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Hemorrhoids Remedies
Updated: 06/06/2011

Best Home Remedies to Cure Hemorrhoids
"Hemorrhoids (AmE), haemorrhoids (BrE), emerods, or piles are varicosities or swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus. Hemorrhoids are actually the anatomical term for 'Cushions of tissue filled with blood vessels at the junction of the rectum and the anus. However, the term has come into common usage to indicate the condition described herein. Perianal hematoma are sometimes misdiagnosed and mislabled as hemorrhoids, when in fact they have different causes and treatments. Hemorrhoids are common. In the USA, the prevalence is about 4.4%. It is estimated that approximately one half of all Americans have had this condition by the age of 50, and that 50% to 85% of the world's population will be affected by hemorrhoids at some time in their life.[citation needed] However, only a small number seek medical treatment. Annually, only about 500,000 in the U.S. are medically treated for massive hemorrhage, with 10 to 20% of them requiring surgeries." (Wikipedia) DISCLAIMER Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.

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[YEA ]  06/19/2007: Heather from Corpus Christi, Texas writes: "I have been plauged for years with hemmroids. I read in an Ayurveda book about propping the legs, so I started keeping a 6" footstool (cheap plantstand purchased in a craft store) by the toilet. I put it in front of the toilet and put my feet on it, and it has given me great relief from hemmroids over the last six months I've been using it."

09/05/2010: Hmmm444 from Vancouver, Bc, Canada replies: "I know everyone out there isn't going to like this, but hemorrhoids are symptoms of CANDIDA overgrowth. That's the reason that cleansing the area with apple cider vinegar is often effective - it balances the pH because although it's an acid, it has an alkalizing effect. Drinking apple cider vinegar also helps to alkalize your blood, but you need to eat other alkalizing foods too (and minimize acid forming foods) to experience true alkalization. So, another effective remedy that will not burn the way apple cider vinegar does, is one that also works for women's yeast infections. It was given to me by a conventional doctor and I modified it. The doctor told me that filling a capsule (which you can purchase at a pharmacy or at a health food store) with BORIC ACID and then inserting the capsule into the vagina will balance the pH and stop yeast infections. He said to do it every day that a yeast infection is present, and then once a week afterwards. Tou can buy boric acid at a pharmacy without a prescription. It's a powder. Since I have done this many years ago, I haven't experienced a single yeast infection (touch wood) and I've stopped using the capsules. Later on, I discovered that mixing the boric acid in coconut oil can be used for treating yeast AND hemorrhoids (mix it into a paste and store it in a small glass jar - I use extra virgin, organic coconut oil). The hemorrhoids you are experiencing are really just a kind of yeast infection in your anus. So, if you have hemorrhoids, you need to first look at your diet. Eliminate the easier forms of sugar - stop eating white flour and processed foods - spelt is a DELICIOUS substitute for white flour, and increase your intake of vegetables, particularly fresh. They will add bulk to push food quickly through your system. Drink lots of water, cut out pop and sugary drinks, and add a bit of fresh lemon to your water. Lemon juice will help to alkalize your system too. For fiber, grind a couple of tablespoons of flax seeds in a coffee grinder (I have one dedicated just for flax seeds) and mix with water. You can add a tiny amount of psyllium for bulk, but make sure it's organic, because psyllium is very highly sprayed with pesticides. Take a good probiotic, such as Garden of Life, FAITHFULLY, to repopulate the good flora in your system. Consider doing a gentle cleanse - one where you work up to only green vegetable juices and water for a few days (along with ground flax seeds for fiber). Also, take a good magnesium supplement to soften and regulate your stools. You will know when you are taking enough magnesium when you go number two several times a day but it's not liquid. Prune juice is an excellent addition too. A great magnesium supplement is Calm by Peter Gillingham. Please let me know how this works for you!"

05/28/2011: Liz from Cozumel, Quintana Roo replies: "to hmm444. thank you for this right on advice. had forgotten some of your very important points, , , "

[ YEA ]  06/02/2011: Patti from Toledo, Ohio, Usa replies: "Hmmmm444 from Vancouver Canada, I want to try the boric acid & coconut oil mixture for treating yeast and hemorrhoids. How do you apply it? If you insert it, how do you recommed doing that? Thanks for your very thorough explaination of treating yeast and your good natural remedies. Also, I tried Joe's suggestion of using a 6" step under my feet to relax the bowel/rectum and ease evacuation and it worked great. I used a sturdy shoe box 5" high from some shoes for my husband as I didn't have a wood box. I'm going to continue to use this. Easy, natural & effective. Thanks Joe."
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[YEA ]  08/13/2006: Nick from Tasmania, Australia writes: "A 6 inch step in front of my toilet bowl to raise my knees while seated on toilet. Passing a motion. It reduces Hemorrhoids and assists with your bowel motions. Saw this a long time ago. Theory is your system works easier with knees raised, as your bowels inside are less restricted in flow. Like Asian squat type toilets. It works. Made a small wooden raised stand. We move to side when not in use..Wife and I used it for 5 years so far and both recommend it. To try idea, at first get eg 2 house bricks. Whist seated on toilet put both feet on one in front. Your knees raise

and your "flow" is easier."
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[YEA ]  02/27/2010: Faithinhealing from Forest Park, Ohio, Usa writes: "My ex-husband used aloe vera gel to cure his hemorrhoid. He was really sick and didn't have health insurance. I looked up a cure on the net and had aloe and gave him the gel which he inserted. He said the next day the pain was gone and he had been in pain for almost a week! Within a few days the hemorrhoid was gone!" Replies

04/18/2011: Sophia from Kansas City, Kansas replies: "Please let me know where can I get aloe vera gel & Apple cider Vinegar ? should I mix them up by myself or pharmacy store carry it ? Please someone answer my question? I am scared!!" 04/18/2011: Stan from Huntingdon, Pa. Usa replies: "hello Sophia, I was in the same situation after prostate surgery and radiation. The solution for my problem was to use a wipe to absolutely cleanse, everytime and then use tucks anti-itch ointment. (just 2 pinheads worth) is all you need. It has ingredients that are the greatest shrinking agents. In 48 hrs you will notice a big difference. Wishing you well. stan" 04/19/2011: Beth from Lakewood, California, Usa replies: "You should be able to get both in a health food store. Apple Cider vinegar is available in many if not all grocery stores here in the USA. I know also in health food stores you will be able to get aloe vera gel (the edible form, dont buy the excessively green type that is marketed near the sunscreens) Unless of course you want the aloe for topical use after a sunburn? I mean, I wouldnt eat the ones near the sunscreen aisle. But even a Whole Foods Market, Henry's, Sprouts, Fresh N Easy, Albertson's, Kroger, etc should carry the type that is meant to injest. I would think these 2 things are pretty mainstream these days. hope this helps." 04/19/2011: Iiiliziii from Boston, Ma replies: "The absolute best treatment for hemorrhoids (and believe me, I used to get my share of them) is a sitz bath filled with warm water and some witch hazel. You can pick up a sitz bath at CVS, Walgreen's, etc. for only about $10-15 and get the witch hazel there as well. You fill the sitz with nice warm water, add about a cup of witch hazel, then sit and soak for about 20 minutes a couple of times a day. Do it as often as you like, and keep a good sized glass or small container near you so that you can add warm water from the sink to the sitz when you feel that it's cooled. You want to keep the water warm for the entire 20 min's. You will feel almost *instant* relief while soaking and within a couple of soaks, be feeling MUCH better. Going forward, once the 'roid' is gone, the minute you feel something brewing down there, start with the sitz baths, and really... you'll be problem-free." 05/14/2011: Kathie from Houston, United States replies: "I think it is important to use fresh ALOE VERA because it loses much of its potency within 15 minutes of cutting it. I take it from my garden and filet it, making sure not to use any of the exterior leaf (that can give you the runs when taken orally)." [YEA ]  05/20/2011: Naturalrx from Pasadena, Ca replies: "Hello All, I am so grateful I found this site. I was getting desperate to find a remedy that worked Iin the hope of avoiding a doctor's visit. Well, I tried a little bit of this and a little bit of that as suggested on this site and here's what worked for me. After about a week of bleeding 'roids, I tried the sitz bath, the ACV which helped to calm things externally, but there was still the issue of internal roids with bleeding so I decided to experiment with the aloe vera suggestion and take it a step further. In addition to drinking the AV juice, I also filleted a small piece, sprinkled a little cayenne pepper (known to stop bleeding) on it and chilled it. Because the piece of AV so small and also soft it was not very easy to insert bc of the sore tissue. I inserted as best I could and then used a homeopathic suppository to help insert it further. Yes, it was hella' hot, but hardly as painful as the roids. The next morning... Less blood and swelling; so, I tried another application (although this is best used before bedtime in case it's too hot for you, you can wash away some of the hotness because you're still at

. . walk or function as a mother.. PA replies: "Read Carefully: To cut down on the instance of hemorrhoids. I like natural remedies so I tried it and it immediately helped relieve the pain and the hemorrhoid healed within a week. If a person serving food got feces on his hand... 3 naturpaths and a bum dr I spent so much $$$$ I gave up. Try it. Shanghai/ China writes: "im hoping this comment is goin in with all the others coz I just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing this one! I just tried it. but is "telltale" sore). Slowly. heartless embarrasement. and the medical industry is an greedy. It works every time. rewetting it with alcohol when it dries. The alcohol will eventually dry out the surrounding skin. Just started today but I had two tablespoons raw ( it nearly knocked me out it was so vile! ). from Shanghai. I would sit at home and cry cause everything I put on that area for 'roids' would give me pruritus ani(anal itching)omg!!!! I was stuck in hell then my mum told me to sit in a bath with Apple Cider Vinegar and sit there for 20 mins. pharmacutical-shareholder. As soon as you feel the fissure forming (when the rectal area hasn't yet formed a tear. To treat the anal fissue.... No blood and the swelling was gone.." 03/11/2011: Sensitive from Baltimore. I read in one of my herb books that aloe gel was a good remedy. I did.home! ). Make sure you leave no residue -.. Half a cup in small warm bath. I tried everything and even went to 2 drs.. would you prefer that he wipe the spot with plain dry toilet paper.hahahaha)" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  05/02/2011: Was At The End Of My Stick.." Replies 07/21/2009: Army Man from Philadelphia.. Just keep the area immaculately clean by often cleansing with diluted antibacterial soap.. make a poultice SOAKED IN ALCOHOL out of a piece of a paper towel. Until.. clean yourself with diluted antibacterial soap or soap and water every time you move your bowels. The soap doesn't have to be full strength... Hahaha I still have the roids but I think they are going down. after like many here it seems who were also on the edge of getting the chop! To b honest I have lost my faith completely in doctors. the idea is to get the rectal area immaculately cleansed when dirty.. give it a try. and sit on the poultice. sleep. Here's an illustration. Hope it helps.. too) as it takes to rid yourself of the fissure. Apply liberally twice each day..." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  Steve from Emmett. Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue. The following day.ever... often with an anal fissure.. Wash your hands before and after application to avoid infection. apply it to the area where the fissure is or is starting to become painful. For the last 2 months my 'roids' had gotten that bad I couldnt eat. No more pain no more itch no more nut case me. or wash the spot thoroughly with antibacterial soap before preparing your food? It's the same with your rectal area. Australia writes: "I LOVE ACV!!!!!! I will never look back... Do this for as many days (nights. it works! Hemorrhoids can be prevented by improving digestion.. indicating the emergence of an anal fissure. knife-andrubberband-weilding doctors aiming at my holiest of holies! Thank you to the people on this thread!! Also Im a drummer by trade!! Imagine that pain next time you watch john bonham solo. What are you waiting for. Maryland replies: "What about using baby wipes with aloe to clean and render treatment for hemorroids after having a bowel movement?" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Ratings: 38 4 2 3 1 YEA NAY BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS BETTER BUT NOT CURED WARNING! [BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/06/2011: Kylie-anne from Queensland... forming a superfical scabbing or blistering. immediately apply the alcohol soaked poultice. But still no pain I swear by Apple Cider Vinegar it works I can function again. bye and thankyou from down under(in more ways in one.... Idaho writes: "As an office worker I have suffered from the occasional bout of hemorrhoids.. so the last thing I wanted to do was to put my hem' probs (which resembled the giant lips off one of the easter island statues! ) in the hands of any vaccination-supporting. that was over a week ago and no problem yet. The bacteria from not wiping with soap and water invades the smallest cut in the anal area and the hemorrhoids gradually begin to from.. wife or as a normal human being..

. I feel uncomfortable and sometimes it is painful when I cough. Mn writes: "I started going to the gym 2 weeks ago and on Sunday after coming back from the gym I felt a small bump down under. one week it went away and has not returned. Wa replies: "I wanted to vote YES for apple cider vinegar working for hemorrhoids. I mean little. where I swear there used to be a sword! 10 minutes later. Soaked cotton in ACV and placed on hemorrhoid for several minutes.. France replies: "I had the same thing a while ago when I was constipated for a little while..Then drenched some rolled toilet paper in this ACV. I bought a commercialized ACV from a grocery store and started applying it this morning. I will never know! First I tried some cream and I saw no difference at all!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  02/20/2011: Gabby from Greenville. I read on your site to use apple cider vinegar. I hosed my self down.. I looked around on the net looking for remedies to this and found this site. Every time I felt that it was smaller but then.. however now my bedroom is smelling a bit too funky!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top 03/01/2011: Jt from Minneapolis. That was now several months ago. Sc writes: "I discovered a Hemorrhoid (first time ever) in the shower one morning. When I touched it last night it was not as hard as it is this morning and became more painful. In maybe one week I was cured! I was so happy. and catch me with wadds of foul smelling paper falling out of unkown folds. Not knowing what it was I googled it and found out that it is hemorrhoids! It is just a bump and there is not bleeding. cheap cure.. :( Any feedback would be helpful. I would put a cotton wool drenched in ACV on the hemorroid and leave it there for a while a few times a day. I found earthclinic website and tried ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) cure. I am using toilet paper to soak ACV and apply it to the bump. Will I be able to return to my active lifestyle (soccer.. Excellent. give me today if tomorrows absurd i love my music. My question is: 1. It may just have got smaller with the time by itself. whos window was slamming shut. and had an hour and a half of bliss!!! Only a little pain remained. so I soaked a cotton makeup . However. which was now making my apartment smell like an armpit. left to remind me he aint gone yet. Thanks" Replies 03/02/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas. In approx. paranoid someone was gonna pop in for a cuppa." Replies [BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/21/2011: Kendra from Richland. football. Alsace. appologised to the neighbour. I had been eating too much cake after several consecutive celebrations and developed a painful hemmorrhoid. How long should I leave it there and should I wipe it after with clean water of just leave it? 2. but im hoping thats just the start of a total annihilation of this literal pain in the butt! but peace!! spread the love spread the word. twice daily morning and evening. As I had bad hemorroids when I was pregnant and was operated a few times after the birth of my third child 22 years ago I was also very worried but ACV solved the problem (or did they go away by themselves?). and shoved it. weight-lifting)? I am very scared right now because this is my first time having this and my parents are 8 hours away by plane.

haven't had them checked by any professional) and had bloody stools with severe pain. I finally agreed to have a doctor remove it. and saddened that I wouldn't be able to resume intimate relations with my husband. It was very difficult to do this. so I needed to make sure I was still eating fat and protein or my milk would decrease. I suddenly got one external and one internal (I believe. In any case. The small. so it was quite a while ago. work . The other one. However. Pain. I would also use a cotton ball to apply the ACV to both hems several times a day after using the bathroom. because I was living in Holland at the time. Alsace. Kendra" 05/22/2011: Gavin from Manganui. and the hemorrhoid is no longer painful. I don't know why I got these weeks after the baby was born. Wisconsin writes: "I got my first hemhorroid while sneezing in my 7th month of pregnancy. Some people mentioned four to six weeks. This treatment stung very badly the first three days. I was devastated by the pain around Christmas time. What a mistake. I found this one and just happened to have some raw organic ACV with the mother. and I'm on day 12 of this regimen. the PAINFUL one. New Zealand replies: "A wet Tobacco leaf applied to the offending pile will shrink it very fast. the pain lessened. After two days of this diet. I completely panicked thinking about what happened to me so many years ago but then someone talked here about ACV so I tried it for a while and slowly they started disappearing. I was a bit nervous. bleeding and constant irratation. Six weeks AFTER my baby was born. I hope this info helps someone. So. Anyone can get them! That one was small and painless. Earth Clinic!!! " Replies 02/04/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas. It was a very complicated time but luckily. is much smaller. It felt like a knife inside me when I used the toilet. my intestine came out and the hemorrhoids got trombosis so I was operated twice. but at least it doesn't hurt! I also drink about 10 mL of ACV at night. the larger hem was even bigger (swollen?) but not more painful. Now I am completely ok. It is still there. I put myself on a severe high fiber diet." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  02/03/2011: New Mama from Milwaukee. Northland.. France replies: "Hi New Mama. I do believe it will work. New York writes: "I suffered from hemorrhoids that made my life unbearable. so I still have great hope that they will go away completely. but I am breastfeeding my baby. I also try to eat coconut oil at least once during the day. After her birth. I didn't want ANYTHING near that area. and I am SO RELIEVED! The one I believe is internal does not hurt AT ALL today. I would immediately brush my teeth because some people mentioned it is bad for the enamel of your teeth. After a few days I noticed a MAJOR decrease in pain. but kept going. but there was no change in the size of the hemhorroids. You can buy Nicotinis Virginias. because she was quite short but heavy things got far worse. the pressure of the baby was enough. despite trying everything to solve the problem and I got external hemorroids. and sometimes I can't even feel it at all when I apply the ACV. she is 22 now. After searching numerous sites. Thanks for all.. THANK YOU!!! I plan to continue this until they are gone. painless one (from sneezing) is very shrunken now. after that I never had a problem untill a little while ago. if you have them. don't feel too bad. and one night I couldn't even sleep for HOURS because of the pain. Praise the Lord! I am so thankful for finding this website. It took about eight days to notice a reduction in size of the hems. The only comfortable position was standing. but it doesn't anymore. at plant stores as a decorative. except that it may have coincided with my probiotics running out." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  10/30/2010: Thomas from Ransomville. The doctor told me that going to the bathroom would be painful for 4 months and that was true. The first morning after starting this. I no longer believe that! Thanks. and since then every day has been better. I was entitled to have help in the household for a few months as I had a newborn and two other small children. I would even sit on the cotton wool drenched in ACV while working at the computer or watching TV. and am trying an alkaline diet. I was shocked because I thought with a healthy diet I could avoid them. Every other site out there says there is NO CURE for hemorrhoids except surgery. I had bad hemorrhoids with my third child although I ate well and I don't remember being constipated but well.remover pad with it and applied this morning and evening to the anus and perianus area. I guess) each morning and evening. A last ditch effort have reading about Apple Cider Vinegar on this website. Doctors lie!! The recovery took months and the hemorrhoids came back. but it wouldn't shrink. I started drinking a cup of warm water with a capful of ACV (about a teaspoon. I was constipated for some reason.

