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to Fools in Progress!

A multicultural and educational theatrical experience sure to take you on a humorous and innovative journey back to 16th Century Italy!

Commedia dellArte & Fools in Progress - The FIPS

Commedia dellArte also known as Italian Comedy, originated in Italy during the 16th Century, although its roots can be traced back further. It is improvised drama that focuses on the manner of performance rather than to the subject matter of the play and it is the root of contemporary theatre.

Commedia with The FIPS

The FIPS is a group of professionally trained actors who have come together to showcase authentic Commedia dellArte. Our goal is to explore, promote and preserve this classic theatre style paying particular attention toward our Italian and European background and protecting the heritage of the oldest surviving tradition of western theatre. We collaborate to create performances that are spontaneous, imaginative, energetic and full of classic improvised comedy. In staying true to the authentic Commedia dellArte form, our productions are characterised by clearly outlined subject matter and hilarious plotlines, relatable and recognizable stock character types and their relations to one another, the use of masks and specific physical gestures. These, together with the performers own ability and skill to improvise both their movement and dialogue, makes for a perfect recipe for constant surprises and endless laughter!

Impariamo lItaliano col sorriso sulle labbra!

WHY INCLUDE US IN YOUR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM? Students can relate to the specific theatrical elements of our shows in term of:

When teaching language, particularly Italian, students can relate to the linguistic and cultural elements of the shows through gaining Inter - cultural experiences Linguistic skills in the areas of spoken language (for example Italian) Linguistic skills in the areas of written and spoken language through the study of parts of speech such as adjectives for example, relating to description of the stock characters presented Insights into traditional and historical units such as Carnevale ~ Classroom material and activities can be provided on request ~ Through the recognizable character types, students will be able to make theatrical connections beyond the classroom with theatre and performance evident in modern day television, sitcoms and popular cartoons. As part of our educational initiative, we offer touring productions of some of our shows as well as training opportunities through our workshops. Our show is an experience that the students will treasure forever. It is a complete immersion into the magic of the theatrical illusion that travels back through the centuries as well as through our soul, transporting the audience into a space where innocence and fun are still interconnected; allowing the students to celebrate language and culture in a way that cannot be taught but only experienced. Commedia dellArte - The most original tool to approaching the Italian culture and language

Photos by Martin Mueller


Let us cater a show JUST FOR YOU
In addition to our current production and workshops we have added an extra feature this year:

Curriculum Links and Program Support.

This is where we can support you with your teaching program and personalise a show based on key topics across the Primary Italian Curriculum you may be teaching, however keeping true to the Commedia dellArte style, characterisation and storytelling. We know how busy the school term can be and how much time and planning goes into preparing your program, similarly we understand how important it is to know that what youre booking will be relevant and the right fit for your students. Choose from the following topics that you would like us to touch on and let us do the rest for you! The possibilities across K -6 grades are endless!

BE THE FIRST TO HAVE A SHOW PERSONALISED JUST FOR YOUR SCHOOL Prices and timing made especially according to YOUR needs and availability !

Pantalone: Aiuto! Aiuto! Colombina: Pantalone! Cosa ce`? Pantalone: Aiuto Colombina! Mi fa male lo stomaco! Colombina: Andiamo dal Dottore! Pantalone: Oh no, no, no! Il Dottore costa troppo!!!

Book our commedia show for your primary school students


SYNOPSIS Join your favourite Commedia dellArte characters Pantalone, Capitano, Brighella and Colombina on a little adventure... An adventure that teaches greedy, grumpy and miserly Pantalone a lesson or two about the significance of showing a little kindness and compassion to those less fortunate than he. The most important thing to Pantalone is his fortune, but will a chance meeting with a helpless old woman be just what Pantalone needs to make him realise that money is not everything or will he only invite the likes of a witch to cause havoc in his beloved city of Venice? Pantalones Lucky Lesson -

Insegnamo a Pantalone il vecchio proverbio che dice: Chi troppo vuole nulla stringe!
This production is the perfect way to either introduce primary school students to the Commedia dellArte style of theatre or enhance their prior knowledge in the Italian language and culture. It is suitable to both early primary and upper primary students and it allows both teachers and students to sample the comic buffoonery of what is classic Commedia as well as approach the second language learning experience in a creative, interactive and entertaining way. Similarly, this experience is enhanced though our 20 minute workshop presented to both teachers and students by the actors themselves at the end of the show. Here the students get to stand up and play their favourite characters and experience the physical discipline required to play each character. PANTALONES LUCKY LESSON - INFO
We offer two different packages

