and ice that are clinging to his facial hair. He is dressed in very heavy, bulky winter clothing that appear to include garments made of bear skin and velvet, and looks like he is almost being swallowed up by them. These details in the painting are meant to represent the harsh Russian winter that he and his army suffered through while attempting to retreat from the country and return to France. The painting is meant to show Napoleon being afraid of the cold and trying his hardest to protect himself from it which was unusual for the supposedly fearless emperor. He is supposed to be seated in his carriage and although you cannot see anyone else in the painting, Napoleon is looking off to the side and appears to be distracted and looks slightly upset or confused. He is also wearing only one medal which could possibly be symbolic of how little good his vast array of military honors and experience did him during the Russian campaign. The portrait was painted by Vasily Vereshchagin, a famous Russian battle painter and was not commissioned by Napoleon, but is part of a series of painting Vereshchagin did on the Russian campaign of 1812. He painted them in Moscow around the year 1893 and the series also includes a book that Vereshchagin wrote on the subject. It basically illustrates that the Russians viewed him as a small, weary man who was afraid of the cold and running away from their empire during the time of his retreat.