At first I thought. Ny replies: "I just tried the apple cider vinegar. I never go anywhere without my bottle of AVC." [YEA ]  11/08/2010: Tom from Ransomville. Although it stings at first." [YEA ]  12/30/2009: Cindy from West Palm Beach. but two out of seven is so much better to deal with!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  12/06/2009: Matt from Tallahassee.." Replies [BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  09/21/2010: Alana22 from Portland. I only tried it because I was too tired to think. Having children made it worse. There was a lot of blood loss. After about 20 minutes I noticed a tremendous difference.that will keep the stool soft and reduce the need to strain because of constipation =)!" [YEA ]  12/13/2009: Jan from Brooklyn. I know it sounds crazy. Now and then I feel the contenders trying to make a come back but I quickly douse them again and relief is just as fast. After recovery try to eat a healthy diet. Ca. Il writes: "I was amazed how fast Apple Cider Vinegar cured my hemorrhoids. Thanks to Earth Clinic . Within days the problem was gone. I didn't know what to do. after 1 minute of application. but it really worked. Good luck . . just wanted to say that I don't think it matters how you lay down! Just apply the ACV and try to relax as much as possible. Before making that call. I did this 2 to 3 times. including fiber and organic foods . what the hell did I do because it burned..No more pain in the rear!!! " Replies 10/31/2010: Kay from In The Valley. I decided to check the internet for a natural remedy. That was 4 days ago. I laid down in the fetal position on my left side on my bed (so as to try to relax my muscles in that area). but try it and you too can be amazed. So I tried ACV. and one of the hemorroids was started to shrink the other were not as swollen. The pain and itching are gone and the hemorrhoids have decreased 50% in size. I had about seven hems total. update! Pain/swelling has definitely continued to go down. I had tried a couple "all natural. It's working so far. where to turn. I was with hemorrhoids is no fun!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  05/01/2010: Annielissamommy from Naperville. I was shocked at how well it worked and fast. I am 38 and have had this issue for over 10 years. I went to bed and after about 10 hours I noticed relief. I'm going to continue to apply for the next couple days. I woke up the next morning and relief! No pain. After a few minutes the soreness went away and within hours the offenders shrank. Been a couple weeks and still no a charm. I had not been able to sleep for a little over 48 hours due to the pain. Usa replies: "Do you drink it or bathe in it to help? Please do tell what worked for you. I was only in slightly less pain standing. I have since recommended to several people and they have also had amazing results. Also. I feel amazingly relieved. I still find it hard to believe that it could be that easy.. which had been very uncomfortable for several months. Please help. Then apply it for about 10-20seconds. I drank 2TBsp in water 3x a day and poured a little on TP and dabbed it on the area when I went to the bathroom.. Florida replies: "I was considering making a doctor's appointment for my hemorrhoids. Fl writes: "Treating hemorrhoids using Apple Cider Vinegar absolutely worked for me. At first it stung like hell. I am grateful I found this site and tried apple cider vinegar. but I went to bed was actually able to sleep which I hadn't been able to do because of the pain. Ca replies: "How did you use the ACV? Did you drink it or apply it directly to the affected area? Thanks" 10/31/2010: Wendee from Shingle Springs. some external.. Used a small piece of cotton cloth. Thanks again Earth Clinic and everyone who contributes! You guys are really make a difference!" Replies [YEA ]  12/08/2009: Matt from Tallahassee. put a cap full of ACV on the cloth and then placed it on the hemorrhoid. Maine replies: "Apple Cider vinegar definately works. some internal and now about three weeks later I'm dealing with two that haven't gone away yet (much milder though). I was also desperate and just tried it. After doing so. This is a first in years. It started to work almost immediately. Fl replies: "Alright. I cleansed the affected area and also tried to get some inside (sorry gross). herbal" remedies with no luck. New York replies: "I soak a piece of TP with the ACV. The pain had subsided and the hemorrhoid actually started going back in! It's a miracle that it worked so good in such a short period of time.

But.. hemorrhoids. I understnad this may not work for everybody. In fact.Any other "miracle" solutions out there? Please help. It is then painful to the touch. They were markedly better with just drinking the ACV. Ny replies: "Apple cider vinegar absolutely worked. but let me say this ACV didn't work by itself. What am I doing wrong? Once a day. I mean that I was taking 2 tbs with water in the morning and before bed and added 2 tbs to large bottle of water and sipping during the day by mouth. My issue was my stool. I tried this and have little success because weak veins wasn't my issue. A lady had to have a kidney transplant. and swollen. It has never even hurt until now. and let it sit there for 15-20 minutes. I used their medicine (Cordyceps) for my allergies and they worked wonderfully but now I am afraid to go back. Fl replies: "NEED HELP!! I have spent the last three days dutifully (possibly naively) applying the ACV treatment. I should have realized just how much my body was craving it when it tasted so good. after I woke up I ate some food and a couple hours later I had to go to the bathroom. I had just went and I was hurting bad. I soak a small wad of TP in ACV.. but I have not read a single review yet that made ACV sound like anything other than a miracle. and I fell asleep. and 2 tablespoons of ACV and took 1 teaspoon of Coconut oil. get rid of the bad.. Now just to explain to you the situation I was in. strengthen your veins." [YEA ]  01/22/2010: Richard from Canandaigua. so I don't think I'm allergic. and the sting worsens all the way until the end. and when I went oh man it was amazing. Tn replies: "Actually tried ACV after being reminded that it was generally healthy for you. Canada replies: "Go to a chinese herbal store and buy "Fargelin for Piles" it works very well and is very inexpensive" EC : Here are some google images of Fargelin from various manufacturers for those interested. I usually take a bath in hottest water I could stand then dry and use ACV twice a day... try applying an ice compress to the area for about 5 minutes before the apple cider vinegar. and noticeable the rest of the day." [YEA ]  05/09/2010: C from Waterford. It wasn't until I used Ted's Remedy which increases the PH to alkaline levels that I had true success and I mean wow! I took 8oz of water mixed in 1/4 tsp of baking soda. all kinds of nasty digestion issues since I had my appendix removed over 15 yrs ago.. This seems like such an incredible and widespread solution. It begins to sting after the first minute or so. This numbs the area. and take ACV Coconut Oil it really works..Thanks everyone for sharing your remedies!" 01/30/2010: Clela from Columbia. I am sure more good things are happening but this one really surprised me. I have been ingesting vinegar as well for a few days.. you need to repopulate your bacteria. I've tried everything and I mean everything. I couldn't move but barely hobble and still had some feces that was like clay and couldn't come out. Haven't tried applying directly. I prayed that the Lord show me an answer and He did! I'm going to keep taking this to cleanse me out. I am only saying this so that you check well what you are taking. Chris" 05/09/2010: Gabrielle from Brighton. so even though I knew this I couldn't fix it until I tried ACV Coconut Oil. 05/10/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas.... Alsace. Ontario. helps with swelling and takes away the sting. and yet if I judged by my experience alone I would say it's the worst possible thing to do for your hemorrhoids." .. After the 1st day I realized that my hemorrhoids were better." [NAY]  04/25/2011: Mike from Miami.. place it on the hemorrhoid.. with no side effects. it really sucked. Here's what I've discovered in my research (thanks EarthClinic) Rutin and Vitamin B6: this is needed if you have weak vascular walls. The opposite of a cure.Suggestion .If the apple cider vinegar stings. France replies: "Just a warning about Chinese herbal shops. I have no idea about the quality in the US but in Britain some people have had serious health problems after buying herbs in these stores. Fiber Menace it explains the effects of fiber on the colon. was so hard and large due to too much fiber/water and not enough good bacteria in my colon.. Mi replies: "I have had constipation. It has made my hemorrhoid much worse than it began. it was soft and virtually struggle free. also a lot of you should read the book.

thanks for your insight. Or replies: "Thanks for the side effect note. I was horrified after seeing that. i was so skeptical cause i tried everything for my hemrroids. you should print out this article to keep for future reference. but equally effective 'Tucks' moistened pads. It worked to reduce swelling within 3 trips to the bathroom. For those who have not read his article.. liquifying cholesterol in our arteries so we can excrete them from our bodies. MORE IS NOT BETTER!" Replies [BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS ]  06/28/2010: Rjni from Portland. have not took a poop yet so wish me luck!! thanks for this great website. i can sit at my computer and on the toliet to pee without them throbbing or hurting." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS ]  10/19/2009: Gina from Bangor. ridding us of bladder infections. Jonathan Wright does an excellent 6 page article on the wonders of SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide). I put solution on a cotton ball and left there all night-MISTAKE! It burned the sensitive skin so bad the skin sloughed off causing immense pain. Feel better. Works wonderfully. thinning the mucus in our heads and lungs so we can keep our respiratory tracts open. You can change the cotton ball several times per day. some was good. I suffered through many a 'roid' until I discovered Witch Hazel and sitz heals it right up and it never turns into a hemorrhoid." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top . used a cotton ball soaked in acv twice and it has gone done." 04/27/2011: Joyce from Joelton. Dr. After you get relieved. but not hot) then pour about a cup of Witch Hazel into it and soak for 15-20 min's several times a day. next thing I know the muscle that was swollen is back inside but the skin has peeled. Mix this in small container and when you are ready to go to sleep. prepation h. Tn replies: "Hi Mike. scroll through the references until you come up to the Tahoma Clinic reference and click on it. Amazing what this SSKI (or Lugol's solution is nearly the same) can do from removing cysts. whenever I feel even a *hint* of anything going on down there. may I suggest an ice pack to the hemorrhoids. I decided . hydrocortizone cream and suppository they relived the pain but did not shrink them. more would be better. it did sting a tad but not at all like i thought it would. and tuck it where the hemorrhoid is. Or. Ma replies: "Goodness! I would never use ACV for a hemorrhoid . Hang in there.04/26/2011: Liz from Boston. I feel better knowing that it was the AVC that caused it" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  10/02/2009: Carla from Omaha. You will notice relief almost instantly. apply a cotton ball soaked in the mixture to the hemorrhoids & leave it there until morning. you can buy the more expensive. I always just used the cotton ball w/ straight Witch Hazel. google potassium iodide. I too thought more is better and soaked a cotton ball and let it sit there most of the night..the quicker the healing.. For immediate relief. Fill the sitz bath with warm water (good and warm. You can buy both the sitz and the Witch Hazel at any of the big pharmacy stores. This method will work! It's never done me wrong. tucks pads. you sound like me when having the same problem and remarking that "the fellow who wrote ring of fire must have had a bad case of hemorrhoids". Maine writes: "I used a solution of 1/2 ACV and 1/2 water to wash my hemorrhoid after going to the bathroom. His recommendation for hemorrhoids is 20 drops of SSKI in 1 ounce of flaxseed oil (I just used my EV olive oil I cook with). Another source mentions one that Dr. because of its acidity. Please remember. Ne writes: "OMG! acv worked. Wright didn't and his advice was to take 2 drops of Lugol's solution in glass of unchlorinated water daily to keep our stomach secreting hydrochloric acid to digest our foods. killing many pathogens.especially topically. take a cotton ball and soak it well with the Witch Hazel. and the more often you soak . For relief in between sitz baths. I do a sitz bath and it ends there . but since they're moistened with Witch Hazel. These days.

I am so thankful for those of you who take the time to let us know what works and what does not work for you. Well boy was I sorry I did! It burned and stung like nothing else! It made my condition worse! So this may work for some. I did this three times already and the bleeding stopped with the first application. Ky replies: "Hello. I just did it again and am very pleased with the progress. It did sting a little but a little stinging is far better than the burning/itching/pain that I was receiving prior to using this vinegar. Wish me luck!" . NOT APPLYING IT TO YOUR HEMROIDS!!!" 12/18/2009: Eva from Op. I would like to tell you that I once read on this site that ACV would help ease the pain and swelling of hemmorhoids. but it sure didnt work for me. Florida writes: "I read on this site that apple cider vinager was helpful for Hemorrhoids so I tried it. Having read the section on Hemorrhoids and the amounts of Yea re: ACV. Or writes: "I did get a pretty painful hemorrhoid again and read here that apple cider vinegar applied on a cottonball helps. Uk writes: "My boyfriend is an avid reader of this site and has long been waving the flag for the qualities and health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. Works for some people. Wa replies: "Some people's skin are more sensitive than others and the area could be more irritated than others." 08/21/2010: Cherie from Toledo. I then inserted some coconut oil and pushed it back with my finger. bleeding hemorrhoid. she was saying to help with digestion by drinking apple cider vinegar. Intense burning and swelling caused a normally 3 day issue into an extreme 1 week issue in which sitting was almost impossible. you would have a better experience. Ks replies: "Emily . It was a bruise. (from the protrusion rubbing against my underwear) not pouring blood as in some cases I read. Dosing a piece of cotton wool and holding on the affected area for about 30 seconds morning and night." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  06/11/2009: Olivia from Brooklyn. Thank God it has shrunk considerably in two days. I will never try that again!!" Replies 07/24/2009: Emilu from LA. I kind of doubted it but tried it out and it calmed it down immediately. Nc replies: "I agree. It was the worst thing I could ever have done. The swelling and the pain is gone after the first application!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  08/27/2009: Caroline from Leeds. it certainly had a greater impact than the prescribed cream from my doctor. I have placed raw acv on a cotton square and hold the protrusion within the folded cotton pad (the protrusion is long in size). it did the trick. It only made my situation worse it burned and swelled. I was thinking of surgery but was fearful because I have been told recovery is extremely painful. I cannot believe it! After a week and a half of applying the ACV it dramatically reduced the size of the protruding offender (which I may add was the size of a very large grape :-(. I will try using the ACV tomorrow to see if it is better than the distilled vinegar. I cynically gave it a try.they are talking about applying to hemorrhoids. I just started using clear distilled vinegar because I didn't have any ACV at home and I noticed it took the burning/itching/pain away. I would be very careful and wash the ACV off with any sign of uncomfortable burn. I think if it keeps shrinking in this manner it will be very tiny within a week." Replies [NAY]  06/12/2009: Linda from Erlanger.[YEA ]  09/05/2009: Mehru from Portland. so I tried it. Perhaps if you diluted the ACV with water and then applied this solution to a small part of the irritated area. I'm also using this vinegar on my eczema and it has also taken the itching/burning/bleeding/pain away. England. I have had this hemorrhoid since I was fifteen and I am now fifty four. If anyone tries this. To the point it has disappeared! I am very impressed and would definitely recommend anyone to do the same. New York writes: "ACV Shrunk My Hemorrhoid: I have been trying the apple cider vinegar for my very large protruding." [WARNING!]  09/10/2009: Mountaingirl from Asheville. CA USA replies: "Oh my god. For me. It was out again this morning but I repeated the same procedure. I take ACV orally and tried it topically for hemmorhoid type problem. The hemorrhoid was definitely smaller and no blood came off on the cotton bud. Thank you for your advice" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [NAY]  06/15/2009: Lee from A Nice Place.

. 2. 2. I am writing from Kosovo and I would like to comment on this issue as I have tried ACV and I feel like I was born second time. 1. lean over a little with ya elbows on top of your knees if need be. IT IS LIKE A MIRACLE. AND SO ON.. Researched about Ayurvedic treatments and found this recommendation which worked wonder for me . AGAIN THANKS A LOT FROM EARTHCLINIC. DRITON. When it is kept in contact with the piles. They can be eaten in either raw or in cooked form.These piles are soft and reddish in color. then there is relief from the bleeding of the piles. SING. New Zealand writes: "I had one enlarged haemorrhoid so I tried Apple Cider Vinegar . Bleeding is present. Afterwards I put some Apple Cider Vinegar on some cotton wool and swabbed my haemorrhoid. One thing to remember with haemorrhoids is to make sure you DO NOT strain in the toilet as this can cause haemorrhoids and make them worse. CAN SIT. I did this process both in the morning & at night..simply by eating 1 raw carrot in the evening which I spiralised as raw pasta. Other symptoms are excessive thirst. RUN. I APPRECIATE YOUR COMMENTS AND MOST OF ALL INTERNET THAT MADE THIS POSSIBLE TO SHARE COMMENTS AND LIFE EXPERIENCES. fever and diarrhea. After about 4 weeks now my haemorrhoid has slowly shrunk . This might be a type of hemorrhoids which is caused by too much acid --.I then stirred until the honey had mixed in well and then added water and drank with my breakfast.." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top . They are large and soft and whitish in color. Carrot (Daucus carota) Carrots are effective in reducing the bleeding of the piles.[YEA ]  02/24/2011: Carina from B. Just remember that when you are in the toilet to let it pass easily.I applied it both topically and orally.which was my case too. They explained that there are different types of hems caused by different underlying conditions that might explain why some of us do not react on the ACV in this particular case. BYE BYE .com under: health and fitness | hemorrhoids" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  04/30/2009: Driton from Prishtina. Kapha type . Garlic (Allium sativum) Garlic can stop the growth of bleeding piles. E. Pitta type . source: ezinearticle. Kosovo writes: "Hi to all patients that are suffering from hemorroids. After an entire week of this uncomfortable ordeal . Germany replies: ". WALK. In the rectum.." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  04/10/2009: Mike Smith from Christchurch. Ideally it must be inserted high up in the rectum so that it stays there also seems to help me with my digestion so I will probably have a glass each day now with my meal at night. Best to eat some fibre including fruit & veges in your diet to as this will help against constipation..before I tried this it didn't seem to want to go away however after using Apple Cider Vinegar it has slowly shrunk and now its no more . I.within 24 hours the heat/acidity of the hems went away . IT HAS WORKED AND ALMOST CURED MY HEMORROIDS. The person has digestive problems. I FEEL GREAT I CAN EAT. USE ACV AND YOU WILL SEE THAT VERY SOON THE SMILE WILL COME BACK TO YOUR FACE !! I GARANTE THAT. Constipation is present.COM WEB SITE THAT THIS POSSIBLE AND MADE POSSIBLE TI CURE MY HEMORROIDS. In the morning I put a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass with a teaspoon of honey as it can taste a bit tarty . Vata type .These piles are hard and darker in color. I recomend to all of you that suffer from hemoroids to use ACV as much as possible while eating lunch or dinner. almost black..These piles are slimy to the touch.this was the solution for me: 1. The pain is acute. 3. I used ACV while having my meal sallats and you just cannot believe how fast and good it removed my hemorroids. There were more recommendations on this website but these were the two which worked form me..

which worked fine. so those drops went into l ounce of castor oil. Tn replies: "Hello in Pain from Trinidad and Tabago. at my computer to tell you how wonderful I feel. I have plowed through a box of Preparation H and it wasn't helping in the least. After the second application (which was about 90.S.minutes after the first) I felt some relief. collards. and the itching is almost completely gone. writes: "Apple cider vinegar works. Flaxseed oil goes rancid quickly even when refrigerated. Maine writes: "I was contemplating surgery for the past few days. For hemorrhoids he says to use 20 drops/1 ounce of flaxseed oil & apply nightly to make them disappear almost overnight. i also sat over a bowl of hot water withe the acv in it and i felt good for now. Have you tried an ice application (can be done with ice in freezer bag)? This works better than heat applications. I've used alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide and the alcohol only helped a little." . How wonderful that something so simple could work so well. how much I'm not sure. and the hemorrhoids are still there. your turkey baster or anything similar you might find in your home. anyone?) as you need them and put them in your whole grain cookie or muffin recipes.. but when I started having the problem again I found that they had been removed from the market. that was nothing compared to the stabbing pain I was having. it really helped. I can stand I can walk around without feeling like there is a knife inside me. There used to be a A&D suppository on the market which was very effective. Injection can be achieved with small ear syringe. I found this site and happened to have ACV in the pantry and thought I'd give it a shot. If the above doesn't do the trick. and it then is called linseed oil and great for polishing and protecting your wood furniture. i cant take the pain anymore. Trinidad And Tobago replies: "i have been getting hemmorhoids just after my last child and the pain is the worst.etc) to get rid of the constipation problem which causes a lot of hemorrhoids to begin with. i tried amost everything. type "potassium iodide" in a search window and pull up Tahoma Clinic reference for article on SSKI written by alternative physician Jonathan Wright. Thank GOD for the internet! I will continue to apply this (I just wet a cotton ball with regular old ACV. flaxseed oil is said to be a good replacement for female hormones. You can print it out for handy reference for future use. Thanks for your help. U. I am OK! I can sit. and if you buy them whole. And to think I was about to allow myself to have SURGERY! Why don't doctors ever give you any homeopathic remedies to try??? ?? I urge anyone who is suffering to try this..and it's like a miracle. You could probably get the same relief from a tube of A&D ointment (This is an ointment containing Vitamins A & D which is the same vitamins in the suppository). thank you for posting your thoughts.." 12/22/2009: Joyce from Joelton.. For those of you who are still troubled with HOT FLASHES.." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  01/07/2009: Luke from Springville. but over the past year they have been getting very bad.. of epsom salts in 2-3 ounces of warm water and inject it slightly inside the anus and maintain as long as possible. while the ACV works pretty good. It did sting a little.not organic or anything special) and left it in place for a couple minutes.. I would rate the ACV at 8-9 compared to what I have already tried. The bleeding has slowed a little. Thank you all for posting your experiences and helping out so many people!" Replies [YEA ]  12/20/2009: In Pain from Trinidad. I've only used it for a few days. you can grind them (coffee grinders. I have applied it 3x so far today..but heck. This week was agony. kale. The sting actually felt good in a strange way.[YEA ]  04/03/2009: Marie from Portland. I didn't have any flaxseed oil. sometimes it bleeds i tried the apple cider vinger. UT. I have had hemmorrhoids for over 20 years and they were always a nuisance. I then applied it a third time and now here I can sit. Something else found helpful in shrinking them & stopping the itching is to dissolve 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. Another thing you will probably find helpful is to increase fiber in your diet (easily done with switching to whole grain cereals & breads & eating more good old dark leafy greens like turnip greens. For days I was near tears with pain and absolute discomfort and suddenly.

