7) Platforms and Facilities


000/day Drilling units short list compiled - EHSS regulatory compliance process well underway Ebok drilling operations 2 . Currently under review Wellhead platform options have been identified MOPU/FSO development solution in progress - has potential to be a competitive solution with full field capabilities seven rigs identified all fit for purpose five immediately available indicative day rate of circa US$100.Ebok field operations – summary of current work Phase 1 well planning defined FPSO status - two main contenders have submitted bids.

000 BWPD Gas lift on initial completion Water injection on initial completion Platforms and facilities 3 .Ebok development – Phase 1 Development criteria Water depth – 140 ft Initial production early 2010 Minimum oil rate of 20.000 BOPD Minimum water rate of 20.

facilities FPSO’s /MOPU Several proposals have been evaluated to date for FPSO’s / MOPU’s / FSO’s MOPU and FSO appears to be the most appropriate Wellhead support structures Multiple wellhead refurbishment platforms are available for modification and Preliminary engineering is continuing on a possible wellhead support structure in association with a FPSO and a freestanding conductor supported structure if the MOPU is used Platforms and facilities 4 .Ebok Phase 1 development .

FPSO’s – summary of general specifications Vessel 1 Cargo Storage Volume Processing Capacity Max.000 20 20 2.000 4.500 Platforms and facilities 5 . Liquid Rate Max.000 12.475 70. Oil Rate Max.000 25.Water Rate Max.000 57.170 Vessel 2 510.500 10 7 1.800 15. Gas Rate Gas Compression Pressure Water Injection Pressure BBLS BPD BOPD BWPD MMCF/D MMCF/D psig BWIPD psig 625.000 20.000 121.000 100.000 2.

New wellhead platform? Platforms and facilities 6 .

Refurbished wellhead platform – clear advantages Cost efficiencies Speed Higher specification than a new-build Fit for purpose Platforms and facilities 7 .

Advantages of a MOPU vs FPSO Flexible drilling schedule Does not require a lift barge Immediate access to produced fluid from wellhead Savings on well support structure Savings on flowlines Easier & more cost effective to expand for a full field development Platforms and facilities 8 .

MOPU / FSO option Platforms and facilities 9 .Ebok field development .

MOPU .FSO option Key features of MOPU for Ebok Platforms and facilities 10 .Ebok field development.

300.MOPU / FSO option Storage capacity 1.Ebok field development .000 bbl Spread Moored DPR approved Fiscal metering unit Helideck Tank heating (if required) Accommodation 32 persons Delivery time 8 months Platforms and facilities 11 .

Eliminates the need for a WHP Platforms and facilities 12 .Ebok field development .MOPU / FSO option Wellhead Support Structure.

Ebok field development .MOPU / FSO option Wellhead Support Structure Platforms and facilities 13 .

Ebok field development .MOPU / FSO option Wellhead Support Structure WSS Platforms and facilities 14 .

Gas solution Low GOR oil: D1 70scf/stb D2 315scf/stb Requirements for gas Gas lift gas for all producing wells - estimated per well requirement 3mmscfg/d Fuel gas requirement for FPSO power generation Ebok-4 has been T&A’d with a mud-line suspension - will be used to re-inject any surplus gas to comply with Government regulations. At this point in time it is considered unlikely that there will be any spare gas for re-injection Platforms and facilities 15 .

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