PERFORMANCE + WORKSHOP Duration 1 hour and 20 minutes The performance + workshop option includes: 5 minutes presentation of the characters 45 minutes performance 10 minutes Q&A 20 minutes of interactive workshop

PERFORMANCE ONLY Duration 1 hour

SUITABILITY & COSTS Long version suitable for years 4-5-6 $8 per student (minimum 100 students) All prices are GST included SPACE REQUIRED School hall (preferred) or a very large empty class room BOOKING & INFORMATION Contact Bianca 0412 119 061 or Fabiola 0412 293 232 or email Short version suitable for year 1-4 $8 per student (minimum 100 students)


The FIPS are now available for Commedia dellArte theatrical workshops for primary schools students. Presenting the world of Carnevale and its comical masks is one of the most inspiring ways to introduce children to the study of the Italian language and culture. Our workshops and performances are led by our most experienced actors always including at least one native Italian trainer. During the workshop our actors will present several fixed characters: Pantalone, Dottore, Capitano, Arlecchino Brighella, Colombina, Pulcinella and the Innamorati.

The workshop consist of both language learning exercises and drama activities where students learn the gestural expressions and characteristics of each fixed character through improvisational games, voice activities and specific movement. In particular students get to experience the specific skills required when performing with a mask. The workshop is structured in two sessions of 50 minutes each. In the first half the trainers will perform an improvised plot introducing all the characters, in the second half of the workshop the children will be encouraged and guided to create their own original improvised story. The duration of the workshop can varied accordingly to the school time table and teacher requirements. The two session can work together or independently. WORKSHOP FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS - INFO We offer two different packages PERFORMANCE + WORKSHOP Duration 1 hour and 40 minutes The performance + workshop option includes: 5 minutes presentation of the characters 45 minutes performance 10 minutes Q&A 40 minutes of interactive workshop PERFORMANCE ONLY Duration 50 minutes

SUITABILITY AND COSTS Long version suitable for years 4-5-6 $12 per student (minimum 25 students) All prices are GST included. Short version suitable for years 1-4 $10 per student (minimum 30 students) or $300

Please note these prices are the minimum prices required, not the final prices SPACE REQUIRED

School hall (preferred) or a very large empty class room BOOKING & INFORMATION Contact Bianca 0412 119 061 or Fabiola 0412 293 232 or email

CONTACT DETAILS Fabiola Pellegrino BA Dip Ed Primary LOTE Macquaire University Education Coordinator Mob 0412 293 232 TESTIMONIALS Grazie per lo spettacolo di ieri. I bambini stanno ancora ridendo. Siete stati fantastici!!! Nicola Sternberg, Italian Teacher - Annandale North We had a fantastic time... All the students talked about it yesterday and said that it was lots of fun and that they really enjoyed. Ana Masero LOTE Advisor - Morisset High School Thank you again, Bianca, to you and your amazingly talented theatre troupe. The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Simone Museth Ashfield Boys High School The students are still talking about it and cant wait for another performance next year Maree Cavallaro, Languages Teacher, Georges River College - Penshurst Girls Campus Penshurst High Thank you so much for your performance and workshop today. Your energy, knowledge and expertise were incredible! It was really magical and enlightening for the students to see the characters come to life. They cannot wait to continue the scenario you began with them. Monika Marszalek, English/Drama Sefton High School

Bianca Bonino BA English/Performance & Drama UNSW Artistic Director Mob 0412 119 061

Fools in Progress Inc. is a non-for-profit organisation. All the earnings from our productions are reinvested in new projects or used to purchase necessary props such as our beautiful leather masks handmade in Italy by the internationally renowned Maestro Antonio Fava. Fools in Progress is a relatively small theatre company and does not currently receive any government support. That is why our prices are slightly above average. We ask you to support us and our work with a small financial effort :-) Should you have a particularly large group of students however, please do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to negotiate with you a price that will suit you and still cover our costs. One of our representative is always available to meet you and discuss this further.




Photographs by Martin Muller