They said fear is not all connected with the bleeding during defecation.. The funny thing is that I only bleed every now and then (once every 1 to 3 weeks . ACV was recommended as an effective topical remedy for flea bites so I dug out my bottle of organic unfiltered ACV from the back of the fridge. In my case lately this seems to be true.... two years later.hell no. thank you" 04/14/2009: Anna from Philadelphia. but I agree that is a very emotional related issue..wish me luck. a big chance of incontinence in the future ( for me. or drips heavily like 1 to 3 day periods). Valencia replies: "Thank you. the blood streams Happy : )" Replies 03/31/2009: Frank from Spain. which I'd originally bought to help digestion and stabilize blood sugar (works great for both). I googled ACV and hemorrhoids and realized that it was an effective natural remedy for that as well as fleas..forget that" I began desperately scouring the Net in search of help. Just like that! Can anybody else look back and see if this applies to them?? Did some stressful event occur in your life and all of a sudden a Hemarrhoid started bleeding or caused you severe pain?? but once you handled the stressful problem.. It reminds me of God.. my higher power. or my Spirit and Faith is not in alignment with God. While I had it out I drank a shot and within the hour my pain was gone.. " Man. a state of depression that enters into me throughout the day. CA USA writes: "I have had hemmorhoids ( for most of us. Hence I am now correcting my worldview. this worries me lately. i'm going to get myself checked. I feel that it comes into me from the environment and it able to enter into me because I have not mastered the art of total positiveness. The only problem is if I skip it for even half a day the twinges return. And as soon as I shift my perspective. I don't know why drinking it works but it works amazingly. Right away...I immediately stop bleeding. Thats how I found this site and the ACV / Hemmorhoid topic. Living right.. or as soon as the adversity goes away..Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  12/17/2008: Beth from Durham. For me it's been a year but a few months of weird constipation. but mostly menstrual which comes with stress even after a week or when I'm nursing) in my case is also very much correlated with stress! Great to know that I'm not alone in that!" 11/13/2010: Kenx from Singapore replies: "I think Young from Los Angeles above has pointed out an important connection between hemorrhoid bleeding and fear. to not get agitated by issues however problematic they may appear and to accept situations and people as . a byproduct of constipational IBS) for quite some time. deep anguish or tension also create a lot of problems.i do not want to risk being incontinent because of surgery. Today is my first day. just a nameless fear. itching and pain and my stools are somehow flat sometimes.. Also. one application of ACV so alternative. PA replies: "Bleeding (any kind. the Hemmorhoid went away? Good luck everyone! and Dont worry. **On a side note however. so yes.. but when i do bleed. I felt related to what you mentioned. Thank you for your words and yes. for me also stress events.. unrelenting hemorrhoids.. I wanted to share how I actually feel very blessed to have this hemmarhoid. because the only time I ever bleed is when I am experiencing Deep Fear or Stress.. a new one came back. and I was told these next options would be no better if not worse. It seems that is deep and hence hard to control.this would be more of a nightmare than IBS ) I thought. so I'll probably have to be on it 3 times daily for life. though!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top 11/23/2008: Young from Los Angeles. don't worry be happy. I've started using the apple cider vinegar today.. Its like I have this barometer that lets me know that I am not Thinking right. protruded. ( I would guesstimate about 2-3 cups of blood at a time ) I went back to the same surgeon who recommended stapling or a hemarrhoidectomy. To the point where blood was streaming from my rectum like a cow being milked.. NC writes: "I've not used ACV topically but found out accidentally that drinking ACV cures even bleeding. worry would make it worse. Worth it. The banding was very painful.. I suffered with all of the above for 3 months (not aware of any precipitating cause) when my dogs became infested with fleas. to look at things positively at all times. I had banding surgery. is like my own body seems that i made somewhere a commitement to remember a higher power.

It really helps with the swelling and the pain. www." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top      1 2 3 4 .com Stroke Treatment Center Breakthrough Stroke Treatment. Extractions. Expert Physicians & Friendly Staff.. www.apply to a cotton ball Apple Cider Vinegar and then after use honey or better yet raw local honey before going to bed. NonLife Threatening Emergencies. Texas writes: "Painful Hemorrhoids .tissue paper over Urgent Care Clinic Board Certified Emergency Doctors.. Dental Implants & Chitika | Select     Copyright © 2011 | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | About Us | Contact Us | Search Web Portal by Brite Global . I have come to realize that it is fundamentally more important to BE (spirit dimension) rather than be a problem-solver (intellectual dimension).they are.ExecutiveER. Los Angeles www.strokebreakthrough." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  11/10/2008: Ann from Austin.MyLAOralSurgeon. You might want to put on a pad between you and your underwear or kleenex .6 Search     Related Results Oral Surgery Center Expert Oral Surgeon.

Quality of Ingredients 4.7% Recent Additions Treating Bleeding Hemorrhoids with Aloe Vera Cryotherapy for Hemorrhoids Treatment Aging and Hemorrhoids Avoiding Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy Adding Psyllium to Smoothies to Treat Hemorrhoids 9. Customer Feedback 7. Ingredients Quality 4. and found the top five hemorrhoids remedies.2% Avatrol 80.9% Subscribe Categories 2. Consumers reported the highest customer satisfaction rate of any hemorrhoid treatment. Return Policy 9. Product Safety 5.6% 78. our editors considered  a wide range of other important factors: 1.8% 63. Speed of Results 3. Effectiveness 98.6% Hem-Relief Venapro 76. .3% Good Risk Free 78. Success Rate Name Email HemClear Overal Rating: 1. Customer Satisfaction Fastest Superior Fast Good Average Superior Average Good Slow ok Bleeding Hemorrhoids External Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoid Cream Hemorrhoid Relief Hemorrhoid Surgery Hemorrhoid Treatment Hemorrhoidal Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids Cure Hemorrhoids Symptoms Internal hemorrhoids Safe to Use Safe to Use Safe to Use Safe to Use Safe to Use 98. effectively removing both internal and external hemorrhoids.3% Good Risk Free 79. Success Rate Review of Hemorrhoid Treatments: Best Hemorrhoid Treatments (in priority order): #1 HemClear . In addition to consumer feedback. so we evaluated scores of hemorrhoids treatment options.8% ? Risk Free 62. Effectiveness 2. HemClear works through the bloodstream to shrink the blood vessels that cause hemorrhoids.  Each capsule contains more significant amounts of effective ingredients than any other hemorrhoid formula and has additional ingredients not found in other hemorrhoid treatments. You can get rid of your hemorrhoids once and for all. Customer Service 6.Search Home Hemorrhoids Top 5 Treatments Hemorrhoids Cause Hemorrhoid Symptoms Hemorrhoid Blog About Us Contact Us Hemorrhoids Treatment Hemorrhoids Treatments Treatment Reviews Hemorrhoid Treatment Hemorrhoids Cause Hemorrhoid Relief Hemorrhoid Symptoms Hemorrhoid Remedies Hemorrhoids Cures Bleeding Hemorrhoid Hemorrhoid Cream Hemorrhoid Pictures Hemorrhoid Surgery External Hemorrhoids Internal Hemorrhoids Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoidal Our Top 5 Hemorrhoid Treatments: Our readers asked us to find the best hemorrhoids treatments available.4% (based on ingredient research) Product Claims:   HemClear is formulated of all natural ingredients which have been researched and proven to eliminate hemorrhoids and their symptoms.3% Heel-BHI 78. Discover below the top rated hemorrhoids treatments on the market and which one took home the editor’s choice award. These hemorrhoids treatment products worked well for most of the consumers who were asked to provide feedback on their experience.1% 76.More Information Approval Rating : 98. Customer Service 6. Product Safety 5.More Info - . Reorder Rate 8.4% Average Risk Free 75. Reorder Rate 8. Speed of Results 3.1%        7. Return Policy Highest Risk Free 98.3% 63.4% 80.

They recommend using their formula for a minimum of 45 – 60 days. That research can be found here. #3 Hem-Relief . But the four treatment cycle is considered expensive.95. HemClear’s price is affordable and customers report that it works. No side effects have been complained about and it is a different kind of treatment than some of the others we tested. and it has been found safe for use by both men and also women of any age. which comes to $25 a bottle for 4 bottles. Avatrol contains some of the same natural ingredients found in older remedies.80. Our Conclusion: As a simple hemorrhoids treatment Hem-Relief is good. One of the main reasons why Hem-Relief is in the #3 position is the lack of ingredients. It’s a more expensive solution. one bottle is not enough. the doses recommended will require you remain on this treatment for a while. you cannot find a better deal. HemClear offers 2 bottles free if you order 2 bottles.1% Product Claims: Hem-Relief is a formidable contender in the battle to treat hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid sufferers can feel confident in this hemorrhoid treatment as it boasts a 100% money back guarantee. Although the ingredients where a little simplistic for our taste. Hem-Relief is $30 more for its 4 bottle special than HemClear. The price for one bottle is average for a hemorrhoid treatment. Consumers reported that it is effective and has a very high rate of positive feedback.85 for four treatments. Although. It is taken in capsule form with a concentration of Horse Chestnut. Unlike some of the other treatments. which is held to strict standards of quality assurance. There are no unwanted side effects.95 for one treatment cycle and 137. it is still lacking in several others.  For $25 a treatment and guaranteed results. Value: More Info Avatrol costs 45.More Information Approval Rating: 78. Hem-Relief is a good solution. #2 Avatrol . but if you’re not worried about the cost and want to alleviate the itching and tenderness.  To compare ingredients of the top 5 hemorrhoids treatments please refer to the Ingredient Comparison Chart.HemClear’s effectiveness is due to its powerful ingredients. Each ingredient has been individually reviewed by external sources to pinpoint the benefits of HemClear. HemClear is formulated in a laboratory that is FDA-approved and GMP certified and. We found that for most of these products. therefore prolonging the healing process. Hem-Relief has about one third the ingredients of our top hemorrhoids treatment. we found  the customer service to be excellent. although the recommended length of time needed was higher than most. Therefore. They have additional discounts if you buy 3 get 3 free as well.6% Product Claims: Avatrol is manufactured by Progressive Health Nutraceuticals. Although it has three of the most important ingredients. Value: More Info For a discounted package price of $119. Our Conclusion: HemClear is the most effective hemorrhoid medication on the market. Our Conclusion: If Avatrol managed to cut its healing time and lower costs it would perform much better in our ratings.  And HemClear offer’s a 60 day guarantee for your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.More Information Approval Rating: 80. Value: The real value of HemClear is in the package deals. Hem-Relief’s one bottle price is only $39. our #4. The cost was ok. Its ingredient focus is different to most hemorrhoid treatments on the market apart from Venapro. you really need to look at the value in terms of package deals.  It combines 3 strong hemorrhoid fighting ingredients to help with hemorrhoid relief. While we found that the price .

Contact Us | Terms of Use | Sitemap | About Hemorrhoids. Most likely you will need more than one bottle to help relieve some of the symptoms. If you do not like the taste of the alcohol. you can mix it with more water.3% Product Claims: Venpro is a homeopathic medication designed to relieve the symptoms of high for the low ingredient count. #5 Heel-BHI . but it is not sold as a product that eliminates hemorrhoids completely. we did find their customer service helpful.1% Product Claims: Product Quality: Heel BHI is a different treatment to the many hemorrhoid treatments available. and will work over a period of a couple months. Its low ingredient count makes this product on the bottom of our Top 5 hemorrhoids treatment list. Our Conclusion: Venapro has potential. it may not work for everyone. 3 | Privacy Policy Copyright © 2010 Hemorrhoids. Our Conclusion: Even though the price is low for one bottle.95 a bottle or 119. We feel that if it succeeded in shortening the healing time it would get a higher consumer satisfaction score.  Consumers reported a 76.. One treatment alone is 1 month. Most consumers felt that it did relieve some of the pain. Value: More Info For one bottle. Heel-BHI is definitely the cheapest of the hemorrhoid treatments we found.3% customer satisfaction rating. and sometimes the bleeding. It helps to relieve the itching and swelling. and customers reported there was relief from itching and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. with a formula that contains 26% alcohol and purified water. but maybe there’s a reason for that.95 for a 4 treatment supply. But it should make the effects of hemorrhoids more manageable and can relieve some of the symptoms associated with hemorroids. You are expected to take Venpro for a number of months.More Information Approval Rating: 63. Venapro sells for $49. No significant side effects have been reported. It is not formulated to get rid of hemorrhoids like the other products in our top treatments. All Rights Reserved. More Info Value: The homeopathic ingredients work over a period of time. It can be quite effective in helping the symptoms. #4 Venapro – More Information – Approval Rating: 76. This medication is sprayed twice under the tongue. Its main purpose is for temporary relief of itching and burning in the area of the rectum. .

Save 23% $76.Discounted Bundle (d) HemorrhoidBalm-Rx (topical use) 33ml .Save 23% $51.95 $32.95 (c) HemorrhoidBalm-Rx + AntiHemorrhoidDrops 2x11ml .60 (e) AntiHemorrhoidDrops (internal use) 33ml .10 Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Read The Product Description Below Result Pages:  1   . Shopping Cart 0 items      Products Hemorrhoids Herpes Irritable Bowel (IBS) Molluscum Nail Fungus Varicose Veins Warts Top » Home » Hemorrhoids Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1   (a) HemorrhoidBalm-Rx (topical use) 11ml (b) AntiHemorrhoidDrops (internal use) 11ml $24.95 $57.

pain relief and reduction of hemorrhoids is experienced upon application leading to total reversal of the condition.  As a result. tonifies muscles and nerves.  This treatment derives its uses from the action of the complex naturally occurring sesqui and diterpene components. L Ekhaard St. Nature is so wonderful. and has mild antimicrobial effects.    Medically speaking.  The astringent properties of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx are highly pronounced and quickly eradicate hemorrhoids. This is the first time anything has worked to actually heal up my problem. In general. 1-2 drops per application are all that is needed. Working as a tonic on the veins which eradicate hemorrhoids.  The anti hemorrhoid action of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx is not necessarily just a result of the astringent and tightening effect of its components. Paul.The Ultimate Eliminators of Internal & External Hemorrhoids (Piles) AntiHemorroidBalm-Rx (topical use) & AntiHemorrhoidDrops (internal use) Each Deliver: Soothing antispasmodic effect Anti-inflammatory properties Pronounced cicatrisant effect unwinding twisted venous rectal tissue.   HemorrhoidBalm-Rx is concentrated with powerful anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic naturally occurring compounds which prevent inflammation and shrink enlarged venous tissue. but also stems from its remarkable ability to penetrate into cell membranes do to its lipophilic character. reduces venous and lymphatic congestion.  The result is that users of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx experience a contracting of hemorrhoids and pain relief upon application. Application delivers an immediate effect to shrink hemorrhoids. generally within days. Really in just a matter of days the hemorrhoids were half the size. After suffering for months.  100% Organic ingredients Results are Guaranteed Featured Testimonials The product is awesome. it safely contracts hemorrhoids and firms secretions. Treatment is especially beneficial to drain excessive discharge or accumulation of fluid or tissue causing hemorrhoids. followed by a very welcomed relaxation of venous tissue. The company shipped quickly and included complete instructions and helpful information about the condition. I actually felt significant relief the very next day after using the product. He is my first child and I have never experienced anything like this.      As the product is quickly absorbed into skin tissue and cell membranes without causing harmful side effects. The lipophilic tendency of the extracts allows them to penetrate into cell membranes to reduce excessive tissue and fluid. OR HemorrhoidBalm-Rx – Topical Anti Hemorrhoid Agent HemorrhoidBalm-Rx is a very potent all natural anti-hemorrhoid remedy. such as AntiHemorrhoidDrops.  For more chronic or acute conditions.   No other topical solution delivers such power.    The astringent and vaso-constrictor properties of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx provide great benefit to cure circulatory problems caused by hemorrhoids.aus@hotmail. I decided to use both of your balm and immuno products and noticed a difference the same day. application of a local treatment may be complimented with an internal anti hemorrhoid treatment to provide systemic action. I was battling a really uncomfortable bout of hemorrhoids. In a matter of a week the condition was so much better. Was really surprised.   It tonifies and restores venous circulation naturally eliminating hemorrhoids. TX. So I used it and could feel the difference immediately. although I understood it was common.   HemorrhoidBalm-Rx delivers a pronounced cicatrisant effect which unwinds twisted venous rectal tissue. reduces venous and lymphatic congestion. Its antimicrobial properties are helpful to inhibit potential secondary infections and promote the healing of stressed tissue. It is therefore not surprising that pharmaceutical companies are currently investigating the compounds in this treatment to develop new prescription hemorrhoid treatments.  It provides an antispasmodic effect which is very soothing. and no more problems at all by the end of the week. speeding cellular growth Sesquiterpene contents. basically gone. Sitting at my desk was starting to be a My experience with your products has been excellent.  Application reduces swelling in rectal tissue instilling pain relief and calming down any burning sensations.  It is a decongestant for swollen rectal tissue. it is ideal for applying to rectal tissue. Bend. and has mild antimicrobial effects.  Lipophilic effect. MN After I gave birth to my son I developed hemorrhoids. the high sesquiterpene content of this treatment tonifies muscles and nerves. This treatment is especially astringent. Caroline Parker. These anti inflammatory properties also have an analgesic effect. these messengers are important in many biological processes. strength. Susan Larrington. thanks for making the product. allowing active ingredients to penetrate into cell membranes to reduce excessive tissue and fluid.  These unique qualities work as a tonic on the veins which eradicate hemorrhoids. Austin. and effectiveness as HemorrhoidBalm-Rx to eliminate hemorrhoids. HemorrhoidBalm-Rx relaxes smooth muscles of the rectum through a mechanism involving adenylate cyclase and an increase of secondary messenger cyclic AMP. carolineparker. I decided to go the natural route to treat the problem and it became clear that you guys seemed to have the best. I trust this company and will not hesitate to order from them in the future! Very Grateful. speeding cellular growth and assists in wound healing caused by hemorrhoids. And at such low concentrations.  .

