Task 4: PB1 Environment

4a: Get Snappy!

For this task you will be required to work 'in the field'. You will need to get out and about around the school and grounds, and take a set of pictures of the school. A minimum of 10 shots is required for your e-portfolio evidence. The images you take need to be 'Fit For Purpose'. Eventually, you will select ONE image which you think shows off your school in the best possible way. The pictures will be used on a website, therefore adjust the camera settings to suit. For example 'Small'. Team up with a camera buddy (one camera between two students) and get snapping! Stay together, be mindful of other classes/ lessons as you go about the school and wear your 'Press-Pass' at all times. Please be very mindful of other classes taking place (be quiet). Return to the classroom in no later than 30 minutes.

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4b: Evidence of your work.

Transfer your pictures from the camera to your school network/ Home area/ Photography/ PB1 Environment - folder. Then check that all images can be viewed correctly (rotation and size (images should be no bigger than 900 pixels) Upload your pictures into your Photobucket account/ PB1 album. CLICK HERE for help in uploading your work into Photobucket. Give all pictures Titles (name/ reference) and Tags (key word/ descriptors). Use the SHARE ALBUM tool and embed the code into the evidence page below. Follow the steps below: Copy the 'EMBED' html code for the album.


Click on the MORE link to go to options for sharing.


Copy the HTML code for the album.


Go to your ePortfolio page and open the HTML editor.

Paste the copied code into the box and hit SUBMIT

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Tick the box to confirm you have done. SAVE your e-portfolio when finished.

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