Outlook Round 3 Debate Topics Topics for Primary and Middle School 1. Should sports be taught in schools? 2.

Should policemen carry guns? 3. Is it necessary to study English in schools? 4. Is it wrong to eat meat or use products made from animals? 5. Is violence ever necessary? 6. Should students be allowed to carry mobile phones into class? 7. Do boys and girls benefit more from being taught together or separately? 8. Does the internet help or harm world peace? 9. Should young children be allowed to surf the internet? 10. Which better represents China: a Giant Panda or a dragon? Topics for High School and University 1. Is economic development a good way to foster peace? 2. Hosting the Olympic Games is expensive. Are the benefits worth it? 3. Is it the responsibility of the government or normal people to keep the streets clean? 4. Should smoking be banned in public areas? 5. Should English education be mandatory in public schools? 6. Should all countries stop developing nuclear weapons? 7. Would you support your country entering into a war? 8. Do students have a responsibility to volunteer or should they focus on their studies? 9. Can one single person make the world a better place? 10. Do animals have rights? Extra Topics 1. Should there be a 200 RMB fine for spitting or littering on the street? 2. Is nationalism a positive or negative force in the world? 3. Is the United Nations effective? 4. Should all street signs in China be written in both Chinese and English? 5. Should people 70 and older be allowed to drive cars? 6. Should students work part-time jobs while in school? 7. Should university education be compulsory for all students? 8. Are stricter punishments the answer to crime? 9. Should violent sports like boxing be outlawed? 10. Should 山寨 versions of products be outlawed? Renato Ganoza for EF Zhengzhou, 2009

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