They have a balancing effect due to their ability to balance fluid levels in the body as a whole. but also for its ability to gently and persistently stimulate circulation and metabolism.  These extracts from pure natural sources tend to enhance circulatory functionality utilizing the body’s bioforce.   Clinical efficacy of the active components in AntihemorrhoidsDrops in patients with severe chronic venous insufficiency has been established.  Clinical trials of these treatments against hemorrhoids confirm their superb anti-hemorrhoid action. Synthetic drugs do not have the ability to impact the bioforce of the body which makes our treatment so important in today’s pharmacopeias.  This is a stealth approach.   Internally.  They support the venous system and improve circulation. It is to be used as needed as a supplement to topical application of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx.  This product enhances venous circulation.  It deals with levels of imbalances and provides enhanced circulation to thwart fibrin development.   A great balancer.  To use: Simply allow 3 drops to fall under the tongue 3 times per day.      Treatment is valued not only for its unique anti-hemorrhoid properties. improved circulation.  They include therapeutic medicinal plants that are active to assist venous circulation as well as assisting the immune terrain of the individual. decrease of the oedema and decrease of blockage of the inflammatory mediators.HemorrhoidBalm-Rx and AntiHemorrhoidDrops have in all known situations produced spectacular results in the elimination of hemorrhoids.  Summarizing. These treatments defeat hemorrhoids time after time.    AntihemorrhoidsDrops and HemorrhoidBalm-Rx have a tightening effect on tissue and effective to treat hemorrhoids.  AntihemorrhoidsDrops include naturally occurring extracts rich in proanthocyanins and anthocyanins which are substances that improve the structural integrity of the veins and in fact the entire circulatory system. thereby systemically unraveling twisted rectal veins causing hemorrhoids.  Those afflicted with hemorrhoids commonly have a decreased ability to break down fibrin.  For more acute. Results are guaranteed BUY NOW (secure credit card transaction) Dietary Supplement for Hemorrhoids: AntiHemorrhoidDrops  AntihemorrhoidsDrops is an all natural dietary supplement for the treatment of hemorrhoids.  AntihemorrhoidsDrops quantifiably activate fibrin breakdown.  In counteracts the storage of excess moisture and fat in tissue.    AntiHemorrhoidsDrops provides extensive systemic support in the treatment of hemorrhoids resulting in positive influence on the vessel-wall tone.  Product acts as a decongestant. guaranteed. a combination which explains their dynamic effectiveness. treatment and control of hemorrhoids” without adverse side effects.  This is ideal when a treatment is desired that has a strong stimulating effect but is not too aggressive or irritating.   AntihemorrhoidsDrops is concentrated with extracts have high levels of phenols and tannins which improve circulations.  AntihemorrhoidsDrops are a rich source of bioactive compounds with antioxidant properties. it improves the metabolic process which is critical when treating venous insufficiency which causes hemorrhoids. resulting in “fast clinical efficacy in management. Rectal tissue becomes hard and lumpy due to the presence of fibrin and fat. strengthens immune parameters and safely acts as a blood decongestant. The extracts in this homeopathic treatment systemically promote venous circulation. Taken as a dietary supplement.  HemorrhoidBalm-Rx and AntiHemorrhoidDrops provide an immediate and direct therapeutic result to rapidly and safely eliminate hemorrhoids. it can be stated that application of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx has an immediate therapeutic effect against hemorrhoids while AntiHemorrhoidDrops have a positive influence on the immune response and venous circulation.  The extracts have immunostrengthening properties.  Results are guaranteed BUY NOW (secure credit card transaction) The End Result  NaturesPharma’s hemorrhoids treatments are highly specialized.  The result is that fibrin is deposited in the tissues of the anal wall. the other level of influence of this treatment is that it is metabolic. it assists with the breakdown of substances. BUY NOW (secure credit card transaction) About Us  | Shipping  |   Guarantee   |   Contact Us   |   Create an Account   |   Log In   Copyright © 2002-2008 NaturesPharma   |  Security & Privacy  |  Conditions of Use .  In other words. the flavonoid rich extracts in AntihemorrhoidsDrops increase the integrity of the walls of rectal veins and are of great benefit for the prevention and elimination of hemorrhoids. or acute conditions topical application of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx can be complimented and used in tandem with AntihemorrhoidsDrops to provide deep systemic healing.  The extracts in AntihemorrhoidsDrops are going to strengthen the immune system and help stimulate initial defense systems. They strengthen an overburdened nervous system and restore calm.  One 11ml bottle contains approximately 300 drops or a 30 day supply when used as directed. and stimulates their elimination. the treatment induced a “significant reduction” in subcutaneous edema in all 40 test subjects who took place in the trial. which shrinks swollen rectal tissue.    AntihemorrhoidsDrops are biregulating for acute exogenous conditions. stubborn.  Another consideration regarding AntihemorrhoidsDrops is its direct link to strengthening immune parameters.  It goes in to provide deep systemic healing. decrease of the capillary permeability.  The effects are deep and long lasting. both in topical and internal use. it stabilizes body fluids and rids the body of excess water. Taken as a dietary supplement.

5.591. Privacy Policy :: Terms And Conditions Powered by CS-Cart U. What Our Customers Say All Natural PILEX has no artificial colors. 2. chemicals.Home :: Health Care Professionals :: Online Store :: Contact Us :: Sitemap :: Sign In Or Register Home What is PILEX Symptoms & Treatment Our Story Helpful Tips FAQ’s Online Store What Our Customers Say Contact us PILEX offers sustained recovery. narcotics or sugar Highly Effective PILEX is taken orally once a day for between 7 and 14 days* “ My fourth day and I'm feeling a lot better Copyright © 1994-2011 Pilex LLC All rights reserved. PILEX is the easiest hemorrhoid treatment available.157 .182. 2.S PATENT NO.316. Up to six months relief.K PATENT NO.436 U. As PILEX is taken orally you don’t need to worry about carrying your treatment about with you.614 CANADA PATENT NO.

It’s time you feel your best again.Non . © 2011 CRH Medical Corporation. The CRH O’Regan System™ utilizes a non-surgical.Surgical HemorrhoidRemoval Patients Physicians Investors About Hemorrhoids Find a Physician News & Resources MD Program Contact Us CRH O’Regan System™ What to Expect Treatment Comparison FAQs Patient Testimonials About Anal Fissures Colon Cancer Screening Find a Physician Near You Enter your ZIP code Don’t Keep Treating Your Hemorrhoids. "CRH O’Regan System" is a trademark of CRH Medical Corporation. Hemorrhoids are one of the most common ailments known.CRH O'Regan System . Remove Them. remove them. fasting or other prep) covered by most insurance plans The CRH O’Regan System™ may not be appropriate for all patients.  Privacy Policy  HIPAA Privacy Practices  Site Map  Links . patented device that is: fast (as little as 60 seconds) Español 中 painless (return to work the same day) proven easy (no anesthesia. You and your physician will determine an appropriate treatment for your diagnosis during your examination as your symptoms may be due to other conditions. Hemorrhoid treatment with messy creams and ointments only provides temporary relief (at best). So don’t keep treating them.

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Please consult with your physician.SwordMedical.Hemorrhoids. 22 Years of Experience. diagnosis. or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by Ted or by anyone on this site.StopsLegCramps.… Discover the Top proven Treatments to get rid of hemorrhoids fast." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top Search   . Painless & Proven Treatment. Complete Elimination Organic Treatment. pharmacist. www.Email: Not registered? Password: Forgot Password? Sign In Home | Submit Posts | Newsletter | Register SEARCH GO Highlight search terms Powered by Google    Web Earth Clinic REMEDIES AILMENTS SUPPLEMENTS PETS MIND & BODY LATEST POSTS MARKETPLACE   Hemorrhoids Remedies Questions Updated: 05/13/2008 * Ted. Nc replies: "Good information stated as the differences between hemmerhoids and perianal hematoma (PH) but no info on the latter. I got temporary relief for a short time. or treatment. baking soda. though in my experience many of the hemmorhoid remedies aid for 6 months relief 1 week treatment For all symptoms of hemorrhoids Destroy Hemorrhoids Today NaturesPharma. witch hazel and peroxide.CRHSystem. Only your health care provider.pilex. Sword. Result Guarantee Hemorrhoid Removal www. not as a substitute for professional medical prevention. Find a Physician Near You Today! RETURN TO MAIN SECTION NEEDS REMEDY FOR RECTAL BURN NEEDS REMEDY FOR RECTAL BURN 05/13/2008: Jeffery from Top Hemorrhoid Treatments www. or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history. an independent contributor. Proven old Amish remedy ends night time leg or foot cramps in 1 minute www.HemroidHarry. TX writes: "I have tried bathing in apple cider Hair Loss Treatments Experience the Skill & Artistry of… Start Now. Does anyone have different info specific to this ailment? Thank you. Get Rid of Hemorrhoids  100% Natural & Rapid Relief from Hemorrhoid Relief Learn Causes & Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids & Quick Relief Options hemroidshelp. Hemorrhoids Treatment www. Can someone help me with another remedy because I have a bad odor with this burn?" 09/10/2009: Mountaingirl from Asheville.… Fast. offers information and opinions on Earth Clinic. 30Day End Leg Cramps in 1 Min. personal physician.

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However... ALOE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. VITAMIN B6 APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Please consult with your… Heal the Autoimmune self-attacking responce causing the Diverticulosis #1 Kidney Stone Remedy 10X Stronger Liquid Formula Pain Gone. golf.Hemorrhoids. My father had the same and had them corrected back in 1955 with a frozen type of Just Diagnosed With Cancer? Chat With Experts Now Hair Loss Treatments www. Proven old Amish remedy ends night time leg or foot cramps in 1 minute www.StopsLegCramps. or Heal Plantar Fasciitis  The Facts. personal physician. AidMyPlantar. My name is Jerry 62yrs. reading your successful remedy of applying Apple cider vinegar gives me even more hope that it will cure them..6 10/23/2008: Jerry from Albany. go buy witchazel wipes and to start applying after every movement.. tennis or walking long .com Experience the Skill & Artistry of Dr. My hemorrhoids do not bleed. diagnosis. Instead. New York writes: " End Leg Cramps in 1 Min. www. 22 Years of Experience. Options and Cures.They just protrude when I am active. or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. old and have had my hemorrhoids for probably 15yrs and I think I got them by eating hot chicken wings and lots of horseradish on everything. How Pro Athletes Heal so Quickly.. not as a substitute for professional medical prevention.Email: Not registered? Password: Forgot Password? Sign In Home | Submit Posts | Newsletter | Register SEARCH GO Highlight search terms Powered by Google    Web Earth Clinic REMEDIES AILMENTS SUPPLEMENTS PETS MIND & BODY LATEST POSTS MARKETPLACE   Hemorrhoids Remedies Updated: 06/06/2011 DISCLAIMER Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic..kidneycomplete. My Dr. or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history. pharmacist.SwordMedical. Sciatica Nerve Pain Minimally Invasive Treatment For Your Nerve Pain-Get Your Life Back! www. Only your health care provider.... Hemorrhoids come out when going to the bathroom or running and or Hemorrhoid Relief Learn Causes & Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids & Quick Relief Options Heal Diverticulosis digestaqure. itch or burn. Top Hemorrhoid Treatments Discover the Top proven Treatments to get rid of hemorrhoids fast.LaserSpineInstitute. Table of Contents QUESTIONS & ANSWERS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. ZINC OXIDE AVOCADO BABY POWDER APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Ratings: 38 4 2 3 1 YEA NAY BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS BETTER BUT NOT CURED WARNING! BABY WIPES BACON GREASE BEET ROOT JUICE BLACK PEPPERCORNS CASTOR OIL 1 2 3 4 5 . Sword. tells me that procedure is no longer available. CHINESE HERBS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. playing basketball. Stones Dissolved! Cancer www.

The size of the hemorrhoids decreased 10/24/2008: Alain from Ottawa. so I started researching my problem on the Internet. and thanks to Earth Clinic for making this great site! This has saved me and many others from an embarrassing. I felt some instant relief.pilex. Norway writes: "Suddenly. Thank you all. Well you all guessed right. I went on line last night because the itching and then the pain and then the burning was just unbearable. soaking it well just short of dripping. Sitting. I'll probably stop using ACV now. Hemorrhoids Treatment   Hemorrhoids Will Be Gone for Good in 30 Days or Your Money Back! www. I did not experience any burning. Needless to say it was pretty painful. Result Guarantee NaturesPharma. I could barely bring myself to try it for fear of extreme pain on a huge (and I do mean huge) long hemmeroid. only a little over two weeks since I started applying ACV. Applying it was somewhat painful at first. Good Luck" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top Total Hemorrhoid Cure Fast. I Just tried the AVC!!! And OH MY Gosh!!!! It worked! Almost imediately! After like 30 seconds of sting though. After two days the problem was only getting worse.html Apple Cider Vinegar is neither the red or white vinegar.??? thank you for your time and consideration.Should I use both remedies of : ACV and Witchazel or just one. The other one is just a sore spot (not a blob like it used to be). I'm in my mid twenties and this is my first time with this problem. standing. Thank you. organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. Jerry/Albany NY. one of them is completely gone. (ps) is the acv a white or red vinegar.. Painless & Proven Treatment. Complete Elimination Organic Treatment. making it well worth the inital added discomfort." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  02/02/2008: D.." Replies Hemorrhoids Treatment 6 months relief 1 week treatment For all symptoms of hemorrhoids www. You should try to get if possible the kind that says raw. After just 2-3 days the pain was pretty much gone during the day. For application I used cotton pads. especially if I was applying ACV after going to the toilet. Within three days I felt 80% better and by the fifth day my hemorrhoid was much smaller in size and I had no pain whatsoever (or itching). I had dealt with it by icyng the area. ACV should be pale yellow/orange.Please advise me of your thoughts. Find a Physician Near You Today! www. But I never had complete relief. working.earthclinic... Thanks to all who submitted their experiences. Thank you for the incredibly simple apple cider vinegar for hemmeroids. probably from straining on the toilet.. California writes: "Thank you. painful and less effective visit to the doctor!" Replies [YEA ]  03/11/2011: Desperate Mom! from Fontana. even when applying ACV. I will pass this on to as many sufferers out there. I have no pains at… [YEA ]  10/18/2008: Ola from Oslo. Now. New Jersey writes: "I researched your website and gave the cotton ball dipped in apple cider vinegar a try. She now has the same issue. but it dulled down the pain of the hemorrhoids about 30 minutes after application. potentially expensive. Blickman from San Diego. So I went to Trader Jo's and bought an organic bottle of AVC. I am very happy to report that it works! I used the cotton ball technique 2-3 times a day for five days. I cleansed the area using perfume free baby vipes." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  06/27/2008: Julie from Clementon.CRHSystem.. I stumbled upon this great site and your tip of using apple cider vinegar as a remedy. .com/Hem… Destroy Hemorrhoids Today Start Now. California replies: "Hi all! Well let me tell you I have had this problem for years!! Now my daughter had her first baby and from pushing during labor. I hope this will help others. to see whether the last remnants will disappear easier on its own. two large hemorrhoids appeared. These are filtered vinegar. unfiltered. .com I bought a bottle of the stuff at the local super market and started applying it 2-3 times a day (every morning and before going to bed). Canada replies: "Hi Jerry: Look at this post for info about ACV http://www. everything was hard and painful.HemroidHarry.

nausea and hemerroids due to the inability to fully cleanse myself out because of the blockage.Trying Prep H and others for small hemmeroids I thought it would work. INDIANA writes: "I have been suffering from partial bowel obstruction from adhesions due to a liposuction that went bad back in the 90's. Whew! Thanks so much again. NV writes: "I've tried everything and couldn't believe how quickly the pain and discomfort was relieved after applying full strength apple cider vinegar! I was a little hesitant because I was afraid it would burn. God bless you all and for this site. The pain was unbearable and would literally take my breath away. Held my breath and then I put it on. By the way. I have suffered from severe pain. I'm a holistic health educator. I have absolutely no pain at all now and I know it is from the ACV because I haven't done anything else to remedy. NO PAIN whatsoever!!!!! Just cooling type of feeling." 06/28/2008: Joyce from Joelton. I will continue to use it for the next day or even week. Tn replies: "Hi Carol from Clairmont. I have always used witch hazel distillate water. Everyone else seems to be applying it to the infected areas. but not to have the horrible. Witch hazel distillate water is best. I finally got up the nerve to try the vinegar. I took some of the advice and put petroleum jelly on both sides of the hemmeroid. It is the simpliest thing in the world to do and it is all natural! God Bless Apple Cider Vinegar! If you haven't tried it. if it's accompanied by a sore throat. The pain was all the way up in my spine and there was some bleeding. ACVinegar is safe and works both internal & external application. I would still use it externally on the one lesion. I would have an "episode" at least once a week. I was able to work on my house for the past two hours with no problem. however. I noticed the pain totally disappear.. This has been on going for the past 5 years. I was hoping it would break and be done with it. you will not hear from me again.still no pain. Soak a cotton ball or pad with the cold witch hazel and apply to the hemorrhoids. what the heck. I actually use witch hazel as a toner on my face! Put a portion of witch hazel in the refrigerator. but no such luck. It didn't burn. there is no bleeding either.. I tried putting it on my face a few hours after shaving. horrible pain I feel like a new person. YOU SHOULD! Also." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  07/04/2007: Shane from Las Vegas. It's very gentle." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  05/12/2007: Dawn from Lebanon. Be sure to buy one that does NOT contain alcohol. If it all shrinks down and there are no side or after effects. My answer would definitely be: If you have one impetigo lesion (sore) use only on that one lesion. Beware: witch hazels in the drug store may have alcohol in them. effective. Since I started taking one shot of ACV daily I have yet to have an "episode". I thought I was going to have to get pain killers or go to the hospital... Within a few minutes.. It is still swollen. my complexion is glowing!" Replies 06/27/2008: Carol from Clairmont. I now have the best movements in years! I am completely amazed! Also.. If anything occurs that is out of the ordinary I promise to help others as you have helped me and let you know everything. It shrinks them immediately." 07/10/2010: Dezi from San Jose. First I put it on some scratches that I got from cutting trees in my yard. I am so happy. Canada replies: "I wish to know if you were drinking the acv.not this time. This one is so simple. Ca replies: "As an alternative to ACV. and so I'm always looking for great remedies." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top . I said to myself. Then with a piece of cotton I soaked it in the ACV. I wish someone would have told me about this a long time ago. but it didn't at all and the discomfort was gone immediately.. but I would also be drinking it for the sore throat. and you can't use too much of it.the worst thing I will have to do is go into the shower and get it off quickly. gentle. I suffer or should I say used to suffer from arthritis in my hips. AB. sometimes 2 and 3 times a week.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!" Replies [YEA ]  02/11/2010: Leeandmel from Loyall. and water on my desk that I drink throughout the day." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [NAY]  06/14/2006: Linda from Erlanger KY writes: "After reading several statements on your website regarding ACV & hemorrhoids. Just stinging and itching. I drink the stuff and I truly believe in it's healing properties. The apple cider vinegar was 99 cents. it shrunk the tissues and made life bearable in 2 days. honey. and I mean WOW it really works. After having my baby. I could barely sit! I put all-natural ACV on a cotton ball and applied it 2-3 times a day and. The combo of the 2 worked well. They weren't really enlarged. I applied the ACV using a q-tip to the area where I had the hemorrhoids and I developed a very painful rash on the inner part of my buttocks. I took it to the restroom. but stick with it and you will have amazing results. I have tried everything and have been suffering for the last 4 months with severe pain and itching. there is still no burning or itching. I found your web site and although I was skeptical I was willing to try just about anything for the pain. The relief was instant. Now that I'm back at my desk..[YEA ]  05/03/2007: Missy from Fredericton. Today my hemorrhoids started acting up. A study showed that over 80% of supplements have very little or NONE of what it claimed to have! At least when you take it straight from the bottle you KNOW exzactly how much you are getting and what you are getting. Thanks to all who offered this advice . I have suffered with a bad case for over a month now and I was finally desperate for some relief. Ky replies: "I couldn't believe it. Thx" Replies 03/25/2010: Tinkerbell773 from Austin.ACV really works! I also used Vicks Vapo-Rub for pain after applying the ACV. and applied it to the sore area holding it there for a minute. I had never suffered with a bad case of hemorrhoids before (I had them after my children were born but they quickly went away) and of course they came at a time when we have no medical insurance. but it is good stuff otherwise!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  05/04/2006: Sandra from Birmingham.. and the size went down. and WOW. After all. Thanks for the info." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top . both sides! I wouldn't recommend it for hemorrhoid treatment. The last time hers flared up she had to go the ER and they cut it. The itching and burning has subsided and they just aren't there anymore! This remedy will burn like crazy the first few days. Well I read the your comments on the ACV. I am so happy I found this site and this suggestion because I was spending lots of $$ on anything and everything that claimed it could cure or help hemorrhoids. I will continue to use it until they are almost gone. However. Us replies: "I would not trust any suppliments since they are not inspected by the FDA and you never know what you are buying. Kentucky writes: "I can't believe it. Does ACV in pill format deliver the same health benefit as ACV in the Liquid unpasteruized format.and really worked!!!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  09/22/2006: Joan from TX writes: "The Apple Cider Vinegar worked for me. although it burned." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  04/11/2006: Kimberly from Bowling Green. I dabbed the area with apple cider vinegar and the pain and itch have already subsided immensely. Came to this site to see what I could find and it suggested ACV. There was an immediate relief. soaked a napkin. It felt so good I wished I could just leave it on it. This is amazing. Good luck!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  08/22/2006: Mark from Charlotte writes: "I would not say that the acv has cured my hemorrhoids but has greatly diminished my discomfort... Canada writes: "Apple cider vinegar has pretty much cured my hemorrhoids! I started last Thurs and it is now Wed and they are almost gone. *** I do have a question though. Alabama writes: "As a secretary I sit all day. Texas. My wife was in tears today over her hemorrhoid. I have a bottle of ACV. I tried it.

