Allows us to drive our cars or ride our bicycles Can produce sound Ex : violin and gitar

Allows us to carry out Our daily activities

Advantages of Friction

Friction allows our shoes to grip the ground so that we can walk without slipping

Friction allows us to hold things

Friction slows down all moving object

Friction can produce noise Ex : all machines produce noise That can cause noise pullution

disadvantages of Friction

Friction not only wears out machine parts but also produce heat that can damage sensitive parts in a machine

Shoes and types wear out because of friction when they rub againts the road

Common Mistake
The larger the surface area of contact, the larger the frictional force

Tre Truth
Frictional force does not dpend on the surface area of contact. It depends on the weight of an object. The heavier the object, the larger the frictional force. Therefore, it is easier to move a lighter object than a heavier object is placed on the same type of surface.

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