While my primary encourages keigels for women. No walnuts. So if you butt skin is sensitive then just be careful while you apply and only apply to your roids and apply some vit E oil or aloe vera on rest of the butt area." Replies 04/01/2009: A from Vancouver. Thats what I have been doing. But the itching went away and never came back. Then I started applying ACV on my hemorrhoids 3-4 times a day and it shrunk and doesn't hurt anymore after 2 days. It might help the first time to find the muscles but shouldn't be practiced in that way after the first time. tightening your buttocks. No chocolate. for hemmorhoids and for toning the perineum for childbirth and recover post-partum. fish. Make sure that you're squeezing and lifting without pulling in your tummy. OTC itch cream did not help either so I applied some aloe vera and itching went away in few hours and it felt great. Basically whenever you urinate. If this happens to you. It went away after 2-3 days without doing anything and came back after 10 days and it was painful. I could not sit and itching was unbearable. Just take a cotton ball and dab the affected area with full strength apple cider vinegar! Caution: some people find the full strength solution stings. I put some ACV on a cotton ball and dabbed the affected area. I applied some ACV but did not help. Awesome!" Replies 06/24/2009: Hemorroid Cure from Toronto. or holding your breath. So DO NOT strain during your BM. I believe that hemoroids might be some kind of parrasite that lives in your boby and enjoys eating those kinds of foods. Each time. CA writes: "I have never suffered from bad hemorrohids. No eggs. I also take 1-2 tablespoon of psyllium husk at night to soften the stool." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  Anonymous writes: "vinegar soothes the itching and burning of hemorrhoids. I took a flight to east coast and sat on my ass for 12 hours and then stuffed myself with Pizza. I see that one person has said that ACV gave him bad rashes. google kegel and you should find more about it. It helps you to tone your anal muscle and will help to stop hemorrhoids in future. and oh boy next day I had to strain during BM and I started getting pain.[YEA ]  Judy from Seattle. 5. I also used wipes (wet in witch hazel) you get in walgreens. Fl replies: "I just wanted to concur that keigel while urinating is a no no. ALOE Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  08/16/2007: K from SF. The truth is that these experiments have never been done and therefore we can conclude that those reasons are just theories. did it burn.. Drinking ACV definitely helps. hold it for upto 10 sec and release it and repeat it. Don't use toilette paper it will irritate your hemorrhoids. try to stop the flow. she warned me not to while voiding my bladder or in need of doing so. only your pelvic floor muscles should be working. Best to do them while not on the toilet as it could lead to a urinary tract infection. would you volunteer to push on the toilet to see if that is how you get hemorroids? Or would you volunteer to sit on cold cement.99$ for pack of 100. Also drink plenty of water and fiber fiber fiber. chicken. Another thing I learned is doing KEGEL exercise (specially for women). No Meats. Canada replies: "It's not a good idea to hold a kegel (engaged pelvic floor) while urinating. Boy." 04/02/2009: Jamie from Lake Worth. Ontario replies: "Foods to avoid if you want to cure your hemorroids. just dilute the vinegar half and half with water." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.I mean common. WA writes: "I have had itching hemorrhoids on two separate occasions (years in between). I do find it very helpful. I don't think much research has been done on it. I did it for 2 days and my hemorrhoids went inside. squeezing your legs together. Because if you strain again due to hard stool you are going to get your hemorrhoids back again. In other words. It gave me rashes too. . Same thing happened to me too. No Pepper of any kind..

" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. mucus and itching reduced by half. or any bioflavanoids. for finding a cure to my bleeding Hemorroids. I washed with soap very often. Somehow it screws things up." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. IMPORTANT: apply some zinc oxide cream (baby cream) to the tip of your nose spray before inserting. It became better. and vit. emptied it and filled with ACV. but it stopped at that point and never improved. it's worked for me. then all of a sudden. because of constipation.. constantly I had lots of mucus. especially after stooling. otherwise you may hurt your hemorrhoids further. So if anybody is suffering from this give it a try it will work. CHINESE HERBS Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  03/10/2011: Carlee from Los Angeles.thanks. I gave it a try and it did work. now still I am applying it once a day. I found your site and applied apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball at first.. it itched badly. Result was very effective. and knees almost touching your chest) and wait a little. vicks. tried ACV. but you have to take it everyday without fail." . B6 there are some changes. VITAMIN B6 Ratings: 1 1 YEA BETTER BUT NOT CURED [BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/05/2008: Mamon from Manila. and I love riding motorcyles and been sitting at the office for the most of the time. Texas replies: "Try taking rutin.. Then perhaps because of baktery invasion. injected it to my hole and sprayed it 3 times. Two days into some relief I started the EC ACV cocktail (2 tsp in 8 oz water). ZINC OXIDE Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  02/23/2010: Otabek from Namangan. applied a zinc oxide cream to the tip. Uzbekistan writes: "IMPORTANT FOR INTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS. Am still using vit. First time my hemorrhoids started 2 months ago. so searched cure using google.. it is important to stool at least once in 24 hours even if you don't feel the urge." [YEA ]  03/30/2009: David from Houston. California Usa writes: "Hello everyone I am very thankful with earth clinic.. Previously it was thought a good time to do keigles was while passing urine. I read ACV for this. by squeezing the muscles you stop the flow. A day later. Constipation resulted in fissure and blood.. it turned into a bleeder. 1 week passed. I repeated it 3 times a day first days. when you go to toilet and sit as muslim way (foots on toilet. hope it will disappear and never have to go surgery. Also.. when I do my usual dump." Replies 05/07/2008: Taylor from Mon. stool comes by itself easily. but it became worse by time(a month).The reason being the urge to urinate is signaled by the brain. after 2 days there was no mucus and itching any more. Now after 2 weeks I am almost completely cured. also applying vicks and ACV everyday. external part has almost disappeared. They weren't sure which 'B' was working it's magic. B6 right now. Philippines writes: "I'm only 30 years old male. TX replies: "A friend recommended a B-Complex supplement as a Dr had recommended to him.NO PILES!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. So I found a nose spray which is smooth. and Fargelin natural chinese medicine. I'm trying to take B6 everyday with 200mg I'm planning to do it like for a month.. I thought my hem was an internal one and cotton ball was shallow. found this site.

Wash and dry the area and spread buttocks apart and fill anus with baby powder. It would be really appreciated. I believe the baby powder used had corn starch in it.htm Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top BABY WIPES Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  Helen from St louis. but some may take a few days. He told this to my father who has been a truck driver for 45 years. By the time his surgeon return there was no need to go under the knife. strain add some honey for taste and drink throughout the day and your hemorroids are gone." EC : Unfortunately. The powder actually draws the hemmorhoids back up. USA replies: "Hi. NJ replies: "Please be more detailed in your answer regarding avocado seed. Talc particles have been shown to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims. For the last 30 years." EC : Sorry. Also eat one orange a day until gone. It will help if you have a friend or a spouse to assist you with this. If you read it like that it makes more sense" 02/21/2009: Joyce from Joelton. pour in some filered water. New York USA writes: "avocado seed for Hemorroids: crate an avocado seed." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top . I learned this from somebody who had to wait for surgery while his surgeon was recuperating from an illness. Should I grate the seed (how? after it dries) and then mix it in with water. My dad always used the ____ baby powder.preventcancer. scientists have closely scrutinized talc particles and found dangerous similarities to asbestos. Please give exact recipe. It worked for me. Thanks" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top BABY POWDER Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  06/28/2009: Philip from Dearing.Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top AVOCADO Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  02/05/2009: The Haitian from New York. Reapply as often as needed. MO writes: "Clean the area with baby wipes to get rid of irritation and if hemorrhoids are really bad stand up to go #2 until they get better. it seems to me that the Haitian meant to write "grate".com/consumers/cosmetics/talc. "Talc is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos. Tn replies: "Question for the Haitian from New York: Does it matter whether it is a Haas avacoda or the much larger green one that has a much bigger seed. People from Haiti should know about this. or do they both work equally well?" 02/22/2009: Sarah from Northern. My father has had his share of hemmorhoids and swears this works in relieving and ridding them." http://www. baby powder (talcum powder) has been linked to cause cervical cancer in women. a little confused by your instructions! Do you mean remove the pit from an avocado and add water to the inside of the avocado? Replies 02/20/2009: Jonathan from New York. some are completely gone the next day. GA writes: "My great uncle was in the USA Navy years ago and said they would have them use Baby Powder for hemmorhoids.


have cancer or something is really wrong with me. I started taking peppercorns yesterday. I also tried everything." 02/08/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks. and see what happens. I am generally a very happy person. but if there is anyone out there with some advice for me I would love to hear it. don't strain on the toilet. I am going to start the peppercorns tonight.Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with hemorrhoids. Part of me is so skeptical about how this could possibly work that I keep thinking maybe it is something else that is helping. Usa replies: "Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your comments. Not only does it hurt around my anus. You can get treated and the hemmoroids will rise back up into the body. As I said. Texas. have thought and wondered if somehing else is going on with me. which has worked for them. Ca. but I can say that I think it is actually working! Lol. I'll keep y'all posted! Happy to be happy again. The throbbing would start. What really helped finally was acupuncture. Hemmoroids have to do with the chi energy. I carried a small spray bottle in my purse filled with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. and really hoping it stays this way! :-)" 03/24/2010: Roxanne from Saskatchewan. NOTHING is helping. I am writing an update on this seemingly silly peppercorn remmedy.with witch hazel. I've been swallowing 4 black peppercorns morning and night on an empty stomach. I cry every day. Alberta. Tn. the backs of my legs are throbbing and numb. Well. Itis like you were telling my story. I am certain. it has been about a week of trying this. and then after I had a bowell movement everything would just go down hill. Please Help!!!!" 02/05/2010: Bessie from Calgary. keeping the area clean. I eat tons of fiberous foods. and am feeling like giving up. I too.cancer.but NONE of it for me. I know it can deffinately help others." [YEA ]  03/26/2010: Tinkerbell773 from Austin. I am starting to worry that I am dying. Do other ppl with bad hemorrhoids have this also??? Well anyways. not enjoying my life and my baby as I should be. It is amazing how pain can affect one's spiritual well being. I really want to help others who are suffering so I will continue to report on my progress. I still have the hemorrhoids. but what 'cured' my Hemorrhoids was to spray my privates (front and back) each time I used the bathroom. am I dying. It's been 3 years since I began this protocol. do not have hard stools. It's been a rough ride. so sorry you are in such agony. For about half the day after I have a BM. I really hope you can look into this. and each day I would wake up happy and eager to start my day off with my new baby. Well. Lisa" EC : Yahoo. take fiber pills daily. Have you tried taking 500 mg of Rutin a day? You can get it from a health food store. This remmedy is definately not a prank as there really hasn't been any adverse affect as in burning or irritation caused by the peppercorns. but I tried everything else and it did nothing. I just swallowed three black whole peppercorns with a huge glass of water. and feel almost cold. Usa replies: "Hi Tracy. I really just can"t live like this any more.. my groin. I guess I will let you all know. nothing is working. and I can say that I have not cried once. as long as things stay on a positive path of improvement I am happy. The acupuncture can also treat your depression. Usa replies: "Tracy. Lisa's back! Glad to hear from you!! Deirdre 02/09/2010: Tracy from Nashville. I am praying that this is some sort of miracle cure and not a joke. I am in such pain. I would love to know if you are cured now.. Thank ou for posting your story. it worked quickly (less than a week). I suspected that perfumed soaps and chemicals aggravated this condition. apple cider vinnegar both on the hemorrhoids themselves and taking internally. drink tons of water. etc? These hemorrhoids are destroying my life in every sense.. but my butt cheeks are sore and numb. I am going to continue this regemine. Spiritually I feel absolutely wonderful. I even shoved a raw clove of garlic up there as my homeopathic remedy book suggested. Good luck!" 02/05/2010: Cc from Tarzana. I am hopeful with this. I took like 5 in the morning on an empty stomach as said to and repeated the . now I just spray after shower and bed-time. Canada replies: "Hi Tracy. although mine was not as severe as what you are experiencing. And when I say that I have had an incredibly bad case of hemorrhoids. Anyways. A pharmacist recommended it to my husband and. I am in so much agony every day that I am suffering from depression. California.. they are still there. the mussles around my vagina hurt. My day doesn't seem to be affected at all right now. But if this really works. but they seem to be shrinking. the pain would be unbearable and my spirit would sink and so would begin a day of misery. All of the research on the internet has so many people with this or that. Thanks for your support everyone. but I'm really not doing anything else for them or anything different that could explain it.. and I am in at least 75% less pain. and I DESPERATELY want off. go once a day like clock work. I have been suffering now for about 5 months. I mean BAD!!! So if this can work for me.. but remarkably smaller and less painful. Hope this helps. I am afraid to even hope. Canada replies: "HI Tracy . fortunately. Us replies: "OMG!!!!!! It works!! I had horrible hemmroids and they wouldn't go away! I thought that peppercorn sounded stupid. prescription hydocortizone suppositories... Chinese medicine can really help you. hot sitz baths. Peace. Sorry to hear you're suffering so much and not enjoying your life. I had a lot of trouble with this too when I had my babies.. I am a bit bewildered as to how.

from Lead Hill. By last night I already noticed a difference. Grains. fiber. But this I learned after years and doctors. At that time I was having a horrible time. but the hemorrhoids persist. I. and this morning they're like 80% gone!!! Yay!!!! I researched pepper till late last and found it to be an amazing food. like most others. I stopped eating the yogurt and the burning stopped. I started getting a little throbbing from sitting a couple hours later. but so far Castor Oil has helped me where nothing else I'd tried to date has. helps reduce Colin cancer. This morning I had the most comfortable BM I've had in a couple of months. despite herbs. No. It is a straight and narrow path for my diet. I then decided to try a Castor Oil pack last night. diet. and much more!!!!! You gotta read about it and you wl see why it works. and sugar are definite no no's for me. will usually bring symptoms back. I could have been spared much suffering. Diet is crucial when you have Crohns or colitis. my digestive system also seemed to have major issues especially with high fiber yogurt. at that time. Even with enemas it is a strain many times. any deviation. it has not helped me. Life became much easier! I continued for 3 weeks. So. blending lots of smoothies. high anti inflamitory..6 ." Replies [YEA ]  06/06/2011: Xpi from Milwaukee. I have previously had a procedure for them. you are much more inclined to stick with it... Of course my candida loved it too. I could never figure out why it was such a struggle. relief. Researching what I could do naturally for them. both externally and taking orally. did another pack and felt relief in a matter of minutes." [YEA ]  02/02/2011: Betty L. anti pain. etc. if any. I too have had much trouble & comes & goes. It seems I can not have a movement without extreme difficulty despite what I do or take. I was finally told I had Crohns & Colitis.dosage that night a few hours after I ate so my tummy would be fairly empty. I realized that I was indeed severely inflamed in the rectal region. sitz baths. actually practically swollen shut! Of course I had to strain! Of course my hems were flared! And they were being strangled and squeezed continually. Hope someone else may find this useful!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top CASTOR OIL Ratings: 5 YEA [YEA ]  06/04/2011: Xpi from Milwaukee. Sadly. with little success. Some of my worst symptoms sound similar. But when you can see a pronounced result. I began to research & found this is an inflammatory bowel condition. OTC. none of it was giving me much. Who would of thought that this marvalous seasoning could be so beneficial to our bodies. have tried many things to control the pain and bleeding of hemorrhoids.. I decided to first try apple cider vinegar. Ar replies: "This is regarding Tracy's symptoms. I do not take medications for it. Wisconsin writes: "My hemorrhoids flared up when I went on a diet and didn't introduce myself to a high-fiber diet slowly. which sent me to the bathroom frequently with burning diarrhea. but I got relief. Wisconsin replies: "Update: Three days and four castor oil packs later I am so much better!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top       1 2 3 4 5 . I found an all fruit regimen would reduce symptoms. In 3 days I could tell the swelling was down. I'm not cured yet. If someone had identified the culprit sooner. It's a super antioxident food. After reading through all the posts on this site. It began to click.'s top picks. Chitika | Premium     Copyright © 2011 | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | About Us | Contact Us | Search Web Portal by Brite Global . Hemorrhoid-Cure. CA: Top Hemorrhoid Treatments Get rid of hemorrhoids fast by Hemorrhoids. AdvancedHealthChoices.Search     Local listings near Beverly Get Rid of hemorrhoids Review the leading brands to get rid of hemorrhoids How to Treat Hemorrhoids? Natural Remedy Stop Suffering.

. 30-Day Guarantee. Fiber dosen't fix that! Ha Ha Treatment: Tear one sheet of toilet paper off the roll. I tried creams. This is what I do now when I occaisonally get hemmorrhoids. or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. I had to suffer 'til it went away.. or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.CRHSystem. Find a Physician Near You Today! www. Hemorrhoid Relief hemroidshelp. Years later I was using the Edgar Cayce castor oil felt pad method on my abdomen for another issue and on a whim decided to try it on my hemmorrhoids.. not as a substitute for professional medical prevention. It worked! Gone in 20 minutes. Fold it in half and then half again into a small square.Email: Not registered? Password: Forgot Password? Sign In Home | Submit Posts | Newsletter | Register SEARCH GO Highlight search terms Powered by Google    Web Earth Clinic REMEDIES AILMENTS SUPPLEMENTS PETS MIND & BODY LATEST POSTS MARKETPLACE   Hemorrhoids Remedies Updated: 06/06/2011 DISCLAIMER Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic. Nv writes: "Fast Hemmorrhoid cure When I had babies it really brought on the hemmorrhoids.c… 100% Natural & Rapid Relief from Learn Causes & Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids & Quick Relief Options Table of Contents QUESTIONS & ANSWERS CASTOR OIL CAYENNE CAYENNE CAYENNE PEPPER COCONUT OIL COCONUT OIL.StopsLegCramps. TURMERIC COFFEE ENEMAS CASTOR OIL Ratings: 5 YEA CORN STARCH DIETARY ADVICE DIETARY SUGGESTIONS ELBOWS ON KNEES ENEMAS ESSENTIAL OILS EXERCISE AND DIET FIBER AND BANANA FIBER CAPSULES 1 2 3 4 5 6 [YEA ]  04/05/2011: Laura from Sparks. espom salt External Hemorrhoids Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment. Nothing helped. But childbirth. Open the bottle of caster oil and set on a stable Did You Know? How much do you know about chronic constipation? Find out here. Complete Elimination Organic Treatment.. sitting on pillows. pads. Result Guarantee End Leg Cramps in 1 Min. ChronicConstipationInformation. Hold the paper on the top of the open bottle and hold them together and tip the bottle on to the .org… Start Now.… Proven old Amish remedy ends night time leg or foot cramps in 1 minute Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Destroy Hemorrhoids Today NaturesPharma. or treatment.pilex. Top Hemorrhoid Treatments Discover the Top proven Treatments to get rid of hemorrhoids fast.. personal physician.HemroidHarry. The ticket is not to get them in the first place. Please consult with your physician. diagnosis. Unfold the toilet paper to half open. Only your health care provider. Hemorrhoids Treatment 6 months relief 1 week treatment For all symptoms of hemorrhoids www. www. www.

paper so you can carefully pour about 1/4 tsp on to the paper. (be careful not to get on your clothes or carpet as it can stain) Apply the paper directly to the hemmorrhoid, between your bums. Pull up your pants and go about your business. The next time you sit on the toilet the paper should fall out in to the toilet, or take it out yourself. If the hemmorrhoid is not gone with the first treatment, repeat until it is. I have had results as fast as twenty minutes! My 83 year young mother recently had a hip replacement. After a few days she told me she had hemmorrhoids. I said I have a treatment for that, why didn't you tell me? I did the above and handed her the paper that she applied to the hemmorrhoid while laying in bed. Her next trip to the toilet she said it was all gone! The next day I asked her if she needed another treatment and she said it never came back and she was so surprised. I wish I had this when I had my babies. I know this will help a lot of people. Laura"
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[YEA ]  06/02/2009: Jon from Singapore writes: "I had severe piles (internal) & haemorrhoids (external). Visit to doctor who gave some creams & advised surgery if the haemorrhoids didnt shrink. Read about castor oil and tried it as last resort as I didn't fancy the idea of surgery. A friend of mine who had piles surgery discovered he couldnt control his bowels well sometime after surgery. Anyway, what i did was to coat the rear area, especially the inflamed tissues with castor oil twice a day after visiting the bathroom. Amazingly, after a couple of days, the area went back to normal and I did not have to go back to the doctor. I will try castor oil for other various problems that I read about on earthclinic. Castor oil rocks!"
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[YEA ]  02/04/2008: Gabi from TORONTO, CANADA writes: "Use Castor Oil to cure hemorrhoid. Make small CASTOR OIL PACK. You can use even cotton ball saturated with Castor Oil. Lie down and apply it to the hemorrhoid. You can walk with it if you have to. It brings very fast relive and swollen hemorrhoid shrinks fast."
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[YEA ]  04/08/2011: Sarah from Overland Park, Ks writes: "I have been in excrutiating pain for five days due to several prolapsed thrombosed hemorrhoids (gotta love childbirth). Last night it got so bad that I couldn't sit, lay, stand, sleep, etc. -- despite heavy pain meds, sitz baths, Prep H, etc. (If it had been any other illness, I would have had my husband take me to the emergency room, but I was too embarassed. ) In desperation, I Googled "hemorrhoid home remedies" and came upon this website. I saw how many people swear that cayenne pepper tea cures hemorrhoids, so I thought what the heck, I'll try it. I went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of cayenne pepper tea at around 3 am. I was worried that it would upset my stomach, but it didn't. The only thing I noticed was that it sort of burned my throat on the way down, but it wasn't anything painful. When I woke up this morning, I noticed my hemorroids weren't quite as painful but thought that it could just be a coincidence. Nevertheless, I drank another cup of cayenne pepper tea this morning. This afternoon, I drank another glass. Guess what? It's 10:15 pm and my hemorrhoids are completely GONE in less than 24 hours! I've never believed in homeopathic/herbal remedies before, but I am definitely now a convert. I don't know how or why, but the cayenne pepper worked. Try this before pursuing surgery!" Replies

04/09/2011: Alicia from Tallahassee, Florida replies: "How do you make cayenne pepper tea?"
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12/16/2010: Maria from Silver Spring, Usa replies: "I read that hemorrhoids show up when your liver is unable to process all the toxins, as it is overloaded by them. To help your liver take milk thisle capsules of 250 mgs with each meal, and take one capsule of Alpha Lipoid acid every day. When the liver is OK the hemorrhoids will be gone. It took me about a month, but it worked." 12/16/2010: Special01 from Indianapolis, In, Usa replies: "Rutin also works well for hemorroids."
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[YEA ]  06/23/2008: Richard from Winston Salem, North Carolina writes: "cayenne pepper rememdies: cayenne pepper foot baths will completely cure bad feet, although if you continue to work on hard floors the cure might need to be repeated every so often. also, cayenne pepper does wonders on hemorrhoids when mixed with an otc ointment (not vaseline). go very light on this one and be ready to wash it off yourself if you cant stand the burning. i've also tried cayenne pepper in a vaseline salve that i made on the cookstove that completely cured the bursitis in my shoulder."
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[YEA ]  03/25/2008: Mario from Davao City, Philippines writes: "Hemorrhoids or piles is something genetic in our family. My paternal grandmother had it, my father, my uncles and aunts, all then of them, had it. In family reunions, hemorrhoids was an intimate, humorous conversation piece among them. Years later, eight of us brothers and sisters would have it too. Two of my brothers underwent painful operations to remove their hemorrhoids. I thought, soon I'd be going through the same ordeal too as I was already bleeding everytime I do my morning rituals. That's when I read about cayenne pepper. I took 3 capsules with meals everyday for three months in 2002. Miracle of miracles, my hemorrhoids disappeared...vanished without a trace. For five years now. I only stopped taking it when I was diagnosed for hyperthyroid. After getting into this website, I think I'll go back to taking cayenne pepper again especially because I am hypertensive and has a high cholesterol nowadays. Will get in touch again after a few weeks. Thanks for a very helpful and inspiring forum like this."
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06/04/2011: Alfred from Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand writes: "Hemmoroids.. Jennifer your a Genius.. to make Suppository out of coconut oil.. Thats fantastic. Thank you very, very muchSome that I have used over the Years.. Alo Vera... Take small piece, take thorns off the sides peel one end and insert and leave.. heals quickly Garlic.. take clove.. Completely peel.. Insert.. works fast also Healthy worth more than money Alfred"
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[YEA ]  02/14/2009: Rose Fenton from Bournemouth, England writes: "After suffering from haemorrhoids and inflammation with severe itching, also anal fissure, I can recommend virgin coconut oil for it all! Tried various medicinal products and nothing seemed to help, and was in desperation, being disabled, so put the VCO to the test, and within just 3 days, everything was 50% much better. Do try it!" Replies

04/16/2009: Susie from Syracuse, NY replies: "In response to Rose, can you be more specific in your coconut oil application? Was it just external or external and internal as well. Thanking you in advance." [YEA ]  06/03/2011: Jennifer from Sunrise, Fl replies: "(I apologize in advance for the TMI). Have to add a big YES to the coconut oil remedy. I was on opiate painkillers for 2 weeks following wisdom teeth removal. I became severely constipated and was barely passing any stool, then, to make matters worse, yesterday I developed a painful hemmorhoid which made it impossible to pass any stool! I went to the store and bought Preparation H and Tucks suppositories but they provided little to no relief. I was still experiencing swelling and burning and my constipation was so bad that I couldn't do anything except for lie in bed motionless or lay in a fetal position. I really thought I would have to go to a hospital. Desperate, I tried to think of some other remedies I could try. I always keep a jar of coconut oil (make sure to use a brand that is organic, unrefined, and closest to its natural state) around, so I decided to make my own DIY coconut oil suppositories. Here is what I did: 1) Find a wrapper to use as the mold for your suppository. This can be an old suppository wrapper or, in a pinch, you can use tin foil. 2) Use coconut oil in its solidified state. If your coconut oil is too warm and it has liquified, pop it in the refrigerator or freezer until it has solidified. It will be easier to mold that way. 3) Spoon some coconut oil into the suppository mold. Don't worry about it being perfect the first time, the goal is to just fill the suppository mold. NO DOUBLE DIPPING into the coconut oil tin, use a clean spoon, especially if there is any possibility that the spoon has come into contact with any feces. 4) Pop your suppository into the refrigerator or freezer for at least a few minutes so that the coconut oil solidifies further. 5) Take the coconut oil suppository out, use your clean fingers to remold the coconut oil into a "bullet" shape (it doesn't have to be perfect), and put back in the refrigerator or freezer for at least a few minutes more. The cool temperature is especially soothing, so keep it in longer if you want it to be colder. 6) When you are ready to insert the suppository, take the coconut oil out of the fridge or freezer. Try not to touch it until the very moment when you are ready to insert it, because it melts very quickly once it touches your hands or body. Insert the suppository quickly into the rectum. Aaaaah, instant relief!!! The cooling, lubricating, anti-inflammatory nature of the coconut oil goes to work almost instantly. Every hour, I alternated these cooling coconut oil suppositories with warm baths with epsom salt. Within 3-4 hours of alternating the suppositories and baths, I was able to administer a mineral oil enema and pass a bowel movement comfortably without too much pain and with absolutely no bleeding. I will continue to use these suppositories until the hemmorhoid is completely healed and will try the ACV remedy tomorrow. This is a great alternative to chemical-laden, ineffective suppositories and I hope it helps someone else who is suffering from this painful and debilitating condition!! (P. S. There is a natural suppository on the market made from coconut and vitamin E oil that can be found in major health food stores in the U. S. - can't list the name because EC probably won't let me, I haven't tried it but I'm sure it could be helpful. It's from one of the biggest natural fish oil/vitamin E oil manufactorers). Good luck everyone!"
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I apply this to the fissure when ever needed (after bathroom. Delaware writes: "Home remedy hemorroid cream . vics. UK writes: "My naturopathic nutritionist suggested I try coffee enemas for my hemorrhoid as in her school of thought the inflamed hemorrhoid vein is due the the liver dumping excess toxins it cannot cope with into lower circulation. Certain underwear was out of the question. Please study very carefully before using coffee enemas though or. preferably. and he told me bright red means there are hemorrhoids inside the rectum and the fesses is hard and scratching. some so large the patient could not sit down without pain. Generous amounts of coconut oil followed.S." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  Terri from Carlisle. GA writes: "After having a baby. PA writes: "I am a nurse's aide and I have used coconut oil on some of my patients hemorrhoids. and I did this about 3 times a day--basically every morning/night and after each bathroom trip. Remember no double dipping. I added an extra step--first. This is the only thing I have used that controls the pain and swelling. I had horrible hemorrhoids. I read that coconut oil was great for hemorrhoids so I used it and guess what I have had no problems in over a year. TURMERIC Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  06/07/2010: J. I have tried ACV. from Portland. when pain gets to bad). After using for about 6 months the hemorrhoids have completely gone. sea salt. I clean the area with a cotton ball soaked in Witch Hazel. Oregon writes: "I am curing my hemorroid fissure with virgin coconut oil and turmeric. Listerine. otc's. If it were cancer the blood would be dark or brownish red. I make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. This. each person had their own separate bottle for their rectum area only. Nothing worked for longer than 10 minutes. ice. just not as often. Applied externally 2x's a day or after each bowel movement and bath. mud. For sanitary reasons. and after a week and a half I can no longer see visible outer hemorrhoids. hydrogen peroxide. cuts out the burning and itchiness. (no double dipping!!)" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top COCONUT OIL. but it usually took me a day to figure that out! After one episode that left me in pain every time I sat down. I spoke with my Dr. cornstarch." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top CORN STARCH Ratings: 2 YEA [YEA ]  12/03/2009: Robert from Wilmington. has worked wonders for my problem. along with juicing. use about 1 teaspoon" . and I'm hoping to wear that sexy outfit for Valentine's! Thank you so much for the advice!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  Carol from Baton Rouge. After 4 applications of the coconut oil/turmeric I was able to continue with my house work. I continue the treatment everyday. Lousiana writes: "When I was bleeding going to the bathroom it was bright red. seek the advice of a professional naturopath. After 3 days the pain was completely gone. and baking soda." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top COFFEE ENEMAS Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  07/19/2009: The23rdman from Leeds. I found this web-site and chose the coconut oil remedy.[YEA ]  01/07/2006: Maria from Valdosta.corn starch.

dry the area gently but thoroughly. They probably caused the hemorrhoids in the first place!" Replies 06/05/2008: Joyce from Joelton." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top DIETARY ADVICE Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]   Janie from Australia writes: "Absolutely avoid spicy food and chocolate when you have hemorrhoids. and that chronic constipation is one of the more common causes of hemorrhoids. but in the rectal area. It has never failed to bring me comfort. imagine the venous blood traveling upward through the portal vein to the liver and the veins have no "back-flow" valve.Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  08/19/2009: Lynne from Dayton. Then imagine blood circulation through the liver is extremely slow or backed-up due to congestion. Spasms of the anal sphincter are said to be a frequent cause of external hemorrhoids because they may shut off the outflow of blood to the rectal veins. One-third of rectal veins travel to the liver via the portal venous system. Guess what? The blood will back-flow to the rectal and anal area again. CA replies: "Constipation Remedies: i believe that overdoing 'rich' food like chocolate clogs the liver and this is a cause of piles. you'll know that by your stools become more clay colored and you become jaundiced." 06/05/2008: Ken from Santa." 11/23/2009: David from St. I've heard/read that red wine is good (no more than 2 glasses per day) for keeping healthy liver function. CA replies: "Just wanted to comment on a thread about how the liver relates to hemmoroids: The absence of valves in the portal venous system can be contributory to hemorrhoids. The best way to correct constipation is through increasing fiber and fluid intake. Louis. I will wear this all day or night. increased blood volume and pressure may dilate rectal veins to the extent that internal and external hemorrhoids are created. The best thing I have found is to gently spray your behind with a squirt hygiene bottle. Sometimes I roll a few cotton balls in the corn starch and press right up against the hemroid. Tn replies: "May I point out that "piles" (hemorrhoids) are not in the liver. If you find this hard to understand. Oh writes: "I have tried every over the counter medication for hemroids." 01/08/2009: Susi from Santa Cruz. I hope it works for you. Begin increasing your fiber intake by switching to whole grain breads and increasing the dark green leafy vegetables in your foods eaten. some even made them worse. When your liver gets clogged or stops producing bile. Significantly. Mo replies: "Question for Suzi regarding the backpressure from the liver and it's relation to the venous system from the anus. Any other dietary advice that will improve liver function and therefore prevent the localized blood pressure cause of piles/hemorrhoids? thank you!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top DIETARY SUGGESTIONS Ratings: 1 YEA . It follows from this that any toxicity or impairment of the liver might be contributory to hemorrhoids. if pressure in the portal vein rises from liver cirrhosis or parasites. Needless to say none work. then apply corn starch all around the hemroid.

no carrots .have some more of the same stuff.Just peel it . Morning I would start my day with drinking a glass of water and then Papaya ( eating about a lb ) .from using coconut oil to taking metamucil ( fiber ) . Get off the couch and eat whole grains and other fiber. Next I would eat some raisin bran in milk ( post make ) . remove seeds and cut into small pieces and eat . Have a glass of water again This is your breakfast .Lightly fried mixed vegetables .Green vegies .about a bowl and have V8 Veg soup .atleast it worked for me when nothing was working for past 40 days and I was about to give in for sigmoidoscopy to check the extent of damage and subsequent surgery Good Luck and remember in short >>>> lots of water papya raisin bran ( post make ) soft veggies can put you back on your feet. like squatting. I lean forward on the toilet with "elbows on knees". you may need to wait a little while for it to get need to drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water repeat the same stuff for your dinner as well .boiled or fried in oil are good .[YEA ]  02/13/2008: Rachi from Los Angeles. this is very important Lunch . Tn replies: "Question on the knees on chest position on "great white throne" to prevent hemorrhoids: . Be sure to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water in between. with no straining on your part. Some people raise their feet with a 6" stool but "elbows on knees" works the same and your body will naturally bring the movement forth.simple. no juices absolutely no hard food. Teach "elbows on knees" to your children.just avoid some of them if not all.Finally following has worked for me and I would like to share this as this can be of help to many others : Fundamental to curing or at least' getting a temporary relief is to thin your stool /feces and at the same time not to have constipation. If you are constipated.follow everything you eat with water .if you feel hungry in between .but absolutely no chair / sofa This will give you slurry kind of feces next day and you 'll be surprised to see the results in 2 days flat . NC writes: "to avoid straining that produces hemerrhoids.snap peas ." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top ELBOWS ON KNEES Ratings: 1 1 YEA QUESTION [YEA ]  01/17/2009: Elizabeth from Jacksonville. I used all the tricks in the bag . softs pears .try not to eat all the raisins. It is the natural position for a bowl movement. CA writes: "I have hemorrhoids for about year and had to face the worst when I traveled to my home country which required a 22 hr air journey. Try it at any time. anything you feel hard is not good As I said .you may be either lying down on bed or walking . " Replies [QUESTION]  01/17/2009: Joyce from Joelton.Water is the key and also do not sit on chair .and Water again.This needs eating /drinking following and avoiding regular food. Have some Figs ( sunmaid ) 3-4 inbetween whenever you feel hungry in between .hot .

Very beneficial and can be done anywhere. Maryland writes: "I started asking about hemorrhoid remedies while pregnant with my fifth child. spoon cold-milled flaxseed. Texas writes: "40 years ago. fiber in general. It worked quickly then as it still does. Normal colons are looped back & forth east/west but redundant colons are looped back and forth north/south and I don't see how this position is going to straighten out the kinks in a redundant colon! Is it supposed to work for those with redundant colons also?" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top ENEMAS Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  08/01/2009: Mike from San Antonio. painful hemorrhoids. take a natural stool softener. The old fashioned enema immediately cleans out the lower colon of inflammatory producing irritants. Do it sitting at your desk at work or in your car. 1 tbl. 3) Minimize meets and dairy. A popular brand name company sells economical one-time usage. Apply liberally as needed. Follow these steps and it will absolutely help alleviate hemorrhoids quickly and will address the root causes. an old fashioned family doctor gave me the quick cure for hemorrhoid inflammatory pain. During the previous pregnancy (and especially after deliver) I had other thing that did work great for me was straight ICE PACKS . I'll say that it does "tingle" but I wouldn't go so far as to say it burns.mix in 5 drops of cypress essential oil and 15 drops of geranium cypress oil and mix very well. maximize fruits.I read something on this before & it seems the idea behind it is to straighten out the colon. plastic squeeze bottle plain enemas. anytime. spoon psyllium husk fiber supplement. veggies. already filled and ready to use at many chain drugstores. Simply just follow the instructions that comes in the box. It provides almost instant relief and my hemorrhoids have remained very mild this time around! Oh . The cure includes using a plain mild saline solution with no added chemicals. 4) Very regular kegel exercises.) tube of KY jelly. squeezed into another container . 1 tbl.nothing else. But not as convenient as the essential oil mixture!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top EXERCISE AND DIET Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  08/12/2009: Paul from Seattle." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top FIBER AND BANANA ." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top ESSENTIAL OILS Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  05/31/2008: Kim from Hagerstown. Do this laying in bed and anytime during the day. spoon apple cyder vinegar. Constipation can bring on swelling so always take immediate stool softening measures to avoid the painful swelling attacks. Wa writes: "Cured hemorrhoids with these simple steps 1) Walk 30 minutes per day 2) Drink a smoothie once per day with the following included: 1 tbl. or while walking. Afterward. A friend suggested the following: 1 small (2oz.

I found them at the Health/Nutrition least for me. OH writes: "I have protruding hems that flare up after using the restroom. However." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  10/26/2008: William from Chitika | Premium     Copyright © 2011 | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | About Us | Contact Us | Search Web Portal by Brite Global .. Makes all things come out a lot easier but you have to take your time going. I've had this problem for at least 12 years and I'm overjoyed. Get Rid of hemorrhoids Review the leading brands to get rid of hemorrhoids fast." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top       1 2 3 4 5 6 Search     Local listings near Beverly Hills.. Did receive partial relieve by drinking cranberry juice with ginger added to it.Hemorrhoids. Iowa writes: "I didn't get hemorrhoids until after giving birth and I suffer terribly from them. have now found total relieve by taking fiber capsules (no not Metamucel).. The brand is Yerba Prima and each capsule is 625's top picks. AdvancedHealthChoices.Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  03/10/2007: Sara from Des Moines. I have found though that having a tsp of fiber powder (not the pills." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top FIBER CAPSULES Ratings: 1 1 YEA NAY [NAY]  01/26/2009: Melinda from Tucson. Az writes: "I tried taking pills and the powder you add to water and it did not help my problem at all. CA: Top Hemorrhoid Treatments Get rid of hemorrhoids fast by Hemorrhoids.they don't work) in the morning and at night and eating a banana once a day makes your stool Hemorrhoid Relief Natural Relief Stop Sufering. I have yet to find a great cure but will try some of these things.they come back when I forget to take the fiber but it is a relief and allows you to eat the things you want for the most part. and I can still eat meat and all that stuff your not supposed to. of some type of liquid. I'm not cured. I take 2 3 times a day (along with each meal) and drink at least 8 oz.. I tried ACV and Witch Hazel but got no relieve. www.


Top Hemorrhoid Treatments Discover the Top proven Treatments to get rid of hemorrhoids… Minimally Invasive Treatment For Your Nerve Pain-Get Your Life Back! Hemorrhoids Treatment   www. Result Guarantee NaturesPharma. taken with food.LaserSpineInstitute. Flaxseed meal. TEA TREE SUPPOSITORIES GENERAL FEEDBACK GINKO BILOBA HEMORRHOID TIPS FLAXSEED OIL 12/29/2009: Shari from Denver. and is very beneficial to every system in the body. www.Hemorrhoids. diagnosis. It's an Omega-3 oil known to be anti-inflammatory and it has the ability to heal the Learn Causes & Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids & Quick Relief Options Table of Contents QUESTIONS & ANSWERS FLAXSEED OIL GARLIC GARLIC. Add it to your morning cereal or stir it into a glass of juice for a nutritious drink. personal Hemorrhoids Treatment 6 months relief 1 week treatment For all symptoms of hemorrhoids www.c… Hemorrhoids Will Be Gone for Good in 30 Days or Your Money Back! Hemorrhoid Relief Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Get Rid Of Grey Hair GetAwayGrey. or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site." HIGH FIBER CEREAL HORSE CHESTNUT HOT BATHS HOT SHOWER. is an excellent permanent addition to the diet. Co writes: "Hemorrhoids-Try flaxseed… Don't Dye That Grey Hair Treat It The Natural Way Sciatica Nerve Pain www. Only your health care provider.CRHSystem. VASELINE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE JEWELWEED AND ETHYL ALCOHOL LECITHIN LISTERINE GOLD MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE MARIGOLD FLOWERS GARLIC Ratings: 1 BETTER BUT NOT CURED MENTHOLATUM MINI-TRAMPOLINE EXERCISE MOUTH WASH .com/Hemorrhoid-Relief Destroy Hemorrhoids Today Start Now.pilex. or treatment. Start with a teaspoon a day. which has a taste and consistency similar to ground nuts. COCONUT OIL. not as a substitute for professional medical prevention. Complete Elimination Organic Treatment. or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history. Flax is high in fiber so start out slow and work up to 2 tablespoons a day. It's high in all kinds of vitamins and nutrients.Email: Not registered? Password: Forgot Password? Sign In Home | Submit Posts | Newsletter | Register SEARCH GO Highlight search terms Powered by Google    Web Earth Clinic REMEDIES AILMENTS SUPPLEMENTS PETS MIND & BODY LATEST POSTS MARKETPLACE   Hemorrhoids Remedies Updated: 06/06/2011 DISCLAIMER Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic. pharmacist. Find a Physician Near You Today! www. Please consult with your physician.

In. I tried ACV which seems to be really popular on this site. but I knew I didn't want the tea tree oil to burn. I coat it in olive oil and insert it as high as I can (I use finger cots available at any pharmacy). tea." 06/01/2011: Desigirl from East Lansing. At this point I was ready to try anything and I didn't really have a lot of faith in something so simple. COCONUT OIL. or any energy drinks. I have a few questions. When it was partially hardened. The garlic is discharged when you have a BM the next morning. Took a little square of clear plastic wrap and dropped a spoonful of the mixture onto that and put it in the freezer. I kept at it and inserted a pod every few hours until I could finally insert it all night with very little discomfort. I'll update my progress in 7-10 days. TEA TREE SUPPOSITORIES Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  07/06/2010: Blanche from Iberia Parish. the pain was extreme and it burned like crazy too! I also couldn't keep it inside for more than 20-30 min due to the pain. I don't ingest in caffeine in any form. I only guessed at the amount. what dosage should I take and for how long?" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top GARLIC. But. Nothing will work unless you address any underlying bowel issues like constipation. soda. but nothing really worked. I am truly delighted and hope this can help others out there like me who just can't seem to get any remedy to work for this cursed affliction. OTC and Rx remedies.. Mi. Well I was proven wrong!!! It was the best remedy so far! I basically peel a garlic clove and cut off the tips and rub it on my cutting board to get the juice flowing. irregularity etc. I shaped it as best as I could through the plastic into a suppository shape. but I intend to continue using it for as long as it takes. You have to hurry because it melts at skin temperature. Rutin works for hemorroids also." Replies 07/07/2010: Blanche from Iberia Parish. Louisiana replies: "Here it is the next day and I am back to normal.[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/28/2011: Desigirl from East Lansing. Then I added two drops of tea tree oil. I have done this for 4 nights so far and the relief has been immense! The sharp pain during a BM has been by reduced considerably and the itching/pricking after the BM has also lessened by a great degree. Then. I've tried all possible home.. and it gave me relief within a couple of hours. Usa replies: "Watch your caffeine intake also. It's cheap. but that didn't work either. Usa replies: "Special01. I have continued to watch my diet and eat healthy. Would be easier" . Milk and water are pretty much all I drink. drink lots of water and exercise. and later not hurting at all. and it was the middle of the night. One day I randomly came across an Ayurvedic blog which claimed that garlic suppositories work wonders. Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top 1 2 3 4 5 6 I have suffered from a very painful external hemorrhoid for more than a year now. easy and safe. and inserted it the best I could. Mi. About an hour and a half later I had a bowel movement which was much less painful than the day before. I am not 100% ok. I am thinking now that I could put the oils into a store bought suppository in some way. I have read few positive reviews about Rutin on EarthClinic. both from the constipation and the really bad pain of the hemorrhoids. United States writes: "Hello Everyone. It took a little practice.. Then I put it back in the freezer a little while. Obviously. Louisiana writes: "Hemorrhoids . You can get rutin at any health food store. But. never have. The first couple of times.I wasn't getting relief from the excruciating pain with the commercial ointments I had been using. I punctured about a dozen or so of garlic oil capsules and squeezed it out into two tablespoons of coconut oil in a little condiment container. I hate coffee. Keeping my fingers crossed!" Replies 05/31/2011: Special01 from Indianapolis. I concocted this on the fly with what I had handy.

Blot dry with dry tissue and finish with aloe vera or Witch Hazel. avoid toilet paper. After gently removing as much residue as I can. or the mini pads. ACV might help but DILUTE it first with at least 50 percent water. If they come back in a few months just repeat the regimin. I have had constipation off and on for years. I'm thinking that either my fallen bladder. This not only dries the area. In that case. therefore promoting healing. OTC and prescription pain relievers are particularly bad. I have dark circles under my eyes and am tired alot and have adrenal fatigue. this is what finally worked for me. I personally have found that 500mg Rutin (which strengthens capillaries) and Vitamin B-Complex do help. I fold a single dry tissue into a manageable little pad and squirt some mild unscented hand lotion on it to finish wiping myself. are causing the problem again." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top GINKO BILOBA 05/25/2011: Mama D from Elm Grove. I have been using the Essiac Tea to try to heal the sore rectal area. I have a tendancy toward candida and I have Epstien Barr and I really want to know what to do.Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top GENERAL FEEDBACK 09/26/2010: Jeanne from Fraser. I find that most commercial hemorrhoid preparations cause burning and discomfort. the first side effect she noticed. and bleed if I eat nuts or get constipated. Mild soap is fine but antibacterial products are too harsh. Utah writes: "I believe in the natural remedies and so I am open to feedback. Co replies: "I've read everything on this website from the bizarre and ridiculous to methods/products that might actually cure hemorrhoids. Be patient. After each bowel movement I clean myself with a medicated wipe (available at the drugstores) that I've further dampened with water.. The idea is to rinse off residue without aggravating your sensitive bottom. Should start feeling almost complete relief on day three." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top 12/29/2008: Sharon from Salt Lake City. it also lubricates it without tugging on tender irritated skin. Finally. she does not have allergies for ab 3 mth now. see your doctor. Use WET tissue to clean the area after a BM. and I know that Castor Oil is good too. . if you do bleed bright red blood once in a while and you're certain the cause is hemorrhoids. they can take a while to work Also. " Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top HEMORRHOID TIPS 07/04/2010: Shary from Centennial." Replies 01/06/2009: Tony from Tacoma. After some trial and error. the wetter the better. and she used ACV for very short time (ab 1 week). Presto! No more bleeding hemorrhoids. La writes: "I learned this from an obscure magazine artical which I now cannot find in a doctors office.. and no dark circles under her eyes. At least 60 mg Gingko Biloba twice a day for five days to a week. WA replies: "dear Sharon from salt lake ct ut. don't panic unless the bleeding becomes copious or you notice blood in your clothing long after a bowel movement. was a lot more energy! like never before. Mi. he found this site. There is kind of a small scab. Even had the surgery (bad!!! ) now. I may start using Apple Cider Vinegar. I have hemorroids and really want to know how to heal them and get my body back to balance. Co writes: "I have long known that my cleaning habits were irritating my hemorrhoids and making them bleed. I would love some suggestions.. she does not drink it any more!" 12/25/2009: Shari from Denver. my step sons girl frend had allergies. Don't put harsh products on your hiney. I sound like a mess. Avoid foods and/or drugs that you know make you bleed. Usa writes: "I have always had a problem with hemorrhoids.

as it bled once and went inside itself. Do it every day and you won't have a problem moving. I'd be gratefull for any tips that can prove more effective. Drink twice a day. E on them.15 years now. even now while I am older and two months from having my baby. They were gone in a few days but the doctor told me that they might even disappear by themselves so I don't know whether it was due to the ACV or not. you can literally drink your bran with gulps of water at bed time. but it might be a good idea to give the toilet an extra flush or two. Easy to do. no bleeding or itching so maybe yours are different. I will sponge bathe somehow. Use oat bran. Alsace." 04/07/2011: Ben from Chicago. Michigan replies: "A month ago I realized for the first time that I had a external hemorrhoid. Canada replies: "Anyone suffering from hemorrhoids will find relief by drinking cayenne pepper in warm water. I'm having a bowel movement. Try 1/3 a TEAspoon in a cup of warm water. Repeat if needed. yes. medicated wipes are supposed to be flushable. C to make your stools softer so that they don't get worse. ACV vinegar worked for me as well and I never had any side effects but as you say everybody is different." 04/18/2011: Scot from Oklahoma. If you GOOGLE the healing benefits of cayenne. Now everytime. I never have a problem after this. Thanks." 04/06/2011: Ben from Chicago. ) I'd be gratefull for any tips." 04/05/2011: Laura from Sparks. particularly if you have one of the newer low volume tanks. Apply the tissue between your bums. Illinois replies: "Is there anything that can be done for the burning sensation after a bowel movement?( I don't have an external hemorrhoid any more.. In order to avoid hemmorrhoids increase your fiber. I don't think that only keeping the area clean helps totally. apply about 1/4 tsp castor oil inside the second fold. After nearly a week. Can someone tell me what causes it." 04/26/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas. You can use 5 tablespoons on your cereal in the morning. Mine were on the outside. Even sometimes just a hand papertowel with water will help. I never have in 15 years. Or. No matter what I have to do or where I am. Oklahoma City replies: "I've got the same problem with the guys. Ohio replies: "I am almost due with my third child and these have been a problem for me since my first . Let your mouth feel the heat as it activates salivary glands to aid in digestion. add lemon for flavor if you like. it will sting and burn. I keep something to stay clean. you will see this is brilliant at healing this issue. Nv replies: "Use castor oil directly on the hemmorrhoid." 04/25/2011: Sally from Vancouver Bc. pull up your pants and leave it there until you use the toilet again. After each bowel movement I have. the hem went away itself." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top HIGH FIBER CEREAL Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  08/08/2006: Rob from Myrtle Beach. or any tips or remedies on how to cure it? Please help. Your hemorrhoids will . if you don't like that. why not give it a try? And also taking more Vit. even if I clean it regularly (with water etc). To a piece of toilet paper folded in half and half again. some minutes later I feel an annoying pain (like burning inside the area).As a side note. So when I can take a quick shower I do. Hope this helps." 04/06/2011: Tara from Cincinnati. I still have the burning sensation from inside. Illinois replies: "I appreciate your help." Replies 04/04/2011: Jack from Detroit. thanks. What helps me is to keep clean. In the meanwhile I have read about applying Vit. France replies: "Hi Mike. if not. What I have found is that the skin get irritated and broken and when we use the bathroom it gets it dirty and just like dirt in a cut. SC writes: "Eat a bowl of high fiber cereal 1-2 times per day. Put a spoonful at a time in your mouth and swallow it with water.

The hemorrhoid was gone in a matter of days. I tried ACV also. OK writes: "I read on internet that taking horse chestnut orally will cure hemorrhoids. I could feel it working within an hour of taking it.. I did try the medicine from my country. Usa replies: "Hi Kea...go away in a couple days. I will try pycnogenol instead.." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top HOT BATHS Ratings: .Pycnogenol is suppose to be better for hemorrhoids than horse chestnut." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  02/19/2007: Dennis from Marshall. 2 days after using it. and It worked charmedly... They tried all the OTC products and nothing worked. I am very happy now. 3 times a day. Horse chestnut is also good for chronic venous insufficiency or swelling of the legs which was the main reason I was taking it in the first place. California. as a mixture and applying to hemorrhoids? A friend has suggested this. VA writes: "I have suffered from hemorrhoids for years. Va (usa) writes: "Has anyone ever heard of using Horse Chestnut with Vit E. It healed the scar fast. everything soft. The hemorroids is gone. I knew that Horsechestnut tablets worked for vein health and also know that hemorrohoids are a cluster of veins so I did a few experiments with family and 100 percent success rate everytime. I had been so stressed out for almost 1 1/2 month. but I am unsure. I'm just trying the horse chestnut for now. I had a particularly bad one a few weeks ago. It worked for both my sisters and my mother.. and tea tree oil.. After I read what you said about trying horse chestnut. They no longer bled. juice. and I gave it a try." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top HORSE CHESTNUT Ratings: 4 YEA 12/22/2010: Lorik from New Castle. You can buy horse chestnut tablets at a health food store (not to be confused with horsetail tablets) Try it. Horse chestnut is good for also coughs. it works!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  04/20/2009: Amynmatt from Warrenton. Thank God. Listerine. but my hemorroids was small. so I'm taking that right now and I think that it's working. it was just getting worse. I will drink it for a couple more days to make sure it's really gone away... arthritis. I now take it daily as a preventative. The swelling in my left leg is slowly subsiding but I think it's working for that also. in which it's supposed to work better for leg swelling" Replies [YEA ]  05/22/2011: Naga from Los Angeles.. and some other things I can't remember at this time.Tx. then I realized that the hemorroids got a scar (wound).. Us writes: "Horse chestnut tablets. Anyone who can help on this? Thanks! LoriK" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  06/30/2010: Kea from Austin. Even had the laser treatment. It was working before. I continued to take it morning and night.. went to the doctor. but still came back at times. I tried may cures on this site including ACV. I could feel it was getting smaller. but I don't know.. but this time it just didn't work. Thanks Kea and earthclinic. and the Listerine HURT! I had read that Horse Chestnut was good for varicose veins so I thought I would try it for the hemorrhoid. Spent a lot of time and money. 3 times a day for 3 days and no more hemorrhoids!!! Guaranteed. And I ate very healthy. Nothing helped. and if I'm not satisfied with the results. then I applied some cream from my warehouse for the cut/wound.. 3 days I didn't feel it anymore. but it only took away the pain.

It felt wonderful. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO TAKE LECITHIN IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING. CT writes: "I discovered that fresh Jewelweed stopped the itching in one application so for winter I made a tincture of jewelweed and ethyl alcohol 2:1. It can be unbearable. Now that I had my baby (5 weeks ago)." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top LECITHIN Ratings: 2 YEA [YEA ]  08/07/2008: Sara from Miami.1 YEA [YEA ]  04/21/2006: Kayla from LaPine Oregon writes: "I have had hemorrhoids for a few years. I got rid of my hemmoroids by applying hydrogen peroxide directly on them with a cloth." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  11/23/2009: Daniel from USA writes: "About twenty years ago. (At least it is what I read reserching in the web)" . Jeans make it worse. I only did it a few times before they were gone. though. My Dr. You can buy Lecithin 1200 in any Walgreens or CVS. I have to say. This works better that soaking in a bath because the bath water cools down too quickly. I have occasionally suffered from very painful hemorrhiods. that the doses in the package says 1 capsula per day (you know as a dietary supplement) but I had 2 capsulas every four hours. After the shower be sure to dry thoroughly. I worked wonderfully. When I first started getting irritation it was just itching. ohio writes: "Since giving birth to 3 childern. Florida writes: "I read in a book that lecithin 1200 helps with hemorrhoids. Also if you wear sweats it helps. I was desperate and depress so I gave it a shot. Then apply some vaseline or any petroleum jelly (unscented) on the area. I enjoy the Bath it goes away the whole time in the tub and it is also good me time!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top HOT SHOWER. also says to drink lots of fluids and eat more fiber. even with a hair dryer. I like to soak in a hot bath it makes it go away for a while. VASELINE Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  12/15/2007: chris from akron. I get pain too. Everytime I noticed that I was going to have an episode I had Lecithin 1200 for a day and It was gone. There was a fabulous warm sensation when it touched the open sore. The best relief that works for me is a very warm shower with a detachable shower head that you can aim the flow directly on the hemorrhoids. Daniel" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top JEWELWEED AND ETHYL ALCOHOL Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  01/29/2007: Sal from East Haven. If it is a continual thing use stool softeners. After two days it shrunk 90% and no pain whatsoever. This worked well better than the raw plant and it is also an anti pruritic better than cortisone. This is best done at night just before bedtime when you can lie down and be off you feet. Something loose and baggy. Hope it helps for you.

how did you use it? I cant see how mouth wash would assist with this ailment. One droid was old and raw and it stung a lot Another was new and small. then you just rinse off while you take your shower. calendula and hamamelis paste. butcher's broom pills. Been using all kinds of natural remedies which helped.) and the relief was almost immediate. Rosemary oil. when there was a time he'd be resting. on and off.and soon they will quit hurting and quit being sore. I give thanks to the Lord for showing it to me many years ago" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top LISTERINE GOLD Ratings: 2 YEA [YEA ]  01/23/2009: Lyra from New York. On the very first day you will get relief from bloody piles. works like a charm" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  11/08/2010: Self from Ny writes: "I bought some nigari at the health food store. but I have noticed I needed it less and less as time went by. we sprayed and saturated a small square of paper towel and he applied it to his droid and repeated the next day. take a cotton ball. Just apply a little when ever they are sore and hurting. Nigari is used as a tofu coagulant and is mainly magnesium chloride. To shrink your hemorrhoids. Haryana INDIA writes: "Marigold flower [ganda ka phool]: Marigold flower is vey effective home remidies for piles [babasir]. it will sting for a few seconds then totally shrink down. After two days they seemed gone. Now he'll have to change his lifestyle. New York writes: "I have hemorrhoids for years.olive oil. Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  C from PDL. but eventually tried Listerine (cause I have it at home. before you take your shower put the soaked cotton ball on the hemorrhoids. and everyone I have shared this with has been helped by it. tonight I had such pain I couldn't sleep.Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  10/29/2007: Jim from Gary. So he's going to adopt a more vegetable diet and take breaks to move and circulate his blood better. where do you get coconut oil from in Australia?" EC : Health food stores will carry good brands of coconut oil. he sits for long times in his work van and then a long time surfing the net and doing computer art in the evening..Thank you so much for the advice and for this site!" Replies 04/06/2009: Tricia from Perth. I diluted it with an equal portion of boiling water and store it in a glass spray bottle. particular diet and exercise to stop the cause of the droids in the first place.Take the yellow parts of flower. got up and found this wonderful site. the body was made to move so move it!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top MARIGOLD FLOWERS Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  08/23/2008: Hariom from Sampla[rohtak]. soak it in Listerine Gold or a no brand of Listerine Gold. After all. it has to be the Gold to work good and while in the shower. no longer bothered him. It's very easy to find worldwide.. Also. Indiana writes: "I suffered with hemmorrhoids for years till I tried lecithin in liquid form. Thought about buying ACV tomorrow. When my friend had a hemorrhoid. I have used it for years. Australia replies: "What did you mean Listerine Gold. Besides a processed food diet. The same way you can get relief from exess . green part of flower and mix with brown sugar and eat with plain water. USA writes: "For about 10 years I have used this remedy.

.m. Needless to say. Tell me something.[heavy blood from menses].it burned just a little. Apply a little mentholatum every day!! I have not suffered since. AZ writes: "After suffering with hemorrhoids for years. However. do you do any special kind of exercises or do you just jump? I do some exercises with music. usa writes: "After reading comments about the pain of hemmoroids. Nothing provided the relief that "rebounding" (small trampoline excerciser) has provided. Anyway." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top MINI-TRAMPOLINE EXERCISE Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  05/23/2010: Sharrieff from Atlanta. I had my first juicer and water distiller back in 1971. I took to my sister's advice.. I was quick to try ANY remedy because the pain was so severe that I could not sit comfortably!! I had Listerine. I have two great DVD's and it is a lot of fun. It is said to basically "knit" your body back to normal at the cellular level! Sharrieff" Replies 05/23/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas. even with a cheap one you can achieve great results. For over 25 years I have been a vegetarian and workout regularly (3-6 days a week)." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top MOUTH WASH Ratings: 2 YEA [YEA ]  03/12/2008: fritos from princeton.c. After a week I was practically back to normal.. For about 4 months the pain threshold at times was at a 10 on a 1-10 scale. PAIN FREE!! After feeling so much pain. but not the gold. I put some on a cotton ball and applied it to the hemmoroid. Maybe not for everyone.then I applied Noxema. After two days of rebounding for 30 minutes each day I noticed a significant reduction in the swelling. Check the internet for the many benefits that rebounding offers. I am sitting in front of my computer." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top MENTHOLATUM Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  10/16/2005: Harry from Tucson. I tried nearly every "natural" remedy recommended on this and other sites. over the last 10 months I have been experiencing hemorrhoid challenges.. this feeling good is feeling great! Thanks to all for these wonderful cures. but sure was effective for me. free of pain and with much more energy." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top       1 2 3 4 5 6 . Alsace.I had the orange cirtus type. even to keep young! I am guilty of not doing it enough even now my husband gave me a very good one on my birthday last year (I used to have a cheap one but this one is a completely different experience!). France replies: "Great results! I have advised rebounding here in my case for the eyes but it is true that it is a great exercise for all kinds of problems. Ga writes: "As of this posting I am 64 and have been a employing natural healing remedies for 40 years.

Hemorrhoid-Cure. CA: Top Hemorrhoid Treatments Get rid of hemorrhoids fast by Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid Relief Natural Relief Stop's top picks. AdvancedHealthChoices.Hemorrhoids.Search     Local listings near Beverly Get Rid of hemorrhoids Review the leading brands to get rid of hemorrhoids Chitika | Premium     Copyright © 2011 | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | About Us | Contact Us | Search Web Portal by Brite Global .

. Table of Contents QUESTIONS & ANSWERS THE "PUSHING THEM BACK IN" TECHNIQUE TURMERIC VICKS VICKS. or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical Hemorrhoid Removal .com Break Free of Fibromyalgia! Start Learning What You Don't Looking For Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment? See Our Specialists Now. eventually the hemorrhoids will retract and go back in to the Hair Loss Treatments Experience the Skill & Artistry of Dr. Ivory soap is good its 99% soap no oils or Top Hemorrhoid Treatments Discover the Top proven Treatments to get rid of hemorrhoids fast.pilex. TN writes: "I am pregnant (8 months) and have tried nearly everything to help the pain and discomfort of my frequent external hemorrhoids. Stones Dissolved! Cancer www. Fibromyalgia Pain Help nwpaincounseling. www. but they healed quicker with no more pain or discomfort. Thanks so much!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top 1. pharmacist. www.kidneycomplete.SwordMedical. I did have to use the "technique" about once daily for 4-5 10X Stronger Liquid Formula Pain Gone. personal physician. 22 Years of Experience.HemroidHarry. in other words that you can feel with your fingers. ALOE VERA GEL VITAMIN B-6 VITAMIN E OIL AND OTC THE "PUSHING THEM BACK IN" TECHNIQUE Ratings: 2 YEA WHITE VINEGAR AND SALT WITCH HAZEL WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR ZINC OXIDE Get Rid of Hemorrhoids  100% Natural & Rapid Relief from Hemorrhoids. Please consult with your physician.MyBellyProblems. 30Day #1 Kidney Stone Remedy www. This was the only thing that actually helped. Hemorrhoids Treatment 6 months relief 1 week treatment For all symptoms of hemorrhoids www. or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. www.healthcentral.Hemorrhoids. 3 4 5 6 [YEA ]  Emilio from Miami FL writes: "As to hemorrhoids the ones that are external. diagnosis. If quick relief is what you want take a shower and clean the area good with any soap. Sword.Email: Not registered? Password: Forgot Password? Sign In Home | Submit Posts | Newsletter | Register SEARCH GO Highlight search terms Powered by Google    Web Earth Clinic REMEDIES AILMENTS SUPPLEMENTS PETS MIND & BODY LATEST POSTS MARKETPLACE   Hemorrhoids Remedies Updated: 06/06/2011 DISCLAIMER Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic. But this could take hours sometimes and in the mean time there is Just Diagnosed With Cancer? Chat With Experts Now Vista Hemorrhoids www. or treatment.. not as a substitute for professional medical Hemorrhoid Relief Learn Causes & Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids & Quick Relief Options hemroidshelp. Only your health care provider. you can try putting any natural or over the counter ointment on them. SPRAYER [YEA ]  05/25/2006: Shannon from Waverly.

This was told to me by a nurse and till this day it works. I no longer have hemorrhoids. The cooling effect of the menthol cured the itching and after about a week they actually did shrink and go away!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  12/09/2006: Texan from Seattle writes: "Vick's VapoRub cures Hemorrhoids. For me that's like having a cup of tea and is very enjoyable.change your eating habits cause you will get them again or operate them if you don't want to go thru hassle of always having to push them back in. Result Guarantee NaturesPharma. I have tried everything." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Removal.c… TURMERIC Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  10/16/2010: Joanne from Battle Ground. A couple of times I heated the water a bit more and added raw honey to satisfy my sweet tooth. I used to like to do strength training (I'm a woman and was only using 5-10 pound weights) but had to abandon it because of the pressure it put on my roids and caused me to have really bad flareups after each workout. including ACV and other remedies. and with great surprise and three weeks later. I was told to apply Vicks Vapor Rub to them by a nurse's aid. Vick's was like a wonder drug and shrunk the swelling way faster and more effectively than Prep H. Just remember -. Complete Elimination Organic Treatment.CRHSystem. For the last couple of years I've been having a great deal of bleeding in addition to the severe pain. I had already been applying aloe gel as I was aware of its healing and soothing… VICKS Ratings: 3 YEA [YEA ]  01/08/2009: Diane from… Destroy Hemorrhoids Today Start Now. Ohio writes: "When I had my first child I had a terrible case of… Treatment for Sciatica AccuraScopeâ„¢ Treatment Option For Sciatica. I take 1160 mg a day in capsule form. WORKED FOR ME!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  Anonymous writes: "vicks vapor rub cures hemorrhoids fast! but will burn ! but worth it" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top VICKS. Find a Physician Near You Today! www. I can't say that I've experienced any noticeable effects yet.(Yes.. This works!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top Get Rid Of Grey Hair Don't Dye That Grey Hair Treat It The Natural Way GetAwayGrey. NY writes: "I've recently bought pure Bragg's organic ACV and have been drinking a cup with luke warm water every day for almost one week. after you are clean while in shower apply good amount of soap thru fingers. Videos of the Procedure! aid! She said her grandmother told her about this) Anyhow. My only problem now is that the protrusions return after each BM. This will act like lubricant and gently with your middle finger not using your nails! push them back in! this works all the time the pain will leave you immediately. Wa writes: "I started taking turmeric for it's medicinal effects.. mildy sweet taste of it. I've suffered miserably with hemorroid flareups for the last 10 years (since the birth of my 3rd child). I've been putting off the surgery suggested to me by several doctors and decided to look for alternative methods to manage and hopefully cure this painful condition. I tried Vick's as suggested on this site when I was out of Prep H and plus I felt that it has been losing its efficacy on me. I would love to be able to return .. The combination of the 2 made me feel 100% better.NorthAmericanSpine. I'm hoping that eventually my body will heal to the point that they don't return. but I do like the tangy.perfumes.when I was discharged I went home and tried it. ALOE VERA GEL Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  12/07/2008: Vella from Albany.

OK writes: "I have Anal Fissures for 4Months and I have all the creams Nupercainal. However." 12/26/2008: Vickie from Spokane. My nerves are getting bad again and this too is symptom of B6 deficiency. I have just started the ACV for migraine prevention. Connecticut writes: "I never had hemorrhoids until I had children." Replies [WARNING!]  07/09/2008: Jualsy from Torrevieja. they *can* be taken separately in *therapeutic* does for *therapeutic* reasons. I take 100 mg of B-6 each day and they stay away.they all need each other. Mara. but all needed to be present to work permanently. but I noticed a big difference in 3 days. Michigan writes: "I too have had hemorrhoids and fissures for 9 years.. Spain replies: "Don't ever make the mistake of isolating the B vitamins. Or if there is some reason a whole complex cannot be taken. I don't remember how I learned about the B-6. an RN from Oregon" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top VITAMIN E OIL AND OTC Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  08/25/2008: Joe from Tulsa. It took 3 weeks for this to work. Large doses of isolated B vitamins have side effects. unless someone has a health condition that contradicts strength training. it's helpful to take even therapeutic doses along with a Bcomplex supplement. on this site." Replies 07/01/2008: Anonymous from Birmingham. Seems remarkably similar problem. Taking an extra Vitamin B-6 each day. cocconut oil was about to go for surgery and read about vitamin B6. take a smalled B complex tablet too so that they are all present. If uncertain get at least 3 opinions from health care practitioners who are trained and have actual experience with this kind of therapy. but I tried it and it worked great. I have had that and hems. I have been doing this for almost a year without taking any other B vitamins and have had no side effects. I am now free of this very painful mess and it has been 6 months. for whatever reason. I took 50 mg of B6 after meals. WA State replies: "My doctor has me taking a high dose of B-2 as one of the supplements for my migraines. It sure helped me today!" 08/28/2009: Mara from Portland. But this is not mandatory. I read somewhere B6 is depleted faster when using amino acids but could not find any particular reference to ALA. On another note. Indeed. I saw an article detailing B6 symptoms as including cracking of the corner of mouths. I just want to thank Michele who wrote in about B6. Usa replies: "Julasy makes a very good point..." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top [YEA ]  06/24/2006: Michele from Wolcott. especially in an emergency. If you have a relapse just go to the B6 bottle. Bye bye and God Bless!" Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top VITAMIN B-6 Ratings: 2 1 YEA WARNING! [YEA ]  02/12/2008: Ally from Kalamazoo. tried everything on the market including' ACV. England replies: "Having read some information about B6 helping for anal fssures. . If you take one in a strong dose for any particular reason. Wonderful Vits. I am also detoxing Mercury using ALA. B-vitamins are indeed found in nature in a complex. They are synergistic.

Definately recommend it!" [BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/23/2010: Anonymous from Mia. Do this two or three times a day until the hemorrhoids have shrunken The cure does sting a bit. I spend a lot of time sitting. OR writes: "This is a hemorrhoid cure given to me by an older chiropractor in Tallahassee. And I been putting witch hazel like 3-4 times a day. .. Canada replies: "This definately worked for me.. Pour a cup of white vinegar into a sauce pan and bring it to a boil. I want my hemorrhoid bump to be gone finally after having it 2 1/2 weeks.Analpram-HC. the Lanacane has benzocaine topical and it numbs the area it may burn for second. leave in place for a few minutes like about 5-10min works a wonder. Looking for a more natural solution. Right after my daughter was born I would put about a quarter to a third of a cup in my sitz bath.. apply the mixture to the afflicted area. UK writes: "A suggestion for men.. Lanacane Maximum Strength. but it also help with the pain AND healing of my epizotomy (sp). and preparation H. Not only did it help my hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is a topical analgesic and will definitely help with the pain and shrinkage." [YEA ]  02/06/2011: Elaine from Edmond . but what works to get the sting out is vitiam E Oil and Preparation H and Lanacane. but a little pain far outweighs the benefits of this procedure." Replies [YEA ]  07/26/2009: LoisLane from Jasper. Please help! Desperate need. Oklahoma. but try the Vitiam E oil for healing and lancane ." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top WITCH HAZEL Ratings: 3 1 YEA BETTER BUT NOT CURED [YEA ]  Rosa from AZ writes: "Try witch hazel on cotton." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  01/19/2006: Martin from London. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature and. from someone who suffered from the effects of mild hemorrhoids from time to time over several years. Preparation H. Just before bed I place the TP on the lump and let it sit there over night. and used to wear regular boxers or men's briefs but I found that their thickness and/or the amount of material involved made the area extra sweaty.usually at a time when I was out of the house and not anywhere convenient for applying creams etc. and the kind of itching that really drives you mad ." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top WHITE VINEGAR AND SALT Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  08/27/2006: John from McMinnville. Florida. I wondered if my underwear may be part of the problem. I tried (going without) for a while but although this helped stop the itching I found it generally uncomfortable. Fl replies: "Hey how long did your hemorrhoid bump last after using the witch hazel? Once I used it. Alberta. not shrinking anymore. Turn of the heat and add enough salt to form a supersaturated solution. I got witch hazel with aloe vera and every night before bed I would put a bit of it on a cotton ball and just wipe around the anus. I have also use the hydrocodone cream and it just burns like fire. Mine were most troublesome in warmer weather when during the day . using cotton swabs. Usa replies: "Whenever I have hemorrhoid problems I take a wad of toilet paper and soak it in witch hazel.. It got rid of every last little bump and the itch. it made a remarkable change with the pain and shrinkage. But it shrunk halfway and I'm halfway done with the witch hazel bottle and I bought a new bottle for this problem.

CA: Clear Your Hemorrhoids Discover the Top proven treatment to get rid of hemorrhoids fast. This is MUCH better than wiping with dry toilet paper. afterward. I brought one back with me from Thailand and I use it to clean up after a Hemorrhoid Relief Natural Relief Stop Chitika | Premium .Hemorrhoids. AdvancedHealthChoices. and those can probably be adapted for this purpose by a competent plumber or do-it-yourselfer. 3 4 5 6 Search     Local listings near Beverly Hills. Hemorrhoid-Cure. SPRAYER Ratings: 1 YEA [YEA ]  02/14/2009: Ken from Santa Cruz. which consists of lying face down on a flat surface and relaxing completely. I have not experienced a itching since . ladies bikini and boyshort-style underwear which is of a much lighter weight. Sorry. that still provide all the support a guy needs round the front. When it doesn't. I know I'm not supposed to submit product names. I apply a small blob of a product called Desitin. followed by lightly patting the area dry with toilet paper. Don't confuse it with your toothpaste! Another thing that has helped a lot: several years ago I visited a friend in Thailand. However. They are similar to the sprayers found on many kitchen sinks in the US. I'm NOT constipated. but it makes them a lot easier to live with. I assume.compared to the 60 to 80g weight of my old boxers!! I was initially uncertain about trying this but discovered there are plenty of plain styles (without too much in the way of frills and lace!).. It won't cure the hemorrhoids. I remain in this position for 5 or 10 minutes and during that time I can usually feel the hemorrhoids retract. This doesn't always work. which just causes irritation and bleeding. I would also like to share some of my experiences. In that country and. usually early morning) and strain-free. after which I'm good to go. yet made of much lighter material. many other Asian countries. CA writes: "Thanks for the great website! I will certainly try some of the suggested remedies." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top ZINC OXIDE OINTMENT." Reply to this Thread Email Print Back to Top     1. My bowel movements are remarkably predictable (daily. but this one is not widely known and is God's gift to hemorrhoid Get Rid of hemorrhoids Review the leading brands to get rid of hemorrhoids fast. You can also buy toilets with built-in bidets which serve the same in my situation. improving the airflow "down below" was a definite help.. around 20 to 30g . most of the bathrooms are equipped with hoses that are used to clean the rectal area after a bowel movement. It comes in a tube and is a white ointment containing zinc oxide. the hemorrhoids usually appear and will remain distended for hours UNLESS I perform my post-BM "ritual". First of all.So some months ago I took the step of trying out smaller